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What was it about my daughter's boyfriend that turned me on so much? No one characteristic comes to mind. I suppose it was a combination of things. And perhaps a certain time in my life also. I was 52, divorced, alone and quite bored.

I had been divorced from my husband Jerry for 12 years and didn't really have a steady boyfriend. Jerry and I remained friends but he seemed to be turning into an old man. I was still young at heart, or so I felt. But the more men I met the more disappointed I became. It had been getting to the point where I would rather stay in my apartment and read than go out on another disappointing date.

I had received a good divorce settlement from Jerry and I still worked part time doing the books for a small law firm. My only c***d, Cheryl, worked as a nurse at a local hospital. We're fairly close, probably since I was such an open minded Mom when she was growing up. We still saw each other about twice a month, for dinner or maybe a trip to the movies.

It was on one of those Saturday afternoon movie dates with Cheryl that she mentioned this new boy that she was seeing. Danny. She said he was very good looking and a lot of fun, very funny, great sense of humor. "What's he like in the sack?"

"Oh Mother. You never change. Adequate so far. He seems a bit shy. I went to bed with him the first date and he seemed unused to that. Like I was too bold or something. A great kisser but kind of afraid to touch me. Really just kind of a big adolescent, at 30. Ha. Ha."

"Yes but what about in bed? Was he good?"

"No, actually. But I think he can be trained to be very good. His dick is rather small, only about 4 inches."

"Uh oh."

"But he is a wonderful pussy lapper. He ate me for hours and I came many times. Delightful."

"Well, aren't you the lucky one. You're getting me wet down there Cheryl."

"There's a surprise."

"So when do I get to meet him?"

"Maybe next week? He loves women and I told him you were very attractive."

"You sweetheart."

"And open minded. He talked about his late mother being very strict,
Catholic, very repressive. Searching his room for dirty magazines. You'll love this. When I told him you were just the opposite, that you encouraged me to read kinky magazines, he was astounded. Said he wished he had a mom like you. Now listen to this. Then he took that back. He said 'the one thing I can thank my mother for is my sex drive. I love sex. The more forbidden, the more I want it.'"

"He sounds like fun. But he hasn't had much experience?"

"No. Oh he's had several girlfriends but it all sounds quite vanilla. And he did make some funny references to dominant women. In a funny way. But he could be sending a message."

"Like how?"

"Well he would joke around saying things like 'Take me home and kill me.' It was very funny but I think there may be some truth to it."

"Mmm. How bout dinner at my place this Wednesday night?"

"Uh...alright. Sounds like somebody is excited."

"I'm afraid I may be living my life thru you. This is the most excitement I've heard about in months. One more thing. Would it be okay to play around a little?"

"As a matter of fact, that's why I want him to meet you. I have a feeling he's going to be very attracted to you. Oh, and one more thing."


"He's slightly femmy. He's also made references to panties. In a joking way. But I think...”

"There may be some truth there?"


Well after that conversation with Cheryl in the restaurant my cunt was juicing all the way home. I stripped down, lay in bed with my vibrator and fantasized about a sexy dinner with him and my daughter. After I came several times I took a nice hot bath. I hadn't slept that good in months.

Oh I should mention here that when I asked if he was up for "playing around" I should explain that Cheryl tells me everything about her dates and I tell her about mine. In high school and college she would bring her dates over and I would give her my feed back and sometimes flirt with them. One of my favorite things is to embarrass and excite a good looking sexy man. A certain shy type. In the past Cheryl has watched and encouraged me to flirt with her dates, touching and fondling them. A couple of them I've even blown in the bathroom. On those rare occasions when I want to flirt and feel that the boy will let me, Cheryl makes up some errand to run. But of course she comes back much sooner than they realize. Meanwhile I take the boy into the TV room. There is a tiny hole in the wall that Cheryl can watch us from. As I make out with her date, letting him pet me, and then blowing him, Cheryl watches from the other room, frigging her clitty. It's given us a lot of entertainment. But it's too rare.

Cheryl is an attractive woman, blonde, long hair, medium bust line, nice legs. She's 5'6" and I'm an inch taller. I have blonde hair also but lately have been dying it black. Fortunately my breasts are larger. I wear a 40 D cup and I play it up and make the most of it. Anyway that Wednesday night I had on a tight short skirt with slits up the sides, four inch heels with seamed hose, a garter belt, and a beautiful beige angora sweater with a plunging neckline that showcased my big tits in a white satin bra. I had told Cheryl it wasn't a dress up affair. I didn't feel like cooking so I ordered us some Chinese food, dim sum, shrimp friend rice, egg rolls, etc. Plus plenty of wine.

Well when the doorbell rang I must admit that my pussy was quite damp already. I buzzed them in and then answered the door. "Hi Mom. This is

"Hello Danny. I've heard so many good things about you."

"Well thank you. And I about you."

Cheryl hadn't lied. Danny was a very cute guy, about 5'9", with dark hair and the bluest eyes. He had long eyelashes for a man and was quite pretty. A pert, femmy nose and nice smile. I was smitten immediately. He seemed nervous and shy, the way I like them.

