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Emma Converts Leah to BBC

It has been almost a month, since Emma’s last hotel video gangbang. She has been craving black dick ever since and had called Master D several times for more hook ups. However Master D remained firm.

“Bitch, I know you want what I can give you , but word has gotten out. Your sex is broke. Your pussy has been stretched loose and even your ass is too loose now. We all saw you shit yourself last time. If you want back in with black, you better bring a friend”

Emma was embarrassed by Master D’s harsh words, but she could feel her vagina stretched open to the point where she had to be careful to not laugh too hard for fear on peeing on herself. Her ass too was much looser since her twenty man gangbang that left her with some intestinal problems. On top of all that she had to get an from her adventures. Still she longed for more black dick.

Emma had to devise a clever plan to bring in another woman into the fold. Luckily Emma had all of her husband’s money to work with. Emma thought the closest person to bring would be her s****r Leah.

Leah was different from Emma in that she was blonde and artistic but she was raised like Emma and came from the South and did not care for blacks.

However Leah’s weakness was for celebrities. Emma had caught Leah saying on several occasions “oh he is pretty handsome for a black guy “or “I would sl**p with him because he is famous even though he is black”

Emma planned to use this to her advantage. First Emma rented out a night club in the seedier part of town. She told Leah a lie that a famous rapper would be coming to town and that she had exclusive tickets to a hot new private club where he will be appearing.

Leah was intrigued and thought it would be a lot of fun to go. Emma called Master D and told him her plan. Master D agreed to bring his boys to help the party get off the hook. Emma also called her friend Naomi to bring herself and other converts to the club for a good time. Naomi gladly obliged and helped arrange all the details.

On the day of the event, Emma arrived at Leah’s house to pick her up. Emma looked at what Leah was wearing and told her to go change.

“You can’t go to a club like this in jeans and a T-shirt! You need to dress sexy. Look at what I am wearing” Emma stated as she twirled around showing off her short party skirt and tight top.

“Fine I will go change” said Leah.

Emma followed her upstairs to help her pick a proper outfit. Leah would pull out something and Emma would say not good enough. Finally, Emma pushed Leah aside and went into the closet and pulled out some hooker heeled shoes with on an extremely short skirt and string haltertop.

“I can’t wear that in public! I just got those for special at home dates for somebody special” Leah responded.

“You gotta be sexy or they won’t let you in.” Emma replied helping Leah get dressed into the outfit.

“Almost perfect” Emma said as she stepped closer to Leah and reached under her skirt and pulled off her underwear.

‘What are you doing?” Leah said in surprise.

“This is a big new rap star, it is a rule in their clubs. You don’t want t be showing underwear lines!” Emma responded as she lifted her own skirt and flashed Leah with her naked ass.

Leah was in shock but agreed to follow her big s****r. As they arrived at the club, they were let in and Emma guided Leah to the VIP room.

‘I think the rap guy is going to be here. You stay and I will go look around” she said slyly.

Leah sat uncomfortable in her lack of clothes for ten minutes when Master D entered the room.

“Hey baby, you my entertainment for tonight” he grinned.

Leah was immediately turned off by an obnoxious black man degrading her verbally, but her interest in a celebrity kept her in the room.

“Are you the big rap star?” she asked.

‘Sure baby, you want me to rap and you can dance for me?” Master D responded playfully.

“Okay, look I am not really into the black guy thing, so if you don’t mind I am just going to look for my s****r and go” Leah replied.

“Damn baby girl, how do you know if you have never tried it” he asked.

“Look I get all the mystique, big black dick, what is the big deal. Not worth all the attitude if you ask me” Leah fired back.

“Well, your s****r doesn’t seem to think so” Master D stated as he turned on the VIP TV which had video feeds of the dance floor.

Leah turned and looked and could not believe her eyes. She watched as her s****r was dancing naked on the dance floor with four or five black men. Leah could not look away as suddenly she saw her s****r drop to her knees and began blowing the black men. One black man came from behind Emma and began riding her.

“Oh my God, is he fucking her in the ass?” Leah exclaimed in shock

“Why don’t you go and ask” Master D said with a smile.

