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My First Time With a Mature Woman

This is a true account of my first experience with a “mature” woman – it happened (I think) in 1971.
I spent a bunch of years in the Canadian navy when I was young. When I was about 21 and "between ships" I was seconded to HMCS Oriole (a small sail-training ship) to make a trip down to Oregon. We visited Astoria, Oregon over a long weekend during their Sea Festival. The Canadian navy in those days was big on booze. Lots of rum & beer. As one might expect, while alongside we were open to the public.
I don't recall how it came to pass but I ended up down below in the crew's quarters with a "middle-aged" couple, entertaining (okay - I was plying them with beer). They were about 45 years old I think, but they may have been older. Both were rather plain. He was mostly bald, she was heavy-ish. She was also something of a flirt – not so assertive as to piss her old man off but enough to draw me in.
We all got pretty d***k. As is so often the case when drinking beer – nature calls often. The woman revealed that she needed to pee so I e****ted her to the head. The only one vacant was off the tiny two-bunk cabin assigned to the Sailing Master and the Coxswain who were both ashore.
Gentleman that I was, I stood guard while she did her thing inside and when she came out, she kissed me in thanks. I took advantage.
I returned her kiss which quickly deepened into lots of tongue and moaning, ass squeezing, belly grinding and groping of all manner. She moaned deeper yet when I cupped and squeezed her tits through her bra. We were breathing hard in only a few seconds.
To the surprise of both of us, we soon found ourselves stretched out on the lower bunk of this cabin, fucking like bunnies. Her skirt was rucked up above her hips and her panties were dangling from the toes of one foot. My bellbottoms were down around my ankles. She was remarkably eager – her hands gripping my ass and forcing me deep inside her with every thrust.
After a few minutes we heard her husband out in the passageway calling for her (the only thing separating us was a curtain across the doorway). We slowed down and stayed quiet until we heard him climb the ladder to the open deck then resumed our fucking. I pulled her neckline down and before I could do it myself, she had pulled her tits free and began rolling and pinching her nipples. That was mesmerizing – until that moment I had only dreamed of seeing such behaviour. Her touching brought me to the edge very quickly, even in my d***ken state.
“Cum inside me,” she whispered; “I want your cum inside me, honey!”

What could I do? I fucked her faster, harder, deeper and my balls exploded, filling her hungry wet cunt with my hot cum. In seconds I could feel it running down my balls as it leaked out of her.

She pulled my head down and kissed me deeply, passionately as she in turn came with my cock still buried deep inside her.

After we had both cum we straightened ourselves and rejoined her husband who had once again made his way back down into the ships lounge area. A most exciting, and extremely memorable experience, given that it happened over 40 years ago and the memory is still fairly fresh in my mind.

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