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Waiting For My Lover

While she sat waiting for her lover to arrive, she began thinking
back to their previous rendezvous, when her lover had thrusted so
deep and came so much, that not only did she feel his cum dripping
down her vagana and into her pussy lips,But it was stuck there, on
her pussy lips, to be held there. Held there until her husband
stuck two of his fingers into her pussy, collected some moistness,
and pronounced that, yes indeed, he did still taste her lover's
cum from the previous day's playdate .
She remembered, and her thoughts came randomly: how he had
at first, kissed her and bit her lips gently, while caressing her
back, and feeling tingles run up and down her spine; and then how
he wrapped his long arms around her and pulled her into him, so
she could feel his heartbeat and mAke her breath quicken and she
felt warm and safe; how she told him to stretch out on the bed,
and she crawled over to him, mounting his erect cock with her
mouth, and dropping down so that her mouth tasted his balls and
her nose was buried in his fragrance; how she asked him to turn
over so she could run her tongue around his anus and thrust it
inside because she knew it would drive him crazy with pleasure and
she found the taste slightly salty but delicious- just like every
other part of him; how they lay together, arms and legs twisted,
as she stretched her mouth up to his to engage in a deep,
passionate kiss; how, while thrusting, it was so warm that his
sweat mingled with hers and formed an aroma of their joining; how
when he finally came, she felt a rush throughout her body that
almost made her weep with emotion as she felt his engorged cock
release over and over into her warm and soft vagina.
And because she remembered with such clarity, she felt her
pussy tingle more violently, even though it had been on and off
all week, at the anticipation of his arrival. She could no longer
restrain herself, and her hand crept down, feeling her soft down,
and sliding down until her hand felt warmth and wet, and she
smelled muskiness.
While her thoughts continued of him, and his expressions made
while cuming, how he gasped as she licked his asshole, and went
down on his cock, and while thrusting into her, she continued to
circle her finger around her pussy. She pulled back her pussy lips
so her clit would pop out and she could stroke it with more
friction. She licked her finger and dipped it into her vagina to
collect more moisture, so her clit was glistening in her juice and
she was slick and slippery. She had to stop because she wanted to
wait to cum. And she heard a car door shut.....

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