"Why don't we have a seat in the living room? I'll get some wine."

"Wow. I feel kind of underdressed, Cheryl."

"You look fine."

He was wearing a pair of khaki pants and a nice blue long sleeved shirt. Cheryl wore a skirt and blouse. While I poured some wine into glasses in the kitchen I could feel my cunt beginning to buzz. He was a knockout!

"Here we go," I said as I handed each of them a glass of wine. Cheryl and Danny were sitting together on the couch. Perfect. I took a chair directly across from them.

"To new friends!" I toasted them with my glass and we had had a drink.
Then I crossed my legs and happily noted Danny's eyes climbing up my nylon covered legs.

"Cheryl told me you were very attractive but I never expected anything like this."

"Why thank you Danny. What a sweet boy. Flattery will get you everywhere."

We made small talk and I loved the way he was drinking in my titties when I would bend down to straighten my hose.

"So Danny, Cheryl tells me that you're interested in pornography?"

Well he blushed from his neck to the top of his pretty head.

"Oh my God he's blushing! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you."

"Oh...That’s alright Mrs. Ericson...I'm just...”

"Mavis. Call me Mavis."

"Uh.sorry, Mavis. I guess I'm just not used to women talking to me about porn. Right off the bat."

"That's alright. It's only been in the last several years that my interest has really picked up. Boredom I guess. What kind of topics do you like?"

"Ha. Ha. Now I feel like I'm at confession. Forgive me; I'm really not used to this."

Cheryl put her hand on Danny's knee.

"Its okay hon. Mom's like that with every boy I bring over. Now Mother don't scare him off. He's nice."

As Cheryl said this she ran her hand along the inside of his thigh, maternally. I confess that I was jealous. He was pretty and I wanted to touch him like that.

"Perhaps we should change the subject Mother."

"Oh I guess I take a bit of time to get use to. Frankly I've become very interested in lesbian women. Find that I like to watch lezzie porno films."

"Really?" Danny asked.

He looked genuinely interested.

"Really. Of course Cheryl knows this."

"Of course," said Cheryl. "We talk about everything."

"I'm also becoming interested in drag queens and transsexuals."

"You are amazing Mavis. My late mother must be turning over in her grave. I wish more parents were like you."

"In what way?"

"Talking about sex, that sort of thing."

"I'm glad you like it. Is there something you can contribute? Since I know most of Cheryl's fantasies."

"I'd like to hear them," he said, laughing.

"I'm sure you would. And you may yet. But now you have to tell me something."

"Like what, Mavis?"

"Like what kind of porn do you like?"

He just sat there.

"Oh come on. Don't be like that. We're all open minded adults. What gets your dick hard?"

Cheryl started laughing. He was blushing again. Then she was running her hand up and down his leg again.

"Mom leave him alone. He just got here."

"Oh all right. Who needs more wine?"

I refilled all the glasses. My pussy was wet but I wasn't sure where this was going. I glanced thru the little window in the kitchen and noted her whispering to him. And I also noted Cheryl's hand patting him on the dick area. He looked very nervous. This was exciting to me.

"Here we are," I said as I returned the filled glasses of wine.

"Well Mavis I have to admit I love looking at swinger magazines. The type with lots of pictures of the swapping couples."

"You darling! So do I! I love those. But it's hard to find any really kinky couples. And when I do find one I really appreciate it."

"I know exactly what you mean Mavis. I've spent hours and hours pouring over those."

"And masturbating?"

He blushed again.

"Mother! Will you cut it out?"

"Sorry Cheryl. I mean, that is the obvious thing, isn't it? I masturbate to them. All the time."

"Good for you. I love hearing you talk about this."

"You do? You look very uncomfortable."

"Mom's an acquired taste."

"I...I'm just not used to it, that's all."

"But Danny you didn't answer my question. Do you masturbate to the swinger magazines?"

"Yes. Yes I do."

"Good. Now I don't feel like a freak."

"If you're a freak Mavis, you're a very attractive one."

"Thank you Danny. That is so sweet. I find you very attractive too."

I noted him blushing here a little too. But I didn't want to scare him off.

"I love this conversation. I hope that you'll bear with me Danny. One of my favorite swinger ads comes to mind right away. It was this one about a couple wanting to meet other men. There was a picture of the couple. The woman was young, quite attractive. The man was middle aged, balding, a bit of a beer gut. In the ad copy she said that she would do just about anything with other men. But here's the bit I liked. At the end she said, 'My husband cleans me up after. He could clean you too.' I loved that. That was probably the whole reason for the ad."

"I'm sure," Danny said.

"How do you see it, Danny?"

"Her husband is probably bisexual, or gay, and the motive for the ad is for him to suck some dick."

"Excellent. That is the same conclusion I came to."

"Well, that wasn't a toughie, really. That seems like a no-brainer, as they say."

"Do you think that most men, after they've had sex with the woman, would let him 'clean them up'?"


"Why not?" Cheryl asked.

