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My teen arse fucked by my older boss (gay)

Hi I'm kyle

17 m uk

I'm 5 ft 9 , slim-toned , tanned , I have short dark brown spikey hair.

I am smooth and have a 7.5 inch uncut cock , I am gay and prefer to be bottom.

I live with my mum and my younger b*****r and my mum doesn't know I am gay .


A while after I left school I started college , I enrolled on a arts and media

Course, it was only part time 3 days a week monday to wednesday and after a few

Months I decided I needed a part time job to give me abit of extra money on a


I looked all over the internet and asked a few poeple I know but didn't have

Any luck.

My mum said she would ask a few of her friends if they knew of anything.

She phoned up quite a few of her friends and one of them told her that a guy my

Mum knew had recently opened up a home store not far from where we live .

My mum looked through her phone book and rang him up , after a little chat he

Said he would be happy to give me a job and told me to come down in the week and

Meet him .

A few days later me and my mum went to his store and met him

He was called ben and seemed a nice guy , he explained the job to me

Basically just stacking shelves and so on , and I was happy it seemed a decent

Place and ben seemed a nice guy .

Anyway ,

The week after I started in the store it sold home design items like mirrors and

Paintings ,candles ,lampshades and other boring stuff like that ha .

I had to dress smart in shirt and pants and I seemed to fit right in .

Every one who worked there was really nice , a girl called louise and an older

Women called karen .

I only worked thursday friday but he still give me a decent wage and I didn't

Even mind working I enjoyed it to be honest .

Ben wasn't always at the store but he was most of the time just making sure

Everything was ok .

Me and ben got on really well we was always laughing and joking about .

After about 6 weeks of working there , one friday afternoon when I was in the

Stock room alone marking up some items ,

Ben came into the stock room and walked over to me .

Ben- " everything aright kyle ? How you getting on ? "

Me - yh fine mate not got that much more to do really

Ben - ok good , so anyway kyle, how come you never told me you was gay.

I felt so embaressed I didn't really know what to say

Me - what !! Who's told you that ?

Ben - well I was speaking to louise before and she told me , she's not lying is she ?

Me - well no but its weird I didn't really want you to know

Ben - why's that then ?

Me - I don't know I just thought u might of been abit funny about it

Ben - ( laughs ) funny about it haha don't be daft I'm gay myself you silly sod

Me - honestly ? Or are you just having me on

Ben- honestly mate I thought you knew , I thought your mum would of said
Something .

Me - no she never mentioned anything and speaking of my mum don't say a word to her about me being gay, she doesn't know and I want to keep it that way .

Ben - ok if you want me to keep quite your secrets with me mate don't worry.

Me - ok , good you better not !

Ben - honestly mate I won't say a thing , so when did you find out you was gay ?

Me - well, near the end of school why ?

Ben - just wondered , so have you done much with guys then or are you still
Experimenting ?

Me - I've done everything really

I went abit red and embaressed

Me - it feels wierd talking to you about this yóu know

Ben - why were both adults were only talking about sex what's wrong with that ?

Me - true , but obviouslt your my boss and a friend of my mums that's all , it
Just feels a little wierd .

Ben- I can imagine how you feel but honestly just calm down were only having a

Me - ( I smiled ) I know I know

Ben - so kyle , I take it you've shagged guys then ?

Me - well yes obviously ,I said abit embaressed

Ben - so what's the oldest guy you've been with or haven't you ?

Me - errr I've done stuff with a 21 year old once at a party

Ben - so what did you get up to then ? He smiled

Me - well just kissed and stuff and I give him a suck behind the garage .

Ben - naughty boy , he smiled , so are you good at giving blowjobs then kyle ?

Me - well yeh I've never had any complaints anyway I giggled ,

My cock started to grow in my pants and by the look of bens bulge his was too

Ben - so what would you say if I wanted to see how good you really are ?

Me - what you mean me give you a blowjob ??

Ben - yes why not were both adults , only if you want to ofcourse !

Me - when though ?

Ben - right now here

Me - we can't what if somebody comes in

Ben - forget about them , he grabbed my hand and placed it on the huge bulge in his pants

Me - I began to gently squeeze his big cock , my heart was racing in excitment and fear at the same time .

Ben - come on let's go over here

We walked over to the back of the stock room where there was some highly stacked
Boxes , he stood with his back to the boxes ,

I got down on my knees , I was shaking abit I was that nervous but also excited knowing what I was about to do .

