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MY SWEET MOTHER, RELUCTANT SLUT (mF Inc Reluc) By Dave E. Perelli and



I stopped on my knees between Mom's legs and surveyed the scene. What a
sight. I knew the movie camera was running, recording every sight and
sound. Mom was on her back, NAKED. Bare assed naked. This wasn't like
the small pictures I'd seen. This was real. Real naked flesh. Hearing
her voice. Smelling her perfume. She was mine for tonight. And after
tonight my plan was going to work. She would be mine as long as I wanted.
Her virginal white wedding veil on her head, the train under her back.

I looked up at my birth father. He knelt above Mom's head, holding her
legs up for me to penetrate her. He was on his knees with his flabby flesh
sagging.. His face showed him to be totally defeated. His little cock
wasn't even standing up despite the show I had made Mom perform. His lips
trembled. His eyes were closed tightly. I reached up and slapped his

"Open your eyes. I want you to watch everything. If you close your
eyes again I'm going to twist your balls off."

His eyes popped open. He looked as if he were about to cry.

"Now, John. Ask me nicely to fuck your wife. Ask me to please fuck my

I saw his throat constrict as he swallowed. His voice came out barely a

"Please fuck my wife. Fuck your mother."

"Louder, asshole. Say it nice and loud. Make sure we can hear you
clearly. Beg me."

He swallowed several times in rapid succession.


That was better. My eyes left his face and traveled down my own body.
They rested on my stiff cock bouncing against my stomach. My cock. My
cock was my blessing and my curse. My blessing because I was the envy of
every boy in the locker room. My curse because I'd only found a very few
girls who would let me screw them and then only after a lot of work and
pleading on my part. I seldom got more than the head in when they had all
they could take. I usually ended up eating pussy and having the girl jack
me off. This night would be different. I was going to get all the pussy I
wanted. This wasn't a girl I had to please. I didn't have to worry about
her wanting to go out with me again. I didn't care if it was good for her.
I didn't care if it hurt her. Yes, I did care. I hoped it did hurt her. I
wanted it to. I wanted her have to endure whatever I gave her. I wanted
to feel the power!

I looked down at Mom helplessly waiting. Her brown eyes were shut now.
The expression on her pretty face was a cross between fright and sorrow.
Her soft lips had just a touch of lipstick. My mom, with her innocent
wedding veil and her legs stretched apart before me. This was a picture I
wouldn't soon forget. My cock twitched as the thought crossed my mind how
she would look with her lips stretched around my meat. Not tonight! Be
patient. It will happen. Her not too large breasts had flattened more
when she was put on her back, but they were well formed and pretty to my
eyes. They weren't big but they were bigger than any of the teen girls I
had undressed. Her nipples were still standing up from my having made her
twist them. I gazed down at twin points. These were no tiny teenaged
nipples. They were full grown woman's nipples. They were the biggest I'd
ever seen, more impressive than they had looked in the stolen pictures.
They were red from being engorged with bl**d.

I took in the rest of Mom's body. Her waist was trim. Her hips were
wider than they probably had been when she was younger. I grinned to
myself. Good c***d bearing hips, I thought. Mom had a few faint stretch
marks on her stomach. "I put those there", I thought. My father was
holding her legs back so that her ass wasn't touching the bed. It was at a
perfect angle for my invasion while on my knees so the camera could catch
all the action. He was holding her ankles wide apart as he'd been told.
Hers was the first shaved pussy I'd seen outside of pictures. I'd never
seen one on a real person. This was great. I could see everything. Her
labia were stretched open, exposing her private parts to my eyes. Her
clitoris was no longer hidden. It looked like a small cock above her
vagina. Her vagina had a wet sheen at the opening. I wondered if that was
from excitement or fear. In her position her ass cheeks were pried apart
and I could see her little brown asshole. I resisted the temptation to
shove my finger in her ass. None of the girls I had gone with would let me
near their asses.

