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Morning Bike Ride

My wife left me and moved out. I decided I needed to get back in shape. I started lifting again and I rode my bike about an hour each morning; the pounds just melted off.
I usually rode about 06:30 in the morning. As I settled into a routine I noticed the same folks doing their exercise at the same time.
One gal in particular caught my eye; she's about 28, 5'10" blonde and really lean.

As the spring changed into summer everyone began to wear less and less clothing. I enjoyed wearing cut off sleeves and showing off my biceps. This gal runner began wearing a top that left her belly exposed and those short shorts that some runners wear. What a great stomach
We exchanged greetings as we crossed paths most mornings. We eventually added a smile to our greetings.
One morning as I was headed back to the house I saw her running towards me. As I drew closer she tripped and fell to the ground. As I slowed I could see her in obvious pain, holding her ankle
I leaned my bike against a nearby tree and went to her aid
"Are you okay"
She kind of smiled but then grimaced again in obvious pain
"Not really"
"Yeah, stupid question"
I examined her ankle and tried to soothe her
After a few minutes she was able to stop tossing back and forth.
"I live just a few blocks from here, do you think you could help me home?"
"Of course"
I have a great sales job that allows me to set my own schedule
I got under one of her arm pits and we both headed to the tree to fetch my bike. We slowly hobbled the three blocks to her house
"Crap, my husband is already gone" she said as she fumbled with the little pockets they sew into the running shorts
She retrieved her keys and I leaned my bike against the outside wall
"Could you help me inside?"
"No problem"
"Actually" as we moved through her living room, "I need to go all the way to the bedroom"
I helped her into her room; they definitely have a nice life style, I noticed a huge walk in closet and a bath room with all of the luxury fixtures.
She sat on the edge of the bed and I prepare to leave
"This is going to sound really strange" she said
"I need to be downtown at 10; could you help me get showered?
"Ummmmmmmmmm, what do you mean?"
"Well, since I see you every morning I trust you. I need to take a shower"
"I'll do what I can"
"Would you mind starting the water for me?"
I headed to their bathroom, it was almost bigger than my bedroom
I started the water in the shower and adjusted the temperature
When I came back into the bed room she had taken off her clothes; I was speechless
"I'm going to need some help to the shower"
I got under her arm again and we both hobbled to the shower
Her body is lean and tone. Her muscles ripple
She began to scrub; I started to move away
"Can you get my back?"
WOW here I am scrubbing this gorgeous gal while her husband is at work
I looked at her taught ass- I've never seen one so beautiful
She washed her hair and then her entire body while I was right there
She finished by scrubbing her pussy; she trimmed it really nice
She shut off the water
"Okay can you help me back?"
WE hobbled back to the bedroom
This time as she sat on the bed she just kept going back and laid face up
She looked at me with those wondering eyes and then spread her legs
I'm a little slow but I knew what to do then
I re-positioned between her legs. Her pussy is beautiful; tight, neatly trimmed, slight short blond hairs and clean
I ran my tongue the length of her lips and blew on them; she quivered
I then separated them with my fingers and moved in full time with my tongue
She lifted her legs slightly and I got full access
Within a couple of minutes she squirmed and came, almost crushing my head
I pulled up and took off my bike shorts
I was hard as could be
I slid in and grabbed her ass to hold her up slightly as I entered
What a beautiful pussy; it hugged me tight as I entered.
I started with long slow strokes but her beauty was driving me wild. Soon I felt myself past the point of return and my cock swelled. I came with shudders
I withdrew slowly and rolled onto my side, panting
A couple of minutes later she started moving
"I hope you don't mind but I really do have to be downtown at 10, Could you let yourself out?"
I gasped as she got up without any apparent pain and walked without any difficulty back to the bath room. She started the water in the shower and went back in
I got dressed
Before I left I decided to say goodbye
"Hey thanks" I said
"Let's do this again"
"Yeah, maybe"
What the hell does that mean?

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