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Masako Togami kneeled at her living room table and leaned her elbows pensively on it while resting her head on the backs of her intertwined hands. She was feeling melancholy yet again. Her husband Nobuhiro wouldn't be home until 11 at the earliest that night because he was going to be out with one of his company's clients. Her 17 year old son Masahiro wouldn't return from his school's arduous baseball practice until 9. At 41, Masako was still quite fetching, 20 pounds heavier now after having Masahiro than when she was miss thang in college, but that meant that at 5'4" she was still only 120 pounds with merely the wispiest strands of gray in her otherwise bobbed black hair and had even had passes made at her by a couple of foreign businessmen recently. This made her feel better after the despair of hearing herself called "obasan (auntie, middle aged woman)," which only reminded her of the fact that she was aging.

Her depressed mood was the product of a combination of boredom and feeling resentful of some of the phenomena that inform Japanese society. For example, she hated the fact that Nobuhiro would come home so late at night due to work obligations they couldn't eat dinner together or he would be too d***k or tired to make love. While raising her son, she mainly wanted him to just be well adjusted and happy, but instead, from the age of five, he began playing baseball. In Japan , the baseball team workouts, even for Little League players, are so long and strenuous that they would kill most major leaguers and that is not an exaggeration. One of the biggest concerns for Masako was that his participation in the sport ensured that Masahiro was socializing almost exclusively with boys all day long with little time given for figuring out how to interact with women.

Indeed, she remembered what a lousy lover Nobuhiro was since he was the eldest son in his f****y and thus a lot of pressure was put on him to raise the profile of his f****y through assiduous study that would lead to a top flight university and a job with a first rate firm. This meant he was sent to cram school after his regular high school studies for the day were over, making free interaction with women nearly impossible. When she met him as a college student, she thought he was cute and she liked his senses of humor and responsibility. But in bed, she essentially had to teach him how to be a decent lover, which, she would not admit publicly, was a pain in the ass.

He got a job with a large company following graduation and they married soon after. She had Masahiro a year later. The cruelty in all this is that while she had instructed her husband on how to be a better lover, in the hot house fox hole world of Japanese corporate life, Nobuhiro, who was now a "kacho (section chef)," was carrying on an affair with one of the office ladies, a girl just barely out of high school named Kayo Mitowa. She made him feel young and she was just a hot piece of ass anyway at 5'5" and 115 pounds with D cups and a super cute chubby cheeked face. She understood what he was dealing with at the office, too. Thus Kayo-chan, as he called her, received the benefits of what his wife had taught him back in the day.

And then there were the other mothers in the neighborhood. They were annoyingly competitive with each other and while she would outwardly express happiness if the c***d of one of them made it into a prestigious university or got a job with a bigtime corporation, she would privately seethe since that put pressure on all the other parents to measure up. Even so, she refused to send Masahiro to a prestigious private school and instead had him attend public schools not only because it was cheaper, but due to wishing him to be able to relate to regular folks and feel a part of the mainstream community. He could have gone to one of the private vocational schools that were often little more than glorified baseball factories, but she wanted him to have a better education than that.

Masako lived in America for a few months when she was a teenager and envied the free time k**s had to associate with one another. Yeah, the schools were a disorderly joke to her, but American k**s seemed so much happier than her fellow Japanese offspring and boys had more of a clue as to how to talk to girls. In fact, by the time her and her f****y headed back to Japan, she had lost her virginity to an American neighbor boy and she still occasionally wondered what he was doing these days.

While Masahiro's time to actually interact with girls was indeed limited, he was considered one of the more handsome boys on campus and got a fair amount of female attention. Unfortunately, he was still pretty awkward around them and what steady relationship he had never really went anywhere and tended to dissolve after just a few months. Moreover, because parents in Japan have a tendency to stick their noses into the relationships of their youngsters, those couplings were kept secret until after the male proposed to the female. Consequently, Masako had no concrete idea as to the sexual experience of her son, who was a broad shouldered 180cm (5'11") 85kg (187 pounds) ace of his school's squad. However, his stuff was very average and most scouts saw his future as being in college, which was fine with his mother, or the industrial leagues (which is about the equivalent of A ball).

