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Club 2

The next night at the VVIP Kelsie looked very sexy. Her hair was slicked up with Hair gel and her tiny outfit of pink trainers with pink ankle socks along with a pair of tight pink booty shorts and a pink vest top covering her tiny titties. She knew how good she looked as she fixed her bra making sure her firm little tities didn’t pop out from under her top. Gisele was in the same style of outfit that Kelsie was but a dark green color. It was still early and slow so she walked up behind Gisele in the woman’s washroom. Gisele wasl looking in the mirror. She stared at Gisele’s perfectly round ass cheeks clad in those tiny shorts and she couldn’tt resist in grabbing Gisele’s ass cheeks. The blonde groaned then turns around to see Kelsie smiling at her.

“You have such an amazing ass baby,” Kelsie said with a smile as her fingers dug into the soft flesh of Gisele’s ass cheeks.

“Look Kelsie you have a boyfriend and I don’t think you’re going to leave him for me,” Gisele said then wanted the words back.

“Of course I’m not going to leave him for you,” Kelsie said. Kelsie watched Gisele’s face fall, “But we work in the same club and I do love you so maybe when we get you a guy we can share.”

Gisele looked at Kelsie and smiled. Kelsie was right they did work together and since her boyfriend was on tour half the time, there would be other nights like the one they spent together last night

“You’re totally right Kelsie we should only fuck each other’s brains out when we are feeling down and lonely,” Gisele said with a smile as she huged Kelsie.

Kelsie was still groping Gisele’s tight ass, “MMMM I hoped you would see it like that and last night was incredible but I’m kinda scared and lonely right now,” Kelsie said with a sexy wink.

Gisele grinned at her blonde friend. Then she grabbed the tiny shoulder straps of Kelsie’s vest top. Pulling it down Gisele caressed one of Kelsie’s titties and slowly playing with the stiff nipple. Kelsie let her tongue press the soft flesh against the edge of her teeth where she sc****d it back and forth

Kelsie unbuttoned Gisele’s shorts, and was about to slip her hand inside she heard three of the other VVIP waitresses. Quickly Gisele and Kelsie straightened their clothes and tried to act like nothing was going on.

All night Kelsie and Gisele, couldn’t take their eyes off one another. At one table Gisele noticed that a beautiful woman had her arm around Kelsie and she rushed over the table taking the woman’s hand off Kelsie’s ass and placed it on the crotch of her tight shorts. The older woman squealed and laughed as she rubbed her fingers up and down Gisele’s pussy. Gisele leaned down and gave the woman a French kiss. From then on it was Gisele who served that table. Gisele couldn’t stand to see the woman’s hands on her lover.

After the long and tiring show Kelsie is sat in the waitresses dressing room and removed her jewelry. Her tiny outfit was already off and up on a hanger as Kelsie rubbed her sore feet. Kelsey slid off the flesh colored stockings and sat at the make-up table completely naked. Kelsie smiled at the mirror happy not only for all the tips she earned but for the love showed for her when one of the customers started to feel her up.

Her mind wandered to other waitresses in the club, they were all so fucking hot. Then she remembers she has a hunky boyfriend on tour with his band. She wondered how many girls he was fucking.

Kelsie made her way over to the showers. The hot water hit her hot little body washing away all the sweat and Kelsie groaned softly as the water hit her tired body. Kelsie soaped up her tight little body then jumped when she felt a hand on her back. She spun around and Gisele stood there her also naked. Gisele held a big bar of soap and she started to massage it into Kelsie’s back. Kelsie groaned then looking down her eyes wide Gisele held a large black dildo in her other hand. The plastic cock seemed to be staring at her as Kelsie turns to Gisele who dropped the soap and kissed Kelsie hard. Their tongues clashed and writhed inside each other’s mouths as Gisele’s hands cupped Kelsie’s soapy titties.

Breaking the kiss Kelsie looked at Gisele and her big black dildo, “Are you going to use that big cock on me Gisele?”

“Yes baby I’m going to take this big cock and I’m going to shove it right up your teasing ass,” Gisele said with a look of pure lust in her eyes.

Kelsie looked scared and worried, “But Gisele I’ve never had a cock up my tight little ass.”

Gisele patted Kelsie on the arm to calm her down, “Don’t worry Kelsie I know what I’m doing trust me you will love it.”

