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DOGGING - (wedding suprise) pt2

On the Wed i rang James,well were are we going Friday,he explained how to get to a country park he knew of about 20 miles away.James said i had an idea,whats that well you like watching so i thought you could be one of the doggers,how would that work,well theres a layby a couple of miles from the site and i thought we could meet there and Sue could get in with me,we'll give you 10 mins and drive in after,that way you can get to voyuer Sue with annyone that might be there and hear first hand what they think of her.The idea turned me on but of course i'd be watching Sue with James but im sure shed like that.I said sounds good but im not sure what Sue will think.We wont tell her we'll just tell her you want to watch her being exposed in my jeep.ok sounds good to me.We arranged to meet at the layby at 9.30.

That evening i Told Sue i had rang James and we were to meet Friday at 9.30,she went quiet and i thought shes cooling on the idea.James is really looking forward to seeing you and giving your panties back,your not having second thoughts are you! no,no.

Friday came i was really excited,Sue came home from work and we ate tea but she never mentioned the nite ahead.I told her i just had to pop out,(James had told me to bring some condoms)do you need anything ,no im just going for a bath.
I popped out got the condoms and picked up a bottle of Sue's favourite red wine ,i thought a couple of glasses would calm her nerves.Arriving home Sue was in the bedromm deciding what to wear,what shall i put on,just a short skirt and top,what about underwear,how about that little thong with the pink hearts and strap,Thats part of a basque set and i hav'nt a bra to match,that will do you dont need a bra,it'll be easier without one and you can wear those sexy pink heels.I cant go out to the car in those what will the neighbours think!,how lucky i am.Just bring the heels with you and u can change,you can wear a cardigan over your blouse.Sue looked good short black skirt and white button front taylored blouse,she wore some flats with her heels in a carrier.

Sue had a couple of glasses of the wine and we set off for the layby at about 8.45.I knew the area roughly but not the park although i had'nt been that way for years.Sue seemed quite calm as we chatted on the way but i took a wrong turn and did'nt realise for a bit,realising i turned around.We arrived at the laby late it was 9.45,pulling in behind james's 4x4.James got out and came back to us getting in the back,he explained to Sue that he thought she might like to get in with him and let me go ahead so i could voyuer as a dogger.Sue looked at me,i just said i thought she might like to be with James and he knows the ropes,she did'nt complain and agreed quite readily.You drive up the lane to some parking bays right at the top against the tree line,said James and I'll drive in in abou 10mins,i'll park up near you and when we're ready the interrior light will come on ,make sure you get over to the jeep quick if theres a few cars there or you wont get the best view.

Sue changed her heels and chucked her cardy on the back seat before getting in to James's jeep.I drove down the the road the couple of miles to the lane and carpark entrance,driving in following the track as James instructed i passed 2 cars in in a bay to the right,i reversed in up by the tree line.
My eyes adjusted to the light,it was now 10.10,i sat there trying to peer accross to the parked cars but could'nt see anybody in them,i waited eagerly the suspense was killing me,i felt like i had been there half an hour wondering what was keeping them.the the headlights appeared through the trees.

James reversed in to an end bay that was couple bays away against some bushes,i waited for the light,come on james come on,what was taking so long.I looked accross towards one of the cars,looking back the light came on,i got out no wanting to make noise a pushed my car door too leaning on it to latch.
I turned to walk to the jeep but as i did a figure passed infront of me,i hastened to the jeep there was a black guy standing a couple of meters from the window.I went to pass him but he reached out hey dont spooke them give them a bit of time,oh ok.Your new here arnt you,err yeah,just then an old guy appeared on my shoulder.The black guy,Sam as if found out,commented,oh good its a mature,they usually give a good show.James was undoing Sue's blouse exposing here tits and swollen nipples,Sue was looking away from the window hiding her face,obviously nervous.

James started caressing her tits and kissing her neck,his hand rose beckoning for us to near.Sam said thats it game on their up for it !We crowded the window,James was now leaning accross pulling Sue's skirt up Sue lifting her bum off her seat to aide him,it was then i noticed she was sitting on a towel.
She sat back seat half reclined her breasts hanging out of her half undone blouse,her skirt around her waiste exposing her soft white thighs and her shear black and pink thong,the crease of her pussy visible behind.
James began to massage her mount gently pushing her thighs appart,rubbing her inner thigh hepushed her left knee out to the door before pulling the other toward him.The guys were loving it commenting on her nipples and barely covered shaved pussy,James started to work his fingers under her thong and into her vagina,working them in and out finger fucking her.The old guy was looking through the windscreen for a view of her pussy,James glanced up and Sam motioned for him to open the window but he shook his head.

Sue reclined back eyes closed head still tilted away,the odd moan audible,it was then i noticed both guys had their cocks out wanking.James pulled Sues thong downwards,she obliged by pulling her legs together and lifting her knees to assist in their removal.Tossing them on the dash James went back to spread her legs wide appart,her shaved pussy pussy glistened with juices as James lowered his head working his tongue into her moistness.Sam piped up look at that pussy i liked to fill that bitch she's well up for it.
My cock was throbbing and it set it free stroking it as i Watched James work Sue's pussy,her hand descended to his head and she ran it through his hair as he lapped at her.

