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The Slut Wife - Chapter 12

I took it easy for a couple of days after I saw Jake and from being with Amber and Gary. Jake…that beautiful boy…he felt guilty and didn’t want to role-play anymore but I convinced him to give in to his urges. Before long he was fucking me with that beautiful cock of his, he was so good. I felt bad that he had these urges for his mother and couldn’t tell her…he was so beautiful.

That weekend my hubby and I drove to the lake to meet with Gary and Amber. He and Gary were going to Japan of all places to meet a potentially big client. I was so proud of hubby that he was doing that well. It was a big deal and could make the company a lot of money. Gary was taking us out on his big boat for the day before they left for 10 days and I had gotten some f****y to watch the little ones for the weekend as we decided to rent a local hotel and stay the night. I wanted to really enjoy this weekend and had plans.

We got to the boat and Gary greeted us and I was wearing a tight t-shirt and short shorts. Gary looked at me with lust and then I saw Amber. She was wearing a white sheer sarong and wore the tiniest bikini I’d ever seen. Her top barely covered her nipples and I could see through her sarong and her bottom looked like dental floss. When Gary came up she gave him a big hug. “Ohhh…it’s so good to see you!” she sad as I could see her rubbing up her tits against him. He looked surprised and part of me was jealous. Was she getting back at me for earlier in the week? I then took off my shirt and slid down my shorts to show my favorite lime green thong bikini. My top covered more than Amber’s but my boobs were real and needed a little more. But my boobs practically spilled out of my top. I could see both Gary and my husband staring at me.

We left the dock and Gary was piloting the boat to a nearby sandbar where we would anchor. It was a beautiful sunny day and he drove slowly. After a short while Amber took off her sarong and laid down on one of the sunning beds and asked my husband “could you put some lotion on my back?” He hesitated but get the oil and poured a little on her back and began to rub it in. “Ohhhh…you have strong hands” she cooed as her rubbed her back. “Oh, wait a minute” she said then undid the top and laid down again. He rubbed more oil on her back until he was done.
“Ohhh…can your rub some on my butt? I don’t want it to get burned.” He looked hesitantly but Gary said “Go ahead, I need to pilot the boat.” And her poured more oil on her and rubbed it onto her firm asscheeks and legs. She even spread her legs and you could see her pussy lips peek out of her tiny bottom.

I became hot and horny watching Amber seduce my husband but also was jealous. What if he liked her better than me? When he finished she said “thanks baby, you sure know how to touch a woman”. I could see he was getting hard now and it made me hungry for cock.

Gary got to the sandbar and the men anchored it. Gary got down from the pilot chair and said to my husband “I think the ladies need to give us a show.” With that Amber took off her top and bottom and was completely nude and walked over to me. “Come on baby, let’s give them a show” she cooed as she reached up and slid my boobs out of my top and began to suck them. I don’t know what he did but she was now a total fuck slave, willing to do anything for him. She pushed me up against a teak table on the deck and turned me around so I was facing it. “Bend over baby” and I did so my face was on the table, turned facing the men. She moved behind me and squeezed my asscheeks. Then I felt a slap on them and then another one and another one. “You have such a nice full ass baby” she said then reached up and slipped my thong off. She slapped them again. “Spread your asscheeks baby” she ordered and I did. I could see the men staring at us and I felt dirty and turned on. My husband was seeing me be a slut for the first time!
I then felt her breath on my spread asshole and her wet tongue started licking my anus, tonguing it in circles. I immediately became wet. She tongued it for a few more moments before I felt two fingers jam into my now wet pussy and begin to finger fuck me. “ooooooohhhhhhh” I moaned as she tongued my ass and began to finger fuck me. I momentarily let go of my asscheeks when I felt a hard slap. “I said spread your asscheeks!” and I did. I was used to Amber being submissive but now she wanted to dominate me and my pussy loved it.
She began to stick her tongue inside my ass as she finger fucked me faster. I kept moaning and moaning as the men had now slipped off their trunks and were stroking their cocks. I was loving this attention when Amber backed off and slid her fingers out and said “turn around and get on that table.” I did and sat on the table when he slid two, then three fingers in my pussy and began to finger fuck me faster. She reached down to kiss me and I wanted her so much then. She then slid a fourth finger into my pussy and with her free hand began to massage my boobs and pinch my nipples. I started moaning as I was close to cumming. “Cum for me Ann” she ordered as she pinched my nipples harder. Just then I began to cum and screamed as I had a powerful orgasm. She didn’t let up and pussy juice was squirting out of me as I came. I had never done that before and Amber stood there smiling, knowing she had turned the tables on me. I came so hard I began to cry then finally she slid her fingers out and said “Open your mouth!” and as I did she slid her fingers in deeply inside and said “lick the cum off of my fingers and I did..even though all those fingers in me almost made me gag. She then slipped her fingers out and reached up to feel up my boobs then gave them a slap!

She then looked at the men and said “God…now I’m horny for some cock…some strange cock….” And she walked to my husband got on her knees in front of him, grabbed his hard cock and began to suck on it. Gary got up and moved to me and pushed me down onto the table and, spreading my legs, slid his thick cock into my soaking pussy. He then grabbed each of my boobs roughly and, using them to pin my down began fucking my pussy hard. I looked over at my husband and I saw him hesitate as Amber’s head bobbed up and down in his lap then I saw him grab her head and begin to push it down onto his cock.

