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By Dave E. Perelli and Kachina

Chapter 1 How It Began


It was a good life. We had a large two-story house in an
exclusive subdivision. Dad was an executive for a large defense
contractor. Mom didn't have to work. Dad made plenty of money.
Mom passed the time doing volunteer work for her church. Mom and
Dad never missed a church service.

I was a model student. I always made sure my homework was done
correctly and did well on tests. I had letters for both football
and wrestling. My folks had given me a nice car for my sixteenth
birthday. I didn't get in trouble in school. I had no trouble
getting dates. I had no trouble getting laid either, but I kept
that news from my parents. I wasn't into d**gs or gangs, kept my
hair neat and dressed to make my parents proud.

My f****y was well known and well respected in the community. My
picture had been in the paper several times after victories in
football games and high school wrestling matches. We were the
perfect f****y.

Dad was the typical executive. He was overweight and out of
shape. He continually had to buy larger slacks to contain his
growing belly. He was living too much of the good life. His
only exercise seemed to be playing golf from a golf cart. I
think he spent more time at the clubhouse than on the course. He
was losing some of his hair and the sun hadn't browned his skin
in a long time.

Mom was a good-looking suburban housewife. She didn't look like
a movie star but she could still turn heads when she was dressed
up. Her hair was auburn, cut shoulder length and pulled back
from her ears. She had a pleasant soft face with light brown
eyes. When she smiled her whole face lit up. She wasn't a big
woman, probably a little over five feet tall. She didn't wear a
lot of jewelry. She usually had only her wedding ring and a pair
of earrings. Her breasts were probably average size. They
looked good in her clothes but she definitely wasn't top heavy.
Her waist was trim. She hadn't followed Dad into his excess with
food. Her ass and legs were a big asset. She had a nice flair
to her hips and her ass looked tight in her clothes. She wore
dresses and skirts to her volunteer job as director of the food
bank. Most of her skirts were mid-calf, showing a pair of
straight, well-formed legs. Her habit of wearing heels made the
most of her legs. In short, she was a woman I was proud to be
seen with.

The people my parents were closest to were my aunt and uncle.
Uncle Chris worked for the same defense firm as my dad and had
bought a house in our subdivision. Aunt Pam was my Mom's s****r.
When my adventure started Aunt Pam was thirty-five and Mom was
thirty-six. Aunt Pam was a slightly larger version of my Mom.
She had been blessed with the tits in the f****y. They were
impressive when Aunt Pam wore a low cut top. She was a little
taller and a little heavier than Mom. Altogether a striking
woman, though I thought Mom was prettier. Aunt Pam and Uncle
Chris went to church with my parents on Sunday and were frequent
visitors. Uncle Chris had to travel out of town a lot with his
job and Aunt Pam always stayed in our guest room when he was
gone. They were both cheerful and good company.

That fateful Sunday I woke tired. I'd had a date with Carol
Beesely on Saturday night. We had gone to a movie, then played
around in the back seat of my car until much too late. I managed
to get into the big house without waking anyone early Sunday
morning. I met my parents in the dining room that morning and
begged off going to church, claiming a sinus headache. I did
suffer from headaches when the pollen count was high so I didn't
get much static from the parents. Aunt Pam and Uncle Cris were
driving that morning and soon showed up, leaving me alone in the

I drank some coffee and began to come alive. I took a shower in
my own bathroom attached to my large bedroom and study area.
After getting dressed I started wandering the house. I didn't
dare go out anywhere or my cover story to avoid church would have
been blown. There was nothing on TV I wanted to watch and my
homework was all done for the weekend. I was poking around for
something to do when for some reason I entered my parent's
bedroom. That was something I never did. I didn't go in their
room and they didn't come in mine. It was just a respect for
privacy, but I broke it out of boredom.

Their room was full of the smells of Mom's perfume and lotions.
The feminine smell made me kind of horny, even after the
acrobatics in the car the night before. I wondered if Mom had
any sexy underwear or nighties so I started going through dresser
drawers, being careful to put things back exactly as I found
them. What I was doing was kind of scary and exciting. There
was no rush as they always went to lunch after church services
and didn't get home until two or three in the afternoon. I felt
like a CIA spy-examining dressers for contraband.

I opened one dresser and almost closed it back because it was
obviously my Dad's. It was filled with boxer shorts. Just as I
was to push it closed I saw a cardboard box at the back. I
pulled it out; never thinking it would change my life.

