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Weird Sex and the depths of depravity

'Warning, this is a story of woman's depravity, read with caution, and please remark about what unfolds'

As we drove my husband looked across at me, 'Fancy a gang-bang'?

Asking your wife or girl friend to sexually gratify up to twenty men, is easier said than done, it takes a certain temperament in a women to realize that, just fantasizing about multiple men when you're having sex with one, is one thing, but actually being confronted by many men eager to rip your fucking pussy off is another.

We stopped having regular sex when his year long medication reduced both his ability to have an erection, even with Viagra, and his lack of penetrative sex made him angry.
In one way he took it out on me as he knew I was a woman who could hold my own with d***ken men keen for a leg over, something we used to have a great fuck to, the teasing bit, then I let his friend, a man I detested, come onto me and finally fuck me as he pretended to be sl**ping, as I moaned and begged to be fucked and spanked, wearing in stockings only, finishing face down on my carpet, letting this vile man sodomize me and deposit his sperm deep inside my bowels.

Now he is a regular visitor to our home whenever the urge hits him to have me, and I have to afford him the creature comforts of a wife, while his own wife refuses him the vile things I permit. his ass to mouth perversion is something I endure, for the time when I would ridicule him, when he desired me and I rejected him in favour of my eventual husband, now he sits and looks down on me as I lick his cock, like a dog.

He became a cuckold, deriving his pleasure from offering me to other men so they can release their perversions on and in me.
I do confess to being a submissive, during sex sessions, my own perversion to please men and feel their pent up frustrations being released, is a self satisfying offering, which ironically increases my libido, being tied or held down, spanked and caned, to leave marks to feel the next day, keeps me in a state of arousal and expectancy.

One incident I can never forget was when we were driving past a farm and he suddenly stopped the car, 'Let's have a look around', he said as he opened the door, and I got out to be confronted by an old man in his sixties, and two strapping sons.

'This is my wife Mariel', he introduced us, and shook each man's hand in turn, my nostrils flaring as the small of manure radiated from them all.
'First time on a farm Mariel', the old man said, to which I replied, 'Yes'.
'Do you grow crops', I hastily asked, trying to be interested, as my husband walked off with both boys, leaving us alone.

I sensed something was amiss, he was looking me up and down as if getting some measure of my being, as if comparing cows at market for sale, and my suspicions were even more acute when he replied his farm was for breeding, then laughed and added, 'Not a woman in sight for miles'.

'Come on Mariel, and I will give you tour', and I fell in behind him as we walked over to a chin high white wall, and looking over I knew what to expect to see, as the smell and grunting indicated pigs.

Peering over the wall I had to stand on my tippy toes, to see the grunting pigs being fucked, four sows and one randy boar.
'See that curly cocked fucker, he will fuck all of then one after another, in one go', he proudly boasted, and I just managed to smile at his suggestive crudity, the growing suspicion and the knowledge of what my husbands intentions were, meant I would soon be in a siring position, with three insatiable boars.

As we moved along the wall we came to the gate and he stopped, 'Like to go in with them', and he laughed, 'He will be in you like a rat up a drainpipe', and laughed even more, his farming crudity left me in no doubt what he was implying.

'How do you know my husband', I asked, he looked at me and said, 'Met him down the boozer', he looked me up and down again, his thin lips dry with expectation, and he drew his tongue across them in expectation'

'Told me a lot about you', he added, I said nothing, just staring back, knowing fine well how my husband would be describing me.
'Did he tell you I would like to be in their with them', I said, pointing to the pigs, 'As a matter of fact he did', he said, his voice changing as the thought of a beautiful woman preforming a sex act with a curly cocked pig, looked like a reality, and why not, as I was relaxed and calm when I spoke, the pigs did not frighten me, but the sex did, I was aroused with the outrageous thought of it, and at the same time angry, but the debasement appealed somewhat, so I stepped from my shoes and placed my bare feet into the mud, feeling the ooze as it went between my toes.

He stood silent with his mouth open and I saw him press down on the latch that opened the gate into the sty, and I walked up to him, looking down at the a****ls I had to get between.

As I got level with him I looked him in the eye, 'Perhaps I should get naked', I asked him in a challenging manner, and without waiting for him to answer, I removed my clothes slowly, one article after the other, until I stood naked beside him, my knees knocking, my skin all goose-bumped with a mixture of cold and sexual arousal.

'Do you approve of my body', I asked him, wanting to turn my back to him and let him take me there and then, but he was not having that, he wanted me to go into the sty and get down on my hands and knees.

'Let him smell your cunt', he remarked crudely, but not to be outdone I took his free hand and placed it on my pubic mound, and pressed one finger inside me. I was soft and warm, my moistness an invitation to start my afternoon of sexual pleasuring, and then I pulled his hand to his nose, 'Here is my cunt's smell', and I watched as his eyes closed and his nostril flared with the scent of a bitch in heat.

I stood shivering as the gate opened, then I walked slowly past him and walked in-between the pigs, and stood for a moment, as he looked at me then the pigs, hoping a little my debasement would arouse him to take me, as the pigs wet snouts brushed against my soft fair skin.

The absurdity and the excitement was overpowering, b********y was something I was aware of as a girl growing-up, and like most girls, it was a fact of life we were drawn to a****ls, in fact we all knew of one girl who did it with her dog, somehow females could handle such a revelation better than a man could, so here I stood, as if in one of my fantasies, perhaps that's why I was outwardly calm.

'Get down on all fours', he barked, his voice commanded a tone of utter disrespect for me, as I sank down besides the pigs, they moved away as my hands and knees sunk into mud and swill, the contrast of their pink hairy bodies against my fair smooth pinkish white nude skin, exciting the old man even more.

'Stick you ass into his nose', he bellowed, 'Let him smell you', and suddenly it was happening, I could feel his wet snout pushing into my ass and my senses went awry, I was pushing against another species, like the girl in school, the whole fucking episode was was surreal, then I felt its head rest on my bum, close to the small of my back, his weight suddenly increasing.

'Open you legs more', I could hear him saying, 'Let your ass drop down more', he continued, and instead of jumping up and clambering over the wall to safety, I did as he asked, and felt my knees open wide, the warmth from his body having a welcome feeling, as he moved up my back with ease, and soon his slobbering snout was at my ear, my blond hair matted with his slobbering, but as he completed his mounting I could feel the unmistakable feel of its penis, as it brushed and probed for my opening.

Suddenly there was another person alongside me, it was one of the boys, he was naked and as hard as a rock, and he dropped to his knees in front of me, and pushed his cock in to my mouth and started to enjoy my mastication as I chewed on his cock, the incredible feeling of being filled by a strangely shaped and alien penis made me start to buck uncontrollably, as I orgasmed repeatably, only coming to my senses when someone said, 'It's cock wont come out, you need to relax and let him relax' but I could not, so we remained tightly together until the old farmer found an old remedy to separate us, a bucket load of cold water.

Later that afternoon the human penises reclaimed their rightful place inside me, and my husbands promise was fulfilled, even today I have an aversion to pork, often wondering if he can remember me, that day.

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