After coming home that night, Masako brought Masahiro his dinner while he did his homework. She rubbed his shoulders and complimented him on how hard he was working at both baseball and his studies. She hoped he would be able to get into a prestigious school such as Waseda University or Keio University, but the entrance exams were tough and he was probably not going to be judged good enough to get in on a baseball scholarship. That hope, though, was more for bragging rights with the other mothers in her immediate area and really, she would have been fine with him going to one of the Tokyo Metro schools rather than one of the Tokyo Big Six University League campuses.

Masako began to muse on helping Masahiro with women, too, so that he would have a better choice of finding a good mate who could give her grandc***dren. She wondered if Masahiro's lack of apparent success with girls was due to him being a lousy lover as her husband once was. Plus she was sexually frustrated herself. She was lucky to receive her husband's cock once a month now, leaving her marriage among the many that were known as "sexless." This also injured her self esteem, making her feel less attractive. Masako contemplated having an affair, but then thought about the hassle of all the lying and sneaking around that entailed and, at her age, her chances of finding another husband if her relationship with Nobuhiro split up over infidelity were pretty remote. She definitely wanted to be with a Japanese man because that is what she felt comfortable with, so dating or marrying a foreigner wasn't an attractive option to her.

When her husband finally came home at a little after 1 a.m., Masako was already asl**p. He was still buzzed from all the drinking and barely noticed her as he settled into the futon she had considerately already rolled out and prepared for him. She arose the next morning to arrange his clothes for him and begin making breakfast. An hour later, she woke him up. He basically bolted down his meal while reading the paper and then hotfooted it for the train station, barely saying two words to his wife during that time. She dutifully cleared the table and washed the dishes and sat before that table again. "Unmei da na (I guess this is my fate)" she muttered to herself. She turned on the tv and one of the morning gossip shows came on, but she lost herself in her thoughts and hardly noticed what was being said on the program.

When Masahiro came through the door that evening, she had dinner waiting for him. This time she had him eat it at the livingroom table with her. He had just about finished when she tentatively asked, "Ne Ma-kun (Masahiro's nickname), kanojo iru (do you have a girlfriend)?" "Okaachan urusee (mom, shut the fuck up!)!" he retorted. She pressed the question and he conceded that he didn't. "Ma-kun, okaasan kawaii (do you think your mother is cute)?" He looked at her as if she had three heads. "Mom, why are you talking like this?" he rejoindered. She answered that he may not have a girlfriend because he isn't very good at sex. He called her a moron and crazy and got up and went to his room. She knew he was interested in girls because she had not only seen the hetero porn magazines hidden in one of his desk drawers, but she had also thrown out the cum stained tissues that accumulated in his waste basket. "Ma-kun, I'm serious. I had to teach your dad how to relate to a woman romantically and I want you to not be the same kind of lover your dad was when you get a girlfriend," she explained. "Urusee (too much information mom)!" he barked back at her. Just then she heard Nobuhiro enter the house. "We'll talk about this later tonight," she said as she hurried off to greet her husband.

They made small talk while eating and then Nobuhiro went to take his bath. She got their futons ready for them in the bedroom while he was in the bathroom. When he was finished, she took her bath. By the time she padded into the bedroom, he was asl**p. Nobuhiro was a notoriously heavy sl**per. You could shoot off a howitzer outside his bedroom door and it wouldn't disturb his slumber in the least. So Masako spun on her heels and headed back to Masahiro's room. He was still up, reading a manga. She kneeled next to him and caressed his cheek with her righthand. "Ne, Ma-kun, ii? (is it okay if we do what I suggested earlier)?" "Mata ka (this shit again?)," he said, exasperated and defensive. "Ma-kun, mite (watch me)," she pleaded as she unbuttoned her pajama top, revealing her C cup boobs which were topped by dime sized nipples that stuck out about a quarter of an inch. His eyes widened at a sight he hadn't seen since he was in the early years of elementary school, when he and his mother still bathed together. She stood up and dropped her bottoms to the floor, revealing her hairy pussy to him. Even though it was his mom, his cock instantly became stone hard. "Mom, what the hell are you doing?' he spluttered.

