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My husband and I decided to go on vacation to the west coast. We packed up my daughter and son and off we went. The first day at the hotel my husband and daughter were going to spend the day together at the zoo. My son and I were going to hang out the hotel pool. The husband and daughter left and my son and I got our suits on and headed to the pool.
I got all laid out on the pool deck to get some sun. My son had gone for a swim. There were not alot of people at the pool, I think a couple of guys and maybe five women. After about thirty minutes my son came up in a hurry grab his towel and took off to towards the room. I waited about ten minutes for his return then decided I should go check on him. I slowly opened the door to the room thinking my son may be sick. I entered the room and closed the door behind me. I could hear my son in the bathroom and the door was only partly closed. I peaked thru and could see my son in the mirror. He was jacking off. He did not see me at first. I watched for a minute. He was growing into a fine young man and must admit that his frsh young body was turning me on.
That is when he noticed me and stopped. We both froze staring at each other. I was not sure what to do so I tried to make him comfortable and walked into the bathroom and told him this was normal thing for men and women to do. He then told me he was having a hard time getting off and that his cock was hurting. He said that one of the ladies at the pool gave him a boner and he ran up here to get some relief but has been able to get off and that he was getting scared. I was not sure what to do so I reached over and started to stroke his cock. His cock was hard as steel and it was turning me on to be holding it. I stroked it slow, from one end to the other. I increased speed slowly and I fondled his balls with my other hand. Soon he closed his eyes and tilted his head back. I was stroking him at a medium pace now and could feel his cock swelling and his breathing was getting heavier. Then he tensed up and started to cum. Several ropes of thick sperm shot from his cock as I continued to stroke. When he seemed to be done I released my grip and went for the toliet paper to clean up the small mess.
I got things wiped up off the floor then got a cloth and wetted it and cleaned his cock of the lotion. I noticed that his cock was still as hard as ever. I looked at him and he said sometimes it does this. I told him I did not understand and he told me that many times he does not cum completely and that he has to do it a second time. I told him I needed to pee and to wait a second and with out thinking pulled my one piece suit down and sat on the toilet. When done I got up and then realized we were both completely naked. I decided maybe it would help for him to see me while I stroke him.
At that point he asked if could look at my pussy as he had never seen one before. I had thought that my son would have already had sex but I was wrong. He looked my pussy and boobs over and touched it several times. My pussy was getting wetter by the minute. Then he stuck his finger inside me. He rolled around and then put a second finger in. He told me it felt really good and asked if he could just slid his cock inside for only a second or two. I told him no and that I wanted to get dressed. He begged me to wait another second. The more I thought about it the more I wanted him inside me. He kept the two fingers inside me moving in and out as he tried to convince me to let him put his cock in.
He begged and begged and I gave in. I told him to stick it in for only a second and then I would finish him off with my hand. I laid flat on the floor spread eagle and he got on top of me and pushed his hard as steel cock into my wet pussy easily. It felt so good to me as we laid there. Then he started to slowly pull it out but then pushed it back in. He did this several times and I was liking it. Then the last time he thrust into me he exploded. I could feel every rope of cum spurt into my pussy. It was huge load and I loved the feel of it being pumped into me. He collasped on top of me and we laid there for several minutes, his cock still buried deep inside me. Then it dawned on me what had just happened, I told him to get up so we could go back to the pool.
He rolled off of me and I got up and got my suit and went out of the bathroom to put it on. He came out behind me and told me he still had the problem. I turned and looked and sure enough his cock was still hard, or maybe it had got hard again, or I dont't know what had happened but it was hard and he was acting like it hurt. He asked to put it inside me again so I laid on my back on the bed and he mounted me but this time he tore into me good and hard. He lasted a good long time, he said it was because my pussy was slimey from his first load. After several minutes of his hard banging I came hard, and this caused him to blow his load. This time I watched as he removed his cock from me and it soft.
After that day I became my son's cum dump. Whenever he had a boner he wanted to stick in me and drain his balls, just like his dad does.

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