Mom didn't resist when I took her arms and moved them above her head.
She moaned though when she heard me speak to her husband.

"John, put your knees over the whore's arms. I don't want her jerking
around when I'm stuffing her cunt."

He did as he was told without argument. In moments her arms were
trapped by his legs and her ankles by his hands. I spat on my hand and
rubbed the spittle on the head of my cock to ease my entry. I took my cock
in my hand and rubbed it up and down her labia until it came to rest at the
opening of her pussy. I leaned forward and grasped her hips.

"John, what will it be? Ease it into her gently or just shove it in?"

"Please sir, be gentle with her. Don't hurt her."

I jerked up and slapped him across the other side of his face, harder
this time. A trickle of bl**d started from his lip.

"Wrong answer, you little weasel. If you want to keep your balls
attached you'd better give me the right answer and you'd better be
convincing. Tell me how you want to watch me use this tramp."

There was no doubt he was beaten.

"Shove it in her sir. Rip her open. Ruin her cunt."

Mom started trying to thrash around at those words, but John had her
well pinned and I took hold of her hips again. I gave a shove with all my

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, ieeeeeee,oooooooooohGod, oh God, oh God, OH GOD,

I looked between her legs. My cock was only buried about the first two
inches. Her vagina was stretched so wide it looked as if it would rip. I
slowly eased my member back out until only the tip was inside her. The
part that had been inside her was glistening with moisture. I listened to
her gasping breaths. They started to quiet down. I gave John an evil

"Hang on. This is going to be a big one."


Mom's piercing scream suddenly stopped. Her head rolled to the side.
Mom had fainted! John started to say something but a look from me changed
his mind. My cock was buried about halfway in her pussy. I knew her
husband's had never been in that far and had never stretched her anywhere
near that wide. I started brutally pounding in and out of her u*********s
body. It took about ten plunging strokes and I was buried to my balls in
my mother's cunt. I had to stop then. I had never had my cock anywhere
near this far in a pussy before and had never felt anything this good. It
was a tight, wet, hot grip like nothing I had ever experienced. I was in
danger of shooting my load and it wasn't near time yet. Time to take a

As I caught my breath and waited for the pressure in my balls to relent
Mom's eyelids fluttered and opened. She was back in the land of the
living. She didn't try to fight. She just lay there and looked up at me.
All I heard from her was:


I felt something wet running on my balls. I felt a stab of fear. I
drew slowly and looked down between us. I heaved a sigh of relief. It
wasn't bl**d; it was Mom's juices somehow managing to escape the tight
confines of her vagina. I pulled out until only the head of my dick
remained in her. I slowly pushed in again.


I set a slow rhythm. In and out, in and out. All the way to the head
and then back until my cock was buried in her. She no longer screamed.
The look of pain and fright was gone from her face. I couldn't read the
expression that was there now. I began to pump faster. Her "Ohhh's" still
came on every down stroke. After a long time of fucking Mom tensed. The
tendons in her neck stood out. I watched her face turn red and she
screamed aloud. It wasn't a scream of pain this time. She either had an
orgasm or faked it real well. Her body went limp. I pried my father's
hands from her ankles and pushed his knees off her arms. Her legs fell to
the bed as she gasped for breath. I lay on top of her while she regained
some composure. I rolled off of her and lay on my back. My cock stood
straight up, twitching.

"That was pretty good Mom, but you've still got something to do."

"What is it James?" was her tearful reply.

"You said you were going to give me a really good fuck. All you did was
lie there. Your cunt is nice and tight but you know what I want. I want
you to get on top and give me the fuck you promised until I fill you with

Mom tiredly rolled to her knees. She threw her leg across my body and
straddled me. She reached down and took my cock in her hand, placing it at
her entrance. The train of her wedding veil d****d down my legs. She
leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine, her tongue probing in my
mouth. She raised up and looked at me with a shy little smile:

"James, you loved it when I screamed. If you take hold of my hips and
shove me down real hard I know you can make me scream again."

