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Pin Prick Finale

My prime body parts remained swollen for many weeks making any sex or movements difficult to do. Finally, after many coatings of salve the swelling subsided and we returned to the jewelry store for the removal of the temporary studs. I was placed in a different examination room with only the owner and Master present. Instructed to remove my clothes so that the owner could fit me for proper rings, I lay up on the table naked. The men stared at my nude body, inspecting the piercings for any infections or imperfections. The owner took pride in his successful skills of the stud placements as he was a perfectionist! Also, a very horny wild pervert, who loved the role he played in the adventure of torture and the bonus of sexual release while serving customers. He pawed and groped my body parts, while amassing a huge hard on under his lab coat. I must admit the touch of his fingers on my erogenous zones began to excite me. He smirked at how wet he was making me, but, stopped his finger probing my pussy just as I was climaxing. He took the studs out and rubbed the spots between his thumb and pointer finger. He rubbed for what I considered longer than necessary, knowing he was teasing me. He asked me to spread my legs further apart and commented to Master how well I had healed and how wet I was. Master appeared to appreciate this by the smile on his face. The owner acknowledged I was ready for my rings and presented a velvet box to Master to choose from. Master chose ones that were considered convertible and could hold gold balls from them of varying weights. These were applied to my nipples, clit and swollen pussy lips without any problems. The owner asked me walk around the room and jump up and down to test for the strength in the metal. I obliged and delighted the men with my maneuvers. Even my small breasts jiggled with the weight of the balls on them and made my nipples so aroused! The gravitational pull made me even hornier than I could imagination!
Next, Master chose two nice small gold rings for my pussy lips. The owner suggested no balls be attached for several weeks to allow the piercings to heal completely. The jewelry for my clit piercing place was a different story! Master chose a thin but heavy gold rod that appeared to have dumb balls screwed into either side. My legs were spread apart and the owner gave Master the rod to insert into my clit. As he placed the rod across my clit, he fingered my pussy a little. What a teaser he was! He removed his fingers from my wet juicy slick cunt and licked my goodness off his fingertips like it was a juicy lollipop! He then screwed the balls onto the rod. I lay there with a nice sensual feeling running throughout my body. I did not take notice of the two massive hard ons that were looming nearby me. Suddenly, the owner excused himself to attend another client and my Master and I were left alone. Master took my hand to rub it across the outside of his slacks. So nice and hard he was!
“I would love to fuck and violate your body right here on this piercing table dear Veni. But, I want to get you home and do a thorough exam of your piercings there”. I felt a bit dizzy as Master assisted with helping me from the table. I wrapped my floor length red satin embroidered kimono around my body and tied it securely before leaving the room. In Master’s car, I knew how to please him driving home and began sucking his cock. I wanted to rub my new tit rings and balls on his cock. I waited until we were alone and instructed to do so. We basically ran into the bedroom, so excited to have privacy for this occasion! Master slipped my kimono off my body and ran his hands softly from my neck to my ass. He massaged my buttocks nicely as if kneading bread dough. As he pulled me closer, I ran my hands from his scalp, lightly caressing his earlobes with my fingertips, slowly working my way to his neck and chest, down to his lower back exerting more strength to his tense muscles. My hands ran expertly over his back and ass cheeks. He moaned softly as my hands worked their way to his throbbing cock and cum filled balls. Abruptly, he withdrew my hands from his hardness and tossed me on the bed! Master spread my legs and began twiddling my clit with his thumb, making the golden bar come to life! While arousing me with his thumb, he began chewing and biting my hardened nipples. I was near orgasm having him bite my most sensitive protruding nubs. Mmm…I murmured, “Please Master how can I serve you?”
“My slave, you are very good, Veni. It is about my pleasure after all”. He climbed onto the bed and straddled my face and mouth with his gorging cock. I took him in deeply, savoring his hardness and flavor of precum. His feet teased my pierced nipples. His toes felt as if they were pulling on the gold rings. The toe action worked my hot nipples up and down. He withdrew his cock from my mouth and I licked and sucked his balls with voracious intrigue. He slapped my cheeks with his rod until they were bright red. That action was turning me on even more. He shifted his position so I could rim his nice ass. My tongue licked and swirled his hole. He planted his ass on my face so my tongue could enter his delicious anal opening. From out of nowhere I felt the familiar zap of the electro stimulation vibrator invading my pussy. Having the metal jewelry on, intensified the sensation and I almost jumped at the shocking surge. Master was so good at surprising and pleasuring me as well getting his own needs met.
I withdrew my tongue long enough to make a request. “Master I beg you, please, fuck me hard soon. I am devoted to your cock and live to give you sexual gratification forever”.
“Veni? Remember the rules? Do I need to punish you for disobeying?”
“I apologize to you Master. I have overstepped my boundaries”.
Master’s depraved mind, always at work, had already devised a plan earlier as if knowing I would break a rule. He rose from the bed, leaving me horny and excited and ordered me to get my collar and leash on. I scampered into the closet and returned with my slave gear. Master latched the collar and leash on me and tossed a skimpy leather cat suit from the armoire in my direction. I quickly dressed and assumed the position on all fours be his side.
“Very good Veni! Let’s go to the park”.
The drive to the park was our usual pattern of events. Once at the park I was instructed to go to the picnic table area. I vaguely remembered that part of the park, but, crawled along by his side, hoping he’d guide us there. We arrived and I was instructed to strip out of the leather suit and lie on the table. Master was undoubtedly in a mood to show off my devotion to his dark side. Lying face up on the table Master played with the golden rings and bars. They sparkled in the bright sunshine. He pulled me to the edge of the table and thrust his swollen cock deep inside my soggy pussy. He fucked me hard while twisting the nipple hoops. A crowd of men had gathered near the outskirts of the table urging my Master to fuck me harder and pull on the rings. He chuckled mysteriously and drove deeper into me. I began to erupt with the f***e of an earthquake. I squirted my love juice all over his cock before he came in gushes deep in my cunt. Master withdrew his cock and ordered me to the ground to clean up the mess I had made of his cock and balls. I licked him clean as the crowd cheered. He gave the command to walk and we returned to his car. In the car he had me lay so he could keep his fingers probing my pussy and asshole. As we turned into the driveway, Master, announced he had more in store for the rest of the day. Hmm? I wonder what my newest lesson would be.
To be continued…

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