James suddenly broke off sitting back in his seat,he unzipped and pulled his long cock out,The guys getting excited oh yeah shes getting some cock in that wet pussy of hers,James guided Sue's hand to his cock she leant accross wanking him,James was saying somthing to her,she stopped and got on her knees on the towel adjusting her position to suck on his cock,her ass and juicey pussy now filling the window in front of us.Sue's head bobbing,james looked up as he did Sam beside again gestured for the window to be lowered,James eyes met mine and i knew he was looking for my approval and i justed nodded.
The window lowered and Sam had a hand on her bum in a flsh,rubbing over its roundness he slid it under to her pussy,Sue's head stopped she lifted off james's cock but resisted looking around,Sam rubbed her pussy and James guided her head back down,she seemed to settle.Sam pushed two fat fingers into her gently and slowly wanking her,Sue moaned and as she did sam quickened.The more noise Sue made the more vigourous he pushed into her until she lifted of James again and said No!.

I thought this was going to end it,thinking quickly i said "my turn" giving a reassuring voice to her,Sue settled her head down into James lap his cock in her hand and Sam moved i moved forward sam asked James could he open the door ,James looked at me and said ok
Sam opened the door wide,Sue's ass and pussy framed in the door her shiney spiked pink heels pointing backwards.I moved in behind Sam and the old guy watching on,i ran my fingers under her wet pussy sliping two fingers into her warmth with ease, i fucked them in and out as Sue tried to open her legs more but there was'nt enough room on the seat.James looked over at me,have you got a condom,oh yeah mate sure have,at that hehe said to Sue stand at the door honey.

I stood back allowing Sue to get out,she stood legs spread leaning in the car with her head on the seat,she glanced behind her for the first time reassured at the sight of me fumbling behind with a condom (i han'nt used one for years)she turned back placing her head on the seat,James was climbing out to come around.As looked up at her spread legs and pussy an already sheathed Sam brushed me aside and positioned what was a really fat cock at Sue's hole.How could i protest,to him i was a fumbling newbie,I wanted to say somthing but nothing came out,it all happened so quick,Sam pushed into her she fell forward slightly until regaining her footing,she let out an arrggg!Sue knew straight away it was'nt me he was much thicker,she looked back quickly and on seeing Sam tried to move forward and stand.Sam was having none of it and pulled her back by the hips pushing into her again,Sue lost her footing and placed her hands on the seat to steady herself.Sam got into a rythmn and pushed Sue's back down until her head rested on the seat again as continued his onslaught.
Sue looked back at me gain,moaning as Sam pumped into her,she seemed resolved to here fate as her eyes closed.i noticed she was gripping the seat towel and the more she moaned the harder Sam slapped into her.
Sue was really moaning now and Sam seemed to take this as a cue to fuck her harder,i noticed she put her hand back as to fend him off,she was more vocal than i had ever heard.Sam must have been fucking her for a least 5 mins,suddenly she reared up yelling out and her knees buckling as a massive orgasm gripped her.Sam would'nt pause for her and kept thrusting upwards into her as she again tried to stand but he anchored her down,Sue continually yelling out until Sam too groaned holding himself hard up inside her he emptied his load.He seemed to hold her for ages in this position,finally pulling out of her Sue sank forward panting her face reddened,i looked down Sams hard cock with condom hanging half off it was stretching with a huge volume of cum weighing it down,Sam tugged it off throwing it into the trees.

As she stood there recovering a jet of sperm landed accross her bum cheeks,the old guy dumped a load on her wanking whilst my attention had been drawn to Sam,he moved forwad rubbing it in around her cheeks at the same time apologising but Sue appeared oblivious.She leant there her bum glistening her pussy gaping,i moved behind entering her pushing in and out she was so loose,Sue never moved or looked back.I slowly felt her muscles start to grip my cock and being highly excited i shot my load quickly.

James came forward ,turning Sue around,he held her and kissed her before directing her to sit back in the jeep,James moved the seat right back reclining it further.Sue lay there aerola reddened nipples rock hard her legs splayed pussy agape and her pussy mound swollen,juices clearly running to her bum hole.James positioned before her lifting her legs back with his hands behind her knees,he slowly pushed into her feeding her his full length.Sue's eyes tight shut as James rocked back and forth ,she moaned out and James quickened his pace Sue's breath deepening,she raised her legs and wrapping them around his waist,her tits wobbling faster and faster as James quickened.I could'nt have imagined she could take two fuckings like this,Sue still sensitive and tender,soon gushed into orgasm agian Sending James over the top he tensed and emptied a load of hot cum into her pussy,they stayed there locked together for a few minutes,until Sue released her legs from around him,James climbed out backwards to dress.

Sam said lets get a look at her pussy,James said slide down here aand show these guys what a good time you've had,Sue opened her eyes sliding back onto the towel she twisted in her seat spreading wide with one leg out the car door.Sue sat there confident saying there you are,we feasted on the view a dribble of James cum and Sue's juices oused out,Fuck look at that said Sam thats one used pussy,he was wanking a stiff cock again and asked if Sue wanted to go again.No not tonite,Sam quickly chirped up well is it ok if i dump this last load on you,i was expecting her to say no but she said ok as long as some one cleans it up.
Sam stood astride her leg wanking furiously,he let go for streams up her belly accross her pussy and down her thigh.James handed her a wipe,the old guy said let me do that,Sue paused cleaning her belly passing him the wipe.He gently mopped her mound and down her thigh,looking at her drooling pussy he said that too,Sue looked at me and said yes.He began to mop gently from the bottom of her slit,Sue lay back as he teased around her lips,her eyes closed the old guy looked up and at seeing her enjoyment replaced the wipe with his tongue.Sue's eyes flicked open the old guy was delving into her lapping at the juices.I thought id be digusted but i found it the most errotic moment of the nite,after all the frenzy there was a hush as Sue enjoyed his soothing tongue.

The old guy bobbed up and James put a halt to the nite,thats it guys time to go,Sue lifted her leg in and James closed the door as we expressed our thanks.There was short conversation about the nite,sam saying i should come again as i brought luck,thats the best ever nite in 5 years he said.

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