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The Dominatrix Next Door

The Dominatrix Next Door!
TJ Ryder
chapter 1

When Billy came home from school that Friday afternoon
he saw the note on the refrigerator from his mom
and sighed! Oh boy! She hadn't forgotten it after all! His
beautiful mother had already left as she had planned
for a weekend workshop and she HAD remembered to leave
a note for the various chores he was supposed to do.

That wouldn't be so bad except for that one chore
his mother always preferred to do on Friday nights,
his Friday Night discipline. His mother had been preparing
for this trip all week and been so busy he figured he
might skate free on that ritual this one time,
albeit with mixed feelings. It was true he did skip
a few of his routine chores because everything was so
crazy and she wasn't around to remind him, but that
also meant that next week he'd get a double dose of

But one glance at the note dashed that mixed feeling
of hope and fear.

"Dear Billy, I should be home on Sunday afternoon.
I left a message for Angie Garber about taking our Friday
session but I haven't got a response so you should call her
when you get home! I told her you need a good whipping so
be a good boy now and I'll be back soon!" followed by a
drawing of a heart. He groaned as he read it again.

One bright spot was that he had been lusting for that
buxom divorcee Mrs Garber since they moved in next door
not to mention her only daughter Hillary was a freshman in the
same high school he went to and just as gorgeous as her
mother. The fantasies increased as the two divorcees
became friends and he learned Mrs Garber was also a
professional, part time dominatrix. He looked at the kitchen
clock, not quite 4 pm, which means he had a chance if he
thought fast.

If somehow he couldn't connect with Mrs Garber he might
just escape his usual Friday night drill! And then he noticed
the blinking light on the Lanline phone on the kitchen wall!

Now, he thought, seeing one message in the last 30
minutes on a phone nobody has used for months, he knew
that had to be Mrs Garber! Hmm, he thought about that.
If he pretended he didn't see the blinking light,.. well
then his mom probably wouldn't believe it for one thing;
and since Mrs Garber is a neighbor he might run into her
this weekend, or she just might have seen him come home
from school and knock on the door. He picked it up and it
was Mrs Garber all right!

"Oh, hi Naomi. I just got your message and can't get
through to your cell so I'm trying your old phone.

"Normally Hillary and I would be just delighted to take Billy
on short notice but being a registered neighborhood
disciplinarian I have to have the correct forms or at
least some written and dated reason for the, um,
corrective action, plus what your goals are for Billy
and his behavior. I know it's awkward but if you could
please fax me something soon I would so appreciate it!"

Billy breathed a sigh of relief,
knowing his mom would not hear this message and therefore
not do the fax. But..... the message continued after
a chuckle.

"Of course, since your'e probably already on the plane
the only person listening to this message is your son Billy,
so this is for you Billy! Why don't you drop by and let's see
if we can straighten this out! Looking forward to seeing you
soon now! (chuckle) CLICK!!!"

"Busted in a recorded message," he groaned.

Now he had recorded evidence on this phone of the date
and time he listened to the message. Okaaayyyyy, he thought,
what's the next move? He's supposed to walk over now so he
went to the living room and peeked through the blinds at the
white house down across the street.

'Waitaminit, ' he thought, no car in the driveway.
Mrs. Garber's black SUV is missing! She must be at the market!
Think fast!

'I'll go over and leave a note on the door to prove I was
there and say I have to go and help a buddy fix his car.
Charley will back me up!! That'll work for
a while. And then, well...'

He figured they could have schedule conflicts
until she gave up. 'It might actually work!' he decided.

He wrote the note, deliberately blurred a couple numbers
of his cell phone and walked across the street, getting
ready to duck if he saw the SUV coming.

As he opened the front white picket gate, he
looked up and down, little Janey and Diane were playing
hopscotch and then stopped and began giggling!

"Oh Billy, are you another bad boy coming for his
punishment!" the girls laughed.

"Hi Janey, do you know if Mrs Garber is home?"

"I don't know! Are you going to get it Billy? Cuz if
you are we like to listen! We can hear pretty good
by the back basement window, speshully when the boys
start screaming!"

"And crying!" giggled Diane! "Some are grown men too
like Mr Wilson!"

"And begging! I like that best! I bet your'e really
going to get it too! I do hope your'e going to really get it!
Is that right, Billy? And wer'e going to listen to the whole

"I'm going to be a dominatress too when I grow up!"
Diane affirmed with a smile.

"Me too!" Janey echoed.

"Billy, would you ask her if we can come in and watch?

"Look, girls, let me know if you see a big black SUV
would you?"

"Okay Billy!" Janey said.

'Jeez,' he thought as he quietly stepped up
on the wooden porch, 'already bitches!' he muttered
and opened the glass screen door gingerly and
folded and put the note in the jamb and gently closed
the door on it, pinching it in place. Then as he
turned around the door opened and the note fell out!

