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Fathers Day – Pt. 8 – The Finale.

It was Fathers Day, I was up early making my fantastic dad his traditional Fathers Day breakfast of every fried thing you could think of along with coffee and toast.

I tried to get into his bedroom as quietly as I could but the clinking of the stuff on the tray woke him.

“What’s this” he said in mocked surprise, “someone must have got up early today.”

“Early, do you know what time it is, it’s half past eleven,” I said, “I left you as long as I could but I wanted us to spend the day together without sl**ping half of it away, some poor old devil must have had a hard day yesterday and needed his sl**p.”

“Yes, I did have a hard day yesterday, thanks to you young lady, and less of the old or I’ll have you later.”

“Mmmm, yes please papa, yes please, do you want to do anything special today dad – just the two of us?”

He raised his eyebrows and I could see that I’d just said the wrong thing, his mind was working overtime again.

“Not that – well yes that, but anything else – oh, you know what I mean.”

“Well, how about, we have a shower after we’ve had this breakfast, then go down the pub for a few beers, then back to watch the telly for a while, there’s a woman’s European football final or something on that I’d like to get a look at and then just take it from there, how does that sound?”

“Typical you, watching a bunch of women playing football, whatever next, but yes, it sounds great to me.”

We had a wonderful shower together, nothing particularly sexual, just soft, loving, smooth body touching with loads of soap and bubbles. He would start by massaging my shoulders and back, I would turn round and just stand there offering him the soap to do my front, something he’s the past master at, he knows every line and dimple of my boobs, probably better than I do – my nipples were virtually flying off the tips whilst he was doing it.

Then I would do the same to him, his very strong broad shoulders, his curvy back. Then I’d turn him round and run my fingers through his chest hair, pinching his nipples – it never ceases to amaze me just how sensitive a mans nipples are, something a lot of women know nothing about, what a waste.

Back to his turn, his hands full of bubbles, he’d turn me around and slap my bum really hard, bubbles went everywhere, the tingling feeling in my bum cheek and the outline of his hand wetting my fanny.

But of-course, once he’d done that he’d have to hold it for me and make it better – more pussy juice, finally letting his hand drop from my bum cheek to the crease, drifting up and down that leisurely and then circling my bum hole – one of my most favourite things he does for me, then in between my legs, middle finger lingering half up my pussy, then out, up through my pussy hair, rub the soap all over before I stop shacking, then underneath the shower head to get rid of all the bubbles.

My turn, well you get the drift, no need for me to bore you with what I did to him – needless to say, even after we’d dried off, he still had difficulty getting his pants on!!!!!

The football wasn’t all that bad, I wasn’t really watching it but I hoped dad was, that is until I heard him lightly snoring – oh well, the beer has that effect on him, I’ll just let him sl**p and tell him what happened later.

Round about five o’clock, I felt dad’s mouth on my nipple through my shirt.

“Oooo, dad, that’s nice – what happened?”

“Well I guess we both must have fallen asl**p, the last thing I remember was watching all those women running all over the field, the next thing I know, your snoring’s waking me up.”

“Cheeky thing, I don’t snore.” I said getting up and chasing him out into the hall.

I caught him just at the bottom of the stairs as he tripped up the first few trying to get away from me.

“Got ya,” I said landing on top of him half way up the stairs, “Oooooo, you’re really hard dad, what made you like that?”

“Well before I woke you up, I was having a really lovely dream about you and me, you know. . . . . . . . and that’s what woke me up.”

“Well, don’t just lay there, come up stairs and tell me all about your dream and let’s see if we can make some of it really happen.”

We lay on his bed and - “Well, we were both in bed naked,” - quick scramble to get clothes off, “and then you said . . . . . . “ I put my fingers to his mouth.

"Put it in me, please daddy, I just can’t wait any longer, I’ve been waiting all day and you seem to have been hard all day too" I whispered, eyes closing, legs opening and raising toward him.

He leaned over me and guided his cock to my vulnerable little slit and I was suddenly wracked with doubts. I could see my tiny pussy and she was so bloated from the pounding I’d taken all weekend and with the extreme excitement I was feeling, she looked so small. Even an average size cock would have looked too big for my labia at that very moment, let alone the one that was trying to gain entry into me.

But as soon as the knob was against me, I began swiveling my hips, trying to screw my cunt onto his dick. My legs went around his waist and I started humping myself up at him.

“That’s it daddy, do me, push it in.”

He worked his glans into the grip of my bloated pussy lips, then put his hand under my upturned little bum. He pressed into me gently, rotating his hips to find the angle and the opening.

