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Hot & Cold

Same gist. The first part is for buildup and character development, so if you’re only here for the sex, hit CTRL+F and enter “SEX STARTS HERE” or scroll down to that. Cheers! Please leave comments/critique!

Snowflakes fell from the sky periodically, but few and far between. The air was chilled and not a soul was in sight. All in all, it was a typical yet lonely winter scene.
My teeth chattered as I clung my skeleton-like fingers to the wheel, mumbling something about her being damn lucky. I was on the way to visit an old friend who recently went through a tough break-up. I hadn't ever talked to her all that much, but I still knew how important it was to just have somebody to talk to at such a crucial time. It was a delicate balance, no matter what way you put it. Show up too early and it looks like you’re trying to take advantage; show up too late and it looks like you don’t care.
I finally arrived, pulling into the driveway of the snow-covered cozy home. I rubbed my hands together, blew a little warm air into them, and made my way to the doorbell.
The door opened just a moment later. There she stood in a knitted sweater that was a tiny bit too big, sweat pants, and fuzzy slippers. Her long, black hair was frizzled and her cool blue eyes looked sl**py. She was hardly the definition of grace at this moment, but when she wanted to be, she effortlessly did so; she was a short, thin and pale skinned woman, making such grace an ease.
“Miss Emily?” I joked, a smile plastered on my face.
“Hey you!” she smiled back, flashing her pearly white teeth. She pressed her finger to her lips and looked around for a moment as if she was thinking.
“I’ll be out in just a minute, ok?” Emily told me. I nodded and patiently waited a few minutes or so for her to come out once more, now a bit more suited for the cold weather outside. She wore a fluffy fur jacket, lined jeans, and snow boots. She stepped outside and closed the door behind her. She giggled as she nuzzled her cheek into the dark brown fur of her jacket, then caught my eye.
“It’s not real!” she gasped, her eyes widening. We both shared a hearty laugh, and aimlessly wandered about, soon deciding to just take a stroll through the woods in her backyard; she had the lucky privilege of having several acres worth of land.
“So…how’s it goin’?” I plainly asked, if not a bit awkwardly.
“Oh, it’s goin’…” she sighed, her breath clearly visible in the chilly air.
“Yeah…” I trailed off, taking a look around the hundreds of trees with no leaves. My hands were shoved in my pockets, the cold somewhere in the back of my consciousness.
“Hey, put this on! You’ll catch a cold!” Emily teased as she yanked my hood over my head. I chuckled and stumbled a bit, losing my bearings. I eventually fell into a bank of snow, yelping and jumping out immediately, much to her amusement. Her cheeks were red from either the cold or with laughter. I felt a bit embarrassed for being such a klutz, but so long as it made it her happier, it didn’t really matter that much.
Emily helped wipe away some of the frost and snow from my clothing, still giggling.
“Now I’m REALLY gonna catch a cold! I blame you!” I teased.
“Aww, poor thing.” She stuck her tongue out. She blinked, and then grew a bit more somber for a moment.
“Thanks for coming over Danny, I really needed this…” she sighed, though with a smile. By this point, I had almost forgotten why I had shown up!
“Oh, it’s-it’s nothing!” I blushed lightly with a smile, wiping away the remaining snow. She grinned and looked around once more, taking in the wintery land. We had already gone some way away from her house.
“Kinda romantic, no?” she seemed to tease with a wink. My mouth was slightly agape, somewhat surprised by that, but I just stood up a bit straighter and nodded. She suddenly took my hand and swung it playfully.
“Hey, your hands are so cold…” she held one of my hands in both of hers, and I couldn’t help blushing even more deeply. She looked up and noticed the scarlet shade in my cheeks, looked away for a moment with a blush of her own, caught my eye, and we simply gazed, dark brown on gentle blue. I can’t quite ever put a finger on what made me lock lips with her at that moment, eyes half-shut…
We pulled off soon after, our heavy breathing apparent in the chilly air. We continued gazing at each other until…
“Nobody else is around for miles…” she muttered, looking around just to make sure. Once she was sure, she took my cold hands into hers once more.
“There’s… uh, something else I really need…” she sighed as she looked down but caught my eye once more before she finished her sentence.


Emily turned and pressed her chest to a nearby tree, though had her hips outwards towards me.
“I always kind of wanted to try this…you don’t mind, do you?” she cast her eye back, though didn’t turn completely around; she already knew the answer. I nodded, lost in something quite dream-like. I took a deep breath, and placed my hands on her hips, sliding her jeans and panties down…
“Oh, fuck! COOOOLD!” Emily was already shivering and whimpering, biting her lip with her eyes shut. I contemplated just pulling them back on, but she waved her hand and instructed me to keep going. I pulled them down to her knees, and she let out an exaggerated breath, still wanting me to know just how cold she was.
“J-just make it quick! One winter lovemaking session never hurt a-anyone, right?” her teeth started to chatter.
I unzipped my pants and let my throbbing boner pop out. I placed my hands on her hips as she turned, blushed and grinned, and teasingly shook her ass in front of me.
“Hey, wanna get REALLY kinky?” I laughed and held up an icicle I found off to the side.
“Oh my God, no!” she was smiling yet somehow still looked horrified, closing her legs shut tightly at the mere thought. I tossed it aside, sensing she wanted to be done with her experimental little fetish quickly.
I slide the tip of my cock into her tight wetness, sliding in inch at a time until I was completely in; we both let out a low moan once my entire length was in.
“How’s it feel?” I asked softly.
“Ooh, w-warmer!” she smiled, though still had her teeth chattering. I began to pump at a steady pace, making sure she was as comfortable as she could possibly be making love in 20 degree weather.
She thrust her hips out at me to meet my own thrusts, her soft ass pushed into my crotch. She started sliding down her support a bit, so I held her up, (perhaps not) accidentally getting a good fondle in the process.
“You perv!” she managed to laugh and stick her tongue out.
“Oh? Who’s idea was it to bang in the snow, huh?” I laughed.
“You’re gonna have a dick-sicle if you don’t hurry up!” she snapped back. I grinned, holding onto her waist as I really got moving. I reached down and rubbed her clit in circles as I began to pump harder and faster, Emily reacting with thrusts of her own hips.
Each passing second got the both of us closer to the brink. The pace of our breathing increased, and it was only a matter of mere moments until…
“DAN!” she tried to stifle a scream. Her eyes were closed, her mouth slightly agap, a look of pure ecstasy. I pulled out just in time to grunt her name as my cum load landed on the snow, “Emily!”.
After her breathing leveled out again, she yanked her pants back up, satisfied to be warm again. She smiled and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek as I stuff my cock back into my pants, the entire walk back to her home filled with laughs and blushes…

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