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"Mostly" Ghostly: The Summarised Ending

I've written myself into a corner with this story and can't seem to find a way out so here's the plot in a nutshell.

Jack and Regan continue to grow closer and eventually fall in love. Regan wants so desperately to be with Jack that she attempts suicide by overdose. Jack sees what he's doing to Regan and decides to leave so she can move on.

Two years later Regan is now Engaged to a man she met at work named Kyle.

Jack is a wandering spirit who suddenly finds himself drawn back to town. It turns out that he wasn't dead at all just a disembodied spirit. When they pull the plug on his Comatose body he is snapped back into it and wakes up.

Stricken with Amnesia Jack struggles to get his life back together going through arduous Rehabilitation.

With Regan's wedding swiftly approaching and Time Running out a newspaper announcement of Regan and Kyle's upcoming Wedding causes a flood of Memories to crash in on Jack.

Still recovering from his c*** Jack races to the apartment and finds Regan.

"You came back, I was hoping you would."

Regan is unaware that Jack is corporeal until he touches her face.

"I'm sorry I've been away so long."

Regan is shocked when he touches her face.

"You're, you're..."

"Alive, yes. I wasn't killed that day. I was Comatose."

Jack leans in a kisses Regan, something he has wanted to do for a very long time.

After a night of passionate love making Regan breaks things off with Kyle.

Jack and Regan elope to Vegas to start a life together

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