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Married Man Cum Dump

ver really considered myself gay. Sure I checked out guys in the locker
room at the gym, but in my mind it was purely for the satisfaction of
comparing. Deep inside I guess I should have realized that it was more
than just checking out the competition, it was wanting the competition.

I am what you might refer to as your normal guy. I like sports, drink
beer, work hard for a living, have a wife and three k**s. You would think
that I would have been satisfied with that, but I was keeping a secret that
had to come out. Like I said I never considered myself gay. I fooled
around with some buddies in high school and even in college, but it was
usually after getting completely wasted, and then we all could deny the
events. It seemed natural enough, and of course no one ever brought it up
in conversation, until the next time?lol.

Ok, so let me tell you about me physically, since I know you are all dying
to know. I am 6 foot tall, and weigh in about 245. I carry a bit of
weight, but I like it. I have dark hair, and luckily for me it?s not
receding too badly. I have a furry body, and thanks to my love of working
out and sports, I still have a great chest and arms. I am no Adonis, but I
look good. I have a round big ass that has always gotten looks from both
men and women. I have a good-sized dick too; it?s about 7.5 in length and
about 5 inches in girth. Nice to hold onto, and gives a good stretch so I
have been told. I work as a production line manager in a plant, and am
around a lot of blue-collar types most of the day, so you understand my
situation about not really admitting my desires.

It started innocently enough with me playing around on the computer. Was
typing in all kinds of lewd things into the Google search to see what would
come up. I typed in cock, and of course came up with thousands of sites
with young guys sporting wood. Not really what I was looking for, but some
were enormous. Typed in blue collar and got a completely different sort of
response. Sure again there were hundreds seeming to be correct, but then I
saw a company that did videos featuring normal red-bl**ded, blue collar,
married types. Some of the videos were glory hole related, others were
jerk off, but then there were the buddy types that really caught my
attention. I started down loading a few and found my dick getting hard
imagining myself in their place. The action was slow, but once they got
their pants off the sucking and eventual bareback fucking got me.

I started to imagine being the guy servicing his buddy and taking his
uncovered cock up my ass. I especially enjoyed when they would shoot a
load and then shove it back in. The thought of taking a guy?s dick and his
sperm started to tickle the back of my brain, and yes, my dick got hard
thinking about it. So as time went on I started looking for bareback
films. Ran across Treasure Island Media and about came in my shorts. Here
they were showing hot guys, hard cocks, and breeding sessions. I started
jerking off to the scenes where one guy was taking loads from a whole bunch
of random guys. I then sought out Xtube, and found what really got me
going. Here I found videos of regular guys taking anonymous dick and cum.
Most claimed to have put out a Craigslist ad, and then just set up the
camera waiting with a blindfold on and their ass up in the air. This type
of action became my obsession. I would start to jerk off to the videos at
every opportunity, and at work I would go to the john and rub one off in
the middle of the day thinking about them. I started looking at the guys
in the plant, and the gym a little differently. I would find a hot guy and
wonder what it would be like to be his cumdump. I wanted to service their
cocks, lick their funked up asses, and take their loads.

As time went on I started to search out other sites that would allow me to
look at real men, with real nasty desires. I also wondered if I could be
one of those guys that took cock after cock, and load after load in my ass.
I have never been fucked obviously, and the thought led me to buy a dildo
and see how it would feel. I purchased a small one to begin with, and
while in the shower or on the toilet I would insert that imitation cock and
enjoy the feeling. I started to connect taking a dump with the feeling of
my hole being stretched, and would get hard. However, the small cock was
not enough, I wanted the real thing, and I wanted it to really stretch my
ass hole.

I threw out the small one so that my wife wouldn?t find it, but had to get
a bigger one and find out what it really would be like. Trying to hide
your deviant activities from a wife and k**s is damn near impossible. She
is always hanging around, and the k**s never let you alone. So I started
staying later at the gym, and finding ways to work in some private time. I
hid the new, thicker dildo in my tool chest, and knew no one would think to
look there. The first time I was able to really insert it in my ass I took
about 5 inches and thoroughly fucked my hole till it hurt. I also shot one
of the biggest loads ever.