I was in shock when I lifted the lid on the box. It was filled
with photographs. The one on top was staring up at me. It was
my Mom! Not a snapshot at a picnic. Mom was on her knees. She
was naked! Dad was standing behind her pulling her arms back so
her breasts stood out. I just stared with my mouth open. I'll
admit I had wondered what Mom would look like naked, but never
got the chance to see her that way before. She looked better
than my imagination had made her. Her body was trim, without any
fat. Slim waist, as I had known. Nice flare to her hips. I
stared at her tits. They were magnificent. Not huge, but nice.
No sag to them. Her pink nipples were standing at attention.
Her knees were pressed together so I couldn't see her pussy but
it was obvious there was no hair between her legs. Dad wasn't as
impressive in the picture. He was naked as well. His body was
fish belly white. Sunken chest. Protruding stomach. Skinny
legs. Not something you would ever see in a porn magazine. His
dick was standing out hard, but even hard it looked smaller than
mine soft. I guess I got my dick from Mom's side of the f****y.
Mine was a source of admiration in the boy's locker room at
school. In the picture Dad had a silly grin on his face.

Then I was struck by Mom's face. It took me a while to get
there. I was checking her body closely first. Her face was not
what I expected. Her head was drooped forward. She had a sad,
humiliated expression. Looking closely I could see twin trails
of tears on her cheeks. My Mom, the head of my f****y was naked
and humiliated before my eyes. My cock grew stiff at the

I sat down on my parent's bed and started taking the other
pictures out of the box. The next one was Aunt Pam. She had
nicely trimmed hair on her pussy and a little mole on her right
breast. She was on her back, knees up and feet spread apart. In
this position her labia were standing slightly apart giving me a
small view of the delights inside. Her tits were big enough that
they moved a little to the sides in that position. Her areolas
were large and dark, surrounding large nipples. I noticed that
in this photo her nipples were not standing up with excitement.
Her head was turned to the side and she had the same pained
expression as my Mom had in the first photo.

I continued to flip through the pictures. They were a teenager's
wet dream. There were pictures of the two women closest to me
displayed in all kinds of lewd poses. On their knees from
behind, on their backs with their legs spread, some by themselves
and some posed together. I pulled one out of the stack that was
the last straw. I looked at it and shot off in my pants. It was
Mom standing with her feet apart. Aunt Pam was reaching around
her from behind and twisting Mom's nipples. Mom had her hand
between her legs and I could see two fingers pushed into her
pussy. She had the same shamed expression on her face. I loved

Rummaging deeper I came out with a group of pictures secured by a
rubber band. I removed it and started shuffling through the
pictures. Holy Shit! They were pictures of Mom and Aunt Pam.
Together. Naked. In some they were kissing. In all they were
feeling one another up. Fingering one another's pussies. Using
dildos on one another. Then the one that made me mess my jeans
once again. Aunt Pam was on her back with a pillow propped under
her ass. Mom was kneeling between her s****r's legs eating her
pussy. There was a dildo stuffed in Mom's cunt. There were
more. Aunt Pam eating Mom. More pictures of Mom with her face
in Aunt Pam's pussy. Several pictures were of the two in a
sixty-nine position eating one another.

Another group in a rubber band were all of Dad. Several showed
him fucking Aunt Pam. Fucking Mom. Fingering them. Using
dildos. One I especially liked showed Dad pushing a large
cucumber in Aunt Pam's cunt. Her eyes were scrunched shut and
her mouth open. I could almost hear her screams as the huge
invader penetrated her.

Suddenly I heard noises from downstairs. Shit! I hurriedly
shoved the pictures back in the box and the box back in the
drawer. I ran to my room and shut the door. When Mom came to
check on me I was in the shower again. I told her through the
door that I was feeling better and she went back downstairs.

Mom rented a movie for us to watch that night. It was some
romantic comedy. It was torture for me. I tried to watch the
movie, but kept sneaking looks at my mother. I was no longer
seeing the matriarch of the f****y. The pictures were burned in
my brain. When she shifted on her chair showing a little leg I
saw her in my mind's eye naked with her legs spread and her
shaved pussy exposed to me. Instead of my mother in a blouse and
skirt I saw her tits with the nipples standing out and red. When
she went to the kitchen to bring refreshments I could see her on
her knees with her fine naked ass pointing to the camera. I
watched her lift her drink to her mouth and I saw her lips
pressed to her s****r's cunt. When I looked in her eyes I could
see the sad, embarrassed, humiliated expression and the tears
running down her cheeks. I almost lost it in my pants again.

