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My best friend, my best friend's friend and I

Writer's note: this is a real story, not fictional, only names of girls are changed for privacy reasons. Enjoy!

My name is Dave. I’m a normal, regular college guy. I have a girl best friend – yes man-women friendships are possible and very beautiful! Her name is Doris. She is a brunette, has a very cute face and a great body. She helped me a lot when I broke up with my girlfriend. We spend a lot of time together, go to cinema, to night clubs, almost every day drink coffee at our favorite pub… We talk a lot too, especially about sex. When she was in a relationship, she was talking about her sex life all the time, every detail! I knew her boyfriend, we were good friends and he is a very good guy but it just didn’t work for them.

One day she called me and told me that she wants to tell/ask me something. I didn’t give much thought about that until we met. We were sitting at our favorite pub, drinking coffee and she began:” Do you remember my good friend Anna?”
I answered:” Yeah, I met her last summer at your beach house. Why do you ask?”
She continued:” Well we saw each other last week and she told me how much she hates being 21 year old virgin and only one in our company and asked me if I want to devirgin her with my dildo! I told her that I am flattered but the best thing is the real sex with the real penis! Then she asked me if I know a good decent guy with no sexual diseases and with a lot of sex experience! And instant I thought of you! So do you want to do it?” She quickly added:” Of course, no strings attached!”
I was shocked, but I hadn’t have sex for a while and Anna was hot and cute so I said with a smile on my face:” Well OK, why the heck not!”
But Doris wasn’t finished yet:” Great, this is why I love you my Dave, you are very simple guy! One more thing, she asked me if I could, if you agree, teach her blow job on your cock. I know that we two have an agreement that we will never kiss and have sex but this is neither! And I have no problem with that, not at all! What do you say?” she asked me like this was the most normal thing in the world!
I was again shocked:” Well Doris, hmmm okay, but only if it’s OK with you!!!!”
She answered quickly:” It is, it is! Super! There is one more thing I have to ask you, but this time is for me” she was little nervous now, “well Anna will probably be very exited and probably cum very soon, before you I mean, so will you please than anal devirgin me???? Please please please!!!! I’ve never experienced that and so much want to and this is a perfect situation, first and only!!!! And who better than you! I understand if you don’t want to…”
She made her cute begging face and looked me with her big blue eyes, waiting for my answer. For the third time that afternoon, I was shocked! She was like a s****r to me and anal sex is very close to real sex, but after a minute of hard thinking I answered:” Hmmmmmm well hmmmm hmmmm, I will do it, but only under one condition! This whole situation must not affect our friendship, everything must stay the same! If you can promise me that, I will do all the things you want me to do! Is that clear?!”
Doris answered: ”Of course! I want that too! I love you so much like a friend and I couldn’t imagine my life without our time together! I promise you that all these things are OK with me and I want to do it all! Thank you for being such a good friend and thanks for doing this for me and my friend! So, see you tomorrow at my flat, say around 8 pm! Bye!”
She gave me a kiss on a cheek and left the pub.

I was astonished and intrigued by this whole conversation. She was my good friend so I believed her that everything will be the same after tomorrow. I ordered one Jack Daniels shot to calm and clear my head and went home. I had to shave my pubic hair, balls and penis and get a good night sl**p, you know I needed it!

At 8:05 pm I rang on Doris’s door. I have to admit that I was quite nervous. I only had sex with my ex girlfriend and we were together for 5 years! On the other hand I always wanted to try a threesome with two girls…
Doris opened the door. She was very cute. She was wearing long gray T-shirt, her b*****r’s old boxer shorts and white socks. She told me to come in and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
“Anna is in the living room” she said and locked the door behind me. The flat was very big; it had two floors and a huge balcony. As I entered the living room I saw her sitting on the floor, drinking a colorful cocktail and watching TV. She changed her hair from the last time I saw her. She was now a brunette like Doris. She was wearing white undershirt and cute light blue panties.
“Hay Anna, how are you?” we hugged. She smiled at me:” I’m great. We were just making these cocktails, do you want one?” Now I smiled:” Of course, make me 10 strong ones!” We all laughed!