I was glad to take her suggestion.


Mom continued to bounce hard and fast. She leaned forward and kissed my
mouth again, then planted kisses all over my face. She wrapped her arms
around my neck and pressed her tits against my chest. When she wasn't
kissing she was talking.

"That's it baby. Mommy's a whore. Fuck Mommy like the whore she is.
Is Mommy making a good movie for you honey? Can the camera hear me baby?
Can the camera see you stretching Mommy's cunt open? I'll fuck you any way
you want honey. I know you like to hurt me. That sorry assed husband of
mine never had enough cock to hurt me. Oh, baby Mommy's too wet for it to
hurt now. I'm running like a river. Can you hear it John, you sorry
bastard? Can you hear my cunt slurping on my son's cock? You never made
me run wet like that. If you hadn't been such a lousy fuck you wouldn't
have had to make me pose for pictures. I would have done anything you
wanted. Hurt me James baby. Spank my whore ass and make me cry. Please
baby spank me. Please, please, please. I want him to watch you make me

As the sound of the slaps on Mom's ass reverberated through the room she
kept humping her pussy up and down on my hard cock. I thought she would
have enough after a couple of slaps, but her arms tightened around my neck
and she kept planting kisses on my face between cries. I felt her tears
dripping on my face, but she continued fucking me like a wild woman.
Suddenly she placed her hands against my chest and pushed herself up. She
kept bouncing on my cock, her face streaked with tears.

"James, don't you want my tits? That's it baby. Squeeze my tits. Oh,
that's good. Squeeze them harder. Oh, yeah. Pull my nipples James. Now
twist them. Oh, that's it. Aaaahhh. That hurts but don't stop. Ooooh,
nobody ever twisted them that hard before. Here, honey. Let me feed you
my tits."

Mom leaned forward and pressed her tits in my mouth, alternating from
one to the other. She begged me to suck harder. Her pussy was making loud
sucking sounds as she fucked me in and out. I could feel her juices
flowing on my thighs. I wasn't going to hold out much longer. I couldn't
believe I'd lasted this long. Mom jerked her tit from my mouth and sat up
again. She pressed her cunt down hard against me and started making
circular motions with her hips.

"James, I'm almost there. Call me names and I'll cum for you baby.
Tell me what I am and I'll cum all over you, baby. Please."

"Mother, you sorry whore! You're a cheap slut! I ought to sell your
whore pictures. You'd love that because you're a son-fucking tramp!"

"James, I'm cumming. Oh shit! I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming."

I grabbed Mom's hips and held her down tight against me. My cock
swelled and I started spewing hot cum into her fuck hole. I shot spurt
after spurt into my mother while she spasmed time and again. I could feel
the hot cum squirting out of her vagina onto my legs. I was finally
emptied and Mom must have been too, because she collapsed on top of me
gasping for breath. I pushed her off me. Her pussy made a satisfying
sucking sound as I came free. I rolled over and got to a standing position
at the side of the bed. Mom just lay on her back with her legs spread. I
thought that was probably making a good shot for the camera. I stood
looking down at my birth father.

"Well, John. Think we made a good movie?"

"Yes" he meekly replied.

"Better than the pictures you took?"

"Yes, better than the pictures."

"You know John, there's something I'm sorry we didn't get on camera.
You know what that is?"

"No, I thought you got everything."

"Nope, John. Those pictures you took of Mom eating Aunt Pam's cunt were
really hot weren't they?"

"Uh, well yes they were."

"I'll bet your boss loved them didn't he?"

"Yea, he thought they were great."

"I'll bet Mom hated it though didn't she?"

"Well, yes she didn't like it."

"John, do you know what I'd do if Aunt Pam were here?"

"Well, no."