The obsession of being a man?s cumdump and service boy started to plague
me. I wanted to be one of those guys from the Xtube videos who put out a
CL ad, and then just waited to be fucked. I didn?t want to know whose cock
I was taking; just being his hole was enough. During this time I started
to jerk off more in the restroom at work. I would be sitting on the toilet
taking a good dump and enjoy the feeling of my hole opening up wide to
release the cock sized turd. I began to notice that I loved the smell of
stale piss, and shit, and sweat as well. I would sit there and shove a
couple of fingers in my hole and fuck myself until I came, all the time
visualizing some stud from the plant catching me and forcing me to service
him. I began thinking that it would be hot to be f***ed to bend over the
toilet with my dirty hairy hole waiting to be bred.

As with any obsession, it gets the best of you. I started searching the
seedy hotels on the outskirts of town for a place to put my plan into
action. I wanted one that was fairly accessible to the highway, and yet
far enough out that it would be very hard to trace me back to my suburb. I
found one that had cheap daily rates, was near a truck stop, and seemed
easy enough to find. I began contemplating how and when, and what would
the ad really say. I wanted to protect my identity, and yet feel free
enough to enjoy what I with out fear.

The opportunity finally presented itself a couple of weeks later. I had to
go out of town for a business meeting. The meeting would be only a day or
two, but scheduled a few days extra to put my plan into action. I reserved
a room at the hotel for the night after I got back into town. My wife would
think I was still away and so would not really be looking for me. Once
settled in, I got out my computer to compose my ad. What to say? I
started to feel anxious and scared. I had never in my life done anything
like this before. I wanted this so badly though, and now was the best
chance I was going to get.

The ad: Cumdump for use 43 yr. old, married, white male, bearish build, big
ass and virgin hungry hole looking for anonymous sperm donors. Will have
the door to my hotel room unlocked. Will be blindfolded and ready when you
walk in. Will do anything to get your cum load up my ass. Respond with
time available to make this married man your whore. NO condoms allowed.

That last part I thought about for a long time. Sure this was risky, but
when you are a cumwhore you take what you get. I would deal with the
consequences later if there were any. I needed cock and cum, and who knew
what else might transpire. I was ready to be that man.

I posted the ad, and then began my preparations. I had noticed that most
guys in the videos were cleaned out, and so made sure my hole was too. Not
that a shit fuck would not be fun, but figured there were few guys that
would be up for taking my shit filled virgin hole. I brought along some
beer to help calm my nerves, and before I knew it I had downed about four.
The booze was giving me a buzz and more courage. I didn?t have to wait too
long for a reply.

Re: Cumpdump for use

Hey bud, I am traveling through town and could really use a hot mouth and
hole to use. Where are you located and what room? Depending on location
could be there within 15 minutes.

I responded back with the hotel and room number and that was it. I
concluded from the guys email address that he was probably a guy much like
me, and that was exciting. So I turned off the computer and hid it in the
closet. I made sure there were no personal affects laying about to
identify me, or anything that might be taken. I made sure the door was
open, and accessible, and got in position. I put my blindfold on, got my
bottle of poppers that I bought at the local sex shop, and put my ass up in
the air. I took a big hit off the bottle, and let the fumes take me. I
felt lighter, and more in touch with my senses, and my ass was aching for
this man?s dick.

In no time at all I heard a car pull up to the hotel room. The door
slammed, and my heart raced. My ears were like sonar detectors, searching
for any and all sounds. I heard the door creak open, and the rush of air
come in. I took another hit of poppers, and waited. The man closed and
locked the door. Then I heard him pop off his shoes, and unzip his pants.
The sound of his zipper going down made me harder. I felt his hands caress
my ass, and could almost feel him working himself up. Then I felt him
probe my lubed hole with his finger. His fingers were rough and thick, and
I could feel them push my ass lips apart just a bit. I then felt him move
over to the head of the bed. ?Suck my dick faggot!? He guided me over to
his crotch and I could smell the sweat and heat off his balls. I opened my
mouth and he shoved his semi hard cock into my mouth. I dutifully started
to work my mouth over his shaft, and my tongue on its head. His cock
responded quickly as he f***ed me to choke on it. ?Good boy!? he said, and
slapped me lightly on the face.