Kelsie took a deep breath, “I do trust you Gisele so where do you want me,” she asked sighing.

“Bend over you little cunt tease, shaking your ass all night teasing all those women in the club,” Gisele says in a dominating tone.

Kelsie grinned at Gisele, “Not just to tease the those hot older women but to tease you as well Gisele.”

Gisele looked at Kelsie with a smile on her face, “You were doing all that for me?”

Kelsie nodded her head and Gisele looked at the younger girl in a new light, “I never knew you were such a slutty little cunt tease Kelsie.”

“AWWWW did little Kelsie’s bum make Gisele’s panties all wet,” Kelsie teased as she washed the soapsuds off her toned fifteen year old body.

“You know it babe I was so wet and horny that I let that old bitch rub my cunt instead of yours. Now I’m going to have your tight little ass. Now stop teasing and bend over,” Gisele says pushing Kelsie’s lower back bending her over.

Kelsie placed her palms on the wet tiled wall and bent over sticking her pert, tight ass out at Gisele. Grabbing the bottle of shampoo Gisele squirted the liquid all over Kelsie’s ass and started rubbing the sticky stuff into her asshole lubing her up. Kelsie moaned as she felt Gisele’s fingers moving around inside her young ass hole. Once her ass was nice and lubed Gisele pusheed the head of her 7-inch strap on into the entrance of Kelsie’s tight little asshole. Kelsie moaned as the head of the plastic cock poped into her ass and Gisele slowly pushed the thick shaft in deeper.

Moaning and groaning Kelsie couldn’t get over how odd yet good it felt to have something pushing inside her ass. The mixture pain and pleasure was amazing as Gisele pushed the cock deeper, an inch at a time until the whole dildo was buried in her tight ass.

Kelsie groaned and whimpered as she bit her lip to stop her from screaming. Gisele started to work the strap-on in and out of Kelsie’s tight ass. Kelsie moaned and dug her nails into the tiles. Kalsie’s cunt was getting wetter and wetter as Gisele slowly butts fucked her and water from the showerhead hits her naked, back. Kelsie’s cunt juices trailed down her long legs as Gisele placed her left hand on her lower back to hold Kelsie still as she roughly thrust the dildo into the younger girl’s ass. The tight fit made the plastic rub against the side of Kelsie’s asshole and even though it hurt the rough contact felt so good to Kelsie she groaned, “Fuck me harder you fucking dyke, fuck little ass and make me your fucking cunt slut!”

“You fucking love it don’t you bitch, you wouldn’t let your boyfriend fuck this tight little virgin ass but you fucking love it when I do. You are my slut aren’t you bitch. Say it!” said Gisele, her voice echoing off the tile walls

“Fuck me Gisele, yes I’m your slut! Just don’t stop fucking my ass, fuck your cock feels so good please don’t stop fucking me,” Kelsie moaned holding onto the wet shower wall as her virgin asshole was broken open by Gisele.

Gisele’s cunt was on fire under the strap-on. Dominating her friend from behind with a dildo is a fantasy she has had for a long time and now she is living it. Kelsie had never felt so wet and she could feel her own juices flowing down her thighs as Gisele slammed gthe big black cock into her tight teen asshole. Kelsie’s body began to tremble but she felt Giele’s hand on her back which seemed to steady her and kept her bent over. The cock was now slamming in nd out of her tight little ass and Kelsie couldn’t believe how good getting her ass fucked could actually be. Kelsie moaned and groaned and looked behind her. There though the steam of the warm water and saw a look of joy and satisfaction on Gisele’s beautifulface.

“I’m going to cum Gisele oh fuck baby this is the best… don’t stop fucking my little virgin ass Gisele please don’t stop fucking my tight little shit hold,” Kelsie screamed as a fierce orgasm built up inside of her.

Gisele held her friend close as she shifted her hips thrusting her dildo harder and harder into Kelsie’s tight ass hole. Gisele could feel the young girls ass contract around the thick cock and new she was about to cum.

“Cum for me slut, cum hard and long with my big cock where your boyfriend has never been!” said Gisele as Kelsie’s whole body began to shake and convulse.

The young blonde screamed and cum rained down hard from her little cunt. Streams of creamy cum ran down her legs and onto the wet tiled floor. Kelsie moaned her friend’s name as her nails dug into the tiled wall and her her legs buckled and Gisele held her up the cock still buried in the young girl’s ass.

