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Mistress Willow led me to the passenger side of the car and said “you may open the door for me slut.”

I stepped forward without hesitation and opened the door for her feeling very exposed in public in my current predicament (cock hanging from my trousers with one end of a handcuff attached to the base of the cock and balls). She gracefully slid into the passenger seat and I went to go to the other side when she coughed. I stopped and she pulled me close by the end of the cuff. “You will close the door for me” she instructed in a firm but matter of fact voice before slapping my penis lightly.

I then moved to the driver side and got into the car not sure if I should try and put my assets back inside my trousers while I had some chance. As if reading my min Miss Willow shook her head and took the free end of the handcuff and stretched it pulling me slightly towards the centre and dropped it over the gear stick – Well that’s that I thought. In my state of nervousness I found it difficult to get my keys into the ignition and start the car. She laughed beside me commenting that she had hopes that I would be better with insertions later on.

I pulled out of the car park and drove under instruction through Burley and then off a side road that I had used on occasion and we eventually came to a house that stood alone with no neighbours. Not once had she looked at me during the journey as if I was totally insignificant, which to her maybe I was. I got out of the car first and went to the other side. I opened the door and she got out with the grace of a feline a****l.

She again took hold of the cuff and led me to the door. As we arrived at the door it opened and a young woman with red hair wearing a basque and tights opened the door, “Welcome home Miss”. She glanced at me and gave me a knowing smile before turning her eyes to Mistress Willow.

“This is G take him and prepare him for me, I will see you downstairs in 15 minutes”. She handed the cuff to the red head and wandered into a side room.
“I’m D” she said and took the cuff to lead me further into the building. I started to tell her my name but she put a finger to her lip and told me that while I was here I was Slave G. We entered a room that would normally be a bed room but seemed to be 3 walls covered in wardrobes and chest of draws. D turned to me and said “Strip please, Mistress is expecting us well turned out very shortly”

I looked at her now knowing what to make of this. I then looked down at my cock and knew I didn’t have much choice, so I undressed and folded my clothes on top of one of the chest of drawers. It felt so odd standing in this room stark bullock naked with a sexily clad woman I did not know just a pair of handcuffs hanging from my privates. D turned round form the drawers in which she had been trawling through and brought a number of black shiny leather items over to me. She first gave me a pair of leather pants with zips to open the front and back. She undid the front zip and gave me them to put on. I pulled them up finding that the thin leather gripped my body tight – My cock hanging out as it would have not fitting inside with the hand cuff. She then got down on her knees and took two leather straps with buckles and a ‘D’ ring each. She quickly fitted these to my ankles. Next she attached similar cuffs to my wrists and then a collar to my neck. She looked me up and down and down and said that” she hoped she would be lucky enough to play with me too.” For some reason this made my cock twitch and harden. She slapped it and smiled before taking me by the cuffs and leading me form the room.

We go down a short flight of steps and through another door into a dark room. D flicks the light switch and the room is gently illuminated. I look around and see many odd shapes by the side of the walls and instruments of what can only be described as torture. In the centre of the room are two posts about 2 meters apart which seem to have lockable hinges at various points and clips. D leads me to posts and positions me between them. I’m in a little of a daze at this point not sure what to do, whether I would be better running form the house naked, if I can find my keys again. Before I make and decision D takes my right arm and attaches one of the clips to the cuff. She then repeats the process with the left and I am now standing with my arms raised like I am doing the letter Y in the YMCA dance. When connects the leg cuffs to lower clips and I stand like a X. She now goes to the table and picks up a key. Returning to me she places the key in the handcuff that has been attached to my balls and releases them. Putting the cuffs away neatly she zips up the pants and moves behind me.

I try to look around but can’t see what she is doing. I feel her move close and she reaches round my head and pulls a ball into my mouth. I try to keep it out but if I want to do this I may lose some teeth and eventually open wide. The strap is then tightened and I feel the gag limiting my vocal ability. D walks around me admiring the position that I am in and finally tells me that I am now ready for Mistress Willow. She goes and stands close to the door and we wait.....

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