"I'd make her lick all the cum and pussy juice off my cock and balls.
That would make a great ending to the movie wouldn't it? Think that would
be hot?"

He brightened up a little.

"Yeah, that would really be hot."

"Well, John too bad. She's not here. Hey, I've got a great idea! Want
to hear it?"

"I guess so."

I grabbed Mother's husband by the hair and dragged him to the side of
the bed on his hands and knees.

"You can take her place." I laughed out loud and then bent down to speak
softly to him so the camera couldn't pick up the sound.

"What's your livelihood worth John? Unless you want to be out of a job
and your reputation ruined you'd better get your tongue on my cock and be
quick about it. It's no worse than Mom having to lick Aunt Pam's pussy.
Now get busy."

I doubt he would have done it if he hadn't already had his spirit broken
by the fast turn of events. I really expected more of a fight and I was
ready to beat him up if I had to. As it was he bent his head and started
licking. He gagged every few licks but I wasn't in the mood to show him
any mercy. I made him lick all sides from top to bottom. I looked over at
Mom. She had turned and was on her side, propped on one elbow. Her legs
were apart. Her nipples were standing up hard and so was her clit. There
was no doubt she was enjoying watching the shoe be on the other foot for a
change. I made John lift my cock and lick my balls clean as well as all
the cum and juices in my pubic hair. I made him pull back my foreskin and
lick all over my cockhead. His last chore was to take the head of my cock
in his mouth and suck it in case there was anything left that hadn't come
out. I was only about half hard, but my monster still pried his mouth all
the way open. I made him run his tongue over my cockhead while it was in
his mouth. I really would have liked to make him suck me off, but Mom had
so drained me that I couldn't get hard again this quick. I finally pushed
him away. All I said to him was:

"Go to your room and go to bed now."

He ran his flabby ass out still retching and leaving his clothes behind.

I wanted to take Mom in my arms and tell her everything was going to be
all right, but I didn't. I still needed to uphold my dominance. I
silently walked to the tripod and unscrewed the camera from the mount. Mom
spoke first.

"That was awful what you made John do."


"I guess you could tell I liked watching him take your cock in his
mouth. Revenge is sweet."


"Did I do all right? Did I do it like you wanted? Was I a good f....a
good fff........a good FUCK for you James?"


James, are...... Are you........... Well, are you really going to make
us watch that film?"

I didn't answer her question.

"Mom, tomorrow morning I want you to put on the shortest skirt you have.
I want you to wear a low cut blouse that shows off your tits. I want you
to wear heels. I don't want you to wear panties or a bra."

Mom protested: "But James, I have to work at the food bank tomorrow."

"Well then Mom you'd better keep your legs together hadn't you?
Speaking of legs, spread them now."

Her eyes glistening with tears, Mom laid back and spread her legs. I
pushed my finger in her pussy and started working it in and out. I told
her to play with her nipples and she complied. I slipped a second finger
in. It was no problem. She was still running wet with my cum and her own
juices. I followed with a third finger, then a fourth. Her hips started
moving up to meet me and her breath got faster. I pulled my hand free and
wiped it clean on her face. I picked up the camera and walked to the door.
As I opened the door I looked back. Mom had rolled on her side with her
back to me. Her shoulders were shaking with sobs.


Finally what had once been our normal home became quiet. I was spent
emotionally, no longer able to even cry, when the last sounds I heard were
of James yelling what sounded like more orders to his father. Then the
guest room door slammed and all was quiet.

