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Crystal wasn't a prude, but she lived in a small town
where the available boys only thought that dating was a
way to get sex. She wanted more than that and
eventually found it, but soon became a widow at the
tender age of nineteen. One day, her recently divorced
father became more than just a parent to her. (MMF,
inc, rom)


Chapter 1

The county seat for Greene County, Berksville, was a
small town with a population of around 2,000. It
depressed Crystal that the town offered so little
excitement for someone her age. Going to the quarry to
drink beer with the rest of the teenagers was about the
only thing to do. Unfortunately, everyone knew that
when a girl went to the old mining pit, she was going
to get laid. The quarry was commonly referred to as,
"The Sex Pit."

Crystal was only invited to the quarry once. She went
there with Brett Nalone who wasted no time trying to
feel her up. She resisted and, even after she slapped
his face, he continued trying to reach inside her
clothing. In his tussle with Crystal, he ended with
deep scratches on his face and arms. After that night,
she was seldom asked out on a date except as a last

One night, after she turned eighteen, Crystal was
riding around town with Bob Donahue and his girlfriend,
Susan Anderson. It was Friday, a date-night and
eventually they stopped at the DQ for hot fudge
sundaes. Crystal joined a group of k**s, her age, on
the patio while Bob and Susan sat at a table by

Crystal tried to join in the conversation at the patio
but couldn't keep her mind focused. The sight of Bob
and Susan holding hands constantly distracted her. When
Bob slipped his hand under Susan's skirt, Crystal felt
the inner sensations of her own arousal. Secretly, she
wished to be felt up. In her mind's eye, she imagined
how it would feel if Bob's hand was moving up her leg
instead of Susan's. Her pussy grew moist as she thought
of his fingers slipping under the hem of her panties
and into the moist warmth of her private place. She
thought of how it might feel as his fingers spread the
lips of her labia and...

"Crystal! Hey, - Earth to Crystal, what are you
thinking about? You look like you're a thousand miles
out in space. Bob and I are going to the quarry. Can we
drop you off at home or something?"

The comment startled Crystal out of her daydream.
"Sorry," she replied, "uh, nothing important. No thanks
on the ride, I'll stay here with the gang a while and
walk home later. It's a nice evening for a walk."

Crystal leaned toward her friend Jean Smith and
whispered, "Actually, I was watching Bob and Susan.
They were so wrapped up in their petting it made me
curious about what it would be like to have sex."

"You know, Crystal, I could easily arrange an orgy for
you anytime you want to satisfy that curiosity."

"No, I don't think so Jean, but thanks for the offer
anyway. Although, sometimes I wonder if saving my
virginity this long has been worth it. I never seem to
get a real date."

Over the next two hours, the crowd at the patio slowly
thinned as couples left to go elsewhere. As each couple
departed, Crystal and her friends would speculate over
whether they were going to the “sex pit” and what they
would do when they got there. Finally, when only
Crystal, Jean Smith and three boys remained, one of the
boys whispered something into Jean's ear that put a big
smile on her face.

Jean looked at Crystal and said, "Last chance, Miss
Innocent." She waited for a reply and after a slight
hesitation, Crystal just said, "No thanks." Jean
excused herself and left with all three boys.

As usual, Crystal went home alone. While walking, she
wondered what she'd be doing right now if she had gone
with Jean and the three boys. For a brief moment, she
had actually considered going with them. "I'm probably
the only virgin left in my entire graduating class,"
she thought. "But at least, when I lose my virginity,
I’ll lose it to someone whom l can love and respect. I
hope that it happens soon though, my yearnings get
stronger every day."

When she arrived home, her parents greeted her, asking
if she had enjoyed herself this evening. Crystal
responded that she had a good time but that nothing
exceptional had taken place. After a few moments
chatting with them, she retired to her room to get
ready for bed.

Crystal wasn’t very close with her mother but had a
good relationship with her father. Her mother, May,
didn’t understand teenagers and was rigid and impatient
with her. In fact, she had only discussed sexual
matters with her daughter once. When Crystal was 13 and
her periods started, May spent a few moments with
Crystal explaining about her "monthly visitor.”

On the other hand, Crystal's father, Todd, was very
understanding and had an uncanny respect for his
daughter's rights. Since she was a little girl, if
Crystal needed an answer about anything dealing with
life, she could openly ask her father. He was the one
who told her the "real facts of life." Their
relationship was quite open and healthy.

Crystal fell asl**p that night wondering if she would
ever get to feel a stiff cock inside her.

She woke around seven o'clock Saturday morning, bathed
and washed her hair. While drying her hair, Crystal's
mother walked into the bathroom. Finding her daughter
standing nude she said, "Crystal, you should cover up,
what if your father were to walk in and find you in
like that?"

Around the house, Crystal and her father were never
modest in front of each other. In fact, she was often
nude in front of him, and she saw him nude several
times a week. Even with such openness, Crystal had
never experienced any sexual contact from her father.

"Mom, dad has seen me without clothes since I was a
little baby. Besides, he was just in here when I was
getting out of the tub." Crystal smiled; it gave her a
curious pleasure to tell this to her mother. "What is
it you want, mom?"

"Your father and I, are going to visit your Aunt Janice
and Uncle Peter, and will stay over night; will you be
okay by yourself?"

"Yes, when are you planning on leaving, mom?"

"Just as soon as your father is ready, so in a few

Her mother left the bathroom and as Crystal resumed
drying her hair, her father walked in. "Hi baby, did
your mother tell you we were leaving to visit your Aunt

"Yeah, so you and mom have a good time. OK?"

Crystal saw that her father was looking at her, the
same as he had when she was getting out of the tub.
This time though, he was looking at her 32-A cup
breasts and her hard nipples, the size of a No. 2
pencil eraser. She noticed his eyes drift down to view
the small thatch of light-brown hair crowning the top
of her sex.

"I wonder what dad thinks when he sees me nude. Could
it be that seeing daddy's little girl in the buff,
gives him ideas?" Crystal asked herself. To her
surprise, for the first time ever since seeing her
nude, he spoke about her body. "You have very nice
legs; I guess I've never noticed them until now."

Crystal smiled, "Thank you, daddy."

She looked at her father, put down the hair dryer and
hugged him. "Daddy, do you think I'm attractive? I
mean, - I'm unsure about up here," pointing to her
breasts. Reaching her hand down and touching her maiden
hair, she added, "And, I have very little hair down
here. I don't know if boys like lots of hair or no
hair. Some of my girl friends shave their pubes. Tell
me the truth, daddy."

"Crystal, honey, you're embarrassing me, and your
mother just gave me heck for the millionth time about
seeing you naked." He hugged his daughter in a fatherly
way, just as he had done since she was a little girl.
He looked at the lovely girl's nudity and told her,
"You look perfect all over. You always have, ever since
the day I helped bring you into the world." Teasingly,
with the back of his hand he slapped her round hips.
Smiling, he said, "We'll see you tomorrow afternoon,
and here’s a couple of twenty dollar bills. There’s
more in the jar in the kitchen cabinet if you need
them. Bye."

Crystal finished her hair and turned to look at herself
in the full length mirror. Studying her breasts, she
wondered why fate handed out size 32-A to her. The
other girls she knew had breasts that were 34 or 36 B
or C cups, then there was Marty Hendron, who all the
girls were jealous over. Marty had been blessed with
38-D breasts.

Chapter 2

Crystal put on a mid-thigh skirt, a full skirt with
ruffles dr****g from her rounded hips. Shortly after
9:00 A.M. she put her small purse in the right pocket
of her skirt and left the house. She had decided to
have breakfast at Jake's Diner, one of those places
that resemble a stainless steel railroad car. Crystal
walked slowly, reflecting more on the previous night.
She concluded that she was wise to resist the
temptation to go with Jean and the boys. She vowed to
herself that she would keep her resolve.

Walking along the sidewalk, Crystal stepped off the
curb and saw someone had dropped their billfold.
Picking it up, she saw it was a man's billfold and
noted that it belonged to her minister, Reverend Jerry
Densmore. Curiosity led the teenager to count the money
in the billfold. There were three one-hundred dollar
bills, four fifties, and four twenties: a total of
five-hundred and eighty dollars.

Putting the billfold in her left skirt pocket, she
wondered if Reverend Densmore needed that much money in
his billfold because tomorrow is Sunday. Thinking about
him, she remembered that his wife, Margaret, had passed
away last February on Valentine's Day. She decided to
bring the billfold to him after she finished breakfast.
It was on her way home and he lived near her house.

Entering Jake's, Crystal sat on a stool at the counter.
She ordered two eggs over easy with ham and biscuits.
Just as Deanna, the waitress started to walk away,
Crystal had an after thought and asked for a cup of
coffee. Smiling to herself, Crystal knew this was a
major event in her life, she was going to have her
first cup of coffee; black coffee, the way her father
liked it.

She picked up the newspaper lying next to her and began
to read it. This too, was something she had never done
before, except to read the paper for a school
assignment. "I must be getting older, drinking black
coffee and reading a newspaper at a restaurant counter
like a bunch of old men," she thought.

