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Taxi-Ride Handjob Tease

I have been meaning to share with you all a tale about the most amazing, erotic taxi ride that I had the pleasure of sharing with my wife on the way home from a big night in the city.

A typical ride home from the city takes about 30 minutes, so on this particular night yours truly gets about 10 minutes down the road and needs to have a toilet stop! While I`m relieving myself, a devilishly dirty thought came into my head....I thought I`d get my cock out in the back of the taxi when I got back to see what sort of reaction I`d get from my Lovely :)

As I slid back into the taxi,right behind the driver,I unzipped my fly and let it free! (I had removed my underwear in anticipation). It didn`t take long for my wife to see what was UP,as she leaned over closer to me and started to feather touch the underside of my cock with 2 fingertips. Meanwhile as she was fondling me,she was just looking straight ahead and making small talk with the driver as if nothing was happening! I think she was gauging to see if the driver had any clue as to what was happeng right behind him. Luckily,for me,he didn`t seem to have any idea.

My cock was starting to leak a lot of pre-cum by now and my wife was taking full advantage of it, working it all over and around the head of my cock. When I finally looked down at what she was doing,my cock was all shiny and glistening with my runny juices. She was milking me like an expert(I have know idea how I kept a straight face) and I honestly thought I was going to spray my load! But she knew how close I was getting and calmly just pinched the head of my cock between her finger and thumb until I had calmed myself down. Then she subtley drooled a great big handfull of her saliva and started all over again, now working over the full length with a tight squeezing fist (all the while still chatting away here and there with the driver!) Just when I thought she was going to make me blow into the back of the seat, she pinched again. But this time It was accompanied with a knowing little grin which I knew meant `you`re not going to cum in this cab`.

We finally got home and my wife calmly slides out of the taxi, thanks the driver and said goodnight to him and explained that i would get the bill. I quickly paid and rushed off,I couldn`t wait to get inside! As I made my way towards the front door I caught sight of my wife in our secluded front yard.... on her knees. `Would you like me to finish what I started` with that knowing grin spread accroos her face. My cock was still rock hard and dribbling and I was in no mood for any more teasing, I just started Jerking my cock off in her slobbery, hungry mouth. And this time, when I started to cum, I grabbed the back of head and just blew my massive load down her throat! When she came up for air she just kept pumping with her hands now and was going ballistic! She just wanted more and more! So we did....

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