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A Winter's Story

Bella sat by her window looking at the freshly fallen snow. She sipped her hot chocolate longing for her encounter to meet her. The chill in the air made her long for the warmth of his body. The quiet atmosphere made her long for the noise of their bodies coming together. A car came into the drive leaving marks in the snow. He got out of the car and walked to the door. She opened it. As he came in, she closed the door behind him. When his coat was removed, they looked at one another. Their lips connected in passionate kissing. Their arms interlocked to bring each closer. Before long, their tongues were entering the others body. Their arms were pulling the other even closer. He moved his hands to her bottom giving it a tight squeeze.

She could feel her body increase in temperature. It intensified when she could feel his boner through his pants. He lifted up her dress just enough to grab the edges of her pants and pull them down. His hands rubbed over her newly exposed vagina. His mouth started to explore her ear and neck. Without saying a word he said ‘let me get naked for you’ as he stripped away his clothes uncovering his body for her. The warmth of his bare cock increased the temperature of her vagina. His kisses started to lower into her chest.

Without taking off her dress, he kissed her chest. Wasting little time he went straight to the pleasure center of Bella’s body. His tongue had skill as it navigated around her clitoris. She could do nothing except press his head between her legs. That is when Bella experienced her first orgasm, but she knew that it would not be the last of the night.

Bella’s lover started his way back up her body. As he progressed, he undressed her to prepare her for intercourse. When her breasts were undressed, he made sure to address them properly by sucking on each of them. Upon getting back to her face, he kissed her as he guided her to a nearby chair. Bella bent over the chair offering her sexuality to him. Before she could remind him to use protection, her lover had accepted her offer. His bare cock was inside of her vagina. She had not felt a truly naked man since her divorce. The feeling brought back memories of the greatness of sex. His uninhibited body was inside of her. His skin was thrusting against her vaginal walls. Her eyes were closed and mouth wide open in complete awe of the feeling. His hands reached around her body to cup her breasts in his strong hands. Both moaned in satisfaction of their partner.

Bella could tell that her lover was about to finish. Usually she would finish her lover with her mouth, but the feeling of a naked penis inside of her was too great. She did not want the feeling to end. Before she could do anything her lover released his ejaculation inside of her. It was the most amazing feeling. He squeezed his cock to get the last few drops out. The two lovers lay in bed as one. Together they looked out the window at the freshly fallen snow.

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