"I think a lot of straight guys would be too uptight about it. Although they might want to, they wouldn't."

"Would you?"

"Pardon me?" Danny asked.

"You're blushing again, Danny. Come on..Let's get real. It's not like you're twelve years old. You're thirty. You know what the ad meant. If you had just fucked his wife, would you let him lick and "clean" your prick, and then suck your dick?"

There was a silence.

Cheryl knew how to play it. She just slowly kept rubbing his leg on the inside. I was staring him down. He was such a c***d.

"Well? Are you such a baby that you can't answer my question?"


"You do have a dick, don't you?"

"Yes, Mavis."

"You are beginning to annoy me Danny. You're thirty years old and you can't answer my question?"

"I...I would probably let him clean my dick."

"Good. Now we're getting some where. Would you let him suck your dick?"


"I can't hear you, Danny."


"Yes, what?"

Blushing some more. "Yes I would let him suck my dick."

"Good. It wouldn't be the first time, would it?"

"Mavis this is making me a bit uncomfortable."

Cheryl wasn't saying anything, just rubbing his leg.

"It wouldn't be the first time you got your dick sucked off, would it?"

He was silent. I stared hard at him and rubbed my titties. He was enthralled. But scared. I was almost cumming I was so hot.

"Answer me young man!"

"No Mavis."

I nearly climaxed right there. We were making progress. I stood up and walked over to him. He seemed frozen in place, sitting on the couch next to Cheryl. I noted her stroking him and rubbing his dick area. She left her hand on his basket.

He seemed scared but in a trance. I stroked his face and began running my fingers thru his hair.

"Are you OK with this, Hon?"

"Y...yes Mavis."

"Good baby. I'm really enjoying your company."

And I wasn't k**ding. I was playing with his hair and Cheryl was stroking his dick in his pants. Then I made a bit of a bold move. I put my hands on his head and pulled his face into my crotch. He didn't resist. He was silently obeying. I looked over at Cheryl and she smiled at me.

"It's okay Honey. You're doing well. Just smell. Smell my pussy."

Then I could hear him sniffing me. It almost made me cum again. I kept petting his head like a puppy dog.

"Cheryl open Danny's pants. He looks hot."

She slowly undid his belt buckle and his zipper. Then I could see that she was handling him.

"Is he hard?"

"Yes Mommy."

"Good. Pull him out."

Cheryl pulled Danny's little dick out of his pants. It was hard and wet. I was still pressing his face into my crotch area.

He was immobile and probably frightened to death. I'm sure he could smell my stinky cunt. I could smell it myself. I bent over and kissed him on the top of his pretty head.

"It's okay Baby. Just relax."

He kind of grunted in response.

"Danny? Can you hear me?"

"Y...yes Mavis."

"Good babe. I'm going to turn around now. I want you to unzip my skirt.
Okay hon?"

"Yes Mavis."

I turned around very slowly, still playing with his pretty hair.

"Go ahead hon."

I was sure Cheryl was squeezing his hard dick by now. Then I heard my zipper going down. I turned around and faced him.

"Good boy. Now take Mommy's skirt off."

He pulled it down ever so slowly and I stepped out of it.

"Fold it up and put it on top of the table in the dining room honey. Then come back here."

He followed my instructions to the letter. I was dripping constantly.

Danny picked up my skirt and folded it over neatly and then walked over to the dining room table and placed it there. Then he walked back to the couch. His little dick was sticking out of his pants and he had kind of a dreamy smile on his face. I sat down next to Cheryl on the couch. I squeezed her leg conspirationally.

He was about to sit down when I stopped him.

"No, no Honey. Stay there. Stay standing."

I knew that I had to keep him sexually charged up. I reached out and touched his dick.

"Ooh you're all nice and hard, baby. Do you feel good?"

"Yes Mavis."

I was still stroking his dick. It was wet.

"You're all wet hon. Why is that?"

He just stood there. That annoyed me. I put my hand around his dick and twisted it. Hard.


"I asked you a question, honey."

"I'm sorry. Because I'm excited."

"That's better. Now I want you to get undressed."

He turned. To go to the bathroom I guess. "Danny, where are you going?"

"To the bathroom."

"No hon. you undress here. Now. Let's go."

He looked so scared and frightened, I loved it.

He kept his eyes down and slowly took everything off. Except his underpants.

"Honey, Mommy wants you naked. Take those off," Cheryl said.

He slowly followed her orders and removed his jockey shorts.

"Stand up Danny. Just stay there."

I picked up his briefs and noted they were wet with cum.

"Danny, your underpants are wet. Why is that?"

He just stood there. I stood up and walked right up to him. Then I hauled back and slapped him in the face.

"Ow! That hurt."

"Of course it hurt. It was meant to. You're annoying me Danny. You are a thirty year old man acting like a twelve year old. How did your underpants get wet?"

"Uh...I was excited and I sort of came in them, Mavis."

I slapped him again. Then I backhanded him. His face was beet red and he was crying now. My pussy was buzzing.

"You 'sort of' came in them. Don't you know?"