( Ben is about 5 ft 11 , quite stocky , muscular , tanned , bald head )

He unbuckled his belt on his pants and pulled both his pants and his boxers down

Out popped his huge uncut cock , I was shocked it must of been 9 inches and was

Pretty fat .

I took a gasp of air and put it in my mouth .

I began sucking him as best I could , every time his foreskin went back I could taste the juices of his cock , they tatsed good

Never before had I been this horny and aroused , just knowing I've got my 41 year old bosses cock in my mouth it turned me on so badly , I was rock hard
Myself .

He grabbed my head and started softly fucking my mouth , I was pretty good at deepthroat so I was taking him pretty deep .

After about 5 minutes of sucking hard on his big tanned cock he told me to start sucking his balls ,

He began wanking his cock hard as I sucked and licked his smooth balls
Moments after he said open your mouth , he began shooting his big watery load in my mouth ,it actually tasted nice for once ,

Once he finished he stood me up and we began kissing with his load still in my mouth , we both swallowed alitlte each and stopped kissing after a few minutes .

I had never been this horny in my entire life I think I was in love .

Ben - don't worry I'm gonna take care of you later , how about you come over to my house after work ?

I instantly agreed , I went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up and went back into the store , I felt so filthy knowing what I've just done but it was great , I actually loved it and couldn't stop thinking about later on .

Ben closed up a little early , once the girls had gone we both got in his range rover sport and headed back to his place ,

Half way home I began sucking his cock again as he was driving along
About 10 mins later we pulled up in the drive way of his massive country house

He couldn't wait to get inside , the second we got inside he slammed the door and pushed me up agianst the wall , and started snogging my face off as we rubbed eachothers bulges ,

He got on his knees in the hall way and pulled my pants and boxers straight off he put my hard cock right in his mouth nearly taking it all
It was great he was deepthroating my full cock after a couple of minutes I had totell him stop before I cummed ,

He stood up and leaded me to his bedroom , he closed the curtians and switched on the light ,

We both got fully undressed , I couldn't get over how big a nice his cock was ,

He told me to get on all fours on the bed , he kneeled behind me and began eating my smooth shaved arsehole as he wanked off

It felt so good his big tongue deep in my arsehole

He slid one finger in and then 2 and began really going for it

After a good five minutes he told me to turn around I started sucking. His big cock again as he lent over and carried on fingering my now wet loose arsehole

He turned me around on all fours and aimed his big cock into my arse he slowly pushed it in bit by bit ,

It hurt at first as he was pushing it in but after 5 minutes he had picked up some rhtym and it was sliding in and out niceley

I could feel it hitting the top of my arsehole as he drove it into me but it felt good , I moaned softly each time

He was talking dirty to me saying -

Ben - you like that big cock don't you kyle and you like daddy fucking you

I said yes as I moaned with pain and pleasure

He stopped and pulled out and put it back in my mouth

Ben - does your arse taste good on the cock I just nodded as he held me down on his cock

He lay on his back on got me ontop of him in cow boy I started riding his big cock as best I could ,we were both sweating and panting

He kept saying things like ohhh go on ride daddys cock ride it

He began wanking my cock as I rid him , minutes after I said I'm gonna cum he started wanking me hard until I began cumming all over his chest and face as my arse tightened around his raging cock ,

My load was huge he started wiping my cum of his chest with his fingers and sucking it off and putting his fingers in my mouth aswell

Once he had cleaned all the cum up he pushed me off to the side and put me on my back , we was now in missionary

He grabbed my legs under my knees and pushed them down pushing m arse right up

He slid his big cock back in my gaping hole and began fucking me hard

I could barely speak he was fucking me that hard

We was face to face as he fucked me I was moaning like a little girl as he looked angry and really fucking me as hard as he could

Finally he pulled out and told me to open my mouth wide he put his cock tight next to my mouth and blew his huge load all inside me mouth , compared to some other guys cum his tatsed amazing he told me to swallow his load as I looked him in the eyes and I did with ease ,
Once I did we began kissing passionatly with tongues until we collapsed side by side .

We lay in bed naked together for about 30 mins as he had his arm around me he told me that nobody can know about this and I assured him they wouldn't after that we got in the shower together and he insidted he lathered me up with shower gel once we was both clean and dry we got dressed ,

After a while he dropped me off home and said I look forward to doing it agoan sometime and I said me to ,

I lay in my bed that night and couldn't stop thinking about him and what we had just done it was amazing and by far the best gay sex of my life

Thanks for reading ..... More to come

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