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How my younger b*****r became my lover

'Hey girls how about getting this up ya', which was followed by a chorus of wolf whistles.

We both giggled, knowing it would happened, it did every day passing this building sight, and it perked us both up, but we never looked across at the caller, or see if what he was offering us to put inside us.

We were both closing in on fifteen and knew about the 'Birds and Bees' stuff, so I guess he was referring to our barely covered panties and in their contents in particular.

But that's life growing up, at the age where guys take an interest in you, as you are starting to blossom, boobs pushing through, bum getting rounder, 'Stuff your Geometry Mr Green, these are the curves of life that men pay interest in', we both knew it without fully understanding why, but at least it made us both feel all grown-up and noticed.

Of course we had to unfurl our school skirts to bring them back down to a respectable level, at knee length, but when high enough, three turns at the waist, your modesty was in danger of being discovered, what the heck, it's exciting.

Teasing the men on the building site was fun when it started, the feedback and the kick of doing it, meant carrying a clean pair of panties to school was a necessity, but that through time wore off, soon it became irksome and annoying, you see, contrary to what most men think, the true reason we do it is because it excites us, and like most stimulants you eventually tire of it and look for something more daring, a new kick, one with spice, at that age the joys of masturbation become a daily feature of life for a girl, and in my case, a strong urge to feel a cock and enjoy it's mystique, became my daily obsession, my dark secret.

The day it happened

I got up in bed, it was Saturday and the Sun streamed through my window. I could her my Mum's voice outside, then a couple of doors slam shut, 'Fuck, they're going to town', suddenly flashed through my mind, and without thinking, threw my bed sheets aside and dove for the window.

Too late, I saw the car drive off and my heart sank, going to town would have been good, now I would have to take the bus.

I looked at me bed, and thought, another hour then shower, but I turned to the open window again and espied a boy from the next street, so I stood a little longer, not minding or even caring, I was completely nude, no that only became apparent when I heard a noise and turned to see my younger b*****r having a wank.

'What the Fuck Jonathan', he gave me a fright. but a mixture of another hundred things collated as we confronted each other.

He had a man's cock, the last time I saw him he was small, 'Where did he get that one'?
He was also naked, had the body of a thirteen year-old boy but a tuft of pubic hair, that was at odds with his stature, at f******n I only had fair whispy light hairs.

'Sorry s*s, but you have a great ass', was his only reply in defense of being caught jacking one off.

'How long have you been standing there', I asked, my arm protectively across my budding breasts, and my other hand covering the curvature of my pubic mound, a stance that made me look as if I was desperate for a pee and scared out of my wits.

Seeing my little b*****r all grown-up in such a fashion caused my other affliction to kick-in, my curiosity and fascination with the male penis, and here was one in front of me, in the f****y home.

'Where have Mum and Dad gone', I queried, suddenly aware of the opportunity confronting me, I was warming to his presence, the immorality and the i****tuousness of it, meant nothing at all, I lowered my arm and removed my hand, letting my b*****r see me in the fullness of my teen bloom, and being excited as he visibly hardened even more, as he looked me up and down, I saw some clear liquid escape from the little slit on top of his cock and run freely down his shaft, over his testes and onto my carpet.

My heart sank as I thought he was cumming, as yet I never saw the color of sperm.

'They have gone to town', he replied. I guess he like myself were overwhelmed by being in a state of sexual arousal, and he began to stroke his cock in front of me as I watched him, 'Can I have a go', I laugh now thinking back to just how immature we both were, I sounding as if I were asking for a shot on his bicycle, instead of touching my b*****r in a most intimate manner.

I pressed my body against him, feeling the warmth of his against mine, not just feeling him, but the difference in our body shapes, how they seemed to fit perfectly together, and the building desire within both of us as the sexual excitement built, his clear liquid now flowing over my clenched fist as it pumped his cock up and down.

We were of similar height, so when I put my arm around his shoulder I turned towards him and together we sank onto my bed, me on top, and from that point, the inevitability of what happened next took place, I kissed him full on the mouth, then as dexterous as a cat, I mounted him and guided his penis inside me, without breaking lip contact.

My b*****r lay motionless as my body came alive, I writhed like a snake, and bucked like a bronco, my b*****r and I were like twins, separated by a little more than a year, connected together with his umbilical chord, holding, kissing, as if in our mothers womb, we fucked unashamedly, surrendering our virginity to each other, keeping it pure within our bl**d line, cementing it with our simultaneous orgasm.

A new strange sense and intense feeling of love for him swept through me as I felt the warmth of his semen flood deep inside my vagina, I could feel his semen before his orgasm erupted, our chorus of togetherness, seemed a world away from the reality of life and the legal implications of what we had just indulged in.

Sex between siblings is a reality that does not creep up on you, it's there with you all the time, and when the moment comes, you are in it whether you like it or not.

I have always liked watching hard core pornography, even when my b*****rs friends were present, commenting on double and triple penetration, with a mouth that out did his friends.

On one such night all the guys hit on me, throughout the night, they wanted to fuck me so bad, of course my willingness to watch and comment of the action, gave them the idea I was a girl game for anything.

In the kitchen one guy asked me if I liked being fucked up the ass, 'You offering', I retorted, his face went straight from the strained smile to one of expectation at my blunt reply.

'Sure babe, if you can take a big one'. I smiled, I loved the tease and the bad mouthing, besides I was wet between my legs, aching a little, so I walked over to the fridge and opened the door to reach down for a beer, 'Bigger the better as far as I am concerned', I teasingly replied, then turned and bent at the waist to get a beer, my ass high in the air.

Sure enough he came right up behind me and pressed against my bum, his hands holding my hips.
He hesitated, unsure of my reaction, whether if I was just teasing or serious perhaps serious. I let him hold me and press hard into my buttocks, surely he must know I was ready for it.

My skirt was pulled up and my panties pulled to the side, now my ass crack and hole were visible to him for the first time, 'Oh Fuck Oh Fuck' he repeated again and again, unbelieving what he was seeing and about to take, and take it did, all too soon for my liking, he plunged into my wet pussy and immediately shot his load, in all of 30 seconds.

I was about to straighten up, when I heard another voice behind me, 'Let me in', and without even turning to see who it was, bent over to see another pair of legs take position behind my bared bottom, and he was inside and fucking me, this time really reaming me in an aggressive fashion.

'In her ass, put it up her bum', came a hushed command, the owner of the voice watched as his cum was reamed from me and dripped with successive plunge into my pussy, causing the semen displaced to drip onto the floor between my legs.

He came from my pussy and pushed hard against my asshole, I wiggled in an effort to let him gain entrance, which he eventually did, causing my to scream, as the pain tore through me, bringing the other two and my b*****r into the kitchen.

To be continued.

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