"I'm sorry Mavis. I was excited and I came in them."

"Good boy. You're learning to tell the truth. Come sit down between us."

Dannny sat down in between us on the couch. He was naked and afraid. And sobbing. Cheryl and I were still dressed, although I was in panties and a top and shoes. We let him cry it out for a while. She playing with his hard dick and I rubbed his back.

"Its okay, Honey. Relax. Nobody's going to hurt you. We're having fun.
Now I'm going to stand up and I want you to undress me. Can you do that?"

Between sobs he agreed. I stood in front of him and he slowly removed all my clothes. He seemed enthralled by my cunt area. I stood in front of him.

"You like looking at my pussy, honey?"

"Oh God yes."

I pulled his face into it again.

"Like that smell, Danny?"

"Oh yes Mavis."

"Good babe. I want you to call me Mommy from now on. Okay hon?"

"Yes Mommy."

"Good girl. Now do Cheryl."

I sat down and watched him slowly undress Cheryl. He was extremely excited and his hands were shaking all the time. She kept trying to relax him.

"Relax babe. It's okay."

Cheryl kept stroking his hair and rubbing his neck and back all the while. I was feeling wild and began to rub my pussy. I noted him glancing over at my hand now and then. His dick was rock hard.

"You okay Danny?"


"Good. I see your dick hasn't gone down so I guess you are okay. I see you staring at me masturbating. Is that okay with you Danny?"

"Yes Mommy. I'm sorry if I seemed weird at first. Just kind of up tight I guess."

He had undressed Cheryl completely and now seemed more nervous than ever. We were all naked.

She sat back down on the couch.

"No Danny, you stay standing."

My cunt was juicing like crazy. He was standing in front of us with his little dick sticking out and dripping.

"This is fun. Does that feel good honey?"

I was rubbing his pretty balls and slightly pulling on them. Cheryl was openly masturbating.

"Yes Mommy. Very good."

"Bet you didn't expect this when you came over, huh?"

"No Maam. No Mommy."

"But you like it, huh? You like Mommy playing with your balls, huh?"

Here I gave his tiny sack a little yank. "Ow."

"Well? Do you like Mommy touching you, hon?"

"Oh yes. So much."

"Good girl. Cheryl told me you had a tiny pee pee. Boy was she right. I guess you don't get to fuck many women with this thing, huh?"

I was holding his hard little dick and he was in shock, about to cry again.

"Oh come on Dan. Don't pretend we're the first ones to mention this. You do have a very tiny dick. Don't you?"

"Uh...yes Mommy."

I was juicing again. This was going perfectly.

"Good. Honesty is the best policy. Have you ever had a woman laugh at the small size of your pee pee? Tell the truth, honey."

Here, for emphasis, I squeezed his tiny, engorged balls. He seemed delirious.


"Tell us about it."

I kept stroking his tiny balls slowly. I could tell he loved it.

"In high school I was dating the Homecoming Queen, Debbie Dorkker.
Everything was going great until our third date. We were making out in my car by some railroad tracks. She unzipped me and pulled me out. Then she embarrassed the hell out of me. She said, "Oh my God. You're a tiny little thing. What a wimpy little dick."

"She dropped my dick and ordered me to take her home."

"And I'll bet you did too, huh?" I said.

"Yes Mommy. It was so embarrassing. She didn't even kiss me goodnight.
Then at school I think she told all her girlfriends. They used to giggle at me in the halls. I never got any dates with them."

I just let the room go silent. Cheryl was still masturbating. I was still caressing his balls.

"Isn't this fun?"

"Yes Mommy."

"I enjoyed that story. Do you have any more like that?"

"No Mommy."

"You're really a very attractive man."

"Thank you Mrs. Er...Mommy."

"With a tiny pee pee."

Cheryl giggled and he blushed again.

"I love to see you blush. You're so bashful. Cheryl tells me you're a good cunt lapper. Are you?"

"Um..I think so."

"Kneel down in front of her and start eating her."

He obeyed me immediately.

"Thanks Mom. I need this!" Cheryl said laughing, as she pulled his face into her wet cunt. "Oh yeah, that good Danny. Lick my pussy. Like a good boy."

I started frigging my clit again while I watched them.

"Oh Danny that is so good. Yeah. Just like that."

I watched them for a while, savoring the moment.

"So Danny, tell us about your cocksucking experience."

His face went beet red again. "Aw're blushing again Honey. It's okay. I'll bet you look very pretty...With a nice big man sized prick in your mouth. Do you?"

He hesitated only a second. I grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled it.

"Yes Mommy. I have sucked some dick."

"I thought so. And I'm glad you answered me this time. So tell us about it. Cheryl and I like cocksuckers. It's okay."

He stopped licking her cunt and then sat back on his legs, still kneeling. Her pussy juice was glistening on his pretty face.

"I've been bisexual most of my life."

"From what age?"

"High school."

"You were sucking dick in high school?"

"Yes. I had this friend. Morty. He was attracted to me. He used to sl**p over at my house sometimes. He had a very big dick for a short guy. He introduced me to cocksucking. We would sixty-nine a lot."

