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Only The Willing Game

This game is intended for a female Mistress and a male sub.

Have him pick a number every hour. You can incorporate his pick into a session or just make him do the punishment as it says. Notice that there are no numbers on the list yet. Write a number in any order from 1-35 next to the punishment. I will have no idea what Im picking. Any punishment picked must be carried out to your full satisfaction then marked off. Once the punishment is done. Send me to the “Time Out Zone” and wait for farther instructions. No punishment can be played twice. Consequences for picking a number twice will be up to you.

List of Punishments:

Attach as many clothes pins through out his whole body at once. Hit them off with a crop or cane with no mercy.

Quickly have him pick a random number between 1 and 15. Times it by two then spank him with a paddle that many times. Gag him and make him count out loud. If you cant hear the number clearly... then it doesnt count. If he doesnt pick the number quick enough then give him the max of spankings.

Lay a bunch clothes & items out for him to wear on the bed. Give him 4 minutes to put them on (or in). The number of things left lying on the bed is the number of hard spankings he will receive. He must leave all of the clothes or items on while he receives his spankings.

Lock him in chastity and let him fuck you with a strap-on until you cum. Then leave him locked up and switch roles. Fuck him with the strap-on just like he fucked you. But no cumming for him!

Gag him with a ring gag for the next 30 minutes. No matter what is planned.

Hang heavy weights from his balls. Lick, suck, hit or slap his cock until he cant stand it anymore.

Tie him down and rub him with ice then drip candle wax on his sensitive areas.

Rap or tape each of his hands up in a fist and make him masturbate to your desire with no release.

You chose two or more punishments for him.

Let him cum in your mouth. Then give me the biggest, sloppiest kiss of his life. And make him swallow it. For the rest of the game he must swallow his cum.

Reward him with rubbing your whole body with lotion or warm oil.

Save his orgasms in a glass. Serve them to him when you desire.

Make him wear ear plugs with a latex mask for the next hour. No matter what is planned.

Make him masturbate as you talk dirty to him. Make him beg for permission to cum. When he gets close to orgasm make him let go and deny him by smacking his cock until it becomes soft. Repeat as times as you like.

Make him fuck himself with a dildo as you play with him in anyway you like.

Without him knowing... video record or take pictures of the next session or punishment.

Have him choose a strap-on and then face fuck him deep and hard with it until he cant take it anymore. Make sure him eyes water and he gags numerous times.

Let him dress his self up to his desires. If you like what you see. Ask him what his intentions are for dressing like that. It will be up to you to carry out his request. If you deny him, pick the next number for him.

Dress him in a costume and make him suck on a dildo as you fuck his ass from behind. Make sure he sucks to the same rhythm as you fucking him from behind.

Have him get on his hands and knees. Use the gag trainer and anal hook and connect them together with rope. Tease him as long as you like while in this position.

Lock him in chastity for the next 2 hours. No matter what is planned.

Have him kiss your ass...make him clean your hole with his tongue.

You wearing a strap-on. Have him ride you cowgirl or reverse cowgirl style. Add any items you like (Gags. Blindfolds, ect.)

Use some small rope or ribbon, tie a slip knot in the end and tighten it around the head of the penis. Tie the other end tightly to his collar. Leave it there as long as you please.

Sit on his face until you cum.

Tie him spread eagle to the bed and touch, tease or talk him to excitement. If he gets to excited then leave the room and come back and do it again as many times as you like.

Lock him in chastity then tie, gag and blindfold (and whatever else) him to a chair and let him listen to yourself masturbate and orgasm many times. Use this time for yourself as he sits listening.

Sit on his chest and find out what he would do to be allowed to kiss your nipple…let him almost kiss it but pull away, make him beg.

With a ring gag, ball weights and whatever else you would like. Have him stand with legs apart and arms stretched out to his sides while holding candles in the palms of his hands. Shock the shit out of his body by using a shock wand! If he spills wax... make him pay!

Lye down with your ass in the air. Have him give you some ass worship by rubbing, licking, kissing, ect. Tell him what you want him to do. If he does a good enough job, maybe you can let him kiss your pussy.

Blindfold him and make him lick you to orgasm.

Cum in your panties. Then shove your wet panties deep in his mouth and secure it with tape or ribbon throughout the next task.

Both of you dress up in a costume. You pick his costume and he picks yours.

Masturbate to orgasm and let him watch. Make him clean off your toys, fingers etc. with his tongue and mouth.

Strap a dildo to his face or place it in his mouth. Make him satisfy you with it. Have him do you from behind this way, so that his nose presses against your anus. Now you have your very own brown-noser!

Time Out Zone:

This is an area that you will send him to when he is not needed. This will give you time to prepare for the next session or punishment. Or if you just need time for yourself. This zone should be out of sight. It can be in a corner of a small room, closet etc. He is to be blindfolded, earplugs or head set listening to iPod and hands restrained while in this zone. Keep him there as long as you like. This is not his time.... it is yours.

Neutral Time:

This is time you enjoy together outside of playing. Relax and unwind at this time. Come back to reality and no talk of play time.

His Reward:

His goal is to please you to your satisfaction in every session and punishment. And if he does so, let him have his way with you? This will be his ultimate reward. That will tell that he has reached his goal! emale Mistress and male sub.

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