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I woke the next morning and the first thought entering my mind was the
night before. It was so unbelievable that I could almost think it had been
a dream, but I knew it wasn't. I had really used Mom the night before.
And I was going to use her again this night. I lay back with my hands
behind my head and thought about Mom's piercing screams as I ripped into
her tight little fuck hole. How I rammed my pole into her u*********s
body. I thought of how I had made her spew filth from her uptight mouth as
I pumped her. My cock stiffened as I remembered how I made her fake two
huge orgasms. I smiled at the picture of my birth father gagging on the
cum and pussy juice he licked off my cock. Incredible! Thinking about Mom
curled up crying when I left her bedroom almost made me shoot off again.

I dressed and tripped happily down the stairs to find John having coffee
in the kitchen. He was in his usual place at the head of the table. My
face contorted in anger as I loudly yelled:

"Get your sorry fucking ass out of my chair you faggot. Get up and get
me a cup of coffee."

I sat in the captains chair and received the coffee he brought. He took
his rightful place in one of the side chairs with a hurt look on his face.
I sipped my coffee until Mom came in the room, fresh from her shower. I
looked her up and down with approval. Her hair was shiny and all in place.
Her eye shadow was thicker and her lipstick brighter than I'd ever seen her
wear before. In this light I could see her breasts through her sheer
blouse. Her cream colored skirt was only a little above her knees, but I
let it go because I was sure that was as daring as she owned. I'd have to
correct that soon. Her feet were encased in a pair of bright red high
heeled shoes. I bent over and plunged my tongue in Mom's mouth, just
because I could. As I French kissed her I squeezed one of her tits. She
winced and made a small sound at my rough touch.

"Tits sore, Mom?"

She numbly nodded that they were. I grabbed her and placed my hand
between her shoulders. I bent her across the table facing John and drew
her skirt up to her waist. Her tight ass was exposed, bare, as I had
directed. There were red marks remaining from my spanking. I let my hand
roam over her rounded mounds. My foot pushed her tramp shoes apart as she
bent over, my hand moving down her ass and between her legs. I held her in
that position while I moved my fingers up her slit and fondled her
hardening clitoris. There was no wetness in her cunny that morning. I
suddenly shoved my middle finger as far as it would go in her tight dry
vagina. She yelled, almost screamed:

"Oh, James. Please honey. I'm so sore. You hurt me so bad. Have
mercy on me."

I shoved my finger in her four more times while her body tensed and she
cried out. My cock was twitching and I would have loved to f***e it her
dry hole but there was no time this morning. I pulled her skirt back down
and helped myself to another cup of coffee. I sat back at the table and
looked over at her:

"You look good slut. Just like I want you. You look like a trailer
trash whore."

Mom stood red faced and humiliated in front of me and in front of the
man who'd been her husband all these years.

"James, please don't make me go to the office like this."

Her face was red and her eyes downcast. I loved the pleading tone in
her voice. I smiled and reached up to unbutton the top two buttons of her
blouse. I pulled the lapels apart to expose her cleavage.

"One more word Mom and I'll come to your office and strip you in front
of the workers. Now get me some fucking breakfast."

When Mom brought my food I ran my hand up the inside of her thighs all
the way to the treasure between her legs. She stood silently, closing her
eyes as I felt her up. John sat with his head down, trying not to look at
what was happening in his kitchen. I deserted Mom's legs to quickly eat my
bacon and eggs, then gave Mom another long kiss while painfully fondling
her tits. In spite of her soreness I felt her nipples grow hard under my
hand. I gave her a cheerful goodbye as I grabbed my books and headed to
the door for school.

I stopped at the door.

"Oh, and Mom. I almost forgot. Call Aunt Pam and tell her to be here
tonight. She's going to watch the movie too unless she wants her picture
and yours posted on the grocery store bulletin board. When we're done the
two of you can burn the pictures. Of course I'll probably let you watch me
fuck Aunt Pam first."

I went out the door without waiting to see Mom's reaction to this latest


I watched James leave with both a sense of relief and foreboding. I
couldn't eat a thing for fear of throwing up. Across from me sat my
simpering ex husband. If nothing else came out of James' punishment at
least for all practical purposes he divorced us. I almost wished my
hulking boy had twisted his worthless balls off last night. For years I
had wondered if someone had secretly snuck in our room and milked his puny
testicles into my womb the night James was conceived. Lord knows the
amount of sperm he produced was laughable compared to the tales I heard
about other men. James had cum like a horse in me....and...I felt much load..