I was too exhausted to move. I desperately wanted to shower this sin
away and purge the unholy seed from my vagina but my body would not move.
Every limb ached from the obscene positions they had placed me in to allow
James to fuck into me deeper for the camera and I could feel a dull
throbbing pain deep within my sex. James had punched repeatedly into parts
a woman's pussy was not made to accept. I took my now ringless hand and
examined my nipples and winced at the tenderness. They had been so
engorged with bl**d for so long that they stung at my caress. I could not
fathom why in spite of what was happening to my world my nipples had
remained so throbbingly erect. Now that he was gone I had to see what my
cunt looked like. In my mind it felt strange, different than it had before
he ****d me. It reminded me of the way it felt when the doctor did his
pelvic exams with those hateful speculums and I suddenly wondered when my
fertile time was. I had to remember to check in the morning. I cursed
myself again for letting that most important part of my womanly concerns
grow lax. I was at a point in my life when it didn't matter anymore and
now I found myself scared to death about the unthinkable. A baby was out
of the question. A baby ****d into me by my own son was beyond my
comprehension. Another thought I had to cast aside. James promised me
after we...we kissed...deeply...that it would be over tomorrow. I prayed
that in a couple of days I would wake up as a mom again. A barren mom I

Quietly I reached in my night stand and pulled out a small mirror and
despite the pain in my stretched leg muscles I parted them enough to view
the damage.

The first thing I saw had almost caused me to scream out. I bit down on
my lip and tried to remain calm as I stared in fright. I contemplated
calling an ambulance but then I weighed the risks to the f****y. The
frightening sight that hit me was that my whole pubic area was black and
blue especially above my mons at the pubic bone. It must have happened
when I had passed out as James kept prying and forcing more cock into me.
Apparently when he finally pushed my organs aside he pounded into me
furiously. I can't begin to imagine the f***e of his repeated impacts into
my tender flesh to have caused this damage. I did remember the intense
pain as my vagina stretched to accept him and I felt a slight tear at the
lower crease of my inner lips. I could not see bl**d but what I saw was
far worse. My vaginal entrance had not yet closed. Fifteen minutes after
his **** was complete and my cunt had yet to close up. I looked deeper and
I saw my cervical cap and silently prayed thanks that he did not rupture
it. He must have somehow f***ed it into my uterus. I now wished I knew my
own anatomy better but who would wonder where ten or twelve inches of man
cock would go? Then it hit me. Sperm.....I could see what looked to be
ounces of James seed. A lot of it was still pooled inside in a frothy
bubbling mix and I saw that an ungodly amount had already oozed out forming
a large grayish pool on the sheets between my tired legs. I wanted so bad
to wipe it up and even made a feeble attempt before finally giving up. I
was resigned to sl**p in his cummy mess, my abused body inundated my senses
with the smell of his sweat and mine and my perfume and our combined

I lay my head back down on the stained pillow and felt my tummy. The
muscles were sore there as well and as I accepted that I reflected on what
I had last seen with my eyes. My own sons semen and my vaginal slime were
commingling between my legs and than it hit me and I felt fear and shame.
The ache in my abdominal muscles....I remember it now. I wanted to shut it
out and pretend that it was impossible, that it was some defense mechanism
to counter the pain and humiliation of i****tual ****. I couldn't deny it
now. James had made me cum. I had cum so violently that my belly was
cramping. Oh god please no. James had made me cum my guts out and even
though I knew something was happening I had not accepted it. I had the
most intense orgasm of my life all over my sons godly weapon and all I
could hope was that he thought I faked it. I was sure he was too wrapped
up to notice much and even more sure that he had no experience with this
type of orgasm. I now realized that part of the puddle on my bed was from
my own ejaculation. I was elated that it was doubtful he knew I squirted
yet unexplainably thrilled that I had! No man had ever made me ejaculate
and in fact John had only really made me cum twice. In the past I only
came hard enough to squirt by my own hand and fertile imagination. If he
had known he would have realized my cum was real and that would not be
good. My son promised me that after we watched his porn it would be over.
The last thing I needed now was my sons power trip getting a booster shot.
If James ever knew that he had made his mother cum during a **** there was
no telling what he would do. Would he fuck me deeply again? Would James
spank me and punish me and humiliate me and rip me and fill me with his
scalding hot seed again? And again? and.........

