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Mistress Lynsea

Mistress Lynsea

I have always been Submissive and just love being used by men and woman but I have never had a proper Mistress before, so one morning I feeling horny and started watching a couple of videos of slaves being abused by guys and that is when in the video recommendation section I saw a video called Mistress abuses slave with a strap-on and as I started watching it I found myself getting more and more turned on. I decided that it was time for me to do it, so I saved the video and I started looking through different sites until I came across an add but it was for a Mistress looking for a girl slave, but I thought I would send her a message and just see what happens. A couple of hours went by and still no answer from her and I had not found any other adds either and I was about to give up when an email alert popped up and it was from her.

It Said:

Hello Slave, this is Mistress Lynsea

Thank you for your email and the photo of you. I like the way you look dressed as a girl and I would love for you to join my other slave and help her please me. I have never had a male slave before so it would make a nice change and be fun.

We sent a few more emails to each other and sorted out a meet for the next day and I could not wait to get there and see what she would do with me.

Day of the meet

I woke early the next morning and I quickly got showered and dried off before going into my s****r's room and picking out an outfit to wear. I loved wearing her clothes and thought it would make it so much more fun thinking I was wearing her clothes while being used by my new Mistress. I chose one of her favourite black set of underwear. Black Silk fronted with laced back panties, Black padded bra, Black laced Suspender belt with Black fishnet suspenders. I then picked out one of her short grey skirts and one of her tight white blouse and slowly put it all on and looked at myself in the mirror and I was looking quite good but was not quite finished yet so I grabbed one of my favourite red head wigs and put it on and with a bit of make up I was nearly done so I went back into my s****r's room and grabbed her knee high black leather boots and my look was finally finished. I headed outside to my car and got a couple of whistles from some passing guys but I had to ignore them as I had to get going so I got into my car and left. Her place was not far from mine and as I drove I thought to myself that maybe next time I might try walking there all dressed up and see what happens. I pulled into her drive and headed towards the house and as I got closer I saw a young girl getting out of her car and wow she looked hot. She saw me and waited for me to pull up and get out and she introduced herself as Olivia and she shook my hand and I introduced myself as David or Samii. She said that she was pleased to meet me and called me Samii and we both headed for the front door and knocked and as the door opened we were greated by this sexy 49 year old woman who was dressed in a black leather top and short skirt and black leather knee high boots. She invited us both in and ordered us on to our knees in front of her. She walked over to a table that had some toys and other bits on it and she picked up a riding crop and then walked round behind us and slapped it across both our asses one at a time making us both moan out loud with the pleasure from the pain. She then ordered us to move over to the couch and for me to bend over it and for Olivia to lay down on it and remove her panties and then to move down the couch and to rap her legs over me so I could lick her young sexy pussy. I started to tease her with my tongue and she soon started to moan with pleasure and I continued to tease and lick her and while I was busy playing with her I had not notice Mistress was watching us behind me while preparing her strap on to use on me. She moved closer and lifted my skirt and gave me a couple of really hard slaps on each cheek before removing my panties and then with out warning she f***ed her strap on deep inside me and then slowly eased it out and then f***ed it back in even harder than before and she then started to fuck me hard and fast while spanking me at the same time. I struggled to lick Olivia's pussy with the hard pounding our Mistress was giving me but I did my best and Olivia's moans were getting louder and louder with each lick of her pussy and soon she was starting to cum and she squirted all over my face and in to my mouth and Mistress ordered me not to stop licking Olivia until she came again so I did as she ordered and continued licking her and after a few minutes she started to cum again. Mistress ordered Olivia to get up and to put another strap-on on and to take her place, so Olivia walked over to the table and chose a slightly larger one with a smaller one that goes into her pussy compared to what Mistress was using on me and put it on and came over to us and Mistress pulled out of me and Olivia eased her strap-on inside me and slowly fucked me while Mistress came round in front of me and she ordered me to suck on it so I did as she ordered and sucked and licked every inch of her strap-on and I loved it, I don't know why but it just seemed so much more fun having these two sexy woman using me with strap-on's than being fucked by two guys.

After a few minutes she moved away and removed her strap-on and ordered me to move back slightly so she could bend over in front of me so I could fuck her pussy while Olivia continued to fuck me.

I eased my cock in to Mistresses pussy and Olivia started to fuck me hard and fast forcing me to fuck Mistress the same and we were all moaning out loud with pleasure and I was struggling not to come but I wanted it to last as long as possible and maybe even come with Mistress. We fucked for a short while long and I could not last so I came inside her pussy but she ordered me not to stop until she had cum and it took a few more minutes before she cum and I ended up cumming inside her again. she ordered Olivia to to pull out of me and to lay on the floor so she could sit on her face and make her clean my cum out of her pussy.

to be continued

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