Leah rushed out of the room and found her way to the door to the dance floor. However a big black bouncer behind a counter kept her from entering.

“Sorry baby, no clothes for women beyond this point” he said.

“What, you have got to be k**ding me! Look I just want to go in there so I can grab my s****r and leave” she said getting angrier and angrier.

“Is your s****r Emma? Oh ok I got a special basket for you.” he said as he reached back and gave her a basket.

“This is from your s****r, the basket is for your clothes and the bracelet in the basket is for you to wear” he stated. “Look you are not getting in unless you take it off”

Leah was exasperated and finally relented to find her s****r. She began taking off her hooker shoes and slid off her top. She could feel the bouncer stare at every inch of her as she slipped off her skirt and was completely nude. As she started to put the black bracelet on she asked what was it for.

“Oh each bracelet’s color means a different thing like what the girl is into. You got a black bracelet, that means bareback action, anything goes.” He proclaimed.

The thought caused a shudder down Leah’s spine, but Emma had the car keys and this part of town was too bad to call a cab. Leah had to get to Emma.

As she entered the club’s main room she could feel the hard cold floors on her bare feet when she almost slipped in a puddle of semen. The thought turned her stomach as she hurriedly looked for her s****r. Naomi accidentally bumped into her smearing some more cum on her arms.

“Whoops, sorry darling, just on my way to clean up. These studs cum gallons.” she laughingly said as she walked away.

Leah finally found her s****r off to the side of the main stage. As she got closer, Leah stopped in her tracks as she watched her s****r take a bare black cock. The black man shuddered and pulled out suddenly. Leah watched as her s****r lay there on the table and she could see a stream of white liquid ooze from her pussy. Emma slowly got up with a big smile and cum drooling down her leg.

As Emma saw Leah and her disbelief, she walked over to explain.

“Please don’t judge me. I love this life and it is so true what they say. Once you go black, you can never go back.”

“I don’t understand, you’re married. Plus Dad would kill you if he ever found out.” Leah said.

“ I am just asking that you keep an open mind. I set this whole night up for you to try. Just take a look around and join in if you like.”

“Join in? There is no way I am letting some nigger touch me with his dick” Leah angrily responded.

Emma could sense this was not going as planned when two black guys responded.

“What the hell did you just say?” the black men angrily replied.

Leah tried to stammer an apology when Emma saw an opportunity and intervened. She pulled her s****r aside and said, “ Look you pissed them off now and they are bigger than us”

‘Well I will just call the cops to get us out of here” Leah desperately replied.

“Do I need to remind you, we are at a club…naked with no cell phone. Who are they going to believe?” Emma stated.

“Well what do you suggest then?” Leah asked.

“Just follow me to the back room. I promise if you just let one of them fuck you they will let us go home. I even have a blindfold so you can pretend it is a white guy.” The back room being a staging area Emma had setup with a extra cameras and a sex chair.

“Well ok, but promise me you will make them wear a condom”

“I promise” Emma grinned knowing she did not intend this.

As they entered the special room, Emma put on the blindfold and guided Leah to the chair. As Leah sat back, she became tense. Emma massaged her head and guided the first black dick toward Leah’s mouth.

“Just open your mouth and let him in”

Leah hesitated as the black man’s cock touched her lips and push past her teeth. She could feel the size stretch her mouth and she began to wonder when it would end. The cock continued to press onwards until it reached the back of her throat causing her to cough and choke.

“Just relax and open your throat up.” Emma soothingly stated as she guided Leah’s head back and forth.

Leah obeyed and she could feel his black cock swell inside her throat. He grabbed her hair and began pulling it back and forth until Leah started to steadily make gasping noises as he moved in and out of her throat.

With Leah being distracted by the face fucking, Emma moved Leah’s legs to a spread and lifted position in the chair and tied her legs to the chair rest so she could not escape. Emma also tied her free arm down while the black man receiving the blow job pinned her other arm down with his ass.

Leah realized she was stuck and tried to get out and scream, but each time she tried, the black man would ram his cock further into her throat preventing her from resisting.