Suddenly, I groaned out an "Uh-huh! Uh-huh!" and pulled at him fiercely. He obviously took this as a hint and pressed harder and felt an unreal constriction begin at the head of his cock. Bit by tortuous bit, he was sliding into me, my distorted pussy hard and tight around him. The knob suddenly was all the way into the miniature opening and we both groaned.

I looked up at him and asked, "Is it all the way in daddy, is it?" I looked down and saw there was plenty more. "Oh, damn, more-more-more...I want more." I began bucking my hips up at him while my hands came up around his neck. I was trying to pull him into me and pull me onto him. He did his best to help.

Slowly, so very slowly, he sank into me a little more, then pulled back and pushed again. I could see my tiny, swollen pussy lips stretched thin around his shaft. My cunt lips seemed to implode each time he pressed into me. I seemed to be loosening inside, but not a hell of a lot.

When three-quarters of his wonderful cock was buried in me, he pulled back almost all the way - and pushed into me as hard as he could. It must have taken fifteen seconds, but he finally got all the way into me.

I felt something inside me lurch against the end of his constricted cock and I gasped as my pussy was pushed deep enough to take all of him. I felt my pubic mound and clit against the bony ring at the base of his cock as he ground against me – there was a bright light in my head and I felt weak as my pussy began spasming.

It was like rings of my pussy muscles were rippling the length of his cock. It felt like my cunt was sucking at him. I knew he wasn't going to last long in the grip of my now tiny pussy. He began working his dick back and forth in me taking it out halfway, then pressing back in and tightening his muscles to make my cock twitch inside me at its deepest.

Slowly, I began rocking in motion with him and as I started shuddering and pounding, my hips were pumping demandingly. My moans began again and quickly became soft screams. He handed me the pillow and I clutched it to my face and started wailing again.

"I want to get really deep in you, Wend," he said as he continued to pound me, "really deep."

I howled into the pillow.

He paused and untangled my legs. With his cock still locked halfway into me, he shifted my legs and repositioned me on my side, with him straddling one of my thighs. He pulled my other leg up by the knee until it was against my abdomen. I could feel myself tighten even further and shorten on his cock.

He reached between my legs with one hand and put his palm over that magic spot just above my lips. With the other hand, he pressed my bum cheeks, right over my tiny hole. Then he picked me up in his hands and began ramming.

My screams this time were purely a****l as I came and came. He was holding me off the bed and fucking me up and down on his cock as he jack hammered his hips at me. My legs and arms were completely limp and whenever I paused for breath in my screaming, I could hear my tiny pussy sucking at his pistoning cock.

I was cumming non-stop now, completely possessed by orgasm, and when he finally slipped the tip of his index finger into my little arse hole, I lost it. My limp arms and legs quivered uncontrollably and my cunt seemed to be in one, long spasm. He must have been able to feel the contractions through my belly, as well as on his cock and the bum-reaming finger.

I could feel his balls tightened and could only imagine the buzz spreading through his crotch. I felt his cock swell in me as he jammed it to the limits and held it there. My tightness squeezed him so much that he came in one prolonged, almost agonizingly restricted stream.

I screamed all the louder and tried to hunch myself harder against him, as if to seal him inside my frantic pussy. It felt like I was siphoning the cum out of him and the mixture of my juices and his own hot semen was bathing his cock in sensations he told me he’d never known before.

When the last of it was out of his cock, I was still grinding against him, getting the last pleasures as his cock very, very slowly receded inside me. He lowered my hips gently to the now-rumpled bedcovers and slowly withdrew his finger from my violated back door, sucking it into his mnouth like a lolly pop. He removed the pillow and carefully shifted until I was stretched out on my side, in the cradle of his arms.

We nestled like spoons, his cock still trapped in my twitching little pussy. He leaned over and
kissed my ear and the side of my face. My cheeks were wet and I don’t know why, but I was sobbing. With each sob, my cunt contracted on him and my tummy rippled under the hand cradling it; I hope he knew they were sobs of pleasure.

"You are so beautiful and sexy," he murmured.

"And you make me feel fantastic. That was so beautiful, seeing and feeling you cumming like that. I love you."

We slept like that for who knows how long, it really didn’t matter. Occasionally, I’d feel his cock start to expand inside my wet through pussy and he’d start to make slow, passionate love to me all over again, not cumming, not needing to cum, the enormous feelings every time were enough to keep her dripping onto him and the sheet below.

He kissed my ear, he lifted my arm and licked and kissed the hair he found there, I turned my face and kissed his lovely soft mouth, his hips gently pushed forward and I felt him empty himself again inside my tight tunnel. My muscles tightened around his magnificent tool and milked the last drops from him, he groaned into the back of my hair.

We slept again.

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