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Master & I

Master and I
I wait for my Master’s return from a hard days work. Thinking of ways to ever enlighten my Master’s day. My mind continues to drift on more enticing thoughts. How would I greet him today? Kneel before him in only an apron or in one of his big shirts, open to a almost perfect V within view? I decide the latter is to my likening, grinning mischievously. I go and find a nice linen shirt, just a little wrinkled around the edges. Purring in pleasure I stripe bare to prepare myself for my master. …
Master comes home and I am ready for him in everyway…
So I bathe slowly, knowing master will want to be doing this or watching from afar as one of my pet sluts, cleans out every hole I have until I can’t barely breathe, ready to drown myself in my passion. Just the thought almost sends me over the edge, Master comes over and runs his strong hands though my now soaked hair slowly tightening his grip. Pulling my head back to stare deeply into my masters eyes. He growls out ….. “What do you say to Master?”…My eyes widen in slight fear as my breathe catches in excitement. I start a slow grin, and think to be a smartass, I say “More please?”.My master stares hard at me but has this sly smile of his own, that rises the hair on my flesh. He slides his other hand into the water and slowly touches and circles the tips of my breasts. My heart pounds hard in time with my master’s fingers as they slowly close over the sides of my nipple. I cry out “Master!!!…I’m sorry!!” I pant out as my master does the same to the other nipple, while sliding his other hand beneath my chin forcing me to look up. Master pauses briefly,…”Sorry for what my Pet?” As my master says this his grip is ever tightening in both hands. My throat is fully exposed to my Master, as my spine bows forward from the overwhelming sensations from my chest. I begin to beg..” Im sorry Master …for not thank you properly …..” I gasp out as your fingers sink further towards my dripping pussy. “Ohhh…God…Yesss “
I whimper and beg for your cock in any hole I just want to feel you buried deep inside me. Invading me, taking complete control of me, dominating me, making me yours in as many ways as possible. Master drags me out to the floor and ravaging my flushed body with your mouth and tongue, nipping across the planes of my pale skin. I lace my fingers hard against your scalp, curving your mouth against mine. Growling out your name, “Master!! Kiss me please!!! I cant take anymore!! Please make love to me!!” Master is a kind and giving Master…… So he kisses me roughly dragging his fingers hard in my hair as I whimper and pant and he nudges my knees apart with his own. Master rubs my clit one last time before driving his long and hard dick f***efully deep within my body, our bodies colliding harshly, limbs moving faster. As long as we are connected in our releases, to feel the heat from our bodies merge to catch fire to fireworks that explodes behind my eyes, teetering on the edge of a black out ,our breathing matching in a brief moment of union.
My body quakes from Master’s strong fucking making me weak. Unable to quite stand or move Master allows me to crawling to him, lifting me first by my collar, then holding me close against his body warming me and comforting me, as I doze in his arms, I am off in dreams of Master and I doing further lustful things in my fantasies.

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