?You ready for my cock boy?? he asked. ?Yes sir!? I responded. He moved
back to my waiting ass, and probed again with his fingers. ?Lower your ass
down boy!? and I moved into position. I took another hit of poppers and
waited. His cock head pushed at my virgin hole, and f***ed its way in. The
shock of the intrusion was surprising and I jumped just a bit. ?Stay where
you are fucking bitch!? the man demanded. I then felt him start to pump
his shaft into my ass. At first it felt good, and then I started to take
more of his cock into me, and I was drowning in desire. I pushed back
instinctively to take more of him into me. I moaned with pleasure as the
anonymous cock fucked me.

The guy grabbed onto my hips and f***ed his cock deeper and faster into my
hole. I could feel that he was close and screamed for him to fuck me. He
finally lunged deep into my hole and I felt his cock twitch, and his cum
fill my ass. His sperm felt warm and satisfying. He held my hips close to
him for a few moments letting his spent cock continue to eject his seed
into me. Then just as abruptly he pulled his cock out and slapped my ass.
?Thanks fag boy I needed that!? I heard him rustle with his clothes and
dress. I kept my head down and my ass in place. I heard him exit the room
and close the door. Load one was in!

As I lay there catching my breath I reached behind me and started to finger
my now wet and used hole. The feeling of another man?s cum inside me is
amazing. I didn?t really know what it would feel like to surrender myself
over to this, but it was exactly what I wanted. I then got up, popped
another beer and downed it. I then went to the closet and retrieved my
computer to check for more messages. To my surprise there were five
messages waiting. The first was a spam message and was deleted. The next
message was from a trucker coming into town. He said he was still about a
couple of hours out, but was looking to unload after a long week. He
mentioned that he had a four day load built up, and if I was up for it he
could contact some of his buddies to join in. He would get back to me as
he got closer in. I immediately responded with the hotel location and my
room number, and told him to bring as many as he wanted.

The next message was from a guy who apparently was on his way home from
work. He sounded straight; as he mentioned he was hard up and didn?t care
what hole he fucked. I sent him my information and waited for a response.
A few moments later he said he was close by and would stop by. I drank
another beer, and got myself in position. My ass still tingled from the
first cock, and now was excited about the second. Within a short time I
heard a truck pull up outside. I took a hit of poppers and waited. The
guy must have be a younger guy because as soon as he came in his first
question was, ?Dude is this for real?? All I could respond was ?Yes.? At
that he was more at ease, and began to undress.

?Damn, buddy you have a great ass!? he said, and moved close into my
upturned butt. I felt him massage my hairy cheeks, and then felt him do
something I had not anticipated, he started to lick and suck on my used
hole. It was such a surprise that I gasp. ?Fuck you already have a load
in that fuck hole, and it tastes amazing,? he stated, as he continued to
tongue fuck me. I thought he would suck out that first precious load, but
to my surprise he spit it back in and added his spit to it. He then stood
and aimed that cock head at my hole. With the first thrust in, I knew this
man was working with a big dick. I felt my hole stretch, and he kept
pushing more of himself into me. When I could feel his bush against my
ass, I knew he had to be at least 9 or 10 inches. ?Just relax dude, and
breathe. I know it is a big fucking dick, so just enjoy it.?

Then he started to slowly fuck my hole, and with each thrust I had to catch
my breath. To feel that steel pole up my ass was amazing, and I never
imagined the extent to which my pleasure would peak as it hit deep inside
me. ?Fuck your hole is so tight, and yet so wet with that other dude?s
jizz, I love it.? I started to beg him to fuck me harder, and he complied.
He picked up the pace and was jack hammering my hole with all he had. It
was exquisite pain and pleasure and I had to scream with each time he hit
deep. ?Cum in me, cum in me please!? I begged. He laughed a little and
said, ?I am there man, just keep squeezing your hole around my pole, and
you will get what I have in my balls?. With that he pulled all the way out
and thrust down into my sloppy hole, and I could feel him load my ass up
with his sperm. He let out a yell as he deposited his jizz in me. I had
my face buried in the pillow, and screaming with pleasure as I let myself
go into the moment.