"And you liked having his big dick in your mouth?"

"Yes Mommy."

"Good. Tell us more."

"When I was in the Army I discovered glory holes at the base library men's room."

"Are those the ones where a guy sticks his dick thru the wall?"


"To get it sucked?"


"Sounds like fun. Was it," I queried.

"Yes. Especially compared to the monotony of the Army."

"Did you suck a lot of dick, Danny?"

"Yes Mommy."

"How about anal sex?"

"No. I've never done that."

"Why not?"

"I don't know...I just...It doesn't seem sexy to me."

"Keep eating Cheryl's cunt. I'll be right back."

I walked to the bathroom and then returned with a jar of Vaseline. Cheryl was moaning and grinding her cunt into his face, pulling his head into her.

"I'm back k**s. Miss me?"

Danny chuckled into her wet cunt.

"See Danny. This is fun, isn't it?"

"Oh yes Mommy!"

"Okay. Break time. Stand up dear. Right in front of me...”

He looked nervous again but quickly followed orders.

"Stand in between us Dan. Face the wall."

He looked so cute and afraid, with her juice on his face and his tiny dick sticking out. I slowly began running my hands up and down his pretty legs.

"You're so pretty. Very pretty legs. I want this hair off next time I see you."

"Yes Maam."

Cheryl began rubbing his tiny balls and then his dick. I slowly made my way up his legs to his cute little ass. Then I was caressing his ass cheeks.

"Alright so far honey?"

"Yes Mommy."

Then I was opening the jar of Vaseline and coating my middle finger with it. He was shaking with fear.

"Calm down, Baby. It's okay," Cheryl said soothingly, stroking him.

"Just relax hon," I said and I began oozing my finger in slowly. He was a little skittery but Cheryl was doing a good job calming him. My finger was about halfway in.

"There. That's not so bad, is it?"

" Mommy."

"Good girl."

I began working it forward and back. His breathing got tighter but then he seemed to loosen up a big, get used to it. He began thrusting back at me a little. I got my finger all the way in.

"Danny likes Mommy in his asshole, huh?"

"Yes Mommy. Feels great."

"You're awfully tight. But you'll just have to get some practice."

"Mother this is turning me on like you wouldn't believe. His dick hasn't stopped dripping since you touched him there."

"I know," I said, as I continued my ministrations. "I've cum a few times already. It looks like Danny would like a real man in his pretty little asshole. Is this okay Danny?"

"Oh God yes!"

Cheryl was giggling even as she jacked his wet prick. "Ever think about letting a man go up here? A nice man with a nice hard normal dick?"


"Would you like that baby? A nice big dick up your hole?"

"Yes Mommy. But I'm afraid I'm too tight."

"We'll just have to work on that." I put another finger in.


"Relax babe. Mama's here."

It was so hot, finger fucking him and watching Cheryl play with his tiny dick and balls.

"I..I'm afraid I might cum soon."

"Well you've been such a good girl we're going to let you cum. Then maybe we can get one of our men friends to fuck you in the ass for us."

"Oooohhhh yeahhhhhh!!!!!"


"Good girl! Shoot it out honey! It's okay. Get it all out!"

I kept the two fingers deep in his pretty ass and hugged him tight while he erupted all over Cheryl's stomach. It went on for a long time. Then he kind of collapsed in my arms. So sweet. I brought him over to the couch and let him get over his climax. Cheryl brought him a fresh drink and he took a few sips. I had removed my fingers from his hot, very wet asshole. Then I kissed him on the cheek.

"That was beautiful baby. We're so proud of you. Now look at the mess you made all over Cheryl. Lick it off honey. Clean her up."

He obeyed instantly. Quietly licking up his copious sperm from Cheryl's stomach until he had cleaned it all off.

Both Cheryl and I were dripping with cum. We took a short break and had some drinks. But I didn't want to overdue it. We had Danny eat us both a little more then called it a night. When he was in the bathroom freshening up I squeezed Cheryl's arm.

"He is such a find!"

"I know. But I didn't realize he'd open up like this."

"Take him home and let him fuck you tonight. Then have him call me tomorrow."


For the next two days I was walking on air. My body was constantly tingling with that sexy feeling. I seemed to be so much more alive. Natually I spent a lot of time thinking about Danny, who was soon to become Danielle. He phoned me aobut 7 PM and sounded quite nervous, which was to be expected. I invited him to dinner at my place the following night.

"Oh, and Danny?"

"Yes Mommy?"

"Don't forget to shave your legs."

"Yes Mommy."

I put a lot of time into getting ready for him. I wore black heels, seamed nylons with a garter belt, black see-thru panties, a whorish red corset and a sexy black bra with lots of stitching to hold up my big tits but still showing a lot of cleavage. Over this devastater I wore a skimpy see thru robe. It had just the effect I wanted. When I opened the door his eyes just about popped out of his head.

"Hello Danny. Please come in. Have a seat."

He looked more nervous than ever.

"Why Danny you're shaking. You're not afraid of me, are you?"