Just before her breakfast arrived, Crystal felt someone
tapping her arm. It was a man whom she recognized but
didn't know personally. She thought his name was John
Miller, who owned a large farm about 10-miles out of
town. "Yes, may I help you," Crystal asked in her
normally pleasant voice?

"Just wondered if you could share your paper, Miss
Johnson. You are Todd's daughter, aren't you?" the man
asked her.

"Yes, you know my father?"

"Sure do, we went to school together, but I was about a
dozen years before him, in the first grade," he said,
smiling at his own joke.

"Why, Mr. Miller, that means you're somewhere around
fifty, and I’d have guessed you were younger than
daddy," Crystal laughingly responded.

"Deanna, give me this cute thing's check. Heck, I might
just have to ask her out, now that I'm an old widower."
John smiled and told Crystal, "Actually, I’ll be forty-
seven next month, so I guess that makes me too old for

"Oh, I don't know, maybe I like older men," Crystal

Over breakfast, Crystal enjoyed speaking with Mr.
Miller. Several other men, friends of his, were also
sitting at the counter. After a while, Mr. Pittman, a
man who visited her father once in a while, asked,
"Guys, what say we move to the tables, now that they're
open?" With that, the men all got up and scooted the
tables and chairs together so they could all sit

It was a normal Saturday morning ritual for these 10
men to have their coffee and breakfast together. Today,
however, John Miller said to his cronies, "I ain't
moving if my girlfriend, Crystal Johnson, isn't joining
us. You guys know her daddy, Todd." As he spoke, he
picked up her plate and told Crystal to bring her
coffee, while he set her plate down next to his own.

The other men all told John Miller her daddy would have
his scalp. Mr. Pittman said, "It won't be his scalp,
it’ll be that little thing that dangles." The men all
busted up laughing and Crystal felt her face turning
red, encouraging the men to tease her.

Mr. Miller looked at Crystal and patting her hand
asked, "Have you ever seen so many jealous old men in
your life honey? But from now on you call me John."

"Okay, John, but I don't want to interrupt your morning
get-together, I'll just sit at the counter."

"No way," a man Crystal recognized as Brett Shaw said,
"we haven't had such a pretty girl join our group ever.
From now on, you're to be a part of our group, right,
guys?" The group responded with a unanimous "Yes!" and
Crystal's beaming smile was enough to seal the deal.
Never before had anyone made her feel more accepted and
warm and happy inside.

For the next hour, the men all laughed and spoke about
what was going on in the world. A prime topic was the
war in the "damn desert" where our boys are dying for
no reason. Several times, someone mentioned Crystal's
father, and she soon realized that all the men thought
well of her daddy.

When they all decided to leave, John asked Crystal if
she would like a ride home. "Actually, I need to go see
Reverend Densmore. I found his billfold earlier this
morning," replied Crystal. She told John how much money
was in the wallet.

"You're just like your daddy. I’ll tell you this, there
aren't many k**s, or even adults that would return that
much money to whoever lost it; the preacher’s lucky you
found the money." John told Crystal, "Come on, I'll
give you a ride over to the preacher's house."

When they got to Reverend Densmore's house, Crystal
asked John to walk to the house with her. When the door
opened, Reverend Densmore recognized them both and
jokingly asked, "what brings you two to my house, are
you wanting to get married?"

Paying back the humor, John responded, "First I need to
see your driver's license, Reverend."

They both watched him reach into his back pocket. Not
finding it there, he said, "Guess I left it on the
counter at Jake's, but why do you need to see my
driver's license?"

"Because this pretty young lady found it on the street,
and wants to return it," John replied.

After giving back the billfold, they said goodbye and
walked to John's pickup truck. "You should have taken
the reward the preacher offered, he wanted to thank you
for being so honest."

"Mr. Miller, I mean John - his thanks were sincere.
That was enough of a reward, don't you think?"

"Sure, if you do. If you want me to drop you off at
home, I'll stop and visit with your father for a

"Dad isn't home, he and mom went to visit my Aunt
Janice and won't be home ‘til tomorrow afternoon."

"You're home by yourself? Well if you want, I'd be
honored to treat you to dinner this evening for being
so honest. How about I pick you up around six o'clock?
Or maybe you already have a date, as cute as you are."

"No date, but you don't need to take me to dinner,
John. Although, if you really wish to, I won’t refuse.
In fact, I’d like that," Crystal replied.

They said nothing more until they were near Crystal's
house. She asked, "John, what did your wife die of?"

Knowing the young girl was not being nosey, but simple
being kind, John replied, "Cancer, honey, and I sure
miss her."

As John stopped in front of her house, Crystal turned
to face him. She wasn't aware that her skirt had ridden
up her legs. John saw that her panties were visible,
but she evidently didn't realize what she was
displaying. "Damn, sure wish I was younger," John
thought to himself, "that girl has some great legs, all
the way up to those cute green panties."

"Where are we going to eat this evening, I want to know
what to wear on our date?" Crystal asked.

"Maybe we'll drive over to the capital, and eat in the
Japanese restaurant where you sit on the floor, and
they cook in front of you. Would like that, Crystal?"

"Yeah, I've never been there, that would be wonderful,
John." In her excitement, Crystal moved in a way that
caused her dress to bunch up around her waist. She was
completely unaware of how exposed she was. "I'll wear
something nice, just for you. And John, maybe we
shouldn't tell anyone, my parents might be upset."

"No problem," John's eyes were still fixed on the young
girls legs. He could see a few hairs peeking out from
the side of her panties.

John thought for a moment, then asked Crystal, "How
about I pick you up at five o'clock, it’ll take over an
hour to reach the restaurant?" His eyes dropped down
once more, and still those green panties were
displayed. John knew the girl was so innocent that she
wasn't aware that she was allowing her body to be

Looking at John as she answered him, Crystal became
aware that she was exposing herself and she blushed.
"That will be fine, and I'm sorry, I... uh... didn't
think the way I was seated was allowing my thi... I
mean my legs to be uncovered." Pulling her skirt down,
Crystal wondered how much of her legs, John had viewed.
She patted his arm, telling him, "I'll even wear heels,
as I guess you’ll be in a suit."

Opening the door of the pickup, Crystal stepped down,
and looking back into the truck, said, "See you at
five, and thanks for the ride."

"No problem, it was my pleasure." John wondered if he
had said the wrong thing. He hoped the girl wouldn’t
think he was referencing her uncovered legs.

Back home, Crystal’s first task was to decide what to
wear for the evening. She took several dresses from the
closet and held each in front of her. Eventually, a
light pink summer dress proved to be the best. Crystal
slipped the pink dress over her body and put on her
three-inch heels. Standing in front of her full length
mirror, she saw that the dress was not quite down to
the middle of her legs. Knowing this would allow her
shapely legs to be seen, she thought, "John, I hope you
like this dress as much as you enjoyed looking up my

Crystal decided to shop for a new bra and panties. On
her way to the small shopping area in town, she thought
of how much fun it was speaking with the men in the
restaurant, and especially with John. "Gee, I get a
date and it’s with a man older than my father."

In the small department store, Crystal found a pink
lacy bra in her size and a pair of lace panties the
same color. At the cosmetics counter, she selected nail
polish that matched the color of the panties and bra.
After choosing some perfume to put on before dinner,
she went to the checkout counter.

She decided to stop at Jake's for a soda, as she had
plenty of time to get ready. Once there, she sat at the
counter, and read the newspaper while drinking her
soda. Just as she was about to leave, Susan Anderson
sat next to her. "What’re you up to, Crystal, been
shopping?" Susan asked.

"Kind of, but just some underwear and cosmetics. I
haven't bought any for a while," she told her closest
friend. Crystal decided not to mention about going to
dinner with John Miller this evening.

"Babe, you should have come with me and Bob to the
quarry last night." Whispering to Crystal, Susan told
her, "Wow, he does it better than anyone I’ve ever been
with. He did me twice and went down on me after that."
Susan told her friend, "Crystal, you need to let some
guy do you, sex is great."

"You know, Tony wants to pop your cherry. He's the one
that got mine. Bob's is bigger, but you’d like doing it
with Tony."

"Susan, maybe I'll have sex tonight, would that make
you happy, girlfriend?" She asked her friend. The two
girls chatted for another ten minutes before leaving
their separate ways.

Crystal unwrapped her purchases and lay them out on her
bed with the dress from the closet. She undressed for
her bath and when naked, felt an excitement unlike any
she had ever felt before. She had a dinner date with
someone 10-years-older than her father, and it made her
feel giddy.

In the bathroom, Crystal turned on the water to fill
the tub. She poured bubble-bath into the flowing water,
and eased her body into the hot water.

Leaning back in the tub, she wondered why she bought
the new bra and panties. She thought to herself,
"Surely, I can't be planning on an older man seeing me
in my underwear. Will I end up being nude with him?
Yet, why did I buy a new bra and panties, nail polish
to match my panties, and even perfume, unless it was to
entice the man?" she reasoned.

