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Untill He Learns To Love It Ch.8

Over the next few weeks Dominick started to become more complaint to what we asked of him, taking almost any command without question or hesitation. I could only imagine that he was focused on the $7,500.00 that gets paid out to our “Assistants” after their 6 and a half month term was over, but Pierce had another theory, that Dominick now liked the pleasure we gave him and was now at the point of no return, where he was now basically addicted to all the rubbing, the kissing, the licking, the sucking, and all the fucking, and we had no intention of slowing down.
“Dominick!” Otis’ voice echoed through the whole place coming from the common room, like a little puppy dog Dominick went straight to Otis and waited for his treat. I sometimes wondered if six and a half months of being a sex slave was worth the money, I also often wondered how many willing guys would sign up if we were upfront about it, but there was something about the complete domination of an unwilling guy that I found… exciting. It was early in the afternoon; David was out walking around the island making some adjustments to some of the sensor equipment we had placed out there, I was walking down the hall to the kitchen when I caught a whiff of the unmistakable smell of man-sex in the air; (ass, balls, and sweat). I followed the smell in the air and it lead me into the common room to find Pierce and Otis going at Dominick on the couch like a bunch of a****ls, one of them always had their dick in Dominick’s mouth while the other fucked him periodically switching places with one another.

Dominick looked like a mad fiend his eyes were glassy with a wild look like he had been drinking and his favorite sports team just won a game but I didn’t smell any alcohol in the air and the TV wasn’t on, “hey Jay!” Pierce said spotting me walk in the room “you want in on this?” Otis asked looking like he was about to pull out of Dominick just for me, I could have done with a nut that afternoon so I decided to take care of it now rather than later, “yeah but I want that mouth first” I replied stripping down and joining Pierce by Dominick’s mouth, I wasn’t pushy or anything I waited my turn, mostly admiring the way Pierce’s wet dick looked when it disappeared in between Dominick’s juicy lips then reappeared again.
“Here” Pierce said moving aside, his wet dick seemed to glitter in I the light when he pulled it out of Dominick’s mouth, Dominick looked crazed; the look in his eyes was still the same and now his mouth was wide open with his tongue out and dripping drool and making like he wanted something in his mouth, it was like if he didn’t get a dick in his mouth right then and there he would just lose it, so I took it upon myself to put my dick right in his mouth, the noises he was making got a lot calmer as if dick was the only thing that leveled Dominick out, thinking of dick as a mood leveler brought a smile to my face. Dominick was able to take a dick down his throat with ease… well mine Pierce’s and David’s, he still had trouble getting Otis down though. Otis Pulled his long fat dick out of Dominick’s ass, “gotta pace myself” Otis said with a big smile on his face, as soon as Otis was out of him Dominick started shaking his ass from side to side just waiting for the next dick and Pierce was eager to fill his hole.

Otis walked around and put his dick in Dominick’s face and Dominick instantly started to alternate between sucking my dick and Otis’. Pierce wasted no time treating Dominick’s ass like a punching bag going hard and fast with each pump and thrust, the wet smacking sounds echoed through the room nearly drowning out the slurping sounds of Dominick sucking dick, “damn…” Pierce said pulling his dick out as well, I assumed the two of them were trying to tire Dominick out before either got a nut off, it was a really fun game we all played but one I wasn’t in the mood for right now, working myself in the rotation I moved around behind Dominick put my dick to him and started fucking.

I wasn’t trying to pace myself or take my time and enjoy my time inside Dominick, all I wanted to do was get a load out and spray it right down his throat. I was making a mad dash for the finish line, part of me; that part of me that was so used to taking my time was screaming at me to stop and take it slow but I put my hips on autopilot and just pounded away hard and fast. With the way I was fucking it didn’t take long for me to see my goal, every inch of