"N..No Mrs...Mavis...”


"Mommy..It’s just.. You look so sexy."

I took a seat next to him on the sofa. His eyes were riveted to my chest.

"I thought you liked sexy?"

"Oh I do..It's just..I'm not used to this."

"I see. Then you like my outfit?"

"You said it."

I put my hand on his knee. He was trembling.

"Good. I like you honey. And I want you to like me."

"Oh I do Mommy."

"Good hon. Can I ask you a favor?"


"Well I so enjoyed you serving Cheryl and I the other night..would you mind serving the wine tonight?"

"Not at all."

He jumped up and almost ran into the kitchen. I was juicing already.

He returned with our glasses of wine.

"Thank you Danny."

"You're welcome Mommy."

"So..did you enjoy meeting me the other night?"

"Are you k**ding? That was the sexiest night of my life."

"Good. I came about twenty times that night. You don't mind me talking like this do you?"

"No. Not at all."

"I find you extremely sexy."


"You're so funny. Could you take my robe off please?"

As I expected his hands were shaking as he removed my robe. "Hang it up in the closet dear."

"Yes Maam."

He followed orders and returned to his seat.

"I must tell you that I love giving you orders and having you execute them so well. Do you enjoy it too?"

"Very much Mommy."

"Good honey. Strip naked."

He looked incredulous.

"What are you waiting for? Do it!"

He jumped up and stripped off all of his clothing. I was getting wetter.

"That's better. Let me see my little friend."

His small penis was wet and semi hard.

"You have the cutest dick. Go into the bathroom and get my blue panties out of my hamper. They should be the ones on top. They're the ones I had on when you and Cheryl came over. They smell pretty rank. Bring them here."

Of course he did. Quickly and in a trance.

"Stand there. Give them to me."

I took the soiled panties and smiled at him.

"Did you sniff these Danny? In the bathroom?"

He blushed bright red. I creamed.

"Yes Mommy."

"Good girl. Always tell the truth."

I took the soiled panties and held them open for him to step into.

"Step in, Danny."

He did so carefully. I slid them up his pretty legs, noting they were freshly shaven and very smooth, and then patted his dick in place.

"There we are. I've been wanting to do that to you since I first saw you. You are so femmy. You're going to make a beautiful girl."

He just stood there, looking excited and afraid.

"Sit down hon."

He joined me on the couch. I put my hand on his leg and stroked him. His little dick made a tent like bulge in the panties.

"You look nice in Mommy's panties. Do you like them?"

"I love them Mommy."

"Good girl," I said, reaching over and touching his dick. "Well I guess you do like them."

Even though he was scared I knew he was very, very excited. So I savored the little silences.

"Cat got your tongue, Danny?"


"Well it takes two to make a conversation. Tell me some things about yourself."

I got him to open up a bit. He was a compulsive masturbator. Very attracted to dominant women. His mother had been very strict. That may have had something to do with it. Had he ever worn panties before? Yes, but only furtively. Alone. He would purchase the soiled panties of prostitutes in magazines and then smell them and masturbate to the odor of pussy. Then when the smell wore off he would wear them as his own underwear. He had several pairs.

I told him that he was a fascinating man and that I enjoyed his company very much. But I had my dominant side and he seemed to bring that out in me.

"Of course you couldn't be a boyfriend to me because your dick is too tiny."

He blushed again and I creamed.

"But you knew that, didn't you? I mean, you couldn't expect me to be satisfied by that little thing, could you?"

"No Mommy."

"Good hon. But I think I can find other uses for you. Do you think you might enjoy being my maid?"

"Oh yes Mommy."

"Don't accept so quickly dear. It's not going to be all fun and games. I can be a very strict owner. And I don't use that word lightly. If you agree to be my maid I would own you. Do you understand?"

"Yes. I think so."

"Part of owning you Danny would include controlling your sex urges. You would only be allowed to have sex if I granted you permission. Is that acceptable to you?"

"Yes. Mommy."

"Well..We’ll see. I'm not totally convinced yet. You've been staring at my tits again. Suck them honey."

He didn't have to be asked twice. I allowed him to suckle at my large breasts for about fifteen fun minutes. My cunt was soaking wet. Then I had him remove my shoes and lick and suck my nylon covered legs. Then he was ordered to remove my wet panties and to sniff my pussy."

"Louder Danielle. I want to hear you sniffing it. Like a dog. In heat."

"Sniff. Sniff. Sniff."

"Good girl. Now lick it."

He commenced eating me and I was in Heaven. Now and then I would squeeze his head between my hot thighs. I was making a mental note to thank Cheryl for the sexy sissy. Then I happened to glance down and I noticed him masturbating.

"Danielle! What are you doing?"

He looked up, afraid.

"Uh..Uh..Touching myself."

I leaned down and slapped his face hard.

"Didn't you hear what I said a little while ago?"

He just knelt there like a dumb a****l. I slapped him again.

"Answer me stupid!"

"I..Uh...Yes Maam."

"I said no sex for you without my permission. Did I give you permission to masturbate?"

