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A naughty photo

The house was silent except for the TV in the background. The k**s were
at camp for the next two weeks and Robert was away on a business trip.
For a change I had nothing to do after a long day of work. I kicked off
my heels, hopped into bed and picked up the house phone to call my best
friend Jody, to catch up.

"Hey girl, what's going on? Everything going okay with you, I haven't
heard from you in awhile."

"Yes, everything is good. I'm doing fine, just getting ready for date
night with hubby."

"Oh great, you two eating out?"

Jody laughed.

"The only thing Keith better be eating out is me! We haven't done it in
ten days and I'm about to go crazy. I got the k**s out of the house. I
picked up some naughty lingerie and it will be on as soon as he walks
in the door."

"I'm happy for you. I know you two will have fun. I'm kind of jealous. I
wish it was only ten days for us." I groaned.

"Really, I thought you two would be doing it like rabbits? I know how
you were back in your single days."

"That was a long time ago it seems. I don't know what to do to get
Jason's attention."

"I will sometimes send Keith a sexy cell phone picture of my pussy after
I have shaved or when I'm really horny. That always seems to do the
trick and has him racing home from work. You should try it."

"Jason is in New York on a business trip, that's not going to do any
good and I'm not sure he would like it if I did that."

"He will like it, you should do it. Now would be a great time. That way
when he gets home he will go down on you till you beg him to stop."

"I don't know Jody, maybe. I'm not even sure he likes eating pussy, the
way he goes down on me. That is the rare times he does."

"You have got to be fucking k**ding me, Bailey. You have the body of a
twenty-seven year old, arctic blue eyes, and that sexy red mane of
yours; Keith should be on you all the time. Girl, you have more
problems than I thought you had. Oh shit! I think that is Keith coming
in. Take a pic, send it to him and let me know what happens, okay? I've
got to run."

I hung up the phone and saw my cell phone sitting on my nightstand just
calling out to me. With all of this sex talk I could feel my body start
to ache for some sexual attention. I tried to get my mind off it but I
would find my left hand creeping into the waistband of my panties as I
watched TV.

I wanted to feel the sensation of a man tongue buried between my thighs,
lustfully licking my neglected clit.

"Why the hell not," I said to myself. "What do I have to loose? If he
gets upset with me for sending him a naughty picture of my pussy,
what's the worse thing he can do? Not have sex with me? Hell, he's not
fucking me now."

I slipped off my pants and threw my panties to the floor. I grabbed my
cell phone and stretched out my smooth alabaster legs into a wide "V"
with my knees up and feet flat on the bed. I splayed my soft pink lips
open with two fingers and snapped the picture. I gazed as the image of
my pussy glistening wet with my clit distended, standing at attention,
demanding to be touched. As I looked intently at the erotic image of
myself my body began to throb with lust and ache with need. I hastily
tapped the screen and sent the photo.

My phone beeped and a message appeared.

"Sent to Russell Shaw".

A panic flashed red deep down to my core.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" I screamed out loud. "How could I be so

I couldn't believe I actually sent my "X-rated" photo to my co-worker
instead of my husband.

I swiftly typed a message to Russ: "Sorry, that wasn't intended for

A new message popped up on my phone from Russ.

"I'm sorry to hear that, I'm jealous of who it was intended for."

"I feel horrible, that was completely unprofessional of me," I
texted him back.

"You shouldn't feel so bad. I enjoyed it. Here is something, so we
will be even."

A photo of Russell's cock appeared on my cell phone screen. I was
shocked, amazed, and really turned on all at the same time. Seeing a
man's cock isn't the kind of thing that would generally turn me on but
what he had going on was extraordinary. Nicely trimmed black hair, deep
dark mocha skin, a shaft as thick as a can of Red Bull that dangled
almost as long as a flashlight.

"Shit Russell, who knew you were packing all of that," I muttered to

The next day I was nervous while waiting for Russell in the conference
room, my face obscured behind my laptop screen. I knew he would bring
up the photo I sent him but he didn't say a word about it. We went
right to work on the Graham account.

It was late in the evening when we were finally finished. The building
was silent except for the hum of the ventilation system. Russell sat
across from me with his pink tie loosened at his neck. His eyes were
dark and shiny as beer bottle glass, intently focused on his phone in

"What are you looking at Russ?" I asked while looking up at him through
scarlet-colored bangs.

"Nothing, just nothing."

"You're not looking at the photo I sent you, are you?" I questioned
while I leaned back into my chair and crossed my legs in front of him.

"What? No, not at all," Russ placed his phone down on the table, his
white teeth flashed against his dark skin.

"Yes you are, don't lie to me Russ. You know, you are not a very good

"I guess you got me. It's just such a sexy picture of you. I can't stop
looking at it."

I was truly flattered by his comment and couldn't help but smile. I
licked my sultry-pink lips u*********sly.

"Did you look at the photo I sent you? I didn't hear back from you last
night," he asked and sat up in his chair.

"Yes, I saw your pic."

The room was silent as I stared into his sexy brown eyes and swiveled in
my chair from side to side.


"And, I think I need to see it again, your picture was a little fuzzy,"
I lied. "Why don't you take out your cock and show it to me again so I
can see it better,"

I couldn't believe I was being so bold.


"You heard me," I leaned towards him and raised an eyebrow.

"Here? Now?" Russell questioned.

"Yes, right now Russell." I gazed at him. "Take out your cock and let me
see it. It's late, nobody's here."

I held my stare at his crotch and wondered if Russ would give me what I
asked for, or would he disappoint me, just like my husband.

The sound of his zipper seemed like a freight train in my ears as he
pulled it down. That sound brought a wicked grin to my face and warmth
between my thighs.

