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Untill He Learns To Love It Ch.9

6 months later…

It came to me with time, the reason I felt so weird about what we did to Dominick at first, Breaking him down emotionally was a necessary first step. Putting the pieces of Dominick back together the way we wanted was the next and hardest step, I imagine dealing with anyone that broken weather I had a hand in it or not would have been hard on me. Once the pieces were where we wanted the finial step was to make sure they stayed that way.

“Jay!” Dominick shouted happily running down the hall in a shirt then jumping up and wrapping his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist, “heyyyy” I said being caught off guard, “I’m sure going to miss you” Dominick said just before he kissed me putting his tongue in my mouth as he did, “last night on the island…” I said “how’s it feel?” I asked, “sad” Dominick said getting off me and standing on his own feet, “all I keep thinking is how I will never have another all-nighter with Pierce, suck Otis dry, fuck David’s brains out, or have you sucking me, fucking me, licking me all over…” Dominick went on “being covered in and filled with cum” Dominick said with his eyes closed lost in his memories.
“look at this” Pierce said coming upon us I the hall seeing Dominick with his arms still wrapped around my neck, “you look so cute together” Pierce said jokingly, “he said he’s going to miss you fucking him all night long” I informed, Dominick looked embarrassed but still had a smile on his face, “really?!” Pierce said, “yeah Pierce I am” Dominick said, after Dominick said that Pierce unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to the floor, Dominick looked down at Pierce’s dick, it wasn’t a look of obligation on Dominick’s face it looked more like he was compelled to drop to his knees and start sucking. Thinking back on the nervous and scared guy that Dominick was when we started it was hard to recognize him from the perfect man-slut that he now was, I followed Pierce’s lead and dropped my shorts as well and put my dick in Dominick’s face, it was like he was in a trance down on his knees, “no way” Otis’ voice echoed as he exited the kitchen and without a thought he pulled his pants down and came over to get dick sucked too.
It didn’t take long before David happened upon us and joined in, David, Pierce, Otis, and I all positioned around Dominick now down on his knees as we bumped and shoved each other over mouth time. “We turned him into such a good dick sucker” David said I didn’t, though I hate to admit it David was right Dominick’s dick sucking skills were finely honed, though being in his ass was better, his was good enough to suck a load out of the most stubborn dick. Both David and Pierce’s shared Dominick’s mouth while Otis and I occupied either of his hands, he knew just how each of us liked our Blowjobs and Handjobs he knew how to make each of us cum and the best thing was that he couldn’t get enough of it, “fuck this!” Otis said pulling away and walking off toward the bunk, neither of us knew what got Otis so worked up to storm off like that, Dominick looked around at us as if he thought it was his fault “don’t stop” I said I commanded and he started back up sucking and rubbing all of our dicks. “Bend over” Pierce said pulling Dominick up by his arm, Dominick stood and bent over so that Pierce’s dick was right in his face and started sucking it and gripped my dick in his hand, David started rubbing, grabbing, and squeezing on Dominick’s ass, “aye!” Otis shouted standing in the door of the bunk, we all turned and looked right at him and he was naked. Now I don’t know if it was because of what we trained him to do and now he couldn’t resist the sight of a naked man or if it was simply because he liked Otis more but Dominick’s full attention was now focused on Otis. “Bring him in here” Otis said waving his arm for us to come and join him, Dominick looked at Pierce as if to ask for permission, Pierce nodded his head toward Otis and Dominick went running down the hall, we all followed at different paces till we got to the bunk.

“Otis… what the fuck man?” David shouted seeing what Otis had done, “yeah, I’m with him Otis” I said seeing all the mattresses taken off the bunks and laid out together on the floor, “man It’s his last night here, I say we send him out in style” Otis said walking over and laying across the mattresses. Yes I was upset about my bed being tossed like I was in prison but Otis did have a point, we didn’t have much time left with we might get our jollies in before tomorrow afternoon when Dominick was scheduled to leave the same way he got here. “Come get this dick” Otis commanded and Dominick obeyed nearly jumping across the room to get Otis in his mouth, “that’s what I’m talking about” Otis said enjoying Dominick’s mouth and hands on his dick. Pierce walked over and tore the shirt Dominick was wearing right down the middle like he couldn’t wait to get his hands on Dominick, “wow… little much Pierce” David said as Pierce pulled the rest right off of Dominick, “get those shorts off” I said and Dominick started to slip out of the shorts he had on while still sucking Otis.

