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Seduced and Reduced

He reduced me, before we went to the theater.
Reduced me to be a quivering mess.
Led me to the secluded area, leans against the rails and pulls me into him, seduces and reduces me.

Pulling me close, oh so close, his tongue searching, darting, traveling over my mouth, seducing my tongue and lips. Grabbing what is his with his hands, kneading my ass. Pulling my hair, craning my neck, exposing for himself what he wants, sucks, bites and leaves his mark. Going under my skirt and exclaims, Oh my you are wet for me. His fingers inside me, wiggling, probing, pushing. Hooks behind my pelvic bone and he goes at me with full f***e pulling the heat and juice right out of me. My body shakes and I cant help but cry out, "Oh God". He leans in to kiss me, makes his little pleased moans and dives in for more both with his mouth and fingers. Grinding, grunting and groaning turns to the hottest passion when he turns me around and slams me against the rail. Pulls up my shirt and exposes both breasts to feast on, his mouth, tongue and hands all over me. Sucking on my tits, one then the other as he holds them firm. Pulls my nipple bites and makes a little noise like see.... see what I can do to you. I look down at him in awe and he is my God, my Master, my Owner and let out a primal yelp as he rakes my nipple and pulls and squeezes the other breast so hard, all while watching me too. He slides his hand back down to my puss and takes and takes, while feasting on my tit's.

Right there in the open air, just yards away from the movie theater. Im a panting, subspace mess. His fingers fiddling my sloppy puss, shows me how wet they are and mmmm, licks them clean and then he starts to slide down, no no no I repeat... He slides back up with a smile and a certain sweet tone in his voice, he is in domspace ... I was wondering how far I could push you he exclaims.

He looks at his watch and states its time for the movie and I wobble into the theater, cheeks and neck blushing, breathing heavy, voice still higher pitch then normal, needing to grab onto him to show him just how much I am fighting to keep control. We sit and he holds my hand, caressing it, taunting me with what his fingers were doing just mins before, kisses me passionately in the theater, which was packed. Right there for for everyone to see and reduces me yet again.

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