We were drinking and talking and just having a good time for about two hours. Doris talked about her boyfriend, me about my girlfriend and Anna about one boy she likes.
After 10 pm and after about 8-10 cocktails Doris stood up from the floor, looked at me and said: ”Well Dave I think that you are wearing way too much clothes!” Then she moved closer to me and whispered in my ear: “Sit on the couch.” “So it begins” I thought. I stood up and started to unbutton my pants when Doris took my hand: “No! You just sit and relax. We will do all the work.” So I sat on the couch. Girls started to undress. My God, two gorgeous girls with perfect bodies were stripping in front of me! I knew I was in heaven! Anna took all her clothes off and Doris left only her white socks on. They kneeled in front of me and then Doris said to Anna: “Hey you come closer. Unzip and strip his pants and socks.” Anna was so cute and nervous. Her hands were shaking and she was blushing. My shaved penis was already half hard and she couldn’t take her eyes of him. Now it was my best friend’s part: “Now Anna you watch and listen everything I do and say and then you will repeat it all, OK?” Anna just nodded her head. She was very excited.
Doris took my now big and hard cock with her hand and started to stroke my shaft. Then she put her fingernail in my pee hole and slowly teased me: “You see this, how it’s big and hard and wet! This is very important part of the sex, the foreplay. Penis must be hard to enter the pussy.” The moment she said that she put him in her mouth. OMG! I was ecstatic! That felt so good! First she was doing the head of my cock and then just easy licking my pee hole with her tongue for Anna to see and then she gave me a real blow job. “Whoa Doris this is awesome, and how deep you can go! Oh my…!” She just looked at me but never stopping the blow job. The feeling was very nice and if she continued for a few more minutes I would probably cum. But soon she stooped and said to Anna: “And? What do you think? Is it difficult? Believe me it’s the easiest thing in the world! Now it’s your turn! Just relax, don’t worry, I am here!”
Anna moved slowly closer to me. Doris was holding my hard cock in her right hand and slowly put his head on Anna’s lips: “Now just easily take him in your mouth and slowly and gently go up and down with your lips.” And Anna did so. That felt so good. I was really in heaven. Anna was doing that so well. I caressed her hair and said: “Here we go. That is very nice. Good girl. You are doing very good job. Just don’t stop. You can even go little harder and deeper in your mouth if you want.” She looked at me and said: “Yes please, I mean if you want that too.” I just nodded. And for the first time she took whole penis in her mouth. She moaned loudly. Now Doris’s help with hand was no longer needed so she started doing two things. She was easily licking my balls and the beginning of my shaft and with her hand she was gently teasing Anna’s clit. Anna started to moan. She was really enjoying the tease. Now she started using her hand on my shaft. She said to Doris: “I want to taste his balls, can you please suck his cock for a sec?” Doris only smiled. Ann’s tongue was so wet and soft, the feeling was great; Doris on top of my cock, working the head of my cock like Jenna Jameson and Anna licking my balls with her soft eager virgin tongue. The picture was unbelievable. I knew if they continued for a few more minutes something very tasteful would end up in my best friend’s mouth. So I said: “Girls, this is so good! OMG! Doris you are great and Anna, god demit you learn fast but I feel like I’m about to cum so can we move to the next step?” Doris started laughing: “Hahahaha someone is enjoying his evening, I can see that!” She kissed my cock and stood up: “Anna lay on the table and you Dave go put on a condom.” But then she added quietly: “For me won’t be necessary.” And she winked.
While I was doing that, Doris started to lick Anna’s pussy. Anna was so enjoying that. She was moaning so loudly. Doris was using her tongue so skillfully! I thought in my head, does she have a lesbian experience, but that is for another story. Then she stopped and said to me: “She is ready. Come closer.” My penis was so hard. Doris took him in her hand and started teasing Anna’s clit with him: “Do you like it when I do that?” Anna only mumbled: “Ahaa” But Doris enjoyed the role of sex leader so she continued teasing: “Does your pussy want this big cock to enter her? Ha?” Anna again quickly moaned: “OOO yes please ohmmm!” Doris held firmly and steadily my cock and put him slowly on her pussy hole so I could feel her hymen. “Now Dave, enter her pussy, hard but slowly!” And I did that. I felt her cherry popped and entered her so warm pussy. It was so tight and warm inside. Ann had an ecstatic look on her face; she was now moaning very loudly and was squeezing hard Doris’s hand. Doris than said to me: “Dave, go slowly whole the way in and out, very slow, every time little harder and faster”. I’ve listen her and did what she said. I wanted to fuck Anna so hard but I didn’t want to be rough, it was her first time after all! Doris, with her free hand started to stimulate Anna’s clit. Anna screamed: “OH MY GOD!!!! This is so good!! Right there! Please don’t stop!!!! That’s the spot! Don’t stop! Dave please, go faster!!!” I started to pound her real good now and Doris was teasing her clit hard and fast and she started to French kiss her. “You are about to cum, aren’t you? I know you are! I know! Oh my! You are so hot! I will squeeze your nipples!” Doris started to pinch her nipples while I was fucking her pussy with my long, big, hard cock so fast and hard! Ann was about to cum: “OOOOOO soon!!!! FUCK!!!! DON’T STOP!!!! ooOOOO!!! OH OH OH OH!!!” Doris moved quickly on her clit and started licking it hard! Ann was in the climax: “OH MY GOOOOD!!!!! oooouuuOOOOO!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” She came. Doris and I continued to tease her pussy for a few moments and then I took my cock out slowly. Ann moaned. Doris licked and cleaned her pussy well. Ann was exhausted: “Oh my goodness! Thank you guys! Thank you for this! This was the best experience in my life! Thank you very much! I feel so much better now! Sex is great!!!!! I want to have sex all the time!!! Thank you!!!” She continued to lie on the table cos she couldn’t feel her legs:” You two go and finish this, I am going to lie down on the sofa and watch you two, ok?” She stood up, kissed both of us and sat on the couch.