Finally I willed my boner to go down long enough to excuse myself
and return to my room where I sat and thought over all I had
discovered this day. I tried to get the horny images from my
mind so I could think clearly. I started to sort things out. I
first realized that Uncle Chris wasn't involved in whatever it
was. He wasn't in any of the pictures. It could only be the
three of them because none of the pictures had more than two of
them posed at a time. The third had to be taking the pictures.
Dad looked evilly happy in all the photos. Mom and Aunt Pam
looked distressed. I thought I could assume that the two women
were not willing participants. Dad had some kind of hold on
them. What could it be? How could I find out? How could I turn
it to my advantage? Because one thing was sure, I wanted to have
my mother and my aunt like Dad did. No, I wanted more of them
than Dad had. All the pictures of him were straight fucking. I
wanted more than that. Much more. I wanted to have them. I
wanted to push them as far as they could be pushed. I wanted
them to perform for me. I wanted the sad looks and trails of
tears to be for me as I put them through their paces, not for my

I lay on my bed trying to figure out how I could find their
secret. After what seemed like hours it came to me suddenly. Of
course! I would ask them. I would ask them in such a way that
they would have to tell me. After that it was simple. Just
start putting the steps together.

I had a hard time concentrating in school the next day. Plans
kept running through my mind and I would have to examine them for
flaws. By the end of the school day I was sure of the first

I drove home after school. Entering the house I found Mom in the
kitchen. She turned to me for the kiss I always gave her. This
time was a little different. It was time to start pushing the
envelope. I wrapped my arms around her and dropped my hands to
the cheeks of her ass. I pulled her groin into mine. I planted my
lips on hers rather than her cheek. No tongue, but a pretty good
kiss anyway. I suddenly released Mom and gave her a grin.

"I've got to run an errand Mom. I'll be back for dinner".

Mom stood with a dazed look and red face, unable to speak. I ran
upstairs. I grabbed a large manila envelope from my desk and
hurried to my parent's bedroom. Looking around to see that the
coast was clear I dodged into the room. I went straight to the
drawer I wanted. I took the lid off the box and dumped the
contents into my envelope, then replaced the box where I found
it. I crept back out. I rushed downstairs and yelled goodbye to
Mom as I went out the door. I didn't hear her reply.

I arrived at the bank in plenty of time. I kept a saving account
there where I deposited birthday and Christmas cash gifts. I'd
been doing it since I was small and had a pretty impressive
balance. Renting a safe deposit box was no problem. Alone in
the little room I transferred the pictures to my box. I
carefully selected the ones I wanted to keep out. One was a
picture of my Dad penetrating Mom with a dildo. One showed Dad
on top of Aunt Pam with his cock in her. She didn't look as if
she were responding. She was just lying there with her legs flat
on the bed and her arms at her side. One was a picture of Mom
and Aunt Pam eating one another. In one Dad was jacking off on
Aunt Pam's breasts while she looked disgusted. That should do it.

I arrived back home to find Mom and Dad having a cocktail
together in the den. Dad had his coat and tie off. Mom was
wearing a simple black skirt and silk blouse. The skirt stopped
mid-point on her calves. She was wearing a pair of pearl
earrings. She looked good enough to eat. "Hey Dad. Hey Mom."

I strode to Mom and put my arms around her again. She tried to
struggle, but I was too strong. This time I pulled her to me
with one hand on her ass and pushed my other hand between us to
grasp her breast. Her tit felt warm and soft. I pressed my lips
to hers and f***ed my tongue into her mouth. My cock sprang to

I heard my Dad bellow, then felt his hand pulling on my shoulder
to get me away from Mom. I spun around and shoved my hand into
his chest. He fell back into the easy chair behind him.

"James what the hell are you doing", he shouted. Mom just stood
white faced staring at me.

"If you can do it to Aunt Pam, I can do it to Mom." I drew the
pictures from my shirt pocket and dropped them in front of Mom
and Dad. Dad, red faced with anger and embarrassment, started to
speak. I told him to shut up, fury in my face. Dad sputtered
himself quiet.

I turned to my dear mother. "Okay, Mom. Tell me all about these
pictures. Don't even think about lying. I want to know


My knees went limp at the sound of my sons voice or rather the
tone of it. I could still taste his saliva in my mouth as his
demand hit home. James stood there glaring at me waiting for an
explanation and briefly I wondered why I had to explain. Turning
quickly to his father I could see why. The worm was cowering and
sniveling like a baby looking up at his strapping son with fear
in his beady eyes. I hated that man for having made me do that
sick porn and now I despised the weakling for not standing up to
our son.