But just as slowly as he began, he pulled his long cock out of me, and I
was left feeling empty. I could feel cum running out of my hole, and he
scooped it up and pushed it back in with his fingers. ?Here man, you want
to hold on to these loads till the next man comes in, he will love that
sloppy hole?. I felt him move away and get dressed. ?Thanks bud, that was
amazing. You ever do this again keep my email address and I will come back
for more.? With that I heard him unlock the door and leave.

As I lay there spent, the thought crossed my mind, ?why did you wait so
long to do this?? I didn?t have an immediate answer, but knew that
somewhere in my subconscious the pig lay dormant all those years. That
just checking out the guys had a far more reaching meaning that just

I got up slowly not wanting to lose any of the cum that was in my ass. I
got my computer to check on any other messages that might be there. I saw
that the trucker had responded back and that he would be there shortly. He
said he had a couple of his trucker buds lined up to breed me with him, and
that if that was cool just to reply back with a Yes. I quickly sent the
reply and downed another beer. My head was buzzing from the poppers and
the beer, and my body was all nerve endings from the experience.

I then lay back down on the bed and waited. I knew that doing anything else
would be a waste of time. I closed my eyes and did a mental check of my
body and all it was going through. My ass was sore, and yet it felt
amazing. I could mentally feel all that cum swimming in my guts, and was
surprised to find that I loved the feeling. I must have dozed off because
the next thing I heard was masculine voices and footsteps outside my door.
I could here the door open, and could estimate that three guys came in.
?This is definitely the place,? a deep southern voice said. The other guys
laughed and made some joke about the fag waiting for them.

?Hey buddy, care if we brought some booze to help the party?? one of the
guys asked. I responded that I didn?t care, and that I was there for their
pleasure. I heard them all talking, and getting undressed. I couldn?t
really tell what they looked like by their voices, but all of a sudden I
had someone guiding my head to his crotch. I instinctively opened my mouth
and found a nice thick, but soft cock in my mouth. I started working on
that, and could feel another guy working my cock. He moved himself under
me and was sucking my dick. The third guy had a heavy beard as I felt him
kiss, lick and bit my ass. He was working my hole with his fingers, and
opening me up. My hole was so lose at that point that it easily took four
of his fingers. He then began licking my ass and tasting my loads.

?He taste good there Darryl? This from the guy I was sucking hard. ?You
know it Pete, damn filled with spunk this boy is.? The guy who was sucking
on my cock moved out and traded places with Pete. Pete then moved behind
me and shoved his cock in without any warning. I had to keep from biting
down on the other guy?s dick from the shock. Darryl had moved to some
place in the room, presumably to get a drink. So I was now being spit
roasted. Pete had a decent dick, but probably more like mine. The unknown
dude had a beer can sized cock, not extremely long, but when it goes in, it
will spread my hole wide. ?How?s this cum dump?s hole their Pete? Worth
the time to fuck it?? asked the unknown guy. ?Fuck Dave this hole is
definitely new to being bred, but taking to it like a pig to mud!?

Pete kept up his pace for some time, until Darryl decided to take me for a
ride. ?Move over there Pete, let someone else take a turn?. Pete moved
out of my aching hole, and Darryl pushed in. My hole was now well used,
and sloppy and it accommodated Darryl?s sizeable cock well. I was still
working on Dave?s dick and balls too. Then Dave did something I did not
expect, he told Darryl to turn me on my back and fuck me that way. He
wanted me to eat his hole. So Darryl flipped me over and soon my mouth was
stuck on Dave?s furry hole. His ass smelled musky, and as I tongued, and
sucked on his hole I could tell he had not wiped well at all. I could
taste his shit, and the sweat from sitting in his cab all day. I had not
choice but to keep up my work as he was not moving any time soon. My mind
soon went back to my work john that smelled of stale piss and shit, and my
dick got harder. I had not thought about eating some guy?s dirty hole, but
damn it tasted good.