"What the hell are you looking at?" I snapped across the table. I knew
the jerk off was staring at my tits.

"No...nothing dear. Can I help with anything?"

I laughed in his face as I got up from the table to wash James' dirty

"You helped enough asshole. You helped get us into this mess. Now look
at what I have to do. I have to go into work looking like a streetwalker
for him. You know what? I hope some of the people you know see me like
this. I may just tell them I have to pimp myself out now because you don't
make enough to care for us properly."

I turned to look and his head was hanging as he muttered in his lap.

"You know something John? I hope the fuck that boy makes you walk
around the block in a fucking dress! You want to know what you can do for
me love?"

I saw him look up and his eyes widened with hope that I dashed quickly.

"You can get your slug ass up in that bedroom and clear your shit out.
We won't be wanting your stuff taking up room."

Suddenly I felt the plate slide from my hand into the sink at the
realization of what my subconscious let slip. Why on earth did I say 'we'
wouldn't be wanting it? I had to remind myself of James' promise again.
That his ****s were over with. I explained that slip away as quickly as I
had explained the erotic dreams away, and how I had hated having him
rutting into my cunt. Explaining things away seemed to be coming
much easier for me. Some fools would call it denial but I knew better.

Setting James dishes on the rack to dry I glanced over at Johns slumped
body trudging up towards what used to be his room. He was already becoming
a mere shell of what he was so I added more for him to blame himself about:

"And one more thing bone lick, it was your chromosome that determined it
would be a boy rather than the daughter I hoped for. I hope you can live
with that!"

It was time to leave for what would probably be my last day on the job
and I decided I would call Pam from there. At least it would give me one
more excuse to find some privacy

On the way in I had thought about what I would do once I arrived and the
idea came to me that I could say I was going to a costume party. I'd have
to think on that more once I got past the events earlier. Not even
twenty-four hours had passed since James issued his demands and I was
already becoming less shocked when he kissed me on my mouth. This morning
he strolled in and stuck his tongue down my throat as if he was waving
hello. He was so damn casual about all of this and I was like some
automaton at his beck and call. James' nerve was beyond comprehension.
What mother in this world has a son who just twists their nipples like some
dials on a stereo then flips her over and pulls up her skirt? On top of
that he's doing all that plus running his hands up my legs and copping a
feel of my genit....cunt while his father sits like a toad. I wonder if
James thinks my legs are hot...does my mouth taste sweet like his
girlfriends do?

Gratefully I pulled into the lot after having the longest most
embarrassing drive of my life. Every other stoplight had some asshole
leering at me. I was sure it was only my imagination yet one seemed to be
mouthing "how much?" over and over. I was afraid to roll down my window to
listen. Unlike the rude truck driver that stayed next to me for a mile I
knew that jerk at the light must have been making assumptions from my
trampy make-up. If nothing else I could one day thank James for my
education on what an alley whore must endure daily.

One of the ladies in my department walked past my car before I had a
chance to slink down in the seat. I saw her shaking her head in the rear
view mirror. Thankfully I don't even think she recognized me the way I was
tarted up. As I checked myself in the mirror I saw again how obvious my
breasts looked and in a perverse way I was glad that they at least looked
young and pert. Debating whether I should button up suddenly struck me
with a feeling of paranoia. James was too crafty about this whole thing
and I had no doubt that he had informers here at my work. They would
surely tell him if I ditched this whore face and buttoned up my blouse. I
had to go through with my final humiliation and pray I still had a job in
the morning.

My first mistake was in exiting the car and it gave me a valuable lesson
to try and remember during the day. There was no way I could swing my long
legs out without spreading them and those six inch heels made it worse. I
had to get my left leg out and when I knew nobody could see me I pulled
myself from the seat. I could feel my skirt rise to mid thigh and I knew
that anyone watching would have seen my naked, bruised cunt on display.

