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"when they were younger" Chapter 1

This is a true account of events that happened over 40 yrs ago.
We were told this account by my uncle and confirmed with a large smile and the comment. "Oh yeah, I sure do recall those days often", by my Dad.

Chapter 1
For my dad it started on a summer day in the 1970s of the central Pennsylvania area.
Both my dad and uncle were raised on a farm that was connected to other of our f****y farms on all side. Dad has 2 b*****rs an 4 s****rs and they were a close f****y and all the cousins had many good times. There were 25 cousins in all in the 5 families. They farmed the land and raised dairy and beef cattle, hogs, and sheep. The farm work for all the farms was mostly a shared task for everyone.
What this did is allowed all the cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents many hours of being together. From what all my aunts, uncles and dad tell us it made the work more interesting, fun, and less of a chore with the rare but bl**dy fights (male & female).

The summer hay making season seems to be the times that gave rise to (no pun meant) many days of swimming in one of several ponds or lakes on the farms.
If you have never handled bales of hay or loose hay as back when this takes place. Hot, dry and sweaty hours of throwing hay around and you are itching every where on your body. As dad and uncle tell it, that is when 8 to 12 k**s and some times adults are headed to the nearest pond or lake. Most times it was a NUDE swim with the k***s ranging in age from 1? to 19. Most of the time the girls did most of the driving of the tactors or trucks. But the guys were tossing the loose piles of hay or the pales of hay. They always had to get the chaff and loose hay off---and fast after the work was done. Dad says that this was a time for the girls to get to see all the naked boys they wanted to see. Dad and most of the male members of his f****y are well equiped, which he says caused much pointing and laughing. The girls would always join in for the nude swim, which he tells me was NEVER allowed by the adults. haha big joke.... There is NO way to stop k**s in remote locations with water, hot weather and itchy hay on the body from not going nude.
Several of the female members of the hay making job were just startin to get the figure of a woman. Uncle and dad both talked fondly of two female cousins with the firmest, pointest boobs they have ever seen. Uncle says both of them would always drop the pencil from under the boob when doing a firmness test. Saging boobs hold a pencil, strong firm boobs can not hold them. One of the girls (my aunt pat) was the one with lots of fur on her pussy. Dad says that even when in the water with her legs open swimming you could not see her opening. The hair was really dark black and thick, aunt pat still has lots of hair to this day. Yes, I have seen it many times. I once saw it covered with several loads of baby making juice. Yes, we are a very "close" f****y if you get my meaning.
I never had a clue as to how "close" my f****y was until about a year after our MOM died of breast cancer. Sure we would have nude swims at the ponds when having cook outs but never any signs of sexual things happening. Well, I do remember a few times when my b*****r and male cousins would get "wood".

Life was good for dad, aunts and uncles growing up back then. Dad told me about the first time he ever saw his older s****r masturbating. She was in the barn laying on a blanket in the hay, pounding her pussy with a ear of corn in a rubber (condom, 4 u city folks). Aunt lucy is about 3 yrs older than dad and at this time. Dad said he was about ** or **. He knows that she did not know he was there 4 at least the first 20 minutes. Dad said he fell off the ladder and was "busted". She yelled at him, but dad says she never stopped pounding that ear of corn into her pussy. So, what did Dad do? He told us that he slowly walked closer and closer until he was just a few feet away on the hay an sat down to watch. She looked at him several times with what Dad thought was pain on her face. Dad asked her a few times if she was ok and not being hurt. Aunt Lucy smiled at him and said "No it feels great" and then told him sit there and shut the fuck up or LEAVE NOW. Dad told me he was scare to breath because he did not want her to make him leave for making to much noise. She went on shoving that corn in her for over an hour with dad watching. He said at the time he did not know what happened to my aunt 3 to 5 times but she shuddered all over and would stop 4 a few minutes, then back to getting the corn in the hairy hole. For those of you slow on the up take, Aunt Lucy is a multiple orgasmer. When she finally stopped she told dad to keep his mouth shut about what just happened and he can watch her anytime he wants and maybe help her do it. Well, dad says there was no way he would give up her secret. She did this at least once every day for weeks dad says. He did not go every time she told him to meet her in the barn. It was working on him big time because he said that is when he started to play with his d**k. He says that Aunt Lucy told him it was ok if he wanted to play with "his thingy" if he wanted to after she saw him playing with it from out side of his pants.
He says to this day he remembers the first time he shot a load of cum. He was sitting up against the hay on the same blanket facing aunt lucy with there feet touching each others thighs and butt. His first squirt hit him in the face and he pointed it away and the second shot landed on her lower leg. He says he was going to stop because he thought something was wrong. But, aunt lucy told him to keep going and to point is dick her way. He did but he does not remember what happened because he was shaking so hard and was dizzy. When he finally got the nerve to look at her, she was scooping up his cum that landed on her. When he saw her put it in her mouth Dad says he told her that is GROSS. Aunt Lucy smiled at him and told him she has a BIG gift for him next time we do this.
She would not tell him what the gift was, but she said wait a few days and I will gift you a give all males want from a female.

This is taking longer to writing than I have clear eyes (sl**py) to finish. Look for the following chapters over the next few weeks. Hope u enjoy this, let me know if you want to hear the entire (true) story of "when they were younger"
This is my first attempt at writing these stories. My twin s****r sasha wrote the frist ones from several months ago. byeeeeeeeee pasha

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