Washing her small breasts, Crystal wondered if men
really enjoyed large breasts, and why. Susan had told
her that Bob sometimes put his thing between hers. She
said that he then worked it back and forth until he
shot his stuff all over her face, neck and chest. Are
mine big enough for a man to do that, she wondered?

When she washed between her legs, her fingers moved
over her sex and she felt the sensations that she
always resisted. Despite the temptation, Crystal had
never masturbated. She felt strange about having sexual
activity with herself. But she knew that jacking-off
would provide release, and the frustration agitated her
deeply. Crystal stood, turned on the shower and rinsed
the bubbles from her body.

Once more, she dried and examined herself before the
full length mirror. Her breasts were firm and jutted
out from her body. The nipples were small, as if they
didn't want to overshadow the breast and the areolas
they capped. Patting the towel on her maiden hair,
Crystal saw hers was sparse, and only covered a small
area above her vulva. The hair guarding the fatty mons
of her sex, only grew a short way down her labia, less
than an inch, and it too was thin.

Holding her legs open, Crystal looked between them to
see what her sex looked like. With a hand mirror held
between her legs, she saw the lips of her sex for the
first time. Using the fingers of her free hand to pull
the lips open, she saw a small set of lips. She pulled
these lips apart and looked up into her sexual opening.
The view astonished her and she was awed by her own
inner body. The color is so pink, almost red but not

From her activity before the mirror, it dawned on
Crystal why men wanted to invade a woman's body. The
female's sex is truly beautiful. When she allowed her
finger to lightly touch inside her sex, the image in
the mirror showed how a man would place himself inside
a woman. Crystal wondered if Susan and the other girls
were right, let sex be enjoyed.

Lazily, Crystal dressed and, knowing she should wear
hose to a nice restaurant, decided to wear thigh-highs.
Picking up her panties and pulling them up her legs and
over her hips, she thought they were the most beautiful
she had ever worn. She slipped on the bra, noting that
the lace allowed the color of her areolas and nipples
to show through. She pulled her panties out from her
waist and sprayed perfume on her maiden hair and her

Crystal eased the dress over her body and slipped the
thigh-highs up her legs. The elastic lace tops were
nearly to her panties, but were covered by her dress
hemline. Looking in the mirror, she saw that her legs
were nearly half exposed below the bottom of her dress.

She smiled as she recalled her father telling her that
her legs were the best he’d ever seen. But then she
asked herself, "Will John find them attractive? What
did he think earlier, when he must have seen all of me
beneath my dress?" Her reflection in the mirror showed
her face to be flushed in embarrassment.

It was still another half-hour before John was due to
arrive, but as she walked into the living room to wait
for her "date" she heard the doorbell ring. Opening the
door, she saw John dressed in a dark suit. He asked,
"Ready charming lady?"

John and Crystal walked fast to his car, as if they
didn't want the neighbors to see them leaving together.
During the drive to the restaurant, Crystal enjoyed
speaking with the older man and when they reached the
restaurant, she was surprised when he opened her door
for her. Swinging her legs from the car, she was
careful to keep them together so he couldn’t look up
her dress.

The restaurant had a waiting list of approximately 30-
minutes. To pass the time, they went into the lounge
and took a table near the far corner. John ordered a
bourbon-coke and Crystal asked for a diet soda. He
looked at the young girl and wondered why she agreed to
have dinner with him. "Tell me, Crystal, why did you
decide to come with me tonight, especially as I'm

"No real reason, I just wanted to have a good time.
Knowing I’d be home alone, and having enjoyed speaking
with you today, I thought it would be fun." Smiling at
her dinner partner, Crystal asked, "Are you
disappointed, John, and sorry to be seen with someone
my age?"

"Just the opposite, I’m delighted to be seen with such
an attractive young lady. And, I must say you look
exceptionally nice."

As he sipped his cocktail, John looked at the way the
dress fit across Crystal's breast. He noted how the v-
shape of the top allowed a hint of her small breasts to
show. There was no doubt in John's mind that the bra
she was wearing was made with pushup material. When
John helped her into his car, he'd seen the lace
material across the top of the bra, but the tops of her
breasts were not completely covered with the material.

They were e****ted to their table and removed their
shoes as they entered the dining area. When the pretty
girl lifted her foot to remove her shoes, John saw the
lace tops of her stockings. He wished he could have
viewed more. John held Crystal's hand to steady her as
she sat on the cushion on the floor. She positioned her
legs to fit under the low table. Crystal looked up at
John and knew that the way she folded her legs let him
see all the way up under her dress.

The table was seated with six couples including Crystal
and John. The chef stood in the sunken center of the
eating area. After each person had placed their order,
the food was brought to the chef and he performed the
ritual of chopping the food as he cooked. Each of the
women, at the table, had one shrimp flipped onto their
plate from where the oriental chef was cooking the
meals. Finally, the meals were put on hot metal dishes
and placed in front of each diner.

"Crystal," John asked his dinner partner, "What say we
eat with the chop sticks?"

"I've never eaten with them, and you will need to show
me how."

After showing Crystal how to hold the wooden eating
devices, John watched as she finally mastered them well
enough to eat some of her meal. John smiled and told
Crystal, "Maybe we better practice using these long
tooth picks before eating with them again, let’s use
our forks."

"You do it well, John, where did you learn to eat with

"When I was in the military, I served in Vietnam and
Japan. My buddies and I ate with them all the time.
Since then, I've always enjoyed using them. We just
need to do this more often Crystal, until you totally
get the hang of it."

The lady seated next to Crystal asked her, "Is this the
first time you and your father have eaten here?" John
felt awkward thinking he needed to answer the woman to
keep Crystal from being embarrassed. But before he
could, Crystal spoke up and her reply surprised
everyone at the table, but John most of all.

With sarcasm, Crystal responded in a chilly voice, "Oh,
he isn't my father, John is my future husband, we’re to
be married next month, madam."

John wanted to bust up laughing, but held himself in
check. He knew from the tone of Crystal's voice, the
word madam was not meant to reflect a lady of
refinement. When the woman looked at Crystal, she
continued her response.

"Ma'am, my future husband is a wealthy land owner. It
has always been our practice to keep the property in
the f****y, that’s why I'm marrying my first cousin."
Crystal commenced laughing, reached over and lightly
patted John's hand and said, "Grandfather, should I
apologize to the nice lady?"

For a moment, the other five couples said nothing, then
they all broke out laughing at the same time. The rest
of the meal found everyone enjoying each others company
and Crystal was the center of attention. One of the
men, looked at John and told him, "Your granddaughter
seems extremely well versed and you must be proud of

Crystal shared her mandarin orange cake with John,
while he allowed her to sample iced plums, served over
a lemon cake. They enjoyed the deserts while having a
cup of green tea.

In the restaurant parking lot after eating, John looked
at the clock on the dash and asked, “it's only a little
past 8:30, what would you like to do?" He was surprised
when she answered, "I’d like to go to a nice place
where we can listen to good music, relax, and perhaps
you can enjoy another cocktail."

John saw a Westin Hotel near the freeway and noticed
that the hotel sign said, "Live Music." Pointing to it,
he asked Crystal, "Would that be okay? I'm not certain
what type of music they have, but usually the larger
hotels have easy listening music."

"Yes, can we go there, John, I've often thought I would
enjoy that kind of place. A couple of times when I've
been on vacation with dad and mom, we stayed in hotels.
I always wanted to sit in the bar with my parents but
they wouldn't allow me. They said I was too young."

They entered the hotel and went into the lounge. The
music consisted of a piano player, a man on drums and a
woman playing saxophone. They sat near the band,
ordered drinks and enjoyed the music for a couple of
hours. While seated with John, a funny idea passed
through Crystal's mind, and in a nervous voice she
asked, "John, can we get a room and spend the night?"

The question surprised John, but he assumed that the
girl wanted a room for him and one for herself. "If
you’d like that, Crystal, I’ll go see about getting us
each a room. Give me a few minutes," John said as he
stood up to walk to the front desk.

"John, only one room," Crystal said in a voice so
softly, John wasn't certain he was hearing the girl's

Sitting back down, John saw a look of assurance on
Crystal's face, but as he took her hand in his, he felt
her hand trembling slightly. "Honey, are you aware of
what you're saying, what about your parents, what if
they found out, we live in a small community?"

"Yes, I know."

"Crystal, answer me truthfully, are you still a virgin?
And if so, why are you offering me the right to sl**p
with you? Or, do you only want to spend the night
without having any personal action between us?"

"I'm, yes, I'm a virgin, but I want to be with you,

John listened as the pretty girl told him, “I guess
today has made me realize I want something that I’ve
always denied myself, because the young guys always
made sex seem cheap." Smiling, Crystal reached out and
touched John's hand. Speaking softly, she said, "Get us
a room, or a suite if they’re not too expensive?"

John went to the front desk, got a suite and returned
to the lounge where Crystal was waiting. As he walked
back to the lounge, he wondered what would happen if
the girl's father found out. There was no doubt it
would end their friendship. But he understood that
Crystal would never inform anyone what they’d done. He
wondered what her real purpose was in wanting to sl**p
with him.