With determination and fear I clutched my small red purse and headed
toward my fate. Ahead there was a small group of coworkers that hung
together. They were a real conservative lot even in my eyes and I waited
until they drifted in the door. Once Sal was inside I made a hurried dash.
I was still shaky in the damn porno film heels and I just knew all that did
was make my firm ass sway like some anal queen. When I entered the atrium
I shot as quickly as possible to my tiny office avoiding the stares and
whispers. I heard one of the girls loudly proclaim to a group "Oh look,
that must be the new office tramp the boss hired". As they giggled I took
solace in the fact that they may not have even recognized me. Maybe I
could fake most of them out after all.

As luck would have it I no sooner had reached my door and temporary
refuge when Sal caught up to me. I felt his huge hairy hand touch the
exposed skin on my right shoulder and when I turned to face him I felt
myself blush 'till it burned. I had heard all about him and his abuse and
the sordid things he had women do. The sick thing was that some of them,
even the married ones had hinted they would pay him to be treated the way
he did. It seemed they enjoyed being slapped around and pissed on in the
boiler room now and then. I was thankful I had this last test to pass.
Sal would just have to find another girl to use as his puppet show. No way
was he going to slide that hairy arm up me and try and carry me like some
ventriloquist act!

"Hey there Jen. You look different today."

I blushed at his wink and looked down to see my tits almost falling out.
Suddenly my perfume seemed overwhelming now that I was indoors. "Umm..yeah
Sal..uh...see we have this dumb charity raiser later at Johns Rotary Club
and..." I paused and faked a laugh and shook my head as if I couldn't
believe what I was doing for this event and went on as I saw him leering
down my blouse. I knew he could see past my perky cleavage to my tummy
button. "And....well you know it's a theme thing. I mean it's not just
me, oh Lordy no, all of us are going as like know. Disco?" I
laughed as if I believed the lie and began to walk into my office. I felt
a hand caress the firm flesh of my ass as James had done and push me
forward into the room. I turned when I heard the door shut and Sal was
standing there eyeing my legs and fuck shoes.

"Uh huh. Well let me tell you baby you look fucking hot. Who ever
would have imagined your prim ass could look so fuckable."

I threw my hand to my mouth as my eyes widened in shock. I had not even
been at work five minutes before James sick plan was taking effect.

"Sal! What has gotten into you? I told you I am dressed for a stupid

"Than why don't you button up while you're at work Jen?" He smiled at
his observation and made an obvious grab at his cock bulge for my benefit.
He had me there and I began to stutter out a reply when he went on.

"Oh, and I heard about your sons victory. James isn't it? You must be
very proud of your boy Jennifer."

He leered again, this time at my genital area. I couldn't believe Sal
knew what James was doing to me. If he knew, the whole office would know
by noon! I'd have a line of sweaty musky cocks from here to the cafeteria
waiting to dump in me! I only wanted my James' cum in me from now on as
any mother would. Damn! What was I thinking? Was he d**gging me too now?
First things first.

"Um...Sal I don't kno.."

He cut me off and fortunately so or I would have hung myself.

"Yeah. Took first over Harrison High. Tell him good work."

I felt my heart start again. Sal turned to leave but before he did he
walked over to me and boldly slid his hand into my blouse. I felt his
calloused palms caressing my breast surprisingly gently.

He spoke huskily toward my chest as he effortlessly undid the third
button on my sleazy blouse.

"Mmm Jenny baby. We always wondered what your tits were like. Nice
firm little teenager peaches sugar, but with well used nipples. Anyone
ever tell you that you have nicely worked in nips baby? I bet you're a
real milker huh?"

Ask James, I thought as I shook my head no as he moved to kiss me.
Somehow, in my mind I envisioned it was James. Of all the humiliation and
the brutal **** I found I did enjoy his tongue deep in my mouth. I closed
my eyes when it hit me. Slapping his hand away I barked out a little too

"Get your paws off me you b**st! Get out before I call security."

He backed off in shock but not before running his large hand over my
well developed mons. I could actually feel his thumb skillfully find my
always turgid clittycock immediately. He was the pro the girls said he
was. I held back a gasp and a shiver as he pressed my clit while pushing
his fingers upward forcing the sleek fabric of my skirt into my crease.
Again it was James in my heart and mind.

"Yeah cunt. I'll leave. For now you skank. We both know you want it.
Hell every guy in this building knows you want cock. You're a slut Jenny.
Hear me bitch? A slut."

