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Handjob Holly - Part 3

Holly stood up and turned to smile at the two cameramen. There was sperm spattered on her cheeks, her nose, her lips and her hair. She puckered her lips in a sexy kiss towards the older cameraman, then proceeded to slowly lick the pearly droplets from them. She thought about the guys upstairs who were watching this. They must have been wanking furiously!
She made a bit of a show of scooping all Frank's sperm off her face with her fingertips and sucking it all into her greedy mouth while the cameramen moved in to get the best shots and angles.
"Yummy!" she drawled when all the cum had been swallowed. She left the two spent guys on the sofa and turned to walk towards the door. "I need to shower and get this show back on the road" she said.
Both cameramen looked visibly disappointed. The older one still had his swollen cock sticking out of his pants, and the younger one was very obviously just as turned on but was still zipped up. They watched her walking towards the door and lowered their cameras.
"Ha, gotcha!" Shouted Holly spinning to face them with a big grin on her face. "You didn't think I was going to leave you both in that state did you?" she asked pointing with the fingers of both hands towards their bulging cocks. She strutted back towards them as they put their cameras on the ground and stood looking uncertain whether this was a joke or not. She walked straight to Steve, the older cameraman who's cock was standing straight up through his zipper, throbbing with a droplet of precum oozing down the head. She dropped to her knees and sank her lips halfway down his fat 9 inch shaft.
"Oh fuck, Holly" he moaned.
Frank and the unknown model guy had moved from the sofa by now and were stood watching in the wings. The other cameraman, Barry, caught Holly's eye as she gleefully sucked and slurped all over Steve's dick. He was shuffling nervously, his hands fiddling with the bulge in his pants as his face became beetroot red. She took her mouth from the stone hard shaft in front of her and stroked it as she looked towards Barry and, with the forefinger of her free hand beckoned him towards her.
"Come on young man" she smiled. "Come get some too".
Barry shuffled towards her. He was only 18, thrown straight into the deep end by his tutors at university. He was studying media and broadcasting and was on a placement as a cameraman and technician. He was 6 feet tall and skinny, wearing glasses, a loose fitting top and baggy jeans.
Holly straight away whipped down his zipper. He gasped as his cock sprang out into Holly's other hand.
"Wow, it's gorgeous" breathed Holly as she began to give him what was obviously his first wank. She was impressed with Barry's cock. It was the same length as Steve's but not as thick, and it was already an angry crimson from the end to about halfway down the pulsing shaft.
*Mmmm, I've never made a guy this young cum before* thought Holly. *Horny shy teenager! This is gonna be a rush!*
She wanked them in rhythm, smiling up into their ecstatic faces. Then she took the hot bulbous head of Barry's cock into her warm mouth and sucked him hard. He drew big gulps of air into his lungs and gasped them out again as she lovingly worked his dick with her lips, tongue and hand. Then she removed her mouth and went to work on Steve's cock again, her eyes closed as she twisted and turned her head, then moved her mouth and flickered her tongue all over the underside of his huge bellend.
Barry had gained a little confidence by now and had reached down to touch one of Holly's shiny black high heels. Holly looked down a little confused and saw that he was trying to get a better look. A foot fetishist!
"Sit on the sofa" she told them both as the got to her feet again. Both guys moved to the sofa and sat about 3 feet apart, their cocks twitching with anticipation. Holly placed herself between them and reached for them again, a 9 inch cock in each hand. She masturbated them in rhythm again, then she placed both legs out in front of her. Both guys watched as she pushed her left shoe off with the toe of her right, then with the bare toes of her left foot she did the same with the right. With her bare feet and sexy scarlet painted toes on show she felt them both quiver, Barry more than Steve, and Barry's cock stiffened even more as she tossed them both faster.
"This feels great!" Grinned Holly. "I've always wanted to do this!" She continued to jack their cocks as their moans became louder.
"Lie on the floor near my feet" she suddenly directed Barry.
"Oohhh, really?" he breathed as he lay himself in front of her.
Holly lifted his feet onto the seat either side of her, then reached down and pulled his baggy jeans and his shorts off. He still had his socks and shoes on but his bottom half was naked. She lifted her own feet up and placed them near his nuts so she could grip the lean shaft of his cock with her toes. Barry gasped and groaned as Holly worked her beautiful toes up and down this teenage geek's hard cock. She was intensely turned on to be giving this shy young lad his first wank, blowjob and footjob all in the same session. She stepped up the tempo.
"I want your cum" she said to Steve, and she went straight down on him again. Steve fell back on the sofa with his eyes closed as Holly wanked and sucked him furiously.
Barry twitched and thrust his hips slightly as he watched Holly's toes stroking his cock
"Oh Holly" he groaned. "I can't hold back!"
Holly wanked Steve fast as she looked down at Barry.
"Spunk all over my feet!" she yelled happily.
Instantly, Barry gave a jolt and shouted. Precum spurted out over her toes as he shook, followed by huge gouts of white creamy spunk firing out rapidly.
"Oh fuck yes!" cried Steve at the same time as Holly unloaded him into her mouth.
All three of them moaned happily as Holly slurped and swallowed as much of Steve's spunk as she could and Barry's sticky milk coated her feet and toes as well as his chest and stomach.

Five minutes later, it was decided that the cameras would broadcast again for the last 10 minutes of the show. Holly had to mop her blonde hair down with a hot towel and brush some dry shampoo through it. No time for showering. Frank went back upstairs to see what state the directors room was in, the model went to the guest dressing room and the cameramen put on their headphones and stood behind their equipment.
"On in 15" came the voice.
Holly straightened her clothes and cleared her throat, waiting for the cue. Her face was on the screen in Frank's office as he sank into his big chair.
ř...4...3...." and cue.
"We're back!" chirped Holly as her face was beamed to the nation again.

"What a professional" whispered Frank...


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