For another few minutes, they continued listening to
the music. Crystal broke the spell by asking, "Shall we
go to our room?"

John stood up, offered his hand to Crystal and they
walked together to the elevator. They got off on the
top floor and walked down the corridor to their suite.
When John opened the door, Crystal stood back. Thinking
she had changed her mind, he asked, "Having second
thoughts? That’s okay."

"No, I want you to carry me over the threshold."

Crystal smiled at John and added, "I know that's being
romantic, but you make me feel that way."

Picking the small girl up in his arms, he remembered
having done the same thing when he and his departed
wife had married. Now he wondered if this girl really
understood what it meant to have invited him to take
her to bed.

As they entered the suite, they both saw how much it
was like being at home. There was a full size bar just
inside the entrance and the living room was set up with
a full size dinning room. Off to one side was a kitchen
and there was a large bathroom with a sauna. As John
carried the girl into the bedroom, he could see that it
was larger than his at home.

"We could live here forever. Oh John, the place is
wonderful, it must be very expensive. Can we go back to
the living room and, would you make me a cocktail from
the bar?"

"That should be no problem, after all we’re not going
anywhere. Come help me."

Walking to the bar, John handed the ice bucket to
Crystal and asked her to find some ice. When she
returned with the ice, he asked, "What would you like
to drink?"

”I have no idea, I've never tasted alcohol and I don't
know one drink from the other. Make me a drink you
think will taste good to me. And, oh yes, my father
always drinks a double, so that’s what I'll have."

John fixed a screw driver for Crystal and they carried
their drinks into the living room. Crystal sat on the
sofa, while John chose the large chair across from her.
She turned on the television and found an old black and
white movie. While they sat and talked with each other,
Crystal pulled her legs up under herself. John saw that
her legs were truly shapely and for a brief moment, he
saw the lace tops of the stockings but was unable to
see above the lace.

"Guess I'm not a drinker, I don't taste anything but
the orange juice, but thanks for letting me have my
first drink." Crystal said as she started to drink the

When the alcohol started to take effect, she told John,
"All of this is so different for me. I feel happy and a
bit silly at the same time." Smiling at the man seated
across from her, Crystal continued, "I've never allowed
anyone to know my personal feelings, but I guess the
drink makes me want to tell you all about me."

For the next several minutes, the young girl told John
how she never allowed a boy touch her body, not even
outside of her clothes. She described how the only male
she had ever seen nude was her father, but he never
laid a hand on her. Crystal spoke softly, "You know, my
dad and I are very much alike and both of us are so
separated from my mom. As wonderful as mom is, she and
I aren't close."

"How do you mean Crystal, everyone thinks you and your
parents are a perfect f****y?"

"My mother, she's so protective of me. If she knew I
was in this hotel room with a handsome man, she’d have
a conniption fit and say I shouldn't do such things."
John let Crystal continue to speak and he let his
silence answer her. "John, my dad is so kind and sweet
to me, and this morning before either of us were even
dressed, he came into the bathroom to speak to me."

"One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, is my
father in the nude. His thing hangs down from his body
and jiggles as he walks." Crystal told John. "John, my
dad allows me to ask him just about anything, and he
never lectures me about boys the way mom does."

When she paused a moment to consider what to say next,
John had to laugh at how she described seeing her
father in the nude.

Crystal pulled her legs up and let the soles of her
feet rest on the edge of the sofa seat. She wrapped her
arms around her legs and leaned forward as she
continued speaking. John couldn’t see her body or
between her legs, but he was stimulated by the way she
was sitting. Crystal had no idea how provocative her
pose was.

"When you asked me to come with you tonight, I was
thrilled with the idea of having a date with someone
who’s not always trying to attack me." Crystal shifted
her position, unintentionally letting John see the pink
lace of her panties and giving him a better view of her

"John, once my dad and I discussed what I should do
when I found a boy I liked. He said that if I wished to
go all the way, I should keep it private." Crystal
spoke of how the guys always got mad at her because she
wouldn't let them go all the way.

Suddenly, Crystal stood up. John looked on in complete
surprise as she allowed her dress to fall down over her
body and settle around her feet. Looking intently into
his eyes she said, "Now I’ve finally found someone.
John, please come here so I’ll know you want me too.
This is as brave as I can get, but..."

Standing in her new bra, panties and thigh-high
stockings, the heels she wore presented her legs in a
most desirable way. Slowly, John rose and looked across
the room at the image before him. The sight of this
lovely girl offering herself to him, brought his
desires to a level he hadn't known for many years.

Just as he started to walk over to take Crystal in his
arms, she spoke in a voice so low he could barely hear
her. "I'm a virgin and no one has ever touched me.
Other than my father, I've never been seen by a man.
John, be gentle with me."

Walking slowly to where Crystal was standing, he
reached out to her and said, "Honey, are you sure about
what you’re doing, we don't need to have sex."

"Let me feel you hugging me, but first, would you
undress and let me look at you?"

Crystal watched John remove his suit coat, tie and
shirt. Her eyes savored his every movement as he
removed his shoes and slacks. When he stood before her
in his shorts, the sight of the outline of his manhood
gave her a tingling sensation in her sex. Finally, the
older man pushed his shorts down.

Crystal hadn't been prepared to see that his penis was
almost twice the size of her father's. When John stood
straight once more, Crystal could see that the older
man was in perfect condition, his arms and legs were
muscular and even his chest and stomach was flat.

As he moved toward her, Crystal watched his manhood
become erect and no longer doubted that he wanted her.
She told him, "I’d like you to remove my bra and
panties. I want to feel your hands on me and I want to
be naked with you."

Taking Crystal in his arms, John’s penis pressed
against the nearly nude form of the young girl. As he
reached out to unfasten her bra, she told him, "I
bought my bra and panties today after we decided to
have dinner together. They’re just for you and you may
keep them if you wish."

John now understood that although she might be an 18-
year-old virgin, she had planned all along to let him
see her in the new lingerie. He wondered if it was
possible that they each wanted the other from the
moment they met.

"Crystal, your breasts are perfect," John said as
removed her bra and stepped back.

John kneeled down and eased her lace panties from her
body. Seeing a woman with such a thin covering of hair
on her mons or lips was new to him. He thought she
looked much like a girl just starting puberty. He
reached behind her, took her buttocks in his hands and
brushed his lips lightly across her navel and stomach.
He kissed the hair over her mons and took some hairs
into his mouth while savoring her fragrance.

John’s lips explored the smooth, flat plain of
Crystal's stomach. The muscles in her stomach tightened
and released, as his lips showed homage to her body. He
made a line of kisses on her body as he slowly stood.
He stopped on her left breast and his tongue played
over it while he sucked gently at the firm and pointed

Only then, did Crystal speak. "John, you may do as you
like with me. Your lips feel so warm and soft on me, it
makes me want you more. You know what I . . ."

John took Crystal's hand, led her to the bed and turned
back the covers. She laid down, rolled onto her back
and parted her legs. The sight of the small puffy lips
of her sex excited John and he laid between her thighs.
She looked at him with a beckoning smile and he
wondered, "Should I make oral love to her, or let her
experience sex first?”

When Crystal reached down and pulled him over her, he
knew the answer. The kiss was tentative at first and
John could sense the slight fear in her. She was about
to change from a virgin to a woman and most of all, a
woman in love. John felt her lips open and understood
she was welcoming his tongue into her mouth. They
kissed with passion, their tongues dueling as each
entered the other’s mouth.

When their bodies first touched, they sensed an energy
flowing between their sexes. When Crystal felt John's
erection against her sexual lips, she shuddered and
sobbed out, "Oh John, I felt a spark, as if electricity
just passed through me. Oh Sweetheart, you feel so good
against me."

"I know, I felt the same, a tingling sensation that
feels so good. It's like nothing I've ever felt

Crystal felt the lips of her sex opening and thought
about how she'd looked inside her sex this morning. Now
she was about to experience a man’s firm penis enter
her body.

Nothing could have prepared her for the next feeling.
The thick head of John’s erection pressed into her and
she felt the resistance of her sex. Then, with a
suddenness that took her by surprise, Crystal
experienced the entry of John's penis past her small
labium. The thick bulbous end had entered her sex
almost as if it should have made a plopping sound.

"John, Darling, I feel you in me and want more. But the
suddenness of your entry was shocking, can you wait a
moment?" The thick round shape of what Crystal's
friends called the head of a dick, had opened her wide.
Having seen its size, she found it somewhat
frightening. She guessed it was at least eight inches
long and knew it must yet pass through her virginity.

Slowly, the feeling of having a man in her body became
pleasant. When Crystal felt her hips wanting to move up
under John, she knew she was ready to have him enter
her fully and deeply.

John sensed the slight raising of the virgin hips to
meet his body. They seemed to push him up in the air,
raising him for some unknown pleasure of Crystal’s. In
a whisper, spoken so softly that it was almost unheard,
Crystal made the gentle request, "John, my darling, you
may have me now. I'm ready for you, but go slow."