Soon Darryl was getting close and could not hold back. He shot his load
into my waiting hole, and grunted as he came. Dave soon moved off my face
and was making his way off the bed. Another cock was entering my hole and
I can only assume it was Dave?s as it tore my hole open. I felt my hole
rip, and it felt as if he was shoving a 2x4 in me. I gasp at the
intrusion, but felt someone else climb onto the bed, and knew a new hole
was coming down on my face. I had no clue that it was, but if I had to
guess it would have been Pete. His cock was hard as he straddled my mouth,
and I could feel his cock hit my chin as he worked his hole on my face.
?Yeah pig boy, you going to clean my manhole for me like you did Dave.?
?This time you?re going to get a cleaner one, cause I know Dave don?t wipe
so well?. He laughed as he said this. He was right his ass was cleaner,
but still musky smelling and heady tasting. I pushed my tongue deep into
his hole and worked my mouth on his crack.

I loved eating his hole, and from his groaning and moving he was enjoying
it too. Dave was now pounding my hole well, and I could tell he was making
sure he tore me royally. I could not reach for the poppers to help with
the sensation, but took it like the pig I was becoming. He soon was
letting out a cry as he flooded my hole, and joined his cum with the
others. Dave pulled out and I again waited for the next one. Pete would be
the last to dump his seed in me and I wanted to enjoy it. I took a deep
hit of poppers and begged him to finish me off. I felt him enter me with
ease, and I knew my ass was leaking cum. I felt him slam home deep in me,
and I wanted it to hurt. He pulled me closer to the edge of the bed and
got a good hold on my legs. He piston his cock into my hole like a man
possessed. ?You wanted to get fucking bred boy, and now you are going to
feel what a whore takes from straight guys?. He pushed his cock deep in me
and assaulted my guts. I didn?t know how much more I could take, but I was
not backing down. Pete kept up his pace with ease.

I was so into the moment that I had not realized that another man had
entered the room. I started to catch small bits of conversation in the
background as Dave and Darryl go themselves dressed. Apparently this guy
had gotten my information from a bareback site that one of my earlier guys
had posted. He thought he would stop by and see if the action was still

Pete?s cock began to swell and his climax was at hand. I kept going deep
in me and finally just stopped and his cock erupted in me. I felt his cock
jerk and could feel his ejaculation in me. Pete was exhausted and sweaty
and pulled out slowly. I could tell my trucker buds were about to leave,
as the conversation was winding down. From what I got, the new guy was
going to take over, and Darryl, Dave, and Pete needed to get some sl**p.
Darryl spoke, ?Thanks buddy, that was a great time, enjoy the next guy.? I
didn?t need to respond as they were quickly out the door.

I lay there on the bed a sweaty mess. My ass was leaking cum, and my legs
were just weak. I wasn?t sure what the new guy was wanting, but I was
about to find out. I heard him walk up to the bed, and begin to move his
hand across my body. This intimacy I was not expecting. The way he took
his time, it was like he was taking notes. I did not speak, and waited to
see where this was going. After a long time of just caressing my body and
my cock, he lifted my legs. He pushed my legs up toward my shoulders, and
began to lick my ass. This man seemed to be massive, and very strong the
way he easily moved me into position. He took his time licking and savoring
the cum that oozed out of my hole. My ass lips were swollen and his rough
tongue sent waves of electricity through my body. I moaned in appreciation
of his attention. ?You like that?? he asked. ?Yes, very much I answered.?

He continued his concentrated attention on my hole and ass. It was almost
like he was making love to it. I felt his tongue go deep and heard him
slurp the cum in my ass. ?Push more out to me buddy, I want to taste the
loads in ya,? he said. I pushed like I was taking a shit, and felt my ass
open to him. He sucked eagerly at my well-worked ass lips. ?Damn bud you
have taken a lot of jizz in that cunt of yours tonight?. ?I am surprised
you held on this long.? That last statement puzzled me, but I was not
going to ask why. What struck me as well was that the voice sounded
familiar, but again how could anyone I know have found out about this.

I felt him move up to my head, and he demanded I open my mouth. I then
felt him spit his mouth of cum into my waiting mouth. I played with the
spunk/spit mixture in my mouth and enjoyed all the different tastes that
were involved. I tasted all the guys who fucked me tonight, my ass, and
this guys spit. My dick was hard as a rock thinking about how nasty this
was, but could not stop. ?That?s a good pig, taste that spunk, and ass
juices?. ?I watched you clean that one trucker?s dirty hole earlier and
knew you would enjoy it.? I had to admit to myself I did.