"Sshhhh," she commanded, placing her index finger at a right angle with her lips. She crawled under the blanket of the futon with him and bid him to kiss her. "It's okay Ma-kun. Only you and I will know. It will be our little secret," she insisted. "Uh, o-o-o-okay," he stammered, his teenage horniness overcoming any objections he may have had to what was happening. "Ne, kiss shite (kiss me baby)," she begged. He gave her a quick peck on the lips. "Motto yarinasai (do more than that, k**)" she instructed. He leaned over and kissed her again and she pulled the back of his head into hers, pinning his lips on hers. He tremulously wrapped his mother's cute nude form in his arms as he continued to lip wrestle with her. This was the first time she had been naked and in the arms of another man other than her husband since she was 19 and she was enjoying it. When she broke the kiss, she inculcated how and when to mix soft and hard kisses and how much women love to do it. When he kissed her again, he ground his cock into her groin, using his righthand to pull her ass toward him. The grinding and kissing made her wet, which was amplified by the forbidden nature of what they were doing.

As the kissing continued, he was getting better at it until she evaluated, "ojouzu desu ne (you're good at this aren't you?)." She pushed his head down to her breasts and encouraged him to suck on her nipples. "Suck on them like a baby but not too hard," she said and she enjoyed holding his head in her arms while he did that. It brought back memories of her breastfeeding him when he was an infant. "Ah, kimochi ii (God, that feels good)!" Masako gasped. She let him do that for a few minutes before she pushed his mouth off of her teats. She pulled away from him so that her legs were in front of him and she spread them open. Pointing to her clitoris, she had him rub it with his fingers while repositioning herself so that he could put his mouth back on her erect nipples. "Ah, sugoku kimochi ii (that feels amazingly good)!" she sighed and she could feel herself approaching climax. "Don't stop until after I cum," she lectured him. She held on tightly to his neck while his fingers directed her to an orgasm, her breathing short and rapid now. "Ikisou (I'm about to cum)!" she notified him and then she squealed as the riptide of warmth bulldozed its way through her senses. "Iku! Iku (I'm cumming)!" she squeaked, trying to suppress the volume of her protestations.

She subsequently had him roll on to his back. Masako, with her heart practically beating out of her chest but also high from the orgasm, pushed his underwear down, his cock popping out. "Oh my, you're a big boy, aren't you?" she smiled. The head of his prong was smeared by pre-cum. She slowly stroked it and then bent her head down and cleaned the head off with her tongue. "Oishii (it's delicious)!" she critiqued. She smiled bashfully and opened her mouth wide to engulf his fat cock. He emitted a grunt as he felt her lips begin to sc**** against the skin of his shaft. Her nails gently tickled the skin of his balls. She savored the taste of his leaking pre-cum while her lips coasted over his solid meat stick. This was the first time any girl had done this for him and it wasn't long before his trigger was tripped and she absorbed every volley of the semen that he spurted into her piehole. She lingered over the taste and texture of it since this was her son, the boy she had given birth to, and she wanted to enjoy everything she was doing at that moment. She swallowed it. "Oishii!" she propounded.

"Now it's time to teach you how to lick me down there," Masako enunciated. She laid on her back and told him to crawl between her legs. "If you can do this well many girls will want you," she claimed. She put him through his paces, showing him when to suck and when and where to lick and how to use his fingers on her g spot. Eventually, she felt the sensations within her building as his tongue attacked her nubbin and his fingers strummed the ridges on the top of her vaginal wall just inside of her. Her huffing and puffing was very erotic to him and he could feel his cock stiffening again. "Oh oh oh, kimochi ii!" she rasped and then she suppressed a scream with her palm while her pubic muscles convulsed and her brain milked the pleasure that was injected into it. She told him not to stop and she was soon accorded several more orgasms.