I was mortified and totally uncomfortable in front of my own son.
In the blink of an eye circumstances had changed dramatically in
our home. Suddenly it felt as if James was in control of the
f****y and I found it hard to look in his eyes knowing that
surely he was imagining me naked engaged in filthy acts with my
own s****r. How could he ever respect me again after seeing my
womanhood shaved bare and spread obscenely with all manner of
objects? I felt beads of sweat breaking out along my body. A cool
trail of perspiration ran down the hollow of my back and I could
feel it dampening the now regrown thick nest of my womanhood and
between my breasts. A crazy thought flashed by as I wondered what
he had thought of them. Were they too small for his liking? I
shook the insane question from my head wondering why on earth I
even cared if he approved of my breasts and just as quickly I
found my mind asking if he liked my legs. Did he like my pussy
shaved? How did I rate compared to all the young girls he must
have conquered?

"Well Mom?" He hissed, "I haven't got all day. Tell me how you
went from being my loving PTA mom and church going wife to a porn
star slut!"

The word ripped into me like a knife. My own baby boy had just
called me a slut and somehow I knew he was right. I couldn't
argue and his father would never come to my rescue.

"Look at me mom and tell me NOW!" he commanded. Slowly my eyes
moved from staring at my feet and in my mind my suddenly lewdly
displayed toes, to James' shoes. Timidly my eyes followed up the
well-muscled hairy legs of my boy and when they passed over his
crotch I actually felt a lump in my throat and my mouth go dry.
For whatever reason, fear I assumed, I saw the ungodly heavy
looking bulge of his sex under his shorts. I knew I had seen
James pass me by a million times yet I realized that never before
had I noticed how fearsomely endowed he actually was. Quickly I
passed over his broad chest and looked at his
face. I found it hard to look in his eyes knowing I was now a
slut in his mind. He smirked and glanced briefly at my chest and
I felt ashamed and helpless with the realization that he knew
exactly what my little nipples looked like naked and I felt them
betray me and actually harden before his gaze. I cursed my God
for this and wondered why they could possibly be excited as the
rest of me was scared to death.

"Did he make you whore yourself mother?" He was pointing toward
the man cringing in the chair. Now I was a whore as well as a
slut. I shook my head up and down affirming that he made me a
whore/slut and James took a step closer. My eyes wanted to look
at the fearsome lump in his pants and thankfully my mind held me
back. The thought passed as I quickly wondered if he would kiss
me with his tongue again and I almost wanted him to. I almost
wanted him to punish his father and humiliate him. To show him
who really was the man in this house.

His eyes were stern as he leered at me with disdain and I could
not fathom the change in him. I didn't know what to do with my
hands. I wanted to hug him as I used to do but I was afraid he
would be revolted at my touch. James spoke again softly yet

"Why did he make you do this? Tell me why he degraded you. It
was his idea to have you and Aunt Pam fuck each other with strap
on cocks wasn't it mom? Well don't be too ashamed. I can almost
understand why now that I have seen what a boy you married.
Truthfully I never knew dads cock was so pathetically

Again I nodded and it was not lost on me that his father was now
demoted to simply 'he, or him'. The man I married, James' father
was now a pronoun and strangely I felt joy in that. Sweat ran
down my chest and over the small swell of my tummy and it made an
image of my pregnant belly flicker by. The man who was standing
before me had come from that preggo stomach and I hoped his ire
would stay directed at 'him'. Now I had to reinf***e the reasons
why it should be. I hated to think that James was capable of
cruelty. Certainly he wouldn't punish me for my sins I hoped, yet
I thought maybe I deserved to be punished. I
was a slut after all. James had told me that and it was true.

James sat down on a chair and casually spread his legs and
waited. My eyes briefly glanced toward his lap and my heart
stopped when I saw a portion of one of his testicles exposed from
his shorts. I could see enough to know it was the size of an egg
and had to contain at least an ounce of sperm. My own son had a
horsecock and now I had to fight my curiosity with all my will
power to not stare at his sex. I had borne a god!

