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I was 16 when I found the sex education books in my
mom’s night stand. The books showed sketches of the
male and female reproductive organs. I had never seen
anything like that before. Growing up on a farm I had
seen a****ls mating all the time. (I really liked
watching the bull breed our cows.) But I had never
thought about men and women mating. Reading those books
started an intense desire to see what a female looked
like naked.

That night I realized that our old farm house had a
bathroom door with a key hole. The best chance I would
have of seeing a naked woman would be my mom getting
into or out of the shower while I looked through the
key hole. When my mom went for her shower I crept over
to the door, I thought my heart was going to pound
right out of my chest. I looked through the hole, but
she was already in the shower.

Soon I heard her turn off the water, She stepped out
and for the first time in my life I saw a woman nude!!
She has a slim figure, breast were medium size with
nice brown nipples. Then I saw her pubic hear and my
dick went super hard. I watched as my mom dried herself

I could only see her from the side, but that was great
for me. I quickly went back to my room and started
masturbating. My dick is a little over 7 inches long
and pretty thick. It wasn’t long and I was cumming all
over myself.

Over the next few months I read some books on how to
have sex. My peeking in at my mom was almost a nightly
thing, which gave me many hard-ons to practice what I
had read. Long slow strokes with my hand and hold off
cumming as long as possible.

I was in the shower one evening jacking my cock really
hard thinking about the night before. When my mom
stepped out of the shower and turned her back to the
door, bent over to dry her feet. OH MY GOD I could see
the lips of her pussy looking right at me!! I damn near
shot my load right there in the hallway!! My cock
erupted shooting cum all over the shower wall, three
large squirts! My legs went weak after I came.

I shut the shower off got out and started to dry off. I
noticed in the mirror how nice my cocked looked hanging
there and how fat it was from me masturbating in the
shower. About that time I thought I heard something
outside the door. I must have been hearing things and
went back to drying my hair. Then I heard it again, I
looked and there was my mom holding a bunch of towels!!

I quickly covered myself, saying I was sorry. Mom said
it was her fault for just walking in like that. In the
evening mom would always wear a long T shirt with white
under ware. Every now and then I would see her pussy
hair sticking out of her undies. She wanted to put away
towels and said she could do it later. I told her, she
could put the towels away, seeing as I was covered now.
Meanwhile, I’m thinking when she bends over to that
bottom dresser drawer; I’ll see the shape of her pussy
lips through her underwear.

Mom laid the towels on top of the dresser and bends
over to open the drawer. I can’t believe it; I don’t
think she has any under ware on!! One by one she puts
the towels away and the shirt rides up over her ass,
exposing more of her pussy. I’m thinking she must not
realize she doesn’t have panties on. Then she stays
bent over like she’s straightening the towels out.

My cock is rock hard, so hard its pointing straight up
at my face! While bent over she widens her stance and
her pussy lips come apart, showing me her wet, pink
inner lips. With that I don’t care if she is my mom, I
take hold of my cock and step forward. Placing my cock
head at her entrance I rub it up and down her slit and
my mom lets out a low moan. Pushing my hips toward her
the head of my cock goes in her cunt.

Mom starts to come up from being bent over; I’m
thinking she’s going to freak out! Instead she rests
her forearms on the top of the dresser and pushes back
into me. Slowly I work my fat cock into her. Mom asks
me to take hold of her waist so I can push more of my
cock into her. I‘m taking long slow strokes, into her
slippery pussy. She puts her right hand between her
legs massaging her clit, she tells me to fuck her
faster and deeper. I’m really working my cock into her
when she has an orgasm, humping her ass into my cock.

As she is calming down, I keep working my cock, slow
and easy, in and out of my mom’s pussy. She says she
has a confession, that she had noticed over the past
few months, that I had a nice bulge in my shorts. That
when she went past the bathroom door she just had to
peek in and see what I really had. She couldn’t believe
how damn nice my cocked looked hanging there.

She said she forgot all about me being her son and just
had to have that piece of meat in her. So she pulled
her under ware off while she was looking through the
key hole and walked in. She had hoped that when she
bent over and I saw her pussy that I would take her
from behind. When I didn’t jump her right away she got
worried and decided to spread her legs to make sure I
knew she wanted my cock.

Then she asks me why I didn’t cum? Well I have a
confession also.

I'm embarrassed, "I have been spying on you mom, for
the past couple of months. In fact I was in the shower
jacking-off thinking about your pussy and how good it
would feel to fuck you. And... well... I had shot a lot
of cum in the shower... so I could last a little longer
I guess." My mom asked me to pull my cock out of her
and to come to follow here to her bedroom.

Mom then tells me she wants to try something she calls,
bull fuck. I ask her to explain. "Well son, you've seen
our bull breed cows, right?" I say yes and that I
really liked to watch him. Mom goes on to say, "I'll
lie on my back, with my legs spread wide open and I
want you to smell and lick my pussy, just like the bull
does in the field."

I felt my cock start to twitch, so I mounted her.

Without touching my cock with my hand, I poke the tip
of my cock head around her pussy until I find her open
slit. Push my cock head into her cunt. Then just like
the bull does, give your mom’s pussy a couple of short
strokes and then one big stroke, burying that big cock
all the way into her pussy. Then I’m to pull my cock
out and repeat the same steps until I’m ready to

She tells me she wants me to breed her. After telling
me what she wants, I’m so horny I don’t know how many
times I’ll be able to mount her, before I breed her. I
do as she asks smell, lick her pussy then mount her
thrusting my cock into my mom’s pussy. Each time I
mount her I buck harder into her making her moan even
more. Then I fill my cock start to swell up as it gets
ready to ejaculate into her pussy. I tell my mom that I
will breed her when I mount her this time. She tells me
to thrust hard when I pump my semen into her cunt. I
smell my mom’s sweet musk smelling pussy making my cock
strain to get into her.

I give her cunt a couple of licks, then I mount her,
poking my cock at her pussy till it finds the opening.
I give her cunt a few short strokes then I buck up into
her, hard, shooting my semen in my mom’s pussy. I
thrust into her again shooting semen, grinding my cock
against those slippery wet pussy lips, breeding her
like the bull would. My mom cries out very loud, "Oh
yes!! YES!! Breed me!! Fuck my cunt with your big

Afterwards I ask her if I did breed her, but she says
no, that she won't be getting pregnant by me. She says
she wants me to be just like the herd bull and keep
servicing her as much as I want. Believe me I’ll be
mounting her as often as she'll let me.


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