"Ne Ma-kun, irete (put it inside me)!" she urgently requested, feeling that aching deep within her that needed to be sated by the imposition of a cock. He was so horny that he automatically did what she said and didn't worry about this being i****t. He let out a sigh as he felt her vaginal muscles compressing his dick as it burrowed into her, pushing her moist, fleshy walls apart. It had been weeks since the last time she had been stuffed with with her husband's sausage and it felt so good to be filled again, her body writhing and Masako telling him how good it felt for him to be fucking his mother. She tilted her hips upward and plopped her feet on his back, wanting every inch he could give her. "Ma-kun, kimochi ii yo! ahhhh!" she moaned. "Daisuki yo Ma-kun (I love you Ma-kun)!" "Daisuki yo okaachan (I love you mom)!" he declared as he continued to shiv his mother with his weapon. Her nervous system obsessed over every sensation from his fuck stick repeatedly plunging into her middle aged body, her arms holding on to him as f***efully as she could. She felt something hot stab her in the stomach area and then it flared out into the rest of her body, making her pant and gasp and then she suppressed a yell as the orgasm nailed her, her pubic muscles dispatching paroxysms of pleasure. She felt the heat of his skin on her naked body as he kept on pressing and withdrawing his penis. She was feeling overwhelmed by a mixture of the sensations and emotions she was experiencing and more and more she was sincerely glad she had ignored the taboo and did this for her both son and for herself.

Masako didn't want his thrusting to end because she was one with her son and she just flat out needed a good railing. Her eyes were closed and her brain was milking the jolts she felt with each passage of his cock through her opening. He was close now and so was she, but his cock was awfully sensitive at that juncture and he spewed his snotty semen against her cervix. His own life had started this way 17 years and change earlier and his mother was glad to have him share his spunk with her.

"Kore kara mondai nai deshou (I don' t think you're going to have any problems from here on in)," she predicted as she lay on his futon with his cum dripping out of her pink slit. "Arigatou ne Ma-kun," she relayed. "Kimochi yokatta okaachan (it felt good mom)," he disclosed. "Ne Ma-kun, okaachan wo aite ni shitekure (Ma-kun, fuck your mother again sometime, okay)?" "Hai (yes I will)," he accepted. "Sore ja modotteiku wa (since that's settled, I have to go back to my bedroom now)" she indicated. First, though, she went to the bathroom and quickly washed his cum out of her, though a certain amount of his sperm would remain swimming inside of her for up to five days. She stealthily slipped into her futon as her husband slept like a log, totally clueless as to what his wife and son were up to.

The following morning, both Masako and Masahiro pretended that there was nothing between them. Nobuhiro eventually left for work. As soon as he was out the door, both mother and son were all over each other. Masako went to her knees, undid his trousers and, with a great deal of excitement in her heart, took his cock into her mouth again as he stood over her watching the woman who gave birth to him suck his sperm hose. He ultimately spattered her yapper with his baby batter and she gratefully gulped it into her stomach before sending him off to school.

Masako then retired to the bathroom and frigged her clit, recalling the events of the night before and how she was able to get a taste of her son's love gun that morning and how much she wanted to feel it between her legs again, her moans rebounding around the tiled space. For the first time in a good while, she spent the day in a happy mood.

Just after noon, Nobuhiro phoned Masako and stated that he and some of his coworkers were going out drinking. The truth was that he and Kayo were going to a love hotel to have sex after work. Masako, though, didn't care if he was late coming home again because once Masahiro returned from practice, she got to enjoy bouncing her pussy on his cock and feel an intense orgasm as well as his manjuice being shotgunned into her. After Nobuhiro was back, she waited for him to fall sl**p and then she snuck into Masahiro's room and cuddled with him for a couple of hours while he was off in dreamland. She felt almost like she was a schoolgirl again, experiencing the giddiness of newfound love. "I'm so glad I had him," she thought to herself in a wicked double entendre.

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