John was completely surprised as Crystal's right hand
moved between their bodies and lightly touched his
erection. Her hand was soft as a baby's in the delicate
touch it made, feeling what he knew she wanted to feel
before it entered her body and captured her virginity.

"You're hard and big, but I want you now. Love me,
John, at least love me this time. Even if this is our
only time, you will have given me the wonderful gift of
womanhood." In a hushed voice, Crystal spoke six words
that John knew would stay with him as long as he lived,
"I love you, make me yours."

He drew his penis back until it was almost out of her.
Crystal felt an emptiness and uttered, "Oh no, put it

John began alternately working the head inside her and
pulling it all the way out to rest in her puffy labia.
Each time John pulled from her, Crystal would moan and
raise her hips up to recapture the thick head, asking,
"Oh darling, why are you taking away my pleasure, your
thick head?"

The continuous teasing movement caused Crystal's sex to
become wetter. With each stroke her vulva opened a
little more and the head of his cock became better
lubricated by her juices. He eased deeper inside her on
each move into her tight pussy. Reaching his hands
under the perfectly rounded hips of the virgin, John
pulled her to him. The curved head struck easily
against the thin piece of skin that separated the outer
entrance of Crystal's sex from the wet narrow channel
making up her cervix.

"Uh, oh, John - easy darling, it’s going in. Ugh, it’s
tearing me open, take me my lover. Yes John, take me -
do it, don't make me wait." John eased his cock head
steadily forward and believed he could feel the tearing
of her hymen. Pulling back slightly, then easing
forward, John made a sudden move that allowed him to
enter the cervix as deep as his penis could reach.

"God, oh John, wait, just a moment, you're in me,
Darling, it feels like you are in me up to my breast."
Crystal still had her hand between their bodies. While
John was entering her, she lay her hand flat over her
sex keeping her fingers opened in a v-shape with his
manhood between them. Crystal sobbed out such a sound
of pleasure, it caught John off guard. "My love, I'm
cumming, John, love me forever, I feel my body floating
on clouds. Can you feel my sex gripping you? It’s so
strong, oh my lover."

During the time she was getting her first climax, John
heard Crystal declare her love for him. She reached
down to capture his hips and pulled him tightly against
her body. Her hips pushed upward so hard that only her
heels and shoulders were touching the mattress.

John thought to himself, "She went off with just a
couple of strokes in and out, not long after giving me
her virginity." Crystal soon followed with another
intense orgasm and, after no more than five minutes,
John felt his semen splashing deep inside the girl's

After they both enjoyed going off, John rolled onto his
back and pulled the young girl with him, wrapping his
arms around her body. John rubbed his large hands over
her smooth back and lovingly caressed her round hips.
Looking up, he saw tears in her eyes, as her mouth
closed over his. She kissed him with intense love and

After a few minutes, John felt his semen and the red
evidence of her lost cherry, easing from her sex and
onto his body.

"John, did I do it right, was it what you wanted? It
was perfect for me and I'm so happy I waited. You were
my first lover and it was the most wonderful moment of
my life." Crystal whispered to him.

They lay together blissfully for about an hour and made
love again. For Crystal, the experiences were more than
she could have ever imagined. Her second climax was
even stronger than her first and it brought her to
tears of joy once again. As she lay sobbing she asked,
"Darling, you have truly given me your love. I feel it
escaping from my sex. Oh John, will I get pregnant?"

"Oh boy, Crystal, I didn't consider that, I didn't use
any protection. I'm sorry, but if you are I will make
you my wife if you want that."

"Really?" Crystal smiled and told the man who had just
taken her virginity, "I guess we should get married in
the morning, as I'm pregnant, Daddy!"

"If you know you're pregnant already, I will marry you
tomorrow if you wish. But the decision is yours. Even
if you're not having a baby growing in you right now, I
still want to marry you tomorrow."

"John, can we really get married, but how? I’ll marry
you - that you can take for fact!"

"We can fly to Vegas tomorrow and get married, but we
need to get your birth certificate first. If you want,
we’ll make you a bride tomorrow." Thinking for a moment
he added, "People will think you’re crazy marrying
someone my age, especially your parents."

"Make me your bride, I don't care what others think.
You are the man I’ve waited for to make me a woman.
You’ve sealed my love twice and I want to be with you

They lay in each other's arms and fell asl**p while
speaking of what they’d shared. The next morning,
Crystal woke around six and eased from the bed. She saw
the evidence of their sexual encounter from the bl**d
on the bedding and their bodies. Walking into the
bathroom, Crystal washed the bl**d from her body and,
looking in the mirror, saw the look of womanhood in her
reflection. “Can I really see a difference in me, or is
it my imagination?” She wondered.

Crystal didn't want to wake John, so she used the
washcloth to cleanse her body and applied fresh makeup.
She sprayed on perfume so she’d have a wonderful aroma
for John and fixed her hair. Looking in the mirror,
Crystal knew she looked different. The man who said he
would marry her had made her a woman. She walked into
the living room, found her bra and panties and slipped
them back on.

Crystal returned to the bedroom and sang a love song
just loud enough to wake the man who had captured her
virginity and her heart. As he awakened, he saw before
him the freshly made up woman standing in her pink lacy
bra and panties.

"Why are you up and why are you wearing the gift you
gave me last night?"

"John, if we’re going to be married, you won't need
them for a memory. Unless it happens to be right at
this moment. If that’s the case, you need to follow me
to the other room and seduce me."

They walked into the other room and stood at the window
to welcome the new day. John stood behind the lovely
girl and wrapped his arms around her.

"You're truly a beautiful woman and you have honored me
more than I could ever imagine, I love you, Crystal."
He allowed his hands to rove over her breast, inside
the back of her panties and tightly gripped her velvety
rounded hips.

"Crystal, are you certain you won't get tired of an old
man? Don’t worry about insulting me with your honesty.
This is a very big step for you and I guess it is for
me too."


John led his young lover to the bed and had her sit on
the edge. He kneeled between her thighs, pulled her bra
up over one of her cone-shaped breasts and began to
lick its nipple. After a few minutes, John stopped his
oral stimulation and said, "You have the most unusual
breasts, they're so pointed and firm; they feel almost

"Do you really like them, John? They’re small, only a
32-A cup." While she was speaking, the large man
slipped her other breast from the bra. His lips closed
over the small nipple and he sucked on the tiny

Crystal wished she was able to produce milk for the
gentle giant to enjoy. "Dear John, use your teeth to
nip on my nipples. Oh yes, like that."

John lightly bit, the hardened and protruding nipple.
He grazed his lips gently across the smooth skin of
Crystal's stomach. After a few minutes, he slipped his
fingers under the lace material covering Crystal's sex
and eased it to one side.

His fingers held her panties that way while he kissed
the fatty mons over her sex. Placing his lips on her
nearly hairless labia, John pressed his tongue between
the puffy lips of her vulva. Slowly his mouth closed
over her prepuce and his tongue flipped the small clit.
Crystal announced her pleasure at receiving oral sex by
moaning softly and rolling her hips.

In her pleasure, Crystal repeatedly told John never to
stop. When she sobbed out her release, John moved over
her body and eased his erection into her welcoming sex.
She hissed out her desire to be taken by letting out a
long resounding, "Yesssssss, Yesssssss, oh John,
Yesssssss!" Crystal climaxed once more and John filled
her vagina with his semen. Exhausted, they lay together
on the bed holding hands and simply looking at each

An hour later, they rose from the bed, showered,
dressed and headed back home to Berksville. They went
first to Crystal's home, where she got her birth
certificate from her dresser drawer and packed a
suitcase. Next, they drove to John's farm where he
packed his bag and called his helper. His helper lived
in a small home on the other side of the farm. John
advised him that he would be gone for three days and
needed him to care for things while he was away.

While flying to Las Vegas, they discussed what they
wanted from their marriage. After they checked into
Caesar's Palace, the hotel provided a limo for them to
obtain their marriage license.

Back at the casino, they shopped at the stores where
John told his bride-to-be, "Pick out the dress you want
for your wedding. And make sure to select an expensive
one." By 6:00 P.M., they had exchanged their wedding

Before leaving home that morning, Crystal had left a
note for her parents telling them she was getting
married and would call them later. Now, as she
nervously dialed home, she thought of how confused and
upset they must be.

Her mother cried and told her how inconsiderate she was
and asked who it was that she married.

"Mom, put dad on the phone, I’m a married woman now and
I don't want to be chastised by you on my wedding day."

"Hello Crystal, so who’s my new son-in-law?"

"Daddy, I married John Miller and before you say
anything about his age, I want you to know that I love

"Honey, I want you to be happy. This is something of a
surprise, but John is a good man and you couldn't have
found someone any nicer." Crystal listened as her
father told her, "I love you, so have fun and we will
welcome John into our f****y when you return."

Crystal and John were very happy together. The people
of the community threw a wedding party for the couple.
Crystal's mother spoke with the couple, but only in a
chilled way, as she felt her daughter had been taken
from her for sex only.