?Well buddy here is what you have been waiting for?. This anonymous guy
had moved to my ass once more, and I could feel his cock head tease my
hole. He pushed inside me and let himself sink all the way down. I took a
deep breath as my insides were raw, and this new assault spiked the
electric impulses in my ass. He started to piston slowly and let me get
used to his cock. It had to be a good 8 inches. It felt like it filled my
tunnel completely and was hitting all the right spots. I found the popper
bottle and took another hit of the fumes. ?Yeah dude, snort that bottle
and feel me in you.?

I had to admit this fuck was the best of all the rest. The first one
itself was great, but now that my hole had been used and abused, and my
hole filled with cum I was enjoying how easily his cock slid into me, and
how wonderful it felt. I began pushing back on his thrusts to take him
deeper into me. I squeezed my ass muscles together to give him a tighter
ride and from his reactions it was working. Not only was he moaning with
each push, but also he was letting me know just how good this was. ?I
never thought fucking a dude would feel this great? I heard him say. ?Your
hole is tighter than I imagined.?

I could tell from his thrusts that this was not going to be a quick ride.
He was slow and methodical and he was enjoying every moment. He flipped me
back on all fours and grabbed my hips to get a better balance. He started
to fuck me with more purpose, and he made sure I told him what I wanted.
?Tell me that you want my cock?, ?Tell me you want me to fucking breed your
ass like a whore? he said. I did as he told me. I wanted him to fuck me
like a whore, to use my ass for his pleasure. The whole point of the night
was to finally surrender myself over to other men for their seed. I knew
that this is what I was meant for; my sexual purpose was to please other
men. It did not matter who they were, or where they came from.

The stranger fucked me harder, and really kept up a strong pace. All of a
sudden, he started to scream. I felt his cock jerk inside me, but he kept
fucking me while he came. The more he came, the more he fucked. He was
not done with me yet. He slowed his pace, but kept moving in and out of my
hole. ?There ya go man, you took my cum deep, and now you get your
reward.? I was not sure what that meant, but I felt a warm sensation inside
me. It took me by surprise, but the dude was actually pissing inside my
ass. The sensation was more than I could take, and my own cock started to
shoot on the sheets. I could not control that orgasm as I felt him fill my
hole with his warm piss. Oh God how much lower was I to sink this night?

He held still for a moment, and he was finishing his piss. He slowly
pulled out of me as to give me the chance to clench my ass muscles together
to keep his juices in me. I lay there a total wreck. I was dying to see
who this guy was. He just gave me the best fuck of the night, and I wanted
to thank him. I heard him pull up his pants, and the jingle of the belt
buckle told me he was ready to leave. I felt a bid sad about that. I
heard him move closer to the bed, and waited for what came next. What came
next I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams. ?Thanks Chris, your
ass was better than I imagined it would be. See you at work on Monday?. I
was frozen with fear. Some guy I worked with had watched me take cock all
night, and then bred me silly. Oh Fuck!

How did this happen? How did someone that knows me find me? I guess I
didn?t cover my tracks well enough, or fate had other ideas. I now had to
spend the whole weekend trying to determine whom the mystery guy was, and
maybe persuade him not to say anything. I had no clue what lie ahead, but
if I worried about it during the weekend, my wife would catch on that
something was up. As it was she had no clue that her husband of 15 years
was now a whore for any man?s cock and cum. That for the last 12 hours her
?straight? husband has been letting any guy come up his ass. Not something
I ever thought might come of this. I honestly thought it would be a
one-time thing, get it out of my system and move on. Who was I k**ding?
From the first cock to breed me that night, my fate was sealed.

Monday morning, as it usually does, comes way to soon. I had finished off
my weekend doing yard work and playing with the k**s. I did fuck my wife
Saturday night, but I only got hard thinking about me being used the night
before. I dressed and got to work early. Tried to act as natural as
possible, but knew that the shoe would drop soon enough. The day went as
usual and I almost believed that perhaps the last guy had been joking with
me, and that no one from the plant had any idea. I let my guard down too
soon. As I usually do I went into the john after lunch and figured I could
get in a good dump and a load while I was there. I went into the last
stall and locked the door.

