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Mother-in-Law Part 6 -- the threesome

Babs led Louise to a chair, gently set her down, and began to undress slowly. My mother in law sat, panting, covered with sweat and staring at her friend. When Babs got down to her panties and bra she leaned forward, giving Louise a good view of her cleavage. Babs’ tits were much larger than Louises, and more firm.

“Like what you see?” Louise nodded. “Then touch them.”

Louise shot me a furtive glance, and I nodded approval. She began running her hands over her friend’s partly clothed body. Babs slowly turned and Louise unhooked her friend’s bra.

“Now her panties,” I commanded.

Babs turned and winked. “It’s ok honey. You’re gonna eat pussy today.” After all, it was on the list.

Babs’ ass was about 8 inches from my mother in law’s face. Louise slowly pulled down Babs’ panties as the younger woman let her bra drop to the floor. Louise instinctively fondled Babs’ ass cheeks. When Babs turned around her pussy was inches from my mother in law’s face.

“You’ve never smelled pussy before, right? I think you ought to right now.”

Louise slowly approached her friend’s hairy bush. Babs gently pulled her friend’s mouth close to that glistening, musky mound. Both women moaned as Louise nudged her nose under the pubes and found her friend’s love button. Babs lifted one leg onto the table as my mother in law licked and sucked her friend’s hairy snatch. I moved behind Babs and fondled her breasts from behind. As we kissed, my hard cock rubbed against the small of her back.

“You like the taste of pussy!?” I half-asked.

Louise could barely break away long enough to agree.

Babs was clearly enjoying herself, so I was surprised when she took my and Louise’s hands and led us to the den. Babs lay on her back on the thick rug and motioned for Louise to resume licking her pussy, which she immediately did. I realized, as I watched my mother-in-law’s ass undulating as she pleasured her friend, that I’d actually never fucked Louise before. She was a bit startled when she felt me behind her. As I grabbed her ass cheeks my cock slid into her slippery cunt like a hot knife through butter.

Louise was totally into the moment. She grinded her pussy against me while reaching up to massage her friend’s tits. I fucked her hard, but as I felt her approaching orgasm – at this point I could read her sexual responses like a book – I pulled out. “Don’t stop, don’t stop” Louise begged, but I had other things in mind.

Crawling over to Babs waiting mouth, I face fucked her while her friend continued to lick her pussy and asshole. Now it was my turn, but I wasn’t ready to cum either.

Moving back behind Louise, I entered her for a minute or two, pulled out again, and put the head of my cock against her virgin asshole. I slowly worked it in, first the head, then the upper shaft. I re-entered her pussy for some more lubrication, then back to her puckered, but by now slightly more relaxed asshole. Three easy shoves and my cock was buried deep inside her ass. Both women were squirming, seemingly on the edge of orgasm, when Babs had another idea.

Turning around and without disturbing me, she assumed the 69 position with my mother in law. I pulled out to give them time to re-orient themselves. Once again I switched to Louise’s pussy, and when I went back to her ass she took my entire 8 inches on the first thrust.

The three of us undulated like a well-oiled, writhing heap of flesh. Babs was the first to cum. As she began her convulsion, her tongue just inches from my pounding meat, I could feel Louise’s ass tightening around my thrusting cock. I was next, emptying my load deep inside my mother in law’s ass. The extra lubrication of my cum must have done something to Louise, because she came almost immediately after I did. As my cock got soft and exited Louises ass a good portion of my cum spilled out onto Babs’ face. She hungrily swallowed it and licked the remainder out of her friend’s asshole.

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