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Katies Dream

This was a Ex gf's Dream
Ok well we're in England at the hotel in Manchester, day of Nicki's visit
you wake before me and I am woke up by you binding me to the bed spread eagled....then you notice I am awake so you tell me not to talk and then you blind fold me
I am thinking you're going to use me, and I become more and more excited as I hear you moving about the room
then I feel as you sit on the bed between my legs and I moan
you instantly slap my cunt hard, telling me I am NOT to make a sound
I bit my lips as you rub my clit and the folds of my labia, making sure I follow your orders....
sure now that you are going to fuck my pussy I am surprised to feel as you put something to my twat and soon realize you are trimming my hair....and as you do so you make sure to play with my clit, and ass
you tell me you've made us an appointment later that day to have me shaved, and you are just "doing the prep work"
you finish the trimming and reward yourself by lapping at my sopping wet twat
then you move over to my breast and start to tit fuck me
you make sure your cock hits my chin and when I move my head to try to lick you.
you firmly tell me NO
you tease me for what seems like a long time and then you untie me and tell me it's time for me to shave you, as you unblindfold me you head to the shower and I follow
you hand me a razor and some shaving cream, make me kneel in the tub as you stand, and caution me to be careful but thorough
I am careful, handling your cock like the prize it is and you reward me when I am done by telling me I can lick it but I cannot suck it as you want to be randy for the night to cum
dream skipped to the waxing place and as I am called in I am shocked that you follow
you tell the woman waxing me that you want to watch and she is accommodating
you stand by my head, as she works on my cunt, holding my arms down when she pulls of the wax, watching as I wince from the pain of it
you make sure she waxes not only the outside of me, but help her by spreading my lips so ALL the hair on my twat is soon removed
then you tell the woman you want my ass done as well and you laugh when I go red
the lady ends up asking if I am a sub and you say simply, yes she's my cum slut fuck toy
she leaves the room, leaving us alone for me to dress again and you take advantage of my now bare privates by licking sucking and manipulating all parts of me, you have me ready to climax but when I ask if I can you take your fingers and pinch my clit tightly, stopping any climax and letting me know w/o words that I am not cumming at this time!
you take me to this point a few more times, each time pinching my clit hard when you know it's almost inevitable that I cum
Then you say, "get dressed, Nicki will be here soon and I want you prepared and ready when she gets here"
on the way back to the hotel we stop for a few beers, some fruit and some crackers which you have me set up on the table at the hotel, you have me make coffee as well, as you lie on the bed ordering me about
Then you tell me that you and Nicki have talked a lot and that you have a plan to make it easier on all to get the "action" started.
I am anxious and scared and you can tell but you tell me to get all of my toys, blindfolds, gags, and binds out and put them on the wardrobe
I do so, you still laying ordering me about.....
you then say, now strip my bitch...
I do so and you sit up and tell me to come to you and as I do you have taken your cock from your jeans and you pull me to my knees and tell me to take you into my cocksucking mouth
I start to give you a blow job and you simply stand up, straddling me, and you push my head into your cock deep throating me, I gag and you do not relent, but deep throat me til I have tears and you are rock hard
you then say, ok you've prepared me, now to prepare you for Nicki, as she wants you wet and ready by the time she gets here...
you have me lie down on the bed and then you tie me tightly, spread out, pillow at the small of my back so my twat and ass are raised and totally spread open
you untie my right hand and hand me my dolphin and tell me to put it into my ass........
I do so and then you order me to turn it on......
of course I obey, and then you take the rabbit, spread my cunt wide and push it into my cunt, you plant the rabbit ears right at my clit, and then you turn it on, no warm up FULL power, and you tell me to hold both toys in me, and no, I am not allowed to cum and don't beg or ask cause it won't change....
you then sit and watch as I writhe, and spread my lips at intervals to see if I am "wetting up Nicely!"
I hear the knock at the door and watch as you open it to Nicki
She comes in and sees me writhing on the bed and simply smiles at me and looks at you in expectation
you welcome her with a deep kiss, your hands wandering over her she responds in kind, and I see her hand find your hard cock, still out of your jeans and watch helplessly as she strokes you and kisses you
this turns me on as well as the toys and I am moaning and writhing, making sure not to cum as you then begin to undress her
you take off her shirt and bra, massaging her tits, she still stroking your cock
then you bend down and she has to let go as you remove her skirt and I watch as you inspect her cunt and rub it, telling her how nice it is
You then say, leading her closer to the bed, come on in; our cumslut whore is preparing herself for us....
You look at me as you say this and Nicki says I see that....