When he bent down for it the door opened wide
and made a noise. When he was finished tucking it
in again, making sure, he just stepped down the
first step when he heard the front door open and
Hillary's surprised exclamation as the note flew out.

"Oh! Is that you Billy? Would you get that for me,

"Um, sure," he said, as he bent over, and then handed
it to her. Naturally she opened it, looking puzzled.

"Oh, it's for mom!"

"Yeah, Hi Hill, look I have some stuff to do,
um, so... would you show that to your mother and ...!

"Oh she'll be back any moment now! She just went to
the market. Why don't you come in and wait?" She held the
screen door open for him and was looking sooo hot!

He noticed with a groan she had changed after she came
home from school, wearing a ripped, sheer sweatshirt
showing her big, perfect breast cleavage and probably
just some hot pants or maybe just panties.

He stood there, realizing he couldn't
very well NOT enter now, but on the other hand, it looked like
Hillary had no idea what he was here for so that gave him a couple
other scams. After all he was a senior and she only a lowly
freshman. It shouldn't be that hard to con her into being
his unknowing accomplice if he could come up with something

Entering the living room and walking through to the
kitchen, he watched her shapely bottom swaying and then
he groaned, as she opened the regrigerator and bent
down and took out a soft drink.

"Would you like something?"

'Um, n-no thanks!" She shrugged and looked at the note

"Oh, you know, is this about that ad we posted on the market
bulletin board?"

"The ad?" Think, think!

"Well, it was just a 3 x 5 card looking for someone
to help with some remodelling . Daddy used to do that but....!
Anyway, I hope your'e handy and all, and not too expensive,
(giggle) we hope!"

"Oh yeah, sure, Iv'e done everything, all kinds of projects!"

"And you have your own tools? Cuz we don't really have any!"

"Yeah sure," he smiled, feeling confident now. This was dropped
in his lap so he might as well run with it! "Sure, um,
can you give me an idea, like, um, what you want, um done?"

"Yes, sure, let's go downstairs to the (giggle) dungeon!"


She laughed as he followed her to the basement steps.

"You know my mom is a registered disciplinarian, I mean
the whole world knows," she added with a roll of her eyes.

"Um, yes, I did hear something,....umm!"

"Well," she turned on the lights and he looked around
at mostly cement block walls, a work bench and some

"Mom should be here to explain what she wants
but you can see it still looks more like an old rec room
instead of a proper dungeon! But wer'e getting there
don't you think?"

"Um, yeahhh....And this is the, ummm..."

"Whipping rack. We use that a lot,(smile) but we need
to make it more, well, adaptable, and this,
this is, "(giggle) the 'Torture Table'! I know it's an
old maple workbench but you see we added the leather
manacles and the joist, that was a lot of effort!"

He looked at the heavy workbench 7 feet long, with bar
stools on each side, imagining the naked helpless male with his
wrists and ankles manacled to each corner, and right at
groin area a pulley joist dangled overhead. Then he noticed
the wall of whips, pinchers, electric probes, and alcohol
filled jars of pins and needles with rubber grips.

She giggled, "This is my favorite, but only after we use
the other equipment. (Smile) They have to be (giggle)
softened up!"

Billy felt his cock swell, his face get hot, imagining
the two voluptuous women sitting one each side of
their victim in the comfortable padded barstools, their breasts
hanging down, as they alternately teased and tortured.

"Oh, um, so you, um, actually assist your mother!"

"Oh yes, from the beginning!" she said proudly. "It's
a real f****y business (giggle)!"

"Now over here," she walked to an empty space,
on the concrete floor "Mom wants to do something different!
She marked it in chalk see? This is the puppy training area!
What we call it! You see, after the, well, the first part, when
we think the boy is ready, we need to test and train him
all depending on what his mother or even wife wants!"

He looked over at the props, leashes and collars, dog food bowls,
girly pinafores, french maid costumes, corsets, wigs, a little
makeup table, and riding crops and canes and paddles and, a portable
porta toilet!

She giggled, "you see this is where we finally test our subjects
so it has to be down here, where they can see the equipment
that we just used, and (smile) use again if we are not satisfied!
(giggle) We don't usually have to repeat too much!"

"Um, (groan) yes, of course,... so um, the partition should
be not totally enclosed then?"

"Right, but carpeted or tiled or something, with lacey
stuff all around and some furniture, of course (smile) the
furniture is just for mom and me!"

"I could go back home and get a tape measure and make some

"Sure, and we need, let me see, running water, at least
a hose, oh yes, mom wanted to know if plumbing is possible
at this level!"

"Um, well, ..!" his cock hard, his face hot, he looked
around the room. "It would have to be over in that corner
and um, I'd have to break up the cement floor there too!"

"Oh wow, you DO know all this stuff!"

