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Mikey's Guide to Great Anal Sex

this is my 1st story ladies & gents what do you think about it?? please comment weather you liked it or not, good or bad.

Mikey's guide to great anal sex

ok well if it is her 1st time or not a nice body temperature enema, let the water in slowly, when she starts to get full rubbing her belly, hold her in your arms, kiss her, tell her how much you luv her, sweet talk her, do it twice so that she is real nice & clean inside, even do this when she empties herself out, give her a nice gentle shower the water just at body temp(i can run thru at least 1 reheating cycle of a 30 gal electric water heater) use your bare hands, now she is clean inside & out, rinse her off kiss her & her tits, one hand on her pussy the other on her ass, rub her clit finger her pussy hole, rub around her ass hole you will know when she is relaxed as her ass hole area will actually push in, try to push 1 finger in slowly if she tenses up stop pushing in but do not pull it out just use very short in & out moves, your still kissing her & touching her clit & pussy finger(s) inside, she will relax again push a little more finger in slowly until it is all the way in, now slowly finger fuck her ass like your still doing her pussy, now try another finger it should slide in next to the 1st one, same way you just did with the 1st, if you are alot wider than 2 fingers try a 3rd just like you did the 1st & 2nd, now if you have done this correctly she just might have an "O", if so turn her so her back is to you guide your cock up to her ass hole with your thumb & little finger & as you slowly pull your fingers out slowly push your cock in, now slowly start to fuck her in her ass pushing in a little bit more each time you push in, your hand should be still on her clit with a finger or two in her pussy, & your kissing her neck & shoulders, now you have a free hand put it on her tits & nipples moving between the 2 of them, now you both are enjoying some great anal sex and she should be loving it & you even more!!!!!

part 2 if you run out of hot water: dry her off & take her in to the bed, lay her down on a couple of pillows right on the edge, lift her legs so that they are all the way back next to her tits on the outside of them, she is totally exposed & open for you, now you show her a small ear syringe and a bottle of flavored water soluble lube & tell her it is so that you can last longer & cum when she does, fill up the syringe & gently ease it in her ass hole squeeze all of the lube in to her, start at her face & kiss her all over, her face, tits use your hands on her tits once your mouth is passed them, the back of her legs, this will help her to relax & get really turned on hot & horny, now eat her out lick kiss nibble small lite bites both her puss & butt hole, tongue fuck her pussy & butt hole(every thing that is about 1 inch 25mm above her clit & past her butt hole & 2 inches 50mm wide is where you concentrate) now take & lube a finger with the flavored water soluble lube, gently rub one around her butt hole, slowly push it in a little at a time, you can switch your hand & mouth, if your mouth is at her pussy your hand should be at her ass, your 2nd hand should be on her tits, when she says fuck me ask her where, if her answer is her pussy, ignore her & keep eating & fingering her, when she yells at you please fuck me, ask the "Q" again where, if she says any where, you say your sweet lil'ass, she will say yes that she does not care & just wants your fucking cock in her, " DO NOT " jam it in her ass, slowly push it in " BUT LUBE IT FIRST " now you are going to have some great anal sex!!!!!!!!!!!!

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