Damn! What the fuck were you just tripping on Jennifer? I found myself
suddenly cold and sweaty as I came back up from hell. I could not even
believe for one split second that I actually fantasized about him using me
as some cum dump again. I had to get my mind off of his cock.....and goat
balls....and a foreskin from heaven......and so fucking huge......

I threw it out of my mind. I feared that he was right all along. Maybe
I am a slut and whore and a tramp. Yes, perhaps James sees things we do
not and knows that's what I really am deep down. I covered myself to keep
from looking at what he did to me and tried focusing on watching him make
the worm lick off our fuck. I did enjoy watching that I know. No, I
reminded myself, his fuck. It wasn't our fuck was it? Of course not. It
was James' fuck. He ****d me after all and I faked that orgasm and the
girly squirt all over his horse cock. Yep, I would just tell him first
thing when he freed me that it was a one sided fuck. I did not cum or
enjoy it. I just let him use my cunt like a shoebox full of liver. For
all the good it did he may as well have been jacking off into my cunt.
That was the good news I just realized. Even though I knew James promised
me it would end tomorrow I still did not totally trust him. He is, after
all, part John as well.

I actually managed a smile as I decided all of his disclaimers were for
nothing. On the tape he may have me begging to fuck me of my own free will
and John asking him to as well and I give him credit for being so smart.
What dawned on me, as I ran a manicured nail around in our lovely fuck
puddle, was that he also had himself on the tape giving us orders. He was
caught telling John he'd twist his balls off if he didn't say it right. It
will be obvious to anyone that we were f***ed to do this. As much as I
wanted to see James' make John suck him off I wanted this over and
unfortunately for James he had incriminating audio in that tape. I wonder
if he'll even catch his screwup during the screening.

Finally my mind was being emptied of enough of the past events that I
could feel my most welcomed sl**p coming. I hoped that there I could find
temporary peace from my sins. I had to stop punishing myself for what I
did. What would the women in my Church group say if they ever found out?
Of course I would tell them the circumstances but in retrospect I could
have fought him harder and certainly I could have toned down my whorish
actions when I rode his masterful fuck cylinder. James had only wanted me
to say a few dirty things yet I had found myself spewing a whole litany of
filth as I f***e fed his meat into my belly. I knew it must have been
another survival instinct just as my painfully hard nipples were, and my
river of fuck lube that helped him bury his perfect cock deeper. I think I
drifted off assuring myself that my cum was also unintentional and the
throbbing, empty feeling between my legs was after effect and not

I awoke to noises in the house. It sounded like James was on John's ass
about something and even as I smiled I chastised myself for doing it. The
clock on the night stand said 7:30. Somehow I had slept for five full
hours. There was that wedding picture again. I had to know what to do
with it. I would ask James soon knowing he would guide me. As I dragged
myself up the bed sheets followed and I found my ass glued to the dried
fuck emissions. Once on my feet I peeled them away and decided to destroy
the sheets later and eliminate one more reminder of my night of whoredom.
It was then that my curiosity or rather my recent obsession with my sex
came over me again. Taking the mirror once more I spread my legs and aimed
it upward and eyed the reflection of my bare cunt. I saw that the swelling
had gone down and the black and blue bruises had not gotten any worse. My
naturally thick labia were coated completely with dried semen but I could
see that my vagina had finally closed up again. My inner lips I saw did
look even more dark and frayed than they had but I could live with that. I
spread my long legs further and looked again and felt my knees shake when I
saw the tiny brown rose of my rectum knowing had James wanted to use that
instead he would have ruined me for life. Heading off to the shower I was
thankful that I would never have to endure the humiliation of his semen
fermenting in my bowels.

I entered the shower and endured the hottest water I could stand as and
I cleansed myself I could almost see my sins wash away. I turned my back
towards the pulsing jets and closed my eyes and bits of dreams came
floating by. I had no recollection of dreaming yet there they flashed in
tiny subchapters. I saw us watching the pornographic films as James paused
and went over the lurid details. Often he would rewind the tape and slow
it down so I could see just how deeply he had fucked into me. I saw myself
actually applauding one scene and telling John that was how fuckmasters did
it to a woman's fuck hole.