"Make it hard for me. Show me how big it gets," said as I could almost
feel devilish horns sprouting through my ravishing-red hair.

I stood up and moved closer to him so I could get a better view as he
stroked himself.

"Did you do this last night while looking at my picture, Russell?" I

"Yes," he moaned.

"Nasty boy," I bit my bottom lip. "I like that. Tell me, what were you
thinking about while you stroked that big cock last night?"

"I thought about you naked on my bed, spread out before me. I'm naked
too and kneeling over you. I bury my head into your beautiful pussy. I
lick your silky wet folds and spread your lips open so I can dip my
tongue into you deep. Then I suck and flick my tongue over your sweet

"Oh so you like to eat pussy," I said before hiking up my skirt and
shimming out of my thong.

I sat on the conference table in front of Russ with my shapely
opalescent legs open and my black stilettos dug into each arm of his

"It's been far too long since a man has licked this neglected pussy," I
said while I stared at him intently and slowly inserted two fingers
into my pussy. They slid in with no resistance, with a squishing sound
that made me exhale through my teeth.

Russ was on me in an instant: his fingers, lips, tongue. My slick pussy
went quickly too soaked as my breath tore out of me. My leg wrapped
around him, which compelled him to suck my clit deeply into his mouth
until it stood wantonly erect and sluttishly demanding.

He made my insides boil, my body clenched around something that wasn't
there yet. I wanted Russ in me so badly. My body demanded cock; his big
smooth black cock. But that would mean giving up the feeling of his
tongue probing my cunt, and I wasn't ready to let that go just yet. I
was f***ed to wait far too long to feel this sensation again and I was
going to enjoy it. I was on the razors edge of orgasm and I didn't want
to come. Not yet.

"Russell," I managed to say his name all breathy and strangled. My voice
just didn't seem like me to my own ears.

Russell stood up over my pulsating body. My heart double-clutched as he
sank into me. One smooth stroke and he was deep inside me with that big
cock of his, moving. His movement was the torturous part as I clenched
and writhed somewhere between pleasure and pain, trying to hold on but
wanting to let go.

He moved high and hard in me, each thrust a blissful agony. I felt my
hips lurch up to meet his, too impatient to wait for his strokes, I
added my own.

In an instant Russ flipped me over, slid his fingers into my insatiable
pussy and opened me up for his meaty cock to follow.

"Fuck," I moaned.

I reached around behind him, grabbed a hold of his ass cheek and pulled
him closer to me, coaxing him to fuck me harder. His hand gripped my
shoulder while his thrusts grew harder, unrelenting. The fingertips of
his hand moved from my shoulder and gripped into the skin of my ass,
while the other used my wetness to lube the rim of my asshole. Then a
thumb or finger, I neither knew nor cared, slipped into my ass, invaded
me pleasantly with its thickness.

"You like that?" Russell growled from behind.

"Fuck yes!" I cried out as my back arched and I pushed my ass back on to
his digit.

I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed anal play. It had been years
since the last time I felt this kind of pleasure.

Russell's free hand snaked around to my pussy as he slowed his thrusting
to a deliberate tease. His fingers, wet from my juices, easily traced
and teased my clit. Pulses of heat radiated through my body. His
fingertip stroked my clit harder, my fingers intertwined with his,
maximizing the pleasure.

I breathed in deep through clenched teeth. "Oh fuck," I cried out as my
pussy pulsed in intense radiating waves. His finger stopped its
invasion of my ass and instead caressed my asshole. Then he plunged
into me again, hard and fast. His fingers bit into the skin of my
shoulder while he shuddered behind me. He buried his cock deep in me
and I felt his balls pulse as he came.

"Fuck! Damn, Bailey," his voice echoed off the walls.

I felt his wetness leak out from between my thighs as my body shivered.
Russ collapsed in the chair and I turned around to watch his cock
slowly pulse down to a rest.

I breathed in deeply, the room smelled like sweet sex and candy.

"That was amazing, you have no idea how badly I needed that," I said to
Russell as he stood up and kissed me deeply.

His hand intertwined into mine, I took hold and gripped him tightly.

A few days later my cell phone rang, it was Jody.

"What you up to girl?"

"Just shopping for some sexy lingerie," I replied as I ran my fingers
over a sheer onyx bra-and-thong set then headed to the dressing room
with the tiny items.

"Oh really, so you took my advice and it worked."

"Oh it worked, better than I ever thought it would." I closed the door
of the dressing room and quickly slipped off my clothes.

"You have to tell me, did he go down on you?"

"Yes, so good it was as if he was another man." I would tell Jody later
that it truly was another man but for now, I was going to enjoy my
little secret.

"And he has done it at least once every night this week." I admired how
the sheer jet-black lingerie complemented my curves in the mirror.

"At least once a day; now that sounds like the woman I know. So you will
be taking more pictures, I take it."

"Oh yes, you know I will Jody." I felt the heat of my arousal building
up between my thighs. In response my fingers began to tease my sex
through the silky fabric of the thong and I spontaneously let out a

"Well it sounds like you are busy, hon, so I will let you go."

I hung up the phone and leaned against the cool wall of the dressing
room. I watched myself in the mirror as my free hand touched my heated
flesh. My fingers pinched my puffy bubble gum-pink nipples through the
silky material till they throbbed. I thought about Russell, and moved
the thong aside as my fingers mingled in the wetness of my sex. I held
my phone and framed the image of my glistening wet pussy. With one tap
of my finger, I snapped the photo.

This time I carefully sent my naughty photo to the right person, knowing
it would invoke a positive response that I would immensely enjoy

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