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HC, Amie.

I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my waist. I swung the door behind me, closed, and headed for the bathroom. As I opened the door, I saw Amie already in bathroom. She turned the shower on as the door had opened; not noticing that I’d entered the bathroom. I hadn’t noticed she was home from college so early from the day. I slowly closed the bathroom door and let my towel drop.

She was completely naked; water dripping down her body. My eyes were immediately taken to between her legs, as they were slightly open, and dripping wet. I stood for a second, behind her and the closed glass doors of the shower, watching. My tolerance was short lived as an erection started growing. I couldn’t hold my back from walking into the shower with her. I bit my lip, smiling deviously at my ideas. All the things I would do came to my mind like a plan on stand-by.

I slowly opened both the doors, quiet enough to not be noticed. I felt my heart accelerate; beating faster, as I slowly closed both doors together. I stood again, leaning against the doors of the shower, slowly going up and down my cock with my hand. I felt my cock reach it’s hardest, as I peeled its skin back and let it stick-up.

I took one step forward, towards Amie, pushing my cock up against her ass, feeling my hands and arms way around her body, and leaning my head in to kiss and bite her neck. She gasped, clearly not expecting me. I moved her hair away from neck and kiss up her neck deeply. I felt my way with my hand, down to her pussy, as pushed on finger between the lips. I then reached for my cock and let it brush underneath, grinding up and against her pussy. I felt the top of my cock getting wet, from her pussy, barely any of the water from the shower running over myself.

With the same hand as before, I rubbed the top of her pussy, groping her boobs with my other hand. I then let my middle fingers push inside her pussy, letting them in and out, feeling the front inside her. I pushed them in deep, feeling my hand slowly getting wetter. Amie let out a sigh, biting her lip. I bit her ear hard and pulled lightly. I pushed her against the wall of the shower, letting her ass being put out.
I slipped my fingers out and push them in my mouth, tasting her cum. I teased her with my cock, prodding it up against her pussy, letting it in a little; then taking it away. I leaned over and whispered “I know you want it,” Smiling, looking at the side of her face.

Amie whispered back “Mhm…”
“I want you to beg for it.”
“I want you to put inside me.”
“I want you to fuck me, hard.” She pushed herself back, letting my cock push its way inside her. I bit my lip and sighed in relief. I began to slowly push myself in and out of her, letting myself deep inside her. Amie let out a soft moan as I began. She moved her hips to my rhythm, as I got faster. As our bodies clapped up against each other, the running water bounced off frantically, as we got faster. Her moans started to get louder and louder.

I pulled myself out; she turned around, lifted her up as she wrapped her legs around waist, pulling herself up with one hand on the shower head, the other pulling on my hair. As I held her up, she took my cock and slid down my body slightly, letting it slid up inside her pussy again. We started to kiss each other aggressively and roughly; with her arms around my neck. I pushed her up against the wall and fucked her fast, letting her push me deep inside her, as her soaked body slid up and down mine. Her moans started to get louder, biting my lip hard and pulling it back, letting it flick back.

Amie rolled the shower-tap off and looked at me, slowing me down. “Get me in your bed.” She said breathlessly.
“Okay,” Walking out the shower doors, Amie opened with her hands behind me. I stood out, onto the shower and bath mats, skilfully opening the bathroom door with my foot, walking out hastily, ignoring how wet I was and probable to slip. Amie kissed me roughly, as I walk to the bedroom, kicking my door open and letting it close.

I dropped down onto the king-sized bed, getting on top of her. She pushed me off, leaving wet marks on the sheets, rolling on top of me.

She clawed her nails down my chest, down my stomach to my cock, then grabbing it hard and moving her hand up and down it. I bit my lip quickly, as I moaned uncontrollably, tilting my head back. She began to kiss down my torso then to my cock.

She licked up and down it, sucking the top of the head; letting her head down and swallowing it almost. I gripped onto the back of her head, pulling on her hair. She went up and down, the top of my cock while masturbating the bottom with her hand. I didn’t know how much I could take, before exploding, cumming in her mouth.

She then crawled her way back but the bed and started kissing me. While kissing her, I then pulled her on top of me, and sat her on my face, holding her with one hand on each side of her leg. We were still very wet from the shower, and everything felt hotter outside. I closed my eyes as I began to lick her very wet pussy out, pushing my tongue up-between her lips. She sighed with a moan as she gripped onto my hair, pulling it tightly, as I started to suck on her clit, brushing it over with my tongue. I pushed my whole mouth over her pussy, sucking it up, while licking up inside her. Amie started to rub her pussy against my mouth, riding against my tongue. I used my right hand to push my two middle fingers insider her pussy, as I started to suck her clit again. I then felt my cock being re-animated as Amie reached her hand back, and started to go up and down cock, making it hard again. I started to lick and suck her out harder, pushing my fingers in faster and deeper.

Amie stood up on the bed. I watched, as she then grabbed my now-hard cock and knelt down, rubbing against her pussy. She then looked at me, teasingly. I tried to push my hips up, but she moved her hand so I’d miss. “Bad, Boy” she said also teasingly, “Wait.” She said demanding, putting my cock go, grinding her pussy against it, pinning my hands down, then kissing me more-so passionately. She bit my lip hard, and let go, getting up and kneeling again, holding up my cock.

Amie lowered herself onto it and sat her pussy over it. She then began to bounce up and down hard against my cock. She slid it up and down (in and out) her pussy, letting her body up, with her hands over-behind her head. I moved to her rhythm, as she bounced up and down on me. I sat up and licked-up her boob, sucking it and biting it playfully. She then pushed back down, as she began to grind harder. I felt her tighten around me, as she was started to get closer to climaxing. She clawed at my chest, as she got faster and faster, pushing my pace of rhythm. She then bit her lip hard, as her moaning got louder. I felt myself cumming. Amie then came over my cock, as her pussy completely tighten and came. I felt my cum leak out of her pussy, as she lay down on top of me.

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