I started to relax my ass muscles, and damn if they were not sore, but as
the log started pushing through, it felt so good. I started to stroke my
cock to the feeling, and the atmosphere. I brought back all those memories
of that night, and how good it felt to have a man?s rigid prick slide in
and out of my ass. I closed my eyes and let myself drift into that world
of pure a****l pleasure. Just as I was about to pop off, I heard the door
to the john squeak open. I heard the sounds of work boots on the cheap
linoleum tile as they made their way to the adjoining stall. I
u*********sly was holding my breath. I heard the sound of the man?s zipper
coming down, and the unmistakable sound of his jeans hitting the floor.

I then heard the man?s ass let out a fart that reverberated in the still of
the room. ?Damn that felt good,? the guy next door said. The voice
sounded familiar; in an instant I knew this was the last guy to fuck me the
other night. ?I bet your ass is mighty sore Chris,? he stated
matter-of-factly. I didn?t know what to say, I was stone still and
nervous. ?Cat got your tongue Chris, didn?t seem to the other night when
you were screaming for me to fuck you.? ?You don?t know who this is, do
you.? ?Why don?t you come over here and find out.?

My heart was raising a million miles a minute. What was I supposed to do?
I am at work, and although I have fantasized about this, I am damned
scared. As I sat silently in my stall I could hear the man take his dump.
The heady smell encompassed the space, and I could hear him straining to
push it out. The whole scene was making me hard again. I am such a pig.
I really wanted to know who this guy is, and stranger than that, I wanted
to be his pig. I don?t know what overtook me, but I stood up, unlocked my
door, and with my pants still around my ankles, made my way to his.

The door was open. I tentatively pushed at it and there sat Brian, the
big, blonde foreman. Brian is a massive, muscular guy. I should have
guessed by the way he manhandled me in bed that he was no wimp. I looked
down at this mountain of a man, and he had a wicked smile on his face, and
a rock hard cock in his hand. As if I could read his mind, I closed the
door, and sank down to my knees. From that vantage point I looked into his
eyes as if asking permission. ?Go ahead you fucking pig take my cock into
your mouth and suck on my balls while I finish my taking a crap.? The
thought of Brian?s beautiful ass being spread and his ass lips opening to
release his shit made me even harder. I had often watched him move, and was
in awe of such a large man could move with such grace. His ass was big and
round and firm, and really was a sight to behold in his jeans. He was at
least 6?4, about 270 or more. Brian kept his blonde hair short, his
stubble always looking like a day?s growth, and he worked on his body in
all his spare time. From what I could recall he was not married, but
everyone assumed him straight. Guess you can?t judge a book after all.

Now, in this space I was going to debase myself in front of him. I was
going to let him do whatever he desired, and I would take his orders
without question. I started to work his cock with my mouth. I could smell
his defecation in the bowl, and yet it hit me like poppers. He placed both
his big hands on my head, and started to throat fuck me. I opened my
throat to accommodate him as best I could, but still found myself choking.
?That?s a good pig boy, you take a guys cock anyway you can get it don?t
you?? ?I wonder what the other guys in the plant would think if they knew
what a cum whore you are??

I didn?t stop to think or answer. I was servicing a man that had power
over me, and I was enjoying it. My cock dripped from the excitement. I
pulled his cock from my mouth and dove into the bowl to suck on his balls.
They were salty and sweaty and they tasted of a man that does difficult
labor. With his jeans still around his ankles, it was difficult to get a
good angle on his balls, but I tried my best. Brian soon finished is dump
and lay back to enjoy my working is cock and balls. ?Move back for a
minute pig? Brian ordered. I backed up to the door to give him room. He
lifted his massive legs, I had to duck to miss being hit, and he planted
them on either side of the door. I crawled between his legs, and he
shifted his weight so that his ass hole was now at an accessible level.
?Clean my ass up like you did that trucker the other night boy, looked like
you enjoyed?.