Emma watched her tidy work and smiled at the cameras as then Master D entered the room. Master D became immediately erect as he saw his new white sacrifice before him. Emma guided his cock into her s****r pussy. Emma was sure to use Master D’s cock head to play with Leah’s clit to get her moist and ready. When Emma could feel the moisture from her pussy, she began to slide Master D’s nine inches into her s****r.

Leah at first tried to kick and escape as her pussy started to stretch and tear. As his cock began to reach her cervix, she felt as if she was being ripped in half. She would scream if she could but the other black man’s cock in her mouth kept her from making much more that gasping noises.

As Master D entered fully into Leah, he began to pick up his pace and began to aggressively move in and out of her.

Leah started to feel something different other than fear and anger. Leah started to feel pleasure and excitement. Her struggle began to fade as she started moving her body to the rhythm of the music and the sex.

The black man in her mouth started to climax and she used her free hand to stroke his balls and shaft until he came deep in her throat. She found herself sucking on his cock and swallowing every last drop as Master D continued to drill her below.

Emma watched in delight as her s****r became converted to her way of thinking. Emma reached back and took off Leah’s blindfold so she could see all the black men dominating her with the bare cocks. Leah used her free hand to pull Master D in closer. Emma untied Leah’s other hand but kept her legs tied just in case Leah panicked.

Leah now used both hands to grip onto Master D and he continued to pummel her. Leah started to cum and could feel her self grab onto him had and she screamed out loud with pleasure as she climaxed like never before.

Master D could feel her pussy tighten as she came and with his mission nearly accomplished, he only had one more thing to do.

Leah could feel Master D cum inside of her. His seed filled her womb and she could feel his seed slowly drip out of her as she felt herself let go of her repression and racism. All she could feel like she just wanted to obey the strong black man in all their desires. As Leah laid back in pleasure she could hear the other men command her s****r Emma.

"Okay bitch, clean that shit up like the white trash slut s****r you are." Master D commanded

Emma hesitated only slightly as she obeyed and got on her knees. She then moved her mouth to own s****r's cunt and began to lick up all of the cum oozing out of her.

At first Leah moved in shock as she felt her s****r’s lips touch her pussy lips. But the strong black man held her shoulders strong so she would just accept it. She began to enjoy being held down and f***ed to have her s****r's tongue moving around her now loosened cunt.

Get it all bitch" he commanded as Emma drank all of the cum she could from Leah's pussy.

"Now, share the love" he said as he grabbed Emma's head and moved it towards Leah forcing her to kiss her own s****r with a mouth full of his cum.

At first both s****rs paused at the sheer taboo of this. But each soon accepted their fate as black cock whores and obeyed. Emma's mouth opened and Leah's mouth accepted her tongue and all of the cum in her mouth.

As Emma spit the cum into her s****r’s mouth she whispered in her ear. "Welcome to my world"

As Leah swallowed the load, she could feel the nigger seed in her womb and throat. She reflected on what just happened and could only think of one word…... More.

She was let up from her bonds and was told she could leave with her clothes if she wanted. Instead Leah looked at her s****r and instead followed Emma to the dance floor to continue the adventure.

"Wait until you take one up the ass" Emma spoke into Leah’s ear as they moved onto the stage and danced with one another provocatively. Both girls giggled.

The DJ picked up the mic and announced to the dance club.

"Everyone please welcome the star of the hour and the world's newest black cock whore LEAH!!!!!"

The crowd erupted with applause and cheers from the black men and white women.

Leah did a little dance on the stage as the spotlight focused on her. As she finished her dance the club lights came on and Leah could see the full scope of the club. It was a sea of black men with a few white women servicing them.

The DJ guided both Leah and Emma onto the main stage and placed them down doggy style. The army of black men lined up to ride them until bred. As black man after black man rode them like dogs and came inside of them. Emma reached her hand over to Leah’s and held it. Emma smiled and said Black cock slut s****rs. I can’t wait until we get matching tattoos.

Leah replied, at this rate we will get matching babies.

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