The couple lived on John's large farm and try as they
might, Crystal did not become pregnant. After an
intensive medical review by her doctor and later by a
specialist, Crystal learned that she would never bear a

One year later, Crystal had driven into Berksville to
shop and to have lunch with her father at Jake's. They
were enjoying lunch, when Deanna, the waitress, handed
Crystal the remote phone.

"Mrs. Miller, this is Deputy Sheriff Sam Walker.
There’s been an accident and your husband is in the

Crystal was too upset to drive so her father drove her
to the town's small hospital. Her father asked about
John’s accident but Crystal said the deputy had not
told her any details.

When they arrived at the hospital, they were greeted by
Sheriff Dusty Miller, John's b*****r. He informed them
that John had evidently suffered a heart attack.
"Crystal, I was visiting John and had been there a few
minutes when John said he had a terrible pain in his
chest and that his left arm hurt. I knew he was likely
suffering a heart attack and called the ambulance. He
was dead when the ambulance arrived here at the

"No, not John, it can't be true, I just kissed him
goodbye, only an hour ago."

Crystal was taken into the emergency room where her
husband lay on the emergency room Gurney. In her grief,
it took almost an hour for Crystal to compose herself,
even with the support of her father and Sheriff Miller.

Her father first took her to the local mortuary to make
arrangements for John's funeral. After that, they went
to Jake's to pick up her car.

Bravely, she drove home alone. But, the minute she
turned into the lane leading to the farm, her grief
over the death of her wonderful husband overwhelmed
her. She cried all the way to the stately old German
style brick farm house.

Chapter 3

Three-months after the funeral, Crystal had recovered
enough to take a vacation trip. She thought it would be
nice to go on a cruise with her father and mother.

Crystal called her mother about the cruise but her
mother cut her off after less than a minute. May told
her, "Perhaps you should speak with your father. I'm
sure he’ll be willing to travel with you but I don't
wish to go along."

On the day before Thanksgiving, Crystal and her father
boarded the ocean cruiser where they had obtained a
state room with two beds. The first night on the ship,
they had a buffet supper and then went to one of the
cocktail lounges to enjoy a cocktail.

"Daddy, will mom ever forgive me for marrying John?"

"I doubt she’ll ever find it in her heart to forgive

“Crystal, there’s something I must tell you. Your
mother and I are getting a divorce." Crystal listened
as her father laid out his heart to her, describing how
his marriage was over. She was surprised to learn that
her mother had stopped having sex with him more than
ten years earlier. The news hit Crystal hard when her
father told her, "Your mother, is going to marry Russ
Hardesty once the divorce is final."

Crystal knew her mother would try to get the house and
all she could in the divorce settlement. She wondered
what her mother saw in Russ Hardesty, a man whose only
accomplishment in life was drinking. Her female
intuition told her that her mother had been seeing Mr.
Hardesty for a long time. Crystal reasoned that there
must be evidence in the house that could help her
father in the divorce. She decided she would find a way
to search the house when they returned home.

They left the lounge and took a leisurely walk on the
ship’s deck until they came to a small bar near the
swimming pool. While walking they decided to stop
speaking of John's death or of the pending divorce.
Instead, they would focus on more pleasant things.

For the next hour they discussed a broad range of
topics. At one point, Crystal told her dad that she and
John had once listed all the synonyms for the word
penis and that "dick" was her favorite. They also
discussed whether or not Crystal should keep the farm.
Crystal said she thought about selling the large
property, "Daddy, farming was something John enjoyed
all his life. But I’ve only lived on the farm for a
year and, I don't like being there alone."

After they returned to their stateroom, Crystal removed
her clothes in front of her father as she often did
while she was growing up. She stepped into the bath and
took a quick shower. After drying off, Crystal walked
back into her room and lay naked on her bed.

Todd took his turn in the shower and turned off the
lights except the one in the bath room. He too lay on
his bed in the nude, except for the towel wrapped
around his mid-section. While they lay on their
separate beds watching television, Crystal fell asl**p.

Crystal woke up having a nightmare about her dear
beloved husband. Feeling upset by the dream, she rose
from her bed and moved under the covers with her
father. She told her father about her dream and asked,
"Daddy, can I lay with you for a while?"

When morning came, Crystal woke up next to her father.
She remembered getting in bed with him, but now
discovered that she was holding his erection in her
hand. She was gripping it the same way she often did
when waking with her husband. It never occurred to her
to let go of it. In fact, she was u*********sly
squeezing it gently.

Crystal couldn't believe how erect her father was. It
wasn't as large as John’s but was about normal size.
She and her father had often been nude in front of each
other, but now she had just become the first to ever
touch the other sexually. Crystal did not find the
contact revolting but was comforted by it. She wondered
why she never tried touching her father intimately
while she was young, just to see what a man felt like.

When Crystal felt desire welling up within her, she
asked herself, "What would it be like if my father were
to take me?" The thought raised her excitement higher
than it had been for months. The tingling sensation in
her sex rekindled memories of sex with John. And her
hips began moving slightly back and forth as she lay on
her side gripping her father's dick.

With her passions now fully aroused, Crystal debated
within her mind, if she should masturbate for the first
time to quell her needs. Unknowingly, she moved her
left leg up over her father's and pressed her mons
against his leg. The feeling of her now moist vulva
pressing against her father's leg brought shivers of
pleasure. She maintained the steady pulsations of her
hips while continuing to stroke her father's erection.

Crystal realized how much she missed John and his
almost daily desire for sex. She was now far beyond any
thoughts about masturbation but wanted only to feel her
father inside her, regardless of the consequences.
Crystal took her father’s balls in her hand and gently
caressed their firm roundness. She resumed stroking his
penis and was just starting to think about maybe taking
his dick in her mouth when he awoke.

"Daddy, it’s okay, you can..."

Before she finished speaking, Crystal’s father eased
her onto her back and crawled between her thighs.
Looking into her eyes, he gently placed his erection
into her body. Crystal still held her father's dick in
her hand and directed it to her sexual opening.
Becoming lubricated it in her slipperiness, it parted
the puffy and delicate lips on each side of her

"Yes, oh daddy, I've wanted this all my life! You’re
filling me. Daddy, you're only the second man ever to
go inside me, oh yes, oh my yesssss." Her father’s dick
inside her brought back memories of making love with
her dear husband. She was letting down her climax
within moments of her father’s first back and forth
strokes in her cervix.

After he heard and felt his only c***d reach her
climax, Todd continued to move f***efully deep into and
out of her tightly gripping sex. Todd felt his
daughter's thighs, sleek and strong alongside his body
and he was amazed at how hard her hips bumped up from
the bed to meet the thrusts of his body. “My god,” Todd
thought, “she is so tight and . . .”

“Oh Crystal, I’m starting to cum!” Todd cried out.

Hearing her father say he was cumming made Crystal so
excited that it triggered her second orgasm. Crystal's
sex gripped Todd so tightly that it felt as if he could
pull her vagina completely out of her on his outward
movements. It was the most incredible sensation he had
ever experienced. It was as if her vagina was trying to
keep him inside her forever.

After separating from their joining, they lay on their
sides looking into each other's eyes. Neither spoke,
but their looks acknowledged that each had wished for
this moment for years. Crystal reached out and took her
father's wet and shrunken dick in her hand. She could
feel his heartbeat in the half-erect stalk that had
just given her two incredible climaxes.

Crystal spoke first, "You’re only the second man to
ever touch me or to be touched by me."

Her mind wandered briefly to thoughts of whether John
had been, in some unknown way, a symbolic replacement
for her father. She asked her father, "Daddy, why
didn't you ever touch me, at least just a little, when
I was young?"

"My dear daughter, it was the wrong time then because
you needed to grow up normally. That way, you could
make your own decisions about sex.”

“Others may think that what we have just done is wrong
but, right or wrong, this was wonderful. Fate has now
smiled on me." Pausing in his comment, he went on to
tell Crystal, "You needn’t fret about us doing this
again. I won't f***e myself on you in any way; I just
want to thank you for allowing me to have sex for the
first time in more than ten years."

Crystal wondered why her father had never found another
woman to ease his sexual needs. "Daddy, why did mom cut
you off from being a husband, was it because she didn't
like me? I always felt she was very cold to me."

"Perhaps, but I think she was afraid of becoming
pregnant again. But I must say, what happened today has
more than made up for my celibate life. I now
understand why John was so pleased with you."

As he spoke, Todd felt his daughter once more stroking
his erection. Within seconds, she pushed the covers
from their bodies, moved down and engulfed his dick
with her mouth. Unbeknown to Crystal, he was receiving
oral sex for the first time in his life. Just a few
weeks after turning forty, a woman's lips were moving
up and down on his cock.

Crystal made love to his dick with her mouth.
Playfully, she used her teeth to lightly bite the soft
skin on the head of his cock. With just the head held
between her lips, she ran the tip of her tongue in
circles around it and into the slit at the end of his
erection. Taking him deeper, she caressed the underside
of his shaft with her tongue while gently pulsing her
mouth. When the sensations took him to the height of
ecstasy, he cried out, filling his daughter's mouth
with semen. As he went off, he heard her gurgling to
swallow his thick ejaculation. Crystal took him deep
into her throat and was like a vacuum sucking all the
juice from his sack of nuts.