"No Mommy."

"Stand up Stupid."

He did and he was shaking again. I took his tiny balls in my hand.

"These aren't yours any more. Your dick, balls and asshole belong to me now. Understand?"

"Yes Mommy."

"I don't think you do."

I took his wet, femmy hand and pulled him over my lap. Then I slowly pulled down his panties.

"Punishment time Stupid. I can't use a maid who cannot follow directions."

I could feel him really trembling now. My cunt was juicing constantly. I began running my hand over his pretty white ass. Now and then I would run my fingernail into his asscrack. Then, when he seemed a bit relaxed, I just unloaded on him.


I wanted to make a strong first impression with his first spanking. After about fifty hard spanks he began sobbing loudly.

"Mommy I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

By about one hundred whacks he was bawling his eyes out and I had already had about ten super orgasms.

"Do you think you have learned your lesson Danielle?"

"Waw! Waw! Ye..Yes Mommy. I'm sor..sorry."

Then I gave him fifty more very hard spanks. He was wracked with sobs and trying to block my spanks with his hand. I shoved onto the carpet.

"Have you learned your lesson Stupid?"

He had to catch his breath. He was hiccuping too.

"Ye..Yes Mommy."

"What was the lesson?"

"Not to touch myself. Without your permission."

"Good girl. Now go stand with your nose in the corner. No, don't pull those panties up. I want to look at your red ass. And don't you dare touch your rear end, Missy."

Well he stood and sobbed in that corner for the next twenty minutes. I sat there staring at his pretty body and his dark red torn up ass. I came about ten more times, frigging my clitty and thinking of future fun with the new maid.


"Yes Mommy?"

"Go wipe off your face in the bathroom and then refresh our drinks."

He went into action immediately. I noted his eyes dart up to me fingering my cunt but quickly went back down to the carpet.

After that I let him sit with me, thank me for discipling him, suck my tits, eat my cunt for a long time. He served dinner and his cute little pecker kept going up. Then I took him to bed and let him fuck me. It was glorious. He held off cumming for about ten minutes. I kissed him a lot and told him he had passed his first test.

The following day I took him to a department store to get some female clothing for him. It was great fun. He stayed right next to me like a quiet little lamb. I had made it a point to touch his dick a lot in the car so that he was already excitable.

Inside the store I picked out the best looking female clerk in the lingerie department.

"Hello. Can I help you?" said an attractive blonde of about twenty-four, with a nice figure.

"Hi. I'm Mavis and this is Danny."

"Hi. I'm Carol."

"Carol we need to get some sexy panties for Danny here."

He turned bright red, just as I hoped.

"How nice. Do you know what size you are, Danny?"


"Why don't I pick some out and you can try them on?" Carol asked.

"Fine Carol," I replied.

She picked out several pair of pretty french cut panties. We took him into the dressing room.

"His dick is awfully small Carol. So we may have to compensate for that.
Danny get undressed."

He stripped down, red as a tomato.

"I see what you mean," Carol said sarcastically. "Here Danny, try these on."

They looked so so.

"Let's try a smaller size. For that tight look. On his tiny pee pee."

Carol left giggling. I grabbed Danny's dick and held it while we kissed. He got rock hard, of course.

"Here we ar..Oh my."

"Well he doesn't have an erection problem."

"No I can see that."

"Put them on Danny."

He did and then he modeled them for us.

"His little dicky makes a nice dent in those. What do you think Carol?"

"I agree. It's sexier."

"We'll take five pairs, in different colors."

The whole day was like that. Embarrassing him, getting him hard, then ridiculing him for being so small. It was wonderful. Then I took him home and had him eat my soaking wet cunt for about two hours. Then he was permitted to jack off into some tissue. He came in about 40 seconds. From all the excitement, I guess.

Danielle turned out to be an excellent maid and sex toy. My whole outlook on life changed one hundred percent for the better. He obviously adores me and I feel like a queen whenever he's around. To say nothing of my pussy and tits buzzing in his presence, knowing that any minute I can command him to worship me, service me for several hours while I watch TV, read, do whatever I want to do. I had Danny move into my apartment but keep his day job as an accountant. However he was to dress in female attire whenever in the house. He loved it. He has several outfits and seems to favor short, slutty skirts.

Anyway after Danielle had been in my training for about three weeks I invited Cheryl over with a date for dinner. To show her off. I stressed the fact that I wanted her to make a good impression on Cheryl and her date. Danielle was dressed in a cute short black pleated skirt, a sleeveless white blouse, low heels and hose.

Of course I had talked with Cheryl on the phone about playing around with Danielle after dinner and she was very excited about the idea. She alerted her date, Ed, who loved the whole situation.

The night of the dinner I could see that Danielle was very nervous, which my juices got going immediately. She was dressed in a new shiny black mini skirt, the sleeveless blouse, see thru panties, seamed nylons and four inch heels. Just before our guests arrived I had a little heart-to-heart talk with her about how important this dinner was and how I was counting on her to make me proud. And if she failed she would be punished severely. Naturally this just made her all the more nervous, which was the whole idea.