You then ask Nicki if she'll undress you as your cock is becoming strained (you don't order her to as you would me and this isn't lost upon me!)
she obliges and as she removes your jeans you ask if she'd like to taste your cock she coos a "yes' and you suggest she do so where I can see it all and you come to the bed, and straddle my head, knees at my ears, cock right at my eyes and mouth, Nicki straddles my stomach, making sure I can still hold the toys inside me, and I see as she leans down and starts to lick your cock hungrily
I watch as she then sucks your cock inside her mouth and me, bound by you, her and the ties begin to moan as all of it is turning me on to the point of no return, her mouth on your cock has me totally excited....and when she starts to mouth fuck you and you moan and say yesssss baby suck it I moan loudly knowing I am going to cum regardless of your orders
You realize this and tell Nicki, my cum slut whore needs my permission to cum, do you think I should give it to her??
Nicki stops sucking for a second in order to answer that she'd love to feel me cum so make me wait for a second....
you tell me I must wait
Nicki, still sucking you, reaches behind her and bats my hand away from the toys, she pulls them out of me and sets them on the bed, then she moves so her cunt is at my sopping cunt and she starts grinding on it, finding my clit as she still sucks and fucks you
You can see the entire thing and I can feel as you start to fuck Nicki's mouth with your cock, being very turned on
and you tell me to cum....
I cum hard, bucking, but Nicki presses her cunt down firmly on me as I moan loudly, she makes my orgasm extended
I hear as you grunt, and realize that you have cum with me, and I feel as you pull out of Nicki’s mouth and set your jetting cock at my lips, feeding me your jism as I cum
You tell me not to swallow and then you ask Nicki if she'd like to taste more of your jism than just the precum she had the honour of tasting prior and she says yes
you move off my head as Nicki now takes my mouth with her tongue, her tongue lapping at all your cum you've left inside it, she's grinding at my cunt still and although I can't see you I can feel you watching us
She kisses me deeply and long, making sure every drop of you is hers then you say, well Katie's cum and I've cum, think it's your turn Nicki, and how would you like that to happen??
Nicki stops kissing me and says she'd love to have you pussy fuck her doggy style, over my mouth as I lick and suck her clit
you agree and Nicki moves so she is at the headboard, her hands on it, her knees at my hips, my cunt is wet, open and throbbing, you put two pillows behind my head so that my lips are right at her clit, and then you go behind her and I feel your cock enter her as my tongue and lips find her clit
you are fucking her as I lick her and she is rocking in rhythm to your thrusts
she soon is yelling she is about to cum and, pulling out of her, you tell her to put her cunt fully at my mouth as I am to taste all of her juices as she cums
She feeds me for what seems like a long time and then she lays fully on me spent
You untie me at this point and tell me that Nicki had a special request......
I can tell by your voice, that I may not like what is to come and my body goes on alert
You notice this and say, Nicki wants to tell her what you want?
Nicki simply goes to her bag she's brought, pulls out a strap on and says to you, I want her to ass fuck me hard with this as you eat her ass out
you hand me the strap on and say firmly, you heard her, put it on and get to work
I put the strap on on me and Nicki leans over the bed, her hands on it, her ass up, her feet on the ground, I lube the strap on and her anus
I push it in slowly,, listening to her gasp, feeling as she relaxes and accepts the dildo, I feel as you spread my ass cheeks and feel as your finger slowly rubs around my anal opening...I fuck her slowly at first, feeling as your tongue is now rimming me, knowing soon you'll take me in the way I most and least like........and I start to fuck her harder
she is bucking back taking in the entire dildo and your tongue finds my ass, and you eat it hungrily ignoring my sobs as you do so
Nicki leans further on the bed, so she can take her hand and find her clit as I fuck her
you have found my clit as you lick and I am moaning but you do the same thing as in the morning, each time I am about to climax you stop it by pinching my clit hard
Nicki, meanwhile has cum and I keep ramming her ass as no one has ordered me to do any different, she cums over and over again, and you stop me from cumming at all
She finally yells she can't take anymore and so you order me to pull out of her and she moves so you can push me to the bed, now I am leant over, your mouth at my ass, your hand at my clit, and I can feel as Nicki watches me having to submit to this act....
you realize that although it embarrasses me, my mind must like it as I am again on the verge of cumming and again you won't allow it
I hear Nicki say, wow Bert you like this, your cock is ready for more
You laugh and then I see Nicki out of the corner of my eye as she kneels and moves so she is under me and soon her mouth is lapping at my clit and cunt, you lick and suck my ass and tell Nicki to bite my clit each and every time you feel me about to cum
I am begging, in tears, and at times yelling as my body NEEDS release
I feel your tongue leave my ass, and feel as your cock takes it place
You’re now ass fucking me as Nicki licks and sucks my pussy, her tongue finding your cock between thrusts
you tell me I can cum as you ram me hard.........
I cum hard, into Nicki's mouth and I feel as you cum up my ass
You pull out and moving aside I feel Nicki move out from under me and feel as she parts my ass with her fingers and then her tongue is inside it, I sob uncontrollably as she licks and sucks... you telling her to feast on your cum... I woke up here

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