Doris took my hand: “Now it’s my turn!” I could see that she was eager to start. But there was a problem, I was near my climax, I didn’t know how long could I withstand! My cock was so hard and huge! It was never like that! Doris took the lubricant and poured a lot of it on my cock. Of course there was no condom now. She was stroking it with both hands, which felt so good! Then she bent over on the table a said: “Now you do the same with my butt hole.” Man she had the perfect ass! Not too big, not too skinny, perfect! I started to tease her hole with my lubricated finger. She loved it: “OH this feels so good, let’s begin, put it inside. But be very gentle and slow!” I’ve never done that before. My girlfriend never wanted to try that. This was first time for me too! I took my very wet and lubricated penis with my hand and easily placed it on her wet ass hole. It was so small and closed. I started to push my cock in. Lubricant was very helpful. When I entered for a half of inch Doris started to moan: “Just continue, but slow.” While I was going deeper, her moans were louder. The feeling was unbelievable, her ass was so tight. I never felt something like that. My penis was being squeezed from all sides; the feeling was complete, absolute and uttermost! The most perfect sex experience! When I entered whole the way, Doris moaned: “OMG!!!! OOOOOO this is so intense! Now take it out slowly and then go again in! So I did that. With each round she was more and more ecstatic! I could see on her face that she was loving the pain! I started to fuck her ass faster! Every time her butt cheeks touched me I was a second closer to my climax! Doris grabbed the edge of the table: “AAAAA!!! DAVE THIS IS SO GOOD!!!! LET’S CUM TOGETHER! SOON! OUHHH!” I was ready, I started pounding her ass! She wasn’t moaning any more, she was screaming now: “As fast as you can!!!! Don’t stop!!! DONNN... OOOOO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!” In the end I slammed her so hard that for a moment she fainted, her eyes rolled! She reached her peak! I unloaded so much cum in her ass! That was really a life changing moment for both of us! I couldn’t stand any more so I sat next to Anna. When Doris came around, she too sat next to me. She handed me wipes: “Here clean your hero!” My cum was still dripping down her leg but she didn’t mind. She smiled. While Doris was cleaning her ass I looked at Anna: “And, how do you feel?” But poor girl was already sl**ping. She was exhausted, we all were. Doris put her head on my shoulder and said: “Thank you for this evening, thank you for giving me this; you truly are the best friend. My next boyfriend is going to do this to me every evening! The feeling is so incredible. The ratio of pain and pleasure is perfect! There is nothing like it! OMG.” She kissed me on the cheek for a good night. We didn’t fall a sl**p right away, we just lay on the bed close to each other, her head still on my shoulder, thinking about everything what happened, listening the sounds of the night life in the city.

