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I used to write stories on "" about my sexual conquests. I'm not going to make a fully fleshed out, grammatically perfect "fantasy", I'm just going to tell you about a current relationship.

There is a woman at my job who we'll call "Jane" (to prevent name recognition). She's from London and she's about 5'7, 150 pounds. She's about 40 years old and has a body very similar to a Sarah Palin. Mother of 3 - two teenagers and one p*****n. She isn't bad looking at all and has an hourglass figure, fat round ass, attractive feet and good skin. She has huge boobs and always wears skirts below her knees. the most attractive thing about her is her Brit accent which sounds like: "I want to suck your hawt cawk"

Jane works with me 9-5 and was always very flirtacious. I began to realize things probably weren't perfect in her marriage when I learned more about her f****y life.

For example: Her husband works late at night for a utility company and comes home early in the morning. When she gets home, she sees him infrequently and has to deal with the k**s before turning in to bed, just to get up for work in the morning. She's always tired and whenever I'd speak to her, she just lets entire loads of info out because she's obviously not getting enough attention at home.

She travels ALONE. You know a marriage has problems when a wife goes on vacations without her husband.

I knew she liked me. I'm like her husband, but taller and more muscular. He's put on pounds in the years and obviously isn't fucking her as much as he should be - considering he barely sees her till weekends. Meanwhile, I keep her company and we talk all the time and I listen to all her little issues. She's even mentioned when she's on her period to me and in my mind I was like WHAT THE FUCK?

I've taken her to lunch on her birthday and I've gone with her to inexpensive dinners at quaint, inexpensive restaraunts like Ruby Tuesdays. She loves going out with me and leaves her k**s home because they are so expensive to bring along.

I realised something was up when she started questioning me about my interest in other women at work and then insulted some of them in an obvious act of jealousy.

Now for the juicy part - or at least - one of them.

I took Jane to a restaraunt and we had a nice dinner. We talked like we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I'm sure anyone seeing us together though we were mother and son - the age difference being obvious. The restaraunt was dim and romantic so as long as we weren't touching or kissing, no one bothered to look or wonder what our connection was.

So I'm sitting there eating my salad and she starts asking me about my plans for marriage and f****y and I'm bragging about how young I am and how I can simply spend my money on fun things like cars, upgrading my house and other stuff since I don't have to feed k**s. She laughs when I joke and always maintains eye contact - sometimes making hand contact. She's also flirting with er feet. She wears loose flats and brushes my leg with her foot - which in my mind I DESPERATELY WANTED TO GRAB AND LICK.

Anyway - he foot brushes my leg and slowly, while we are talking, it makes it's way up to my crotch. My penis got hard in less than two seconds and throbbed its way out of my XBOX-LIVE boxer shorts. She asked in her cute accent: "looks like you've gawt a hawd on...". So I reach down and start rubbing her foot and enjoying the stocking feel. I nonchalantly mention "you've got soft feet" and she continues to tease my cock. SHE KNEW WHAT THE FUCK SHE WAS DOING cause I thought I was gonna cum in my pants.

Long story short, I pay the bill, we get up and leave. When we got outside, I grabbed her hand and we make our way to my car. I drove her home and we continue talking and joking about work and stuff. As we near her house, she's like: "oh - you're gonna take me right home?" (mind you it's around 9pm and hubby is at work). I aksed: "where do you want to go?". She replies: "the park". It's dark and I take her to the park -knowing what's gonna happen.

We parked and got out of the car.
We get in the backseat and I grab her by the shoulders and giver her a kiss.
She kisses back and I f***e her mouth open with my tongue.
I deep kiss her and I can feel her breathing getting heavier.
I pull up her sweater and start fondling her breasts. Big Boobs and I lick down the side of her neck until I get to the nipples and start sucking.
While I'm sucking, my hands reach under her skirt and pull her panties down and off. Toss them under my driver's seat.
I lay her back and climb over her and pull my dick out. No words are spoken because I'm still kissing her. My dick is hard and long and she spreads her legs without protest. I put the head of my penis into her and find out that despite having 3 k**s, she's reasonably tight. Her pussy is already leaking juice on the leather. I DRIVE DEEP INTO HER OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN and she reaches around my back pulling me in everytime I pull out. I get very vicious. Thrusting like a r****t. She moans loud in my ears and throws her head back moaning more. I thrust harder and deeper - penetrating her violently. I whisper in her ear nasty things:





Your Husbands at work and has NO IDEA I'M CUMMING INSIDE YOU.


She was so tight, I couldn't believe it - but then again, the head of my penis is pretty big compared to her twat. I kept thrusting while trying to maintain leverage and simultaneously not damging my car's seats. The thrusting continues for about 8 minutes and her moaning gets even louder. She groans: I WANT IT, I WANT IT, GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!

I feel the veins around my penis fill to capacity and I know I'm about to ejaculate. She knows it too - she's seen it so many times from her distant husband. I tell her: YOU'RE MY PUSSY NOW. YOUR MY FUCKING PUSSY NOW. She says: "Pull out, pull out and cum on me". I reply: NO- I'm GONNA CUM IN YOU.

My dick explodes and I creampie her. I drive deeper and harder into her than before and the cum spurts out in small globs. Her pussy was so hairy I absolutely loved the feeling. I roar like lion: ROOOOOOARGGGGGGHHH.
She screams: YES LOVE - CUM IN MY CUNT and she suddenly reaches down and grabs my cock by the shaft. At the thought she was gonna pull it out, I DRIVE EVEN DEEPER which cause her to convulse and throw her head back again. Her rib cage was expanding and contracting so fast and she was like: UUUUUUUURRRRRRGGHHHHH with a primordial grunt which caused her to arch her back and grind her hairy hole against my pubic bone. I whisper: EVERY FUCKING DROP..TAKE EVERY FUCKING DROP.

I start kissing her again.

I tell her to pull my penis out and zip me up.

I deliver her to her house and she asks for her panties back.

She slips them on and I give her a quick deep-tongue kiss and lick her face. She laughs and says "stop silly".

She walks into the house and I drive on home.

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