Crystal rested her head on her father's stomach and
looked in his eyes. His face beamed with the pleasure
her oral love had given him. She was surprised when he
told her that this was the first time he'd ever
experienced oral sex. "My god! That was the most
wonderful thing I’ve ever felt. Crystal, thank you, it
was fantastic."

"Daddy, you mean mom never gave you a blow-job? Oh
daddy, I was your first!"

"Blow-job? Don’t you find that an insulting slang word,

"Not at all. John loved hearing me tell him I wanted to
give him a blow-job. And Daddy, I loved doing it to you
and I loved swallowing your cum. It excites me to know
it was your first time, it’s almost as if I got your

Slowly they drifted back to sl**p and slept until
nearly 10:00 A.M. Crystal woke to find her father had
pulled a chair over near the bed and was sitting in it
watching her. "What are you looking at daddy and why
did you get out of bed?"

"I'm sitting here watching my pretty daughter sl**p so
peacefully and admiring how beautiful you are." He
moved his eyes up and down her body and watched Crystal
part her legs, allowing him to see her lovely sex.
"You're a tantalizing female a****l; you know that
don't you? You’re a wonton woman teasing me with your

Feeling playful, Crystal asked, "Like my pussy, you
i****tuous man?" Then as she smiled and opened her
thighs wider, she asked, "Daddy, would you like, no I
should ask, do you want it again and again and again?"

"I should spank your butt for being so blatant but yes,
if you ever offer me your lovely body again, I’ll be
happy to accept."

"Daddy, I must ask you something personal that I’ve
always wanted to know, does mom have much hair between
her legs?"

"Your mother had less hair than you until she was
nearly thirty. Then it grew in so thick that it spreads
all the way across her stomach, from one hip to the
other and grows thick along her lips."

"Thanks, come here and hug me, then let’s wash and go
eat. Oh phew, I smell like S E X."

Todd laid down next to Crystal and hugged her. "You’re
right, we both smell earthy. Washing up might not fix
it completely. You'd better spray on perfume before we
leave and I’ll splash on some men’s cologne. If we
don’t, the crew and everyone else will know what we’ve
been doing."

"Daddy, what do you think about what we’ve done. I know
it’s supposed to be wrong, but how do you feel about
our father and daughter i****tuous sex?"

"I can describe it in two words, absolutely wonderful,
or should I use the greatest slang word ever spoken,
fucking great."

"You're terrible Mr. Todd Johnson but I agree, fucking

They showered together and the small space had them
constantly touching each other. After they stepped from
the shower, Crystal took a towel and used it to dry her
father. They dressed in casual clothing; Crystal wore a
tailored blouse and shorts that fit her body perfectly
and showed off her shapely legs.

All day long, wherever they went, Todd saw the other
men checking her out. It made him feel proud to think
that they were wondering how such an older man got the
hot young girl.

"Daddy, I want to lie out by the pool, do you wish to,

"No, but when you're ready, I’ll walk to the pool with
you. Somewhere on the fan tail of the ship they have
trap shooting, so I’ll check that out."

Once more, Crystal undressed in front of her father.
She slipped on a two-piece bathing suit that was
nothing more than small pieces of material covering her
sex. Crystal wore a wrap around her waist and the shoes
she had on made her stand tall and erect with legs that
looked perfect.

Before he left the pool area, Todd watched his daughter
bend over to spread her towel on the lounge chair. He
was turned-on by the way Crystal's hips curved under
where they joined her upper legs. Seeing his daughter
reminded him of when her mother was young and they were
first married. Thinking back, Todd realized that May
had been cold almost from the beginning, long before
she cut him off from sex 10-years ago.

Todd walked to the gift shop area of the cruise liner.
In the first shop, he looked at several pieces of
jewelry and selected a ring with a platinum band. The
ring was set with six emeralds surrounding a single 1k
yellow marquise diamond. Removing one of Crystal's
rings from his pocket, he handed it to the sales clerk
to see if the ring he was buying would fit his
daughter's finger.

The ring was the exact size and after hearing the price
of the ring, Todd handed the clerk his charge card. The
ring cost nearly $5,000 and he hoped his daughter would
enjoy it. After this he walked into the shop next door
where he looked at the various formal gowns. He found a
black topless one, selected it and asked the clerk to
show him the most beautiful lingerie that she had.

The clerk led the way to where the panties were in the
shop. "The dress has a built-in bra, so it won't be
necessary to purchase a bra to wear with it,” She said.
“You may want this style of panties. Thongs are the
latest style and won’t show a panty-line under the
sleek, form fitting gown." After looking at several
panties, Todd picked out a couple of the thongs and
four of what the clerk called French-cut.

"Would you like hose also?"

Todd recalled the ones with lace tops he had seen
Crystal wearing. After he described them, the clerk
showed him the thigh-highs and he took two pairs of
them and a couple of pairs of pantyhose. The clerk
asked if his wife knew he was shopping and he told her,
"No, these are for my daughter. Her husband passed away
earlier this year."

"She will love you for purchasing these and I assume
she’s traveling with you. I can likely get both of you
seats at the captain's table for dinner if you wish,"
the clerk said smiling. “He’s my b*****r."

"That would be wonderful and if my daughter should come
in, charge anything she wants to my charge card."

"Your daughter is very lucky to have a father who
purchases such lovely gifts for her."

"Thank you. After losing her husband at twenty, I want
her to enjoy the trip. Actually, she’s the one who
purchased the tickets for the cruise."

Todd spoke to the clerk for several minutes. He told
her that Crystal was extremely wealthy, as she
inherited a large farm from her former husband.

Todd asked if there was some way to place the ring box
on the dress, so his daughter would find it when she
unwrapped all the items he had purchased for her.

"Mr. Johnson, may I suggest we pack it with the panties
you purchased to go with the gown?"

"Perfect, that would be excellent. You’ve been a great

"Thank you and enjoy the cruise."

Todd carried the gifts to their stateroom and placed
the packages on Crystal's bed. Smiling to himself, he
wondered what she would say once she saw his gifts.
Returning to the pool, Todd saw two young men, likely
in their mid-twenties, speaking with his daughter.
Arriving at the deck lounge where she was laying, he
nearly busted up in laughter when Crystal said, "Hello
my love, how did my darling husband find the trap

"Mrs. Miller, I'm fine, are you about ready to get a
bite to eat?"

The two men saw that the man was old enough to be her
father, but quickly exited when she called him her

"Mrs. Miller, you scared off a possible date or two by
calling me your husband."

Laughing, Crystal told how the two guys were coming on
strong so she told them her husband was a national trap
shooting gold medalist. They made it plain they wanted
to take her to their cabin and make her happy. "Daddy,
the one with the blonde hair kept telling me about the
things he could do for me in his cabin. He refused to
take no for an answer, so I whispered to both of them
that only my husband had ever fucked me and it would
always be that way." Crystal told her father, "You
showed up just after I told them that."

"Did you swim or just enjoy the sun?"

"No, I didn't want to get my hair wet, so I simply let
the sun tan me." Crystal told her father, “I believe I
got more sun than I wanted."

"You appear to have gotten a nice tan, are you ready to
grab something to eat?"

"What would you like to eat, daddy?" Crystal asked with
a smile on her face.

"Mrs. Miller, you must have driven poor John crazy with
such offers."

"Perhaps, but I only meant food, honest. Don't you
believe me, daddy?"

"No, should I, you little pixie?" Todd asked his
daughter, laughing at her comment. Others had been
observing the body language between Todd and Crystal.
From the look he was getting from other men, Todd
figured they assuredly assumed he was not her daddy,
but the attractive young girl's Sugar Daddy. It made
him feel proud.

They entered the cafeteria for lunch where Crystal
selected a salad and Todd got roast beef. Each had a
cup of black coffee and they sat at a table near the
center of the room. Todd told Crystal he had spoken to
someone who would get them a seat at the captain's
table for dinner.

"Then I’ll need to buy a couple more formal-dresses.
I’ll shower to get the sun screen off so I can try on
some clothes." Todd said nothing about his purchases
and they finished eating. When they returned to the
cabin, Crystal saw the packages and turned to see her
father smiling at her.

Knowing the garment bag held a dress of some sort,
Crystal unzipped it and took out the black evening
gown. "Daddy, it’s beautiful, did you really get this
for me?" She asked holding the evening dress up in
front of her body.

Laying the dress on the bed, she unwrapped the package
containing the hose. Picking up the box, Crystal untied
the ribbon and removed the top. Lifting the tissue she
saw the panties her father had purchased for her and
then noticed the box containing the ring.

Crystal opened the small box and tears filled her eyes
when she saw the diamond ring with emeralds surrounding
the diamond. "Daddy, it’s - daddy, the ring is
beautiful, you shouldn't have spent so much on me."
Wrapping her arms around her father's neck, she kissed
the side of his face and asked, "Daddy, I'm being
serious, is this an engagement ring? Because even if we
can never marry, I hope it is just that."