Slowly and painfully I told my story and confessed my sins. I
explained to James how his father was on the verge of being
demoted and possibly fired and James seemed to take joy in the
fact that his father was not only a wimp but a worthless provider
as well. James listened intently as I told of an experimental
girl/girl experience with his Aunt when I was young and of how I
trustingly admitted that to his dad long ago and had even shown
him a Polaroid. It was a crummy picture we had managed to take
with a timer of Pam and I eating each other when we were in grade
school but there was no doubt who we were in the grainy image.
When I got to the part about his father showing that errant
picture to his boss James slowly spread his husky legs a bit
more. My eyes betrayed me briefly and now I could see his
complete left ball hanging heavily on the chair. He smirked again
and I found myself strangely wondering how his foreskin looked. I
wondered if it was long and rubbery lamenting again his dads
circumcised insect dick. My latent love and craving of foreskin
flitted in my head. I knew his father could see his goat like
ball hanging out as well and I wondered if he also was trying to
imagine just how much semen it could ferment as his load slowly
cooked and thickened. James acted as if he had no idea he was
exposing his magnificent scrotum to my greedy, curious longing
gaze. I found myself strangely excited at the prospect of being
so vulnerable and in fact at the mercy of my boy. Again I fought
my demons still confused as to what my feeling were and looked in
his eyes.

Tears were running freely down my soft cheeks and I knew my
eyeliner was a mess. I must have looked even sluttier as I told
him how Mr. Saunders offered dad a deal. It was simple and
neither of us had a choice. We needed money I explained. Money
for him for school and sports and clothes and the mortgage and a
million other things. James only nodded knowingly as I outlined
what we had to do, or rather what Pammy and I had to do. It was
obvious from the pictures that his dad seemed to enjoy our
humiliation immensely.

I took a deep breath and wiped my tears with my arm and prepared
to beg
forgiveness. I would have crawled to him and kissed his feet by
this point. How could I go on with my own flesh and bl**d staring
as if I were naked from now on? It was bad enough he thought of
me as a slut and a whore but to know he actually saw pictures of
my vagina and butt hole up close and even inside in lurid detail
was too much to bear. I felt myself shiver with a foreign sense
of fear and excitement knowing that James had seen inside the
very birth canal he had emerged from. i****t was the word that
haunted me suddenly.

"So that's it James. That is the truth...all of it. Mr. Saunders
had the picture he gave him." I nodded toward his father as I too
realized I was addressing him as if he was not here. "Mr.
Saunders told him that if he could get me and Aunt Pam to degrade
ourselves on camera that he would not only keep his job but the
picture would not find it's way to the collection basket at

James stood up and walked toward me. He shot his father a hateful
look and I hoped against hope he would just hug me, forgive me,
say he understood and respected me. I was crying openly now as I
gazed with love up in my son's eyes. I remember my slender
fingers nervously playing with my wedding band for want of
something, anything to do to keep them from trembling. A moment
passed as he looked down at me and finally I tearfully blurted:

"James, my darling son. What can I say or do? How can I make you
forgive me?"

I felt a surge of relief as he smiled and softly brushed a tear
from my
cheek. I waited for his blessing.

"You can start by taking that off" he ordered. I saw where he was
looking. It couldn't be. "Huh? This? Ta....take this off?", I
asked, praying I was mistaken. I was sure he wanted me to
undress. My right hand trembled as it went toward the top button
of my silk blouse. I heard him shout.

"Not your clothes mother. Not yet. Don't act like you didn't know
what I was talking about." He sneered and nodded his head at my
left hand. "Take that off. Take off that wedding band and give it
to me now." I strained to keep my bladder in check.


I stood staring down at my dear mother as she worked her wedding
ring off her finger and handed it to me. I wanted that symbol
that Dad wasn't in control any longer. Mom handed me the ring
and I walked to the door and flung it out over the yard.

I returned to the den and sat in a chair while Mom and Dad waited
silently to see what my reaction was going to be. I wasn't
really thinking about the pictures or the situation. I had
already figured out most of what Mom had told me. What I was
thinking about was the best way to turn all this to my advantage.
After a while I had a plan worked out that I thought had a good
chance of success.

"Dad, you really fucked up. You and your boss both fucked up.
You really fucked up when you put yourself in the pictures. If I
give those pictures to the security office where you work you and
your boss will both lose your security clearances and your jobs.
Without a clearance you won't get another job in the industry.
Do you want me to do that?"

"No son, please don't do anything like that."

"Don't call me son, you asshole. Call me sir. Now what are you
willing to do get me to destroy the pictures?"

"I'll do anything you say, son. I'm sorry. I mean sir."