“God you are so sexy Kelsie I love your moans,” Gisele whispered into Kelsie’s ear.

Kelsie didn’t have any strength left to moan and just nodded her head at Gisele who kissed her on her cheek. Gisele rubbed her hand over the wet sticky mound of Kelsie’s cunt feeling her juices through her fingers. She slowly pulled her dildo out of Kelsie’s asscheeks and admired her friends gapping asshole.

Gisele lifted the blonde up and carried her out of the showers. Gisele dried herself and Kelsie down before she went back and turned showers off.

She returned to the main waitresses dressing room and saw Kelsie lying on a long wooden bench hand on her chin looking sexy back at her.

“I love this Gisele you have given me so much pleasure and I want to give you some back,” Kelsie said.

Gisele grinned and walked over to Kelsie and cuped her soft cheek, “What kind of pleasure did you have in mind babe.”

Kelsie winked at her sexy friend before getting to her feet, “I’m going to take one of your dildo’s and I’m going to fuck cunt you cum all over my face.”

Gisele trembled at Kelsie’s tone. Gisele gave Kelsie a slight kiss before she laid on the bench with a leg on each side, she reached down and parted her wet pink cunt lips. Kelsie found a 6-inch bright pink dildo with a large head in Gisele’s purse and smiled. She walked over to the bench and kneeled by Gisele slowly trailing the dildo up and down each thigh, which made Gisele moan. Kelsie looked at Gisele’s dripping wet pussy, she licked her lips Kelsie licks her and thrusted the dildo into her wet pussy.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD,” Gisele screamed as 6 inches of fake cock was driven deep inside her pussy, “You fucking cunt Kelsie. You are such a bitch.”

Kelsie worked the dildo in and out of her pussy then she leaned down and pressed her pretty face into Gisele’s ass cheeks. Chills run down Gisele’s spine as she felt Kelsie’s face resting against her her ass cheeks as the dildo rammed in and out of her tight, wet cunt.

Gisele moaned as Kelsie began to rub her face in between her round cheeks when suddenly Kelsie’s tongue flicked out and began to circle her puckered little ass. Gisele shuddered with pleasure as Kelsie’s perfect tongue slid up and down her ass crack then pushed its way inside her ass.

Melting with delight Gisele moaned loudly as Kelsie’s tongue entered her asshole and slowly began to twist inside her. Now Kelsie launched a two-pronged attack on Gisele’s body as she fucked her pussy with a big dildo tongue fucked her sweet little ass hole.

Gisele’s moaned louder and louder as Kelsie’s tongue licked and sucked on her friends tasty little ass hole. Kelsie could tell she was giving Gisele a lot joy and pleasure. Gisele began to rock her ass off the bench to give her friend better access to her puckered little hole. Gisele loved being fucked holes and found herself crying out Kelsie’s name. The dildo was dripping Gisele’s juices as Kelsie worked the plastic toy in and out of her engorged cunt lips. Feels her climax building inside her. This young girl gave her body such deep pleasure in ways she never knew were. The took another woman’s tongue deep in her asshole and it was the most wonderful feeling she could imagine. Kelsie’s attack was too much for Gisele to take Kelsie’s wet tongue licked and fucked her asshole and dildo pushed against her clit. Gisele’s whole body began to rock and tremble.

“I’M CUMMING KELSIE DON’T STOP YOU FUCKING LITTLE BITCH, I’M CUMMING!” Gisele screamed as cunt crushing orgasm hits her body and creamy cum squirted around the pink splashing over Kelsie’s face and titties.

Kelsie held onto Gisele’s body tightly as she removed the dildo and latched her sweet mouth over her fiend’s cunt hole, as the second flood of com filled her mouth to overflowing and ran down over her chin and left a puddle on top of the bench.

Kelsie looked into Gisele’s face all she saw was bliss. Slowly Kelsie licked her friend’s cum from the pink dildo as if it were a giant popsicle. Kelsie sat beside Gisele and stokeed her hair as Gisele let out her last post orgasmic moan and stared lovingly into Kelsie’s eyes.

“Can I sl**p in your bed again tonight,” said Kelsie, taking a long lick on the dildo.

“Of course you can baby,” sighted, “As long as you let me fuck your hot little body one more time.”

Kelsie giggled, “You can fuck me where ever and whenever you want baby.”

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