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Girlfriend's cousins

It started out over the summer and it was kinda funny how things just happen. My girlfriend was throwing a costume party and her cousins from out of town were coming to see her for the first time in over 10 years.

Me being terrible with names, I decided to look her cousins up on facebook to try to memorize names and faces. Through my search I noticed that two of her cousins were extremely hot. One was 2 years younger than my girlfriend and the other one was 4 years younger. The older one is Becky, and she had a very shapely body and looks amazing from the pictures. She also looks like a party chick and looking at the bikinis from her profile she does not appear shy at all. Then her younger s****r Jenna was quite the opposite. Her body wasnt completely developed but you know it's coming. Jenna though was much prettier than my girlfriend and her older s****r.

Jenna and Becky was flying in from West coast and my girlfriend asked if I can pick them up at the airport. I decided to try to atleast look decent so I went to my barber to get a haircut and went to get a nice shirt. When I got to the airport I saw them walking out with their luggage. I immediately got out of my car and took their bags and opened the door for them.

On our way to my girlfriend, Becky asked if there will be hot guys at this party. She made it known that she did not travel halfway across the country to just hang out with f****y. She also was not shy to let us know how horny she was. I was not used to a girl like this since my girlfriend never really spoke this way. The conversation then turned to relationships and Jenna had a boyfriend back home while Becky was off and on with a couple of guys. Looking at my rare view mirror I noticed Becky's blouse was a little tight and you can see her shape and I was getting a little bit of a hard on. I think she knew I was taking a little peak and she decided to just tease me a little more. She took her blouse off claiming that she is uncomfortable. She only had a tank top underneath and to my surprise she was not wearing any bra. Her nipples were poking through that cotton material and I just wanted to suck on them. I looked at Jenna and she didnt look like she was interested in having any conversation. She looks like she was texting her boyfriend and was oblivious to what her s****r was doing.

When we got to my girlfriend's house both said their hellos to the f****y and my cousin told them they can stay in her room. As I walked them up to my girlfriend's room I dropped off their bag and was about to go back down until Becky asked me for a hug. She told me to help her unpack and could use someone strong to put her bag on top of the closet. She told me to give her a second to get some clothes for tonight and as she bent over her skirt rode up and her pink thong looked so good. I almost just wanted to walk up to her and just give her a smack on that ass.

After she was done teasing me she gave me the bag and said she's all set for now. We all went back downstairs and watched a little tv. My girlfriend still consumed by this party was nowhere to be seen. I sat on one end of the couch with Becky next to me and Jenna on the other side of the couch. I was a little cold so I got a blanket to keep me warm.

I asked them what they were going to wear for the party. Becky said she was going to be a nurse. I smiled knowing what kind of a nurse she would be. Jenna said she was just going to be a cheerleader. I could not even imagine her as a cheerleader. They asked me what I was going to be and I told them that I have this sumo suit and will probably be that. We continued to watch tv and I started to feel Becky's leg rubbing mine. Without hesitation she took her right leg and just put it on top of my left leg. I decided to put my left hand on her knee and see what we can do from there. I slowly moved my hand around and just began rubbing her thigh. With our body under the blanket I decided to push my luck. This chick had been teasing me all day so I know she wanted me. I creeped my hand all the way up her thighs until I reached her shaved little pussy. She had no panties and with her wearing a skirt it was just too easy. I began a little slow until I found her clit. I started to work all around it and I can tell by her breathing she was ready to go. Her s****r stepped out for a minute and we knew we can get a quick one. She turned around and I quickly stuck my dick in her. I fucked her hard and fast and within seconds I was done! I came all inside her and she looked at me and said we need to do it again.

At this point my heart was pounding and just could not believe what happened. I left not too long after that and could not wait to see becky again.

During the party I was with my girlfriend and again she was more interested in hosting than actually hang out with me. I didnt mind because that means I can hang out with Becky. Well to my surprise Becky already had moved on as she was grinding with two of my girlfriend's friends. At this point all I wanted to do was end this night. After the party was done I stayed to help and clean.

Everyone was pretty much pooped out and went to bed and as I was about to leave I saw Jenna crying in the backyard. I asked her what was wrong and she said her and her boyfriend got into a fight. She said she is so annoyed by her boyfriend accusing her of cheating that she might just do it. I smiled and told her that it is going to be ok. I told her I would be the same if she was my girlfriend. She asked why and I said she is just too pretty and I know all these guys will be hitting on her. She smiled and said it doesnt mean she will talk to them. I told her I know. The talk then changed to my costume. She asked me why I chose that costume. I told her that my friends and I like to goof around and we bought two suits and wrestle. She asked if I had the other suit and I told her that I always keep both of them. She wanted to try it so we decided to put it on. But before we put the suit on I said it gets hot so its best if you just have your under wear. We rolled around for a little bit and she asked if I think we can both fit in the suit. I told her I didnt think so because it was designed for one person. She told me to climb in her suit to see if it works. I decided to do it to see. As we decided to take a step forward we ended up falling forward with me on top. My dick was conveniently placed between her ass and was getting an instant hard on. I knew she noticed but decided to ignore it. We rolled around and was having a little fun until my dick got suck between her legs and just rubbing her pussy. We both stopped and I was terrified that she will be pissed. To my surprise she just kept playing around. When we tried to stand up we fell again but this time my head was right on the entrance of her pussy. Her thong slid to the side and she wiggled until my head was in. I decided to take it slow and enjoy this moment. Or breathing was rhythmical and our pace was just right. We decided to get out of the suit so I can fuck her face to face. We both just kept the pace kissing rubbing and just enjoying this moment. Within minutes she began to tremble and I felt her pusssy contracting. I could not last any longer and came instantly. We just lied on the grass and looked at the stars. We decided to break up with our significant others and began dating. She and I would take trips to each others places until we go to college which we plan on going together.

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