"Mom, how about you. If I spread those pictures around you'll be
penniless and your reputation ruined. Grandma and Grandpa will
hate you. The church won't have anything to do with you. Uncle
Chris will divorce Aunt Pam. Your sorry assed husband will be out
of a job. You'll have to leave town with nothing. What will you
do to have me destroy them, Mom?"

I sat patiently while Mom sobbed in her hands. Finally she
raised her tear stained face to look at me. "What do I have to
do to make up for this James?"

"You have to do whatever I tell you Mom. Are you willing to do

"I.....I don't know what you mean. I....I...guess so."

"Okay, here's what you will do. Dad, you were willing to whore
Mom and Aunt Pam. Mom, you were willing to let him do it. You
let yourself be debased for money. You both need to be punished
for what you've done and then we can forget it and go on with our
lives. Don't say a word until I'm finished and then just tell me
yes or no. If it's yes the pictures will be destroyed tomorrow.
If it's no copies will be sent to everyone I think should see
them. Here's your punishment. You whored for Mr. Saunders with
your pictures. Tonight you're going to whore for me with your
body. I'm going to fuck you Mom. I'm going to fuck you any way
I want for as long as I want. I don't care if you like it, but
you'll pretend that you do. You won't just lie there like your
s****r did when that slime had his cock in her. You'll make the
moves and you'll make the noises like you love it. Your slime of
a husband likes to take pictures, so he can get the movie camera
and film you committing i****t with your son. Then tomorrow
night we'll all sit in front of the TV and I'll let you watch
what a whore you've become. If you do it right we'll destroy the
film and the pictures afterward. If you don't do a good job you
can keep doing it over until you get it right. So you'd better
try your best the first time so you only have one more day of
this. That's it. Yes or no?" Freedom or ruin?"

Dad's face was white and his lips trembling as he looked up at
me. He meekly nodded his head.

Mom was speechless. Her eyes were big and her mouth open.
Finally she swallowed. "James, you can't mean.........I

"Mom, this isn't a discussion. Yes or no. It's your choice.
Your ass for the life you have. Which will it be?"

The tears flowed again. "You promise you will destroy everything
after we have to watch the film?"

"Mom, I said this isn't a discussion. Yes or no."

"All....all.....Oh God.....all right, I'll do it."

I sat back in my chair, triumph flowing through me. It was hard
to believe this was really working. I was going to fuck my
gorgeous mother! My father was going to film it for me!

"Dad, go get the movie camera and bring it to Mom's bedroom.
Bring the tripod too. By the way, you won't be sl**ping there
any longer. You'll be in the guest room. Mother, go to your
room. Get rid of your panty hose - I hate those things. While
you're at it you can shave your cunt again. I want to be able to
see your cunt lips stretch around my cock. I'll be up in a
little while. No talk. Move."

Dad slunk from the den, his chin down to his chest. Mom started
to leave when I saw her shoulders shaking with her grief. I
called her to come to me. I pulled her into my arms and kissed
her tears away. I kissed her softly on the lips. I whispered to
her that it was going to be okay. I told her I was sorry but I
had to do this to teach Dad a lesson. I told her I wouldn't hurt
her and she only had to go along this once and the nightmare
would be over. No one would ever take advantage of her like that
again. The pictures would be gone and she would be free. Mom
started to relax. Her arms wrapped around my neck and she
burrowed against me. I let my hands roam to her tight ass again.
This time she didn't try to stop me. I kissed her softly again,
my tongue probing in her mouth. Her tongue came to meet mine and
she moaned softly. I let my hands move to squeeze her breasts
and run between her legs to feel her pussy through her clothes.
Mom continued to press against me still moaning quietly. Finally
I took her shoulders and gently moved her away from me.

I spoke softy. "Mom, I'm going to be hard on you tonight. I
have to be to teach Dad a lesson. He's got to be broken so he
won't bother you any more. He's got to see what he's done to
you. I'm going to treat you like a whore and talk to you like a
whore. Then after tomorrow you'll be my sweet Mom again.

"I know you know what's best James. I'll do whatever you want me
to. I'll try to make it good for you honey."

"Okay, Mom. Now go shave that beautiful pussy for me."

"Yes dear."

Mom left the room almost happily. I sank back in my chair to
give them some time. I thought this must be a dream. It's just
too easy. Yesterday I had an uptight mother. Today I've got a
slut that's putty in my hands. Mom and Dad are just too stupid
for words. Especially Mom. A few kind words and she melted.
Boy is she in for a surprise. This will be a night she won't
ever forget.


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