Gary fucked me hard and began to slap my boobs. His cock felt so good and the day was beautiful…I had never been fucked out in the sunshine like this and I loved it. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! he kept slapping them as he fucked me. He said over to my husband “you can slap Amber around if you want…she likes that, don’t you baby?” “MHMMMM” she moaned as she sucked his cock.
“Fucking hot piece of ass” Gary growled as he kept fucking me. He loved not only having his wife be a slut but fucking me in front of my husband. And hubby loved seeing his fantasy fulfilled. Suddenly I saw my hubby push Amber off of his cock and grab her upper arm roughly and bring her over to us on the table. “Get on there!” he ordered and as I looked at him, I saw that something happened in that moment and my husband’s face changed and he looked like all those men that had gone over the edge. I was angry because Amber was able to do what I couldn’t do: drive my husband sexually crazy. Amber was next to me on the table and I could see hubby beginning to pump his hips and fuck her. “Gary, your wife is a fucking hot piece of ass!” he said and Gary replied “so is Ann.”
Gary then slapped my boobs again and, taking his lead, began to slap Amber’s boobs too. He started off lightly but he kept at it, harder and harder.
“That’s it, treat her like the fucking slut whore she is” Gary said through gritted teeth. Gary reached over and spit on my face then spit on Ambers. “Your turn!” he said and hubby then leaned over and spit on Amber’s face. He looked at me and I could tell he was conflicted. I looked at him and said “you piece of shit…treat me like the whore that I am!” and he then spit on my face, then again and again! He then reached over and slapped my boobs hard before returning his attention to Amber. They both fucked us silly like that for what seemed forever, spitting and slapping us.

Hubby pulled back and then grabbed Amber roughly and pulled her off the table then turned her around and bent her over the table. Her face was close to mine and she reached down and kissed me. I heard hubby say “you blonde slut, I’m gonna fuck your ass till you’re sore” and he slid his cock into her ass roughly and began to pump.
“Ohhhh…slow down baby!” Amber groaned but then he slapped the back of her head hard and said “shut the fuck up!” and began to pump. I had never seen him like this. This is what I wanted!
“Good job…that’s how your treat a slut.” He said. My husband replied “less talking and more fucking.”

Gary pulled my legs back and began to fuck my ass hard too. My husband grabbed a fistful of Amber’s hair and pulled her head back. “You fucking blonde whore…teasing us at the parties, your ass is mine!”
Oh my god, I had never seen him like turned me on and I began to rub my pussy.
“Good...treat her like that.” Gary said then reached up and began squeezing my boobs as he assfucked me. “These babies are fucking big, god I wish they were full of milk!” and I thought if he only knew…

They both fucked us in the ass for the longest time, neither one giving in, competing with each other when my husband pulled out and said “turn your ass around Amber” and she did and he began to stroke his cock. “500 hundred says I cum more than you do!” he said. “You’re on!” Gary replied and pulled out of my ass and getting me on my knees began to stroke his cock. Amber reached up and began to rub my husband’s balls. “Come on baby…cum all over my face!” she cooed. I did the same. I wasn’t going to let Amber beat me out on getting cum out of a man!

Just then my husband yelled “SHIITTTTTT!!!!” and a huge rope of cum shot out of his cock and landed squarely on Amber’s face. Another huge rope shot out and another! I had never seen him like this…he came so much! She had done what I couldn’t do and make him a savage man for sex. I was happy yet jealous.
He came a lot!

Gary said “not bad, my turn!” and he pointed his cock at me and began shooting cum. He came for what seemed like 10 seconds and I loved feeling the hot cum on my face. He finished and they both looked and Gary said “looks like I win, but not by much.” He looked down on us and said “clean yourselves off…we got a lot more fun lined up.”

We did and we spent the afternoon fucking. Both Amber and I had both men in our ass and pussy at the same time, both of us were made to gag on their cocks and both of us were manhandled. My husband had let go of his inhibition and was rough with Amber. We finally stopped and took it easy before heading back. On the way back both Amber and I gave a dual blowjob to my husband. We both competed with each other on who did it better. I don’t like being second place.

We said our goodbyes and knew that this relationship had gone to a new level but being able to be with Gary and Amber and now my husband was so exciting! We drove to the hotel and, after checking in, took a nap and we then woke up and had a light dinner and drinks, not saying much but knowing that we had taken our own love to a different level. As my husband got up to to go to the bathroom I sent a text.

We got back to the hotel and I had changed into a little sheer neglige and he said
“Now baby, I’m a little worn out, aren’t you?”
“No baby…I love cock.” Just then there was a knock on the door and my husband said “who the fuck is that?”
“I’ll get it” I said and opened the door and let him in and closed it behind him. I held his hand and said “Baby, this is Jake, a friend of mine.
Jake wore a tight t-shirt, jeans that grabbed his crotch and ass, so beautiful. I walked up to him and I said to my husband “sit down baby”. I then reached up and kissed Jake deeply on the mouth. I then whispered in his ear “remember baby, pretend like you’re fucking mommy in front of your father.” He began to fell my body and I looked at my husband and said “honey, this is Jake. He’s young enough to be our son and has a huge cock. He’s going to fuck me like the slut that I am and you’re going to watch!”

To be continued...

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