In the morning I was dreaming a very interesting dream, my first blow job. My ex girlfriend gave me head for the first time in my b*****r’s old car at the beginning of our relationship. I remember that I came in 20 seconds. But now something was different. It felt so real. So good. Very worm and just nice feeling woke me up. It was Anna, she was giving me the morning blow job. “Good morning Anna. Can I ask what are you doing?” I asked with curiosity. She looked at me: “Good morning. Well I was so tired last night that I never had a chance to thank you, so this is my thanks!” She smiled and continued: “And this is perfect practice for my future boyfriend and your beautiful big cock was already hard.” She put the head of my penis in her mouth and started to suck it. That felt so good. The feeling was really relaxing. “Where is Doris?” I asked. Ann answered, my penis still in her mouth: “mmmpmmphhmmm she is taking a shower. This is so fun. I love doing this. Thank you again Dave.” “No problem, you just practice, glad to help.” Then Doris came out of the hallway. Her body was still wet. She had a towel on her head and was wearing only blue tong. She was breath taking! “Ann what are you doing? Why didn’t you tell me that you want to give him a morning blow job?” Ann just moaned. Her mouth was full. Then Anna asked her: “Do you want to join?” Doris answered with confirming look on her face: “Well you all ready started it so of course!” She kneeled next to her and they started together to lick my shaft, one on the each side. OMG! I was getting a morning blow job from two beautiful girls. Thank you God! Fantasy comes true! “Oh yes girls, just keep it like that, yeah, Doris please lick my balls, ooooh yeah, OOOH YEAH!!!” Doris started to lick my balls all over and she was stroking my shaft with her hand. Ann was licking my pee hole like Doris showed her last night. Feeling was amazing; and the site of two girls working your pipe - that is the master peace of nature! “Girls soon I will be ready to finish! You are so good!” Doris took it few more times deep down her throat. She was so good at that. She knew exactly what to do and how to suck and/or lick. She said to Ann: “He is going to cum in your mouth. I want you to taste the sperm. Are you ready Dave?” I nodded. Ann took the head of my penis in her mouth and was licking it from inside her mouth and Doris was stroking my shaft with her hand. I started to cum. “OOOOOOO so nice, so lovely, yes, good girl, take it all.” Ann was very patiently waiting for cum to stop exiting my cock; she was looking at me all the time while I was coming. Then Doris said: “Now stir it in your mouth and show it to us but don’t swallow it! I want to taste it too!” Ann did so. There was a lot of my sperm on her tongue. Doris said: “Whoa this is great Ann. Now spit it in my mouth!” She did that very gently. Doris made her face like she was enjoying same tasteful food: “Mmmm sweet! I see you eat your fruit!” She showed my sperm to us too, then she slowly spitted it back to Ann’s mouth. “And now you swallow it all, ok?” Ann nodded. She swallowed it and showed her empty tongue. Then Doris cleaned my cock from any left sperm and swallowed that too: “I know you enjoyed that. Thank you for breakfast.” She smiled at me and turned to Ann: “How do you like cum?” Ann said: “It is an interesting taste but less nastily than I thought. Actually I believe I will get used to it very soon!” We all laughed!

After that I took a shower and Doris made breakfast. We talked and laughed about last night. We went over everything that happened. Then Doris said: “Hey guys, do you know what yesterday happened? We all had our first time! Ann, yesterday was your first sex, I had my first anal sex and Dave too and we all had our first threesome! Hahaha how great!” We instantly agreed with her! I said: “Girls, I am very glad that all that happened with two of you!” We hugged. In the end we concluded that last night was so good that we should do that every year, once a year, no matter who is in a relationship. Simply we won’t tell our sweethearts about that! After breakfast we firmly hugged and kissed and went on our way!

That evening was three years ago. Nothing is changed or different between Doris and me, we are still best friends! Now I’m in a relationship with a beautiful girl from Europe. Doris has a boyfriend, he is a male model but she is cheating him with his colleague - his fitness trainer. Anna was engaged to that boy she liked but they broke up and now she is living her (sex)life to the fullest!
And YES, every year we meet and have an incredible threesome!
(Maybe this year I will shoot some footage for xhamster – exclusive!)

Thank you for reading my story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed living it and writing it! Once again everything is true and recapped to the best that I could remember! Cheers!

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