I felt like crying as the door shut. It seemed that with every passing
hour I spiraled down deeper into the hell of whores. How many synonyms
were there for floosie I wondered. I'd have to look so I recognized all
the names I would be called. I began making a list; cunt, slut, whore,
skank, tart, trollop...prostitute...I realized I wasn't even in the class
of prostitutes so I set it aside. I'd do it later in alphabetical order.

I realized that I had to carry out James' order and call Pammy before I
was interrupted again. As I dialed and waited I saw a steady stream of
coworkers pass by my office and pause to stare in at me not even realizing
that my smallish breast was hanging completely out of my blouse still.
Some of the women I had been close to were pointing at me and whispering. I
just gave them a big smile with my bright red overdone lips hoping that
James would have been proud of me. Deep down I was somewhat enjoying this
sudden attention from my co-workers and would almost miss it tomorrow. If
I had a job I reminded myself.

I was going down the B's in my mind and jotted down "BITCH" and "BIMBO"
when Pam picked up.

"Hi Pammy." I tried to sound cheerful but my tone gave it away.

"Na...well maybe there's a little problem. You remember those dumb
porno pics John made us do?"

"What do you mean what ones? How many others are there for Christ's

"Yes Pammy those. We had to pose like sluts and do all that disgusting
sick shit."

"UH Huh. Well James found them. That asshole ex husband had them
laying out someplace probably jacking off to them."

"I'll explain the ex thing later. I think it's temporary but I don't
even care about that part. James found them and he's blackmailing me and
John and he may even have something to threaten you with."

"How do I know what? Maybe tell your husband. Who knows? What's so
funny? Look never mind, he made a film last night. He made me shave and
do stuff. He's walking up and tonguing my mouth out like a dog and feeling
me up and everything."

"What! No I don't like it you ass. And now last night he made John
hold my pussy open and James ****d me on film. Pammy he spermed me with
live seed. Do you hear me?"

"Yes...yes he cums a lot. Huh? Yes Pam he's hung. He has this fucking
horsecock. Yes...foreskin. Yes he has. Yes it's long and rubbery.
Dammit you know John's cut. WILL YOU LISTEN TO ME"?

"Good. My vagina was like staying open almost two inches for a long
time after he ****d into me plus he rutted me so hard I'm black and blue!"

"What? Yes it hurts you ass! Now I am here and he made me dress like a
whore. Yes kinda like her yes. Uh panties or bra. Everyone is
looking at me and whispering. So this is what James wants honey. He wants
to f***e me to watch this sick porn and you have to come and see it with

"Yes just once. Don't sound so disappointed. We watch it once and he
destroys it and frees me. And maybe you."

"Oh God. Thanks Pammy. I owe you. Come over about seven and for gods
sake do NOT wear anything that is the least bit provocative. He's an

"Yes Pam..a horse. Just don't forget until his demands are met I am his
to degrade in any manner he desires. Bye honey."

After I hung up I swore my s****r was high. She acted like this was no
big deal. I couldn't wait till she saw what my son did to me so she knew
what he was capable of.

By three in the afternoon I had been laughed at twenty times, I had been
openly felt up on several occasions when I was eating in the lunchroom and
I heard a rumor that when I went in to urinate it was on the security
cameras and taped. Now the whole company knew I shaved, that I had black
and blue welts on my pubic and worse yet, ragged and deformed inner lips
and an Amazon woman clit.

At four I had the first of many sick phone calls and several interoffice
e-mails asking about my vaginal dimensions and every other lewd fact you
could imagine. My superior had asked me to come to his office but
thankfully he was called out.

Finally at ten to five I was I was checking my overdone makeup in case
James was home when I arrived and was about to leave when Martin came in to
see me. Martin is a hulking black man who is in charge of ten or fifteen
other friends of his in the distribution. He and I always got along and I
was happy to see a friend. Of course he gawked at my tits and nipples and
I even gave him a good long glance up my legs because he was the only one
that behaved today. I let him see my battered cunt and acted ignorant
about it. He handed me a small package that was wrapped nicely and told me
it was a gift from him and the boys. I think he said home boys whatever
that is. I thanked him and gave him a hug and felt my nipple brush his
sweaty uniform. He always had a real man kind of smell which some of the
girls found exciting. I just knew it was in my clothes now.