The question caught Todd by surprise. He looked into
her eyes and told her, "I hadn't thought of that. But
Crystal, if that’s what you wish, then that’s what it
is; even though we cannot marry or even act as such."

"Would you like me to model the items for you?"

"Later and if you wish we will go shopping for more

Removing her bikini top and then the bottom, Todd
looked at the nude form of his daughter and could see
where the Sun light hadn't tanned her beautiful body.
Crystal smiled when she saw her father looking at her
so she walked over and hugged him. "No matter what
happens, daddy, I will always save you a part in my

Stepping into the shower, Crystal felt an excitement in
her sex and her fingers touched the female opening
between her legs. Realizing her finger wasn't enough,
she stepped from the shower and walked out to where her
father was resting on the bed. Picking up the ring box,
she handed it to her father, asking, "Would you like to
slip the ring on my finger?"

Taking the ring from the box, Todd eased it on his
daughter's finger and when it was all the way on, he
kissed the ring and finger.

The tingle in her sex was more pronounced than before
and Crystal looked at her father and asked, "Please
take me, I want to feel you inside my body. My pussy is
so excited, I can hardly wait to feel you inside me."

Todd undressed quickly and went to where his daughter
was laying on the bed. She spread her legs to welcome
her father between her thighs. For perhaps three
minutes, they made love to each other, climaxing
together. "Daddy, it’s so good, you make me feel like a
woman and we went off together again."

Once they had calmed down, they took a shower together
and washed each other's bodies. They wiped each other
dry and put on casual clothes. The slacks that Crystal
wore fit her rounded hips well and showed their shape
perfectly. After they were completely dressed, they
combed their hair and headed out to shop.

While walking to the shops, Crystal remarked, "Daddy, I
don't want to hurt your feelings, but John left me well
off, so don't spend any more money on me, or I might
have to cut you off."

When they entered the store where Todd had purchased
the dress and lingerie, the clerk asked him, "Is this
your charming daughter, she certainly is a beautiful

After looking at the dresses on the racks, Crystal
picked out three to try on. When she asked her father
to help her decide which one to purchase, he answered,
"Why not take them all?"

While Crystal was trying on the gowns, her father found
a floor length skirt and several sequined tops on the
racks. He took the black skirt and a top trimmed in
green beads and sequins to the dressing room. Todd
knocked lightly and told his daughter, "Crystal, I have
one more for you to try on."

When Crystal opened the dressing room door to take the
garments from her father, she was standing in only her
panties and bra. Crystal could see the pleasure in her
father’s face at seeing her in her underwear. "You
enjoy making me happy, don't you daddy?"

"Yes and you are truly a beautiful person."

"Want to see how beautiful?" As she asked, Crystal
pulled the front of her panties down below her sex.
Then she pulled her panties back in place and, taking
the clothes he had in his hand, kissed his cheek.
Crystal could see her father was embarrassed and she
whispered, "Want to do the deed, right here and now,

Reaching out with his free hand while handing the
clothes to his daughter, he gently pinched her right
breast right where the tiny nipple poked through the
lace of her bra. Todd loved seeing the surprised look
on his daughter's face and knew he had gotten even with
her for teasing him.

When she viewed herself in the three-sided dressing
room mirror, Crystal saw how perfectly the formal
slacks fit her hips and showed the rounds of her
buttocks. She remembered wistfully how her ex-husband
John had loved to kiss her hips while telling her,
"Crystal, you have the perfect ass, truly made to


Crystal thought back to a time about nine or ten months
ago, when she and John had been married six months.
They had driven to the state capital to eat in the same
Japanese restaurant and to stay in the same hotel room
where they had their first date.

That night, in their hotel suite, John kissed Crystal’s
hips as he often did. But this time, he explored her
with his tongue until he was riming her.

Crystal remembered that her beloved husband asked her,
"Honey, I’d love to have anal sex with you, I want to
feel your hips against me as I capture your last

"Darling, do what you want but if it hurts too much,
promise you will stop. I want to give my husband
whatever he wants of me, I'm yours, John."

They were on the sofa in the living room of the suite.
Crystal kneeled before her husband and he eased the
thick head of his penis into her sphincter muscle. For
at least five minutes, Crystal felt him work his
manhood against the small puckered ring until the head
eased the tight muscle apart and slipped inside her
anus. It was several minutes more before she felt John
moving into the depths of her bowels. They both became
lost in the unique pleasure anal sex was providing

Suddenly, John cried out, "My god, Crystal, I'm cumming
in your ass. Oh, Crystal, I love you." Crystal’s body
jolted upward as John pulled her hips toward him as he
unleashed his load of semen. The suddenness of the deep
thrust and the sensation of her dear husband’s thick
load of male juices filling her bowels made Crystal cry

To Crystal, the feeling of having her rear opened and
probed by her husband was without any sexual equivalent
to any other experiences she had with her husband. The
18-year-old bride knew she had allowed the ultimate
taking of her body by her husband. While it may have
been more exciting than having her hymen split, it was
assuredly more painful and difficult.


Studying herself in the mirror and looking at her hips,
Crystal wondered if her father would ever want to feel
her hips against his groin as he took her anus.

She left the dressing room and walked to where her
father was speaking with Wanda, the sales clerk. When
Wanda saw Crystal walking toward her, she knew that the
slacks and top were perfect for her. "Perfect, you look
so pretty, turn and let us see them from the back."

Wanda spoke in honest admiration, "Your ass is perfect
in those cocktail slacks." She apologized when she
realized what she had just said.

“No need to apologize,” Todd said, "you’re certainly
correct. Her hips will lead her into trouble if any man
views her in those slacks."

Crystal picked out some more of the Italian lingerie
and paid for the dresses. Walking from the dress shop,
Crystal spotted the store with the same name as on the
ring box. Entering the store, her father said, “No more
rings, the one you have on cost enough for me to buy a
used pickup.”

"No Daddy, I want to buy something for you." Looking in
the cases, she saw a watch and asked about it. The
clerk, who recognized her father and the ring on her
finger asked, "Happy with your father's gift to you?"

For some reason, Crystal didn’t like this clerk and
decided to return when someone else was on duty. She
did get her father to look at the watch and, after he
tried it on, he told Crystal it was too expensive for
something with no other purpose than to tell what time
of the day it was.

That evening, Crystal decided to wear the dress her
father had bought her. Before slipping it on, she asked
her father to watch while she dressed.

First, she slipped the thigh-high stockings up her legs
and slipped her feet into the new heels she had
purchased before leaving on the cruise. Picking up the
panties her father had bought her, she sat on the edge
of the bed to put them on and stood up to pull them
over her hips. Slowly, Crystal turned so her father
could view her completely and, seeing his interest
peak, she smiled.

She stepped into the gown and eased it up over her
hips. Holding the dress at her waist, she asked her
father, "Daddy, come here before I cover my breast with
the gown. Put your hands on my breasts, because all
night this dress will be covering them. I want you to
remember what this expensive gown you bought for me is

Todd felt her pointed and firm breasts, then bent
forward to kiss and suck the tiny nipples that he found
so enchanting. He wrapped the body of his daughter in
his arms and said, "My god, woman, you're incredible,
if only you weren't my daughter, I’d marry you."

Pulling the gown up until it covered her breasts, she
asked her father to zip it up the back and to fasten
the hook-and-eye clasp. Now that she was dressed
completely, she looked at her father in his tuxedo and
said, "We need to have our wedding picture taken
tonight. We must have it done and daddy, I'm your bride
and there will never be another man touching me or
feeling the grip of my thighs as long as you live."

"Honey, you're young and you need to find someone your
age. We can enjoy our time on the cruise, but you
should think of your future when we return to our lives
at home."

Looking into her father’s eyes, Crystal spoke with an
exceptional tranquil serenity in her voice, as she
informed him, "Daddy, I'm going to sell the farm and
once you and mom are divorced, we’ll move to Hawaii,
Australia, or wherever. Then we’ll live as husband and
wife, at least between us and that’s final."

"Crystal, I'm honored but lost on how to reply to what
you’re saying."

While they walked to the dinning room, neither father
nor daughter spoke, but their minds were thinking over
everything they had experienced together.

For Todd, he remembered his daughter declaring that no
other man would feel her thighs gripping him. He knew
she was committing herself to have sex only with him.
He thought about his knowledge of how her thighs felt
against all areas of his body. Todd believed his
daughter's skin was unique and there certainly was
something delicious about the "meaty" portion of her
legs. How could I have sex with my own daughter? Yet we
have seen each other nude all our lives and perhaps
this is simply the result of something planned by a
supreme being.

In Crystal’s mind, she was proud of walking with the
man whom she had just felt touching her breast.
Glancing at her hand, she looked at the ring. It was a
ring that joined the two of them into a permanent and
illicit relationship. Thinking of her father being her
lover, gave her tingles in her sex and she knew that
her body would always be her father's.

When she and her father were at the entrance of the
dinning room, she asked "May I place my arm in yours
and have my handsome man e****t me to our table?"

"Father, what shall I have for dessert this evening, a
cream filled eclair?"


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