Pierce got down pulled Dominick’s hips up a little and started licking his ass, “share the love” I said getting my dick right next to Otis’ and Dominick started sucking me as well, David seemed like the odd one out as he stood there and watched us while he jacked his dick, until he walked over and put his head up under Dominick and started sucking on his dick while he kept jacking.

Things were escalating faster than they usually did probably because we knew our time with Dominick was so short, Dominick was now inside David while Otis was inside him, Pierce and I were on either side of Dominick slapping our hard dicks in his face on and his tongue while he fucked and got fucked.
“hahh!” Dominick moaned out loudly but weather it was David or Otis that made him moan was anyone’s guess, “after all this time I still can’t get enough of this ass” Otis said slapping Dominick on the ass, Dominick knew just what it took to please David’s ass, moving his hips side to side and rolling his pelvis around on David’s ass which gave Otis a certain amount of extra pleasure as well.

Dominick turned his head from side to side as Pierce and I took turns sticking our dicks in his mouth hitting the back of his throat then switched off again. I tried to imagine what was going on in Otis’ head at the time, I knew he loved the sounds of “dick sucking” and the sounds coming out of Dominick must have been driving him wild. David looked like he was losing his mind, his arms gave out on him and he was now face down with his ass in the air, his mouth gaped open and drooling onto one of the mattress he was on, “fuck yessssss” David let out and his body went limp.
Dominick pulled out of David and he let himself just drop. There was a small puddle of cum on the mattress between David’s legs, Otis wrapped his arms around Dominick and pulled his back close against his chest, “enhh” Dominick squealed, “damn boy” Otis said getting Dominick to bounce up and down on his dick. I moved in taking full advantage of Dominick’s mouth, “oh my god…” Otis said holding Dominick tightly for a moment then released Dominick from his clutches, “always leaves me nice and full” Dominick commented after Otis slipped out of him and Dominick still looked eager for more.
I waited a bit to let Pierce have a go at Dominick’s now cum filled ass as Dominick got down on his knees again ready to start sucking but Pierce shot me this look that said “You First” I knew he liked sloppy seconds and thought he would take his ass first but he didn’t letting go while Dominick started sucking on Pierce again.
My dick slid right up into Dominick’s slippery cum filled ass, all I could think about was the fact that I was smearing the cum Otis left inside him around Dominick’s insides even more making Otis’ mess worse, that’s not to say that it didn’t feel fantastic on my dick as I pumped away at his ass.
Pierce grabbed Dominick’s head and used his throat forcing his dick down it over and over, while Dominick stroked away at his own dick. “You know what I’m going to do…” I started still slapping my pelvis against Dominick’ ass, “I’m going to blow my nut right down your throat” I informed Dominick, “ehmnm!” Dominick moaned in excitement with his mouth still full of dick.

I worked up a good sweat banging Dominick’s ass it oozed out of every pore and dripped from the tip of my nose and landed on his back, “Pierce get out… this is it” I said pulling out and quickly moving around in front of Dominick putting my dick in his mouth and releasing my swimmers right into his mouth then Pierce took up my position inside Dominick, “woo!” I let out while Dominick still sucked the last drops of cum from my dick then opened his mouth wide showing me that my guys were now swimming around in his stomach.
David was still laying out the mattress maybe he could have been sl**p but I wasn’t interested in finding out, Otis was resting sitting on the mattress, I went and sat with him and the two of us watched Pierce do his thing. The look on Dominick’s face was complete elation, like he just couldn’t get enough dick in him, the big smile on his face, the look in his eyes, the moans coming out of his mouth as Pierce beat Dominick’s ass up like he wanted to cripple him.
“Hell, I’ma miss this ass when you leave” Pierce admitted still fucking, “ungh, ungh, ungh, unhh” was the only sound that escaped Dominick’s mouth while Pierce, worked his wonders deep inside him, “I know I’ma miss that booty too” Otis claimed with a sad smile on his face like he might cry, I knew Otis was a big softy… but I figured it was normal to grow to miss someone you’d spent six and a half months with once he left.

“Unguhh shit” Pierce let out as he added to what Otis left in Dominick, then fell over breathing hard……………………………………

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