When he left I opened it and found a pretty silver vessel. I couldn't
imagine what it could be so nicely wrapped as I read the homemade card.
"With love to the new girl, the new Jenny from the boys. I hope you like
it so we can give you more." My smile turned to disgust when I opened the
container. Even I knew what it was. Twenty some loads of cum jerked out
for me. I could smell it and the container was still warm. I inhaled it
deeply again just to make sure it was semen and with a smile I left for
home to show James my gift. To prove to my boy how well I slutted at work
for him. Soon this would be over.


I forged a note to get excused from school at noon. I had some things I
needed to do before the afternoon was out. I drove home and was surprised
to find Aunt Pam sitting in my living room.

"Hi James. I thought you would be home early so I let myself in. I
need to talk to you."

Aunt Pam started right in with what she had to say. Mom had called her
that morning and told her what was happening at home and that I'd promised
to destroy the evidence after tonight.

"James, things aren't as you think they are. Your father never really
had me under his power. I just went along because your Mom has always been
such an uptight bitch I thought it was a good chance to get her to loosen
up sexually. It didn't work because your father is a lousy lay. The
pictures didn't bother me. Your Mom doesn't know it but your Uncle Chris
and I have been swingers all the time we've been married. I love to fuck
any way, any time, anywhere, any one. James, I came here to ask you to
break your promise. Don't let your Mom off the hook tonight. She told me
about your monster cock. That's just what she needs to get her nose out of
the air, but one night isn't enough. And, okay I'll be honest with you. I
didn't get what I wanted out of John's little scheme. Those pictures
weren't the real things. They were just poses. My s****r makes me hot.
From what she told me she makes you hot too. James, I love making it with
a woman and I want your mother bad. I want her really eating my pussy, not
just posing for a picture. I want to watch her having hot, dirty sex and I
want to have hot dirty sex with her. James, if you'll turn her into a
tramp like me I'll help you. I'll pretend you're forcing me too and I'll
do anything you want. Anything, James. Your Uncle Chris knows about this
and he'll help too if we want him. He'd love his cock in Jennifer. What
do you say James? Will you let me help you make Jennifer your fuck toy?"

Aunt Pam smiled coyly.

"You can have me anyway you want, James. How would you like to fuck me
whenever you like? I'm a good actress. My s****r won't know I'm helping
you. Wouldn't you like to watch your Mom be f***ed to eat my cunt until I
cum? My sweet nephew, I know things to do to you and make your Mommy do
that you haven't even thought of yet. And don't forget, I've got a lot of
swinger friends who would love to take part. What do you say honey?"

Would I let her? My heart jumped a beat. This was too good to be true.
I knew I wanted Aunt Pam and had been scheming about how to draw her into
my net. Now she had served herself to me on a silver platter. And she
wanted to be my conspirator. Things couldn't have been better.

Aunt Pam and I got busy. She helped me connect the two VCR's in the
house so I could duplicate last night's tape. It was her suggestion that
we dub out the parts where it could be seen and heard that I was forcing my
parents. After we were done it looked as if they came to me willingly;
egged me on. I made a copy of the unedited original for my aunt to take
home and share with my uncle. She thought he would love it since he didn't
like my father anyway. She knew he'd love to watch my mother getting rough
fucked. He'd always had a **** fantasy. When we had put the machines back
in their proper places I sent Pam home, but not before she dropped to her
knees and took my cock out. She made admiring remarks as she looked at my
monster, and then engulfed it in her warm, wet mouth. With this unexpected
turn of events I didn't last long before shooting my load in my aunt's
mouth. Aunt Pam swallowed it all other than a couple of dribbles that
leaked out the sides of her mouth for her to scoop up with her finger and
suck off. She looked at me with a smile:

"Jennifer was right. That's a monster cock, but I promise you James
with a little more practice I'll get the whole thing down my throat." Aunt
Pam chuckled softly. "An of course James, since you're blackmailing me
with those pictures I'll have to suck you off any time you feel like it. I
just know you're going to feel like it real often."

She kissed me lightly on the cheek and tripped out the door.

Aunt Pam was right. That was my first blowjob, and I intended there to
be a lot more. Having my cock in my aunt's hot willing mouth was the best
thing I'd experienced. I knew having it in my mother's unwilling mouth
would be even better. Well, I couldn't think about that all day. I had to
get the original tape to my safe deposit box and get back before my parents
got home. I headed out on my errands.


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