When Cheryl and Ed rang the front doorbell I noted Danielle visibly trembling.

"Answer the door honey."

She opened the door for them and curtsied, as instructed. Then she took their coats and hung them up. Cheryl and Ed handed her their coats and just acted as if this were the most normal thing in the world, to have a thirty year old man dressed as a slut taking their coats. We made small talk in the living room while Danielle delivered drinks and cooked dinner. She's really an excellent cook and served us some delicious t bone steaks in the living room. We all just kind of ignored her while she served us obsequiously all thru dinner.

Toward the end of the meal the three of us were having some brandy while still at the table. I motioned Danielle over to me and began feeling her up as we chatted and ignored her. Of course she got hard immediately, which I kept touching and teasing under her slutty skirt. I could tell that she was more than a little intimidated by Ed, Cheryl's date, the only one she had never been intimate with. Ed is a stocky guy of about 32, with a thick neck and a football player build.

"Ed, did you know that Danny here used to date Cheryl?"

"No I didn't," Ed said, directing his gaze at Danielle, who blushed immediately.

"That's how I met him. Danny, show Ed why Cheryl dates other guys. And tell him why."

Red as a tomato, Danielle hesitantly minced over to Ed's side, visibly frightened.

"Because I have a little wee wee and Cheryl needs a real man."

I was juicing already.

"Show him Danielle."

She reluctantly pulled up her skirt and pulled down her panties to reveal her penis.

"My god," Ed exclaimed. "It really is small."

"Danny?" Cheryl said. "Look at me."

Danielle lifted his head up and faced Cheryl. He looked like he was about to cry.

"Loosen Ed's belt and take out his dick. I want you to see what a real man's dick looks like."

Now he was crying and I was cumming. With shaking hands he opened Ed's belt, pulled down his zipper and slowly extracted Ed's big, thick prick.

"You're gettin' me hot, honey," Ed grunt, rubbing Danielle's slim, shaved leg. "See you gave me a hard."

Ed's dick was magnificently large, big and hard, at least nine inches tall.

"Now what do you say?"

"Thank you Cheryl. Thank you Ed."

"Ed's is much bigger than yours, isn't it Sissy?" Cheryl giggled.


"Now give it a little kiss. You know you want to," Cheryl laughed. Tears were streaming down his sissy face. Danielle bent down on his knees. A drop of pre cum was forming at the top of the big, thick prick. Danielle moved her pretty head down and kissed Ed's dick.

"Ooh that's nice," Ed chuckled.

"Take it in your mouth, honey. Just the tip. For Mommy."

Danny looked beseechingly at me, as if I might reconsider.

"Do it you little bitch. Don't make me angry or I'll discipline you right here in front of our guests."

With tears streaming down his face, he wrapped his femmy hand around
Ed's thick pole and slowly opened his pouty lips and took the top of the large tool into his mouth.

"Aww fuck that feels so goddam good," Ed said in kind of heated grunt.

"Here hon, "Cheryl giggled as she shoved his mouth down on the rest of the big dick. ”That's what you want, isn't it Sissy?"

I couldn't help touching my wet cunt watching this. I was soaking.

"Oh yeahhh," Ed whispered, holding Danny's head down and pumping his big prick into the warm mouth. "Suck that dick faggot. That's good for you."

"Do you like the taste of Ed's dick, honey? Just nod hon."

"Mmmmglph," Danny was nodding and moaning with excitement.

"Look Mom! He's hard. And dripping. The sissy loves it."

"What a surprise!"

We all laughed. Except Danny. He was busy. It only took about five minutes and then Ed blew his load into Danny's mouth. The sissy attempted to swallow all of it, like I taught him, but some leaked out the sides of his mouth.

"Oh fuck that was good. He can really suck dick. I came so fast. I couldn't help it."

Like a good servant, Danny kept the big organ in his warm mouth until it deflated and then slowly released it from his faggot mouth. Ed sat there in a post orgasmic euphoria. Cheryl was smiling and petting the top of Danny's head.

"Good girl. You did a nice job. Now go in the bathroom and get a warm wash cloth and came back and clean Ed up."

When Danny returned from the bathroom he was glowing. He was very femmy and lovingly washed off Ed's spent member, then replaced it in Ed's pants and zipped him up.

"Well what do you say, Danielle?" I asked.

"Thank you for letting me suck your dick, Ed."

"My pleasure faggot. You're a great cocksucker."

Just before our guests left, I ordered Danielle to kneel down and smell Cheryl's cunt thru her panties.

"Sniff. Sniff."

She made very loud sniffing noises, like a dog, and we all laughed.

"You like that smell, huh Baby?"

"Oh yes Mommy."

He was hard as a rock and dripping. I jacked him off and he came in about three strokes. I caught it in some Kleenex.

"Thank you Mommy. Thank you Cheryl."

"You're welcome doggy," Cheryl giggled. "What a good doggie you are!"

As Cheryl and Ed were going out the door, she squeezed my arm and I loved that special bond we shared.

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