Next I must have dreamed that my s****r and me were both tied down in
his room. It seemed James had spooned Pam's cunt full of Crisco and he was
telling us that he was going to coat his cock in her cunt then work it into
my asshole. He was laughing and called it my assmouth and told me that he
might have to switch between her grease pit and my assmouth many times
before he could fuck me totally. He kept calling me a skank.

I must have dreamed a scene where I was with a group of his friends from
school. It appeared it was the high school auditorium and the film was
playing on a theater sized screen amidst cheers and hoots. James kept
pointing out his techniques to the girls and guys as if it were a lecture
hall. That quickly faded to another scene. Through haze I saw that he had
Pammy and John and I all lined up on what appeared to be our pool table.
We were on our backs with our heads tilted over the side. James was having
a contest it seemed. He would feed each of us cock and mark his shaft with
something. Back and forth he went in our throats. It seemed that whoever
took the least of his cock had to be anal fucked. The vision ended before
I knew who won. Or was it who lost?

My mind was assaulted with a myriad of sick acts he was putting me
through even including being his urinal. The strangest scene came last. I
was in a delivery room or someplace. It was not a typical hospital I saw.
He was there with John pointing and talking about my cunt. I tried to look
down but I could not see over my belly and I saw my small feet tied in
stirrups on the delivery table. The nightmare seemed to have grown fuzzy
for sometime and I realized it must have been while I was giving birth to
his i****t bastard. My final vision was of James holding up an infant that
looked exactly like him in every detail at birth! The boys uncut cock was
longer than his legs and looked more like a tail. He opened his tiny mouth
and began calling me a whore and slut and tramp. He called me an inbreeder
and he said as soon as we got home James was going to let him fuck me too.
He said he was there to be sure another baby James would be fucked into my
womb to be sure I was always reminded of my lowly place in life. He looked
so strange and bizarre. I felt chills run down my spine as I shook these
insane visions from my mind. It was all stress related I knew yet I caught
myself running my fingertips across my stomach feeling reassured by the
still normal gentle swell of a woman who had given birth.

With my head cleared somewhat I shut the shower and dried myself while
avoiding my reflection in the mirror as much as was possible. I could not
face the woman I would now see. Would my whorish character show on my face
now that I let my son brutally fuck me? No, I reminded myself again, it
was ****...kind of and I was just imagining that the words "Mother Slut"
were tattooed on my forehead for all my friends to see.

I heard some sounds in the hall and remembered James specific
instructions. Quickly I blew dry my hair and made it look as presentable
as I could for him. Searching frantically I managed to find some old
clothes that still fit from my younger years. They were not out of date
really, I saw, but they were certainly not what a mom with a teen age son
would wear. I remembered that he forbade me to wear panties so that meant
no pantyhose. I had no choice but to apply a bit of baby oil on my legs
knowing that they were still attractive enough to turn heads. Next I found
a blouse that I hoped would please him. It was so sheer you could see the
birth mark below my left nipple. Hell, you could make out the heavily
pebbled texture of my areolas yet it was better to satisfy him than make
him even more demanding. I then gathered my wits and finally looked in the
mirror. I saw a street whore. A thirty something street walker skank and
to disguise my own face from myself I applied makeup. Too much makeup to
pass for anything but a tart on the prowl. Topping off my temporary
persona I overdid my perfume and slid my slender feet into the highest,
strappy, red fuck me shoes I had in the bowels of my closet. My calves
strained yet looked rock hard as I glanced over my shoulder.

I blew a kiss goodbye to the old Jennifer, housewife, charity girl, PTA
mom, church choir lady, and strutted out like the trollop my James expected
to see.


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