Bending slightly I got my tongue to work on his hairy crack. It was
smeared with shit, and wet from him sweaty, but I did as I was told. I got
to work cleaning his hole and crack. The first taste is always a surprise,
but knowing that you are making a man feel good, and giving him pleasure,
pushes you beyond the obvious. You want to taste and smell him as he
naturally is. You want to be as close to him as you can physically and
emotionally. This union you enter into is one of mutual respect for each
other?s wants and desires. You are his sexual release and you take that
seriously. I could have eaten his ass for hours. I loved the feel of his
ass hairs across my tongue, the way he moaned when I sucked at his ass

?Good boy, now its time for you to take my cock up that furry hole of
yours? Brian said with a sneer on his face. We rearranged ourselves so
that I was now bent over the toilet, and my ass was open to his assault.
He spit on my hole and into his hand and smeared his spit on his cock. I
did not worry that I had yet to clean myself up from my shit just minutes
earlier, and apparently Brian didn?t care either. He slid into my aching
hole with one thrust. I bit down on my arm to avoid screaming from the
pain. My ass had been wrecked the other night and this new intrusion just
amplified the soreness. I let him do what he needed to do. Brian grabbed
my hips and started to fuck me hard. This was not the slow methodical fuck
of the other night; this was a savage fuck. He didn?t care if it hurt. He
didn?t care if I enjoyed it. It was all about his pleasure. ?Yeah fucker,
you wanted this for a long time.? ?I noticed you watching me when you
though no one was watching.? ?Well now you can have me again, and this
time it?s not about your ass, it?s about my cock and me unloading my jizz
into your guts.?

I braced myself against the wall and took all he had to give. I could smell
the stink of shit as he worked my still messy hole. I wished I had my
poppers to help with the experience, but I couldn?t risk having them at
work. He fucked me hard, and in I could feel his sweat dripping onto my
back. His breathing was heavy and he was pounding his hips against my ass
like a pile driver. I felt his cock twitch and knew the end was near. He
slammed into me at last, and groaned out his orgasm. He fell into me so
hard that I almost lost my footing. Brian laid his massive chest against
my back as his cock finished releasing his cum into my guts.

Brian pushed back abruptly and said, ?Pig you need to clean this shit off
my cock before I put it back into my pants.? I dutifully got leaned down
and swallowed his shit stained cock down my throat. I worked my tongue and
mouth across its plain, and tried to clean it as best I could. I could
taste my shit, and his cum mixed. I would remember this flavor forever.
After a few moments I pulled off and stood back up. Brian quickly dressed
and pulled himself together. I still stood there with my pants around my
ankles, and my ass full of cum. ?I guess you are wondering what happens
now aren?t you Chris?? Brian asked. ?Yes actually the thought did cross my
mind?, I said. ?Well I am not sure yet?, he said. ?Seems to me that we
have a golden opportunity here. You need me to keep my mouth shut, and I
need a pig to service me, and whomever else I chose at any time I chose.?

That idea had not occurred to me. ?I bet there are a number of other fellas
in the plant that would just love to use you like the other night.? My
eyes widened at the thought that others might find out about my activities,
and how that might play out for me at home. I didn?t want to ruin my
f****y; at least I did not want to hurt them. Could Brian and I work on
some arrangement that would keep my secret? ?So what you are suggesting is
that I become your whore, and you would pimp my ass out anytime you
wanted?? Brian looked like he was thinking the idea over, and said, ?Yeah
pretty much that is what I had in mind?. ?After seeing your performance
the other night and how much you enjoyed not knowing whose cock and cum you
were taking, got me to thinking about how this could work for both of us.?

?Listen Chris, I am not out to ruin your career or your f****y, but I did
enjoy the other night, and what we just did. Why not let me make all the
arrangements for the next cum dump night? That way you are out of the loop,
and I take all the chances?? I thought about this heavily. ?What exactly
do you get out of this Brian?? I asked. ?I get to fuck you, and watch you
get fucked.? ?I enjoyed being one of many loads in your ass, but now I want
to be the first and last load?. I had to admit I liked the idea of letting
someone else arrange things. There would be no paper trail back to me, and
I could just show up and enjoy. I know I enjoyed my connection with Brian
and the opportunity to get some other plant workers in me was tempting. I
knew I could never go back to being who I was. I may be a married man with
a f****y, but I am also a cum whore. I looked at Brian, and agreed to his
terms. This was going to be an adventure, and just what would happen next
I had no idea.

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