"Well, like I was saying...!" He heard footsteps
upstairs and Hillary walked to the stairs.

"I told you it wouldn't be long! Wer'e down here, Mom!"
she yelled up!

"Okay sweetheart! Is Billy with you?"

She looked a little puzzled, "How did she know?"

She walked down in hot pants and a sheer low cut
blouse, much like her daughters, and also braless, as her
big breasts swayed as she stepped down in her heels, smiling

"I'm so pleased you came right over, Billy! Hillary has
been showing you our little dungeon?"

Billy blushed as she handed her the note. The woman
smiled at the note, dimples showing, and arched an eyebrow,

"Oh yes, the old note-in-the-door excuse!"

Hillary beamed with delight, "you mean he's a client?
I thought he answered the ad at the market. He seems to
know how to do things, mother!" She looked at Billy and smiled
as she licked her full upper lip. "OOooh your'e a naughty boy!"

"Pretty clever boy too. In fact we might talk later
about my renovation plans, but right now we still have
to straighten out tonight!"

"Aren't we going to punish him, mother?" she
asked anxiously

"Well dear, I've been trying to work it out! I haven't heard
from your mom yet, Billy; but I have left a message on
her cell phone with what I need. All I know is she
she does her discipline on a Friday Night and you needed a
good whipping, but I really need more than that!"

"Ooooohhh!" Hillary sighed, absently fingering a thick
nipple through her sheer sweatshirt.

"But that isn't enough information! What do you think she
means by that, Billy? Why does she do it on Fridays since most
of my clients prefer Saturday nights?"

"Oh she, she's, (trying to think fast) that um, means
a lot of things.(Groan) Sometimes a paddle, a cane, like that!
Wev'e always, um, used Friday night because she wants the marks
gone by school!"

"Tsk tsk, of course she isn't a professional. My marks
are always gone in a couple of days! But I need a reason
for my report!"

"Oh, yes," he realized, 'that's right' Has to have a
reason. That's the key!

"Well, " he smiled, trying to be agreeable and act helpful,
"I know she was real busy all week getting ready for
this trip, and she normally keeps a log book somewhere.
Probably in her purse and she took that with her!" He
asked brightly. He knew his mom never kept a log book so
it's a perfect scam! He could tell his mom when she came home
he looked all over for the book that he thought she kept
but couldn't find it and he was just unable to do what she wanted.

"Well, I could dash home and look for it if you want?" he
asked, trying to be helpful.

"Um huh, hmmmm! Weellll, " she said doubtfully and shaking
her head as she folded her arms under her big breasts.

"I tell you what, Billy, while your'e here, your'e
interested in doing some handyman work? Is that what
I hear?" He nodded quickly with a smile.

"Well, you know, I can't afford to pay much!"

"Oh, whatever you think is okay is fine!"

"Well, then, I checked the airline schedule and
your mom really should have arrived by now and gotten my message
so I'm sure she's very busy and I don't want to disturb her any more!"

"Oh mom!" whined Hillary. "Let's call her again!
I'd just love to do Billy and he's right here and we have all night!"

He trembled at that.

"Sorry dear, it looks like another time would be more convenient!"

Trying not to look relieved, Billy shrugged.

"Well, if that's think...I guess!"

"Good, now before you go, we might as well talk about my
ideas for this room!"

Feeling relieved and trying not to smile, he followed her to the
whipping rack, actually just three sturdy beams with eye bolts in them.

"You see Billy, the problem? How can I make it more flexible!
How tall are you by the way?"

"Um, 6 ft, ma'am!"

"Could you just stand there and see if you can touch
the eyebolts?"

He tried to, but his buttoned shirt bunched up.

"Go ahead and take it off, we don't mind!"

"Wer'e used to seeing naked males!" Hillary smiled
but also then frowned, having her hopes dashed..

Stripped to the waist and just wearing shorts and sandals
he reached up and shook his head.

"Yes, I see!" Angie said. "Can you put your wrists through the
manacles and see if it helps!"

"Um, Okay" he said, looking up! "I can see the problem,
ma'am, with the manacles; anyone much taller than me
couldn't really stretch out!" Hillary came by and attached
heavy leather manacles to his wrists without much interest.
He shivered, thinking how many men had writhed in the sweat
stained thick leather.

"Then how would you fix it?"

"Well," he said looking up at the ceiling..."You need to
get the eyebolts a lot higher, attach them right to the floor joists!"

Mrs Garber stood back with her hands on her shapely hips,
her big breasts arched out, her nipples already hard.

"Really?" Do you think you could do that while your'e here?"

"Oh sure. I mean I can screw them in, but someone has to mark
the spot for me while I stand on the floor on my toes!"

"Of course, Hillary, go get a stool and a piece of chalk
would you please?"

She looked totally disinterested and was thinking of
going back upstairs and watching television,

"Oh, come on, why bother doing it now, mom?" She then saw her
mom's expression and thought better of it and got the chairs and
pushed them in front of Billy.

"No, dear, you need the stool for yourself to stand on!"

After a bit of measuring, Mrs Garber giving instructions on
just where she wanted him, Hillary brushing her bare downy belly and
soft skin against him, making him shiver with lust, finally they had
the marks.

Billy picked up two eye bolts and a hammer and a screwdriver
to turn them. And stood on a chair, reaching up with his hands as
high as he could to touch the heavy floor joists still with his manacles
attached so he could test it...!

"Careful honey," her mom told her luscious daughter who
stood on the stool close to Billy, and she raised herself carefully,
moving up his body, her sheer sweatshirt and warm firm globelike
breasts brushing his body up to his face, making him groan.

"Is that the spot, dear?"

"Not sure, mom, reach out with the manacles on your wrists, Billy!
Let me take the ends!" With a little effort and a lot of time with her
lush body against his face.

"That's perfect mom, right there!"

"Good, now mark the spots about 3 feet from each other.
I like the boys to be spread out a little," she smiled.

Reaching up, he got the first screw in, straining and beginning
to sweat. Hillary had to stay on the stool until he got the second one
in. As he twisted himself, with a little grunting, he screwed the
second eyebolt in.

"You may come down now, honey! Now what do you think Billy, are
they tight?"

He was conscious his hardon was pushing out his shorts as both women
were aware of it, but he nodded. "Yes ma'am!" He knew
his face was flushed with the exertion and Hillary's closeness.

Mrs Garber wanted to make sure.
"Really? Let me see, could anyone break loose?"

Shaking his head, he showed how that was impossible. "King Kong
couldn't get loose Mrs Garber!"

After a few minutes, Mrs Garber stood back.
"Are the manacles tight now, honey?"

"Yesssss mmmmoooommmmm!" she said as she stood on a stool,
her breasts nearly in Billy's face, her bare belly showing.
He was getting a hardon pushing out his shorts and he couldn't
help it.

"Excellent," she smiled, "Hillary would you come down now and
remove the chair and stool please?"

With just the balls of his feet now supporting him on the cement
floor, his shoulders and arms stretched up to bolts by his leather
manacles, he watched the women rearrange the furniture, thinking they
may have forgotten his situation now!

"Um, excuse me ma'am?" he f***ed a smile as she paused and turned
with a little smile.

"Oh do you need something, Billy? Like some water before we

"Um, what? Um, no thanks, you see ma'am!" He smiled weakly and
shook the heavy manacles. "See, I mean I can't get out of
these manacles by myself!"

Hillary nodded and was about to get a chair when her mother spoke.

"Oh, I know that, Billy," she smiled. She walked closer
to him, her soft hand running down his shoulder, as he breathed
in her exciting fragrance and her big warm breasts brushing him.

"I want you to know we really appreciate your helping like
this Billy!"

"N-no thanks needed, ma'am!" He could now
feel his erection in his shorts brushing her body.

"But, the fact is, " she smiled with the tip of her tongue
running along her upper lip, "well, we can't let our gratitude
influence your punishment session. That wouldn't be very professional
now would it?"

"Mother?" Hillary gasped, her hand to her mouth!

He stammered... " said...paperwork, t-t-the fax!"

"Oh, well," she smiled, licking her upper lip so much
like her voluptuous daughter.

"Oh don't be concerned about that about the paperwork,
Billy! You see I received a very nice detailed fax from your mother
almost instantly.... You know youv'e been such a bad boy trying
to avoid this even though it's been so amusing to watch! Tsk Tsk,
but that does give Hillary and me such a free hand now!"

"Oooohhh yesss!" Hillary breathed.

"But.. but...then... why.....!"

"Oh well, the first time with a clever and strong young man like
you, Billy, I think it's always safer to use a little

"(Giggle) Look at his expression now, mother!"

"Yes, but the main thing it's so much fun, seeing the subjects'
expression when they realize it too late! I never tire of it!"

"Mmmm, you COULD have let me in on it, mother!" Hillary felt.

"I just didn't have time, darling, but don't worry,
after tonight," she cooed, moving her hand down to his
involuntary swelling, her palm cupping his erection,
making him groan,

"Billy won't need any persuasion or tricks. We will have
him nicely tamed by then, won't we?"

"Thoroughly tamed," Hillary snickered. Her mother
released his genitals and stepped back with her hands
on her hips, a smug smile on her full lips, becoming more
business like!

"Strip him dear, and then manacle his ankles!"

"Love to!" she gushed. When she was close to him
and slipped down his shorts, and then seeing his bulge
in his underwear, she whispered,

"Your'e really going to get it now!"

Then he heard the muffled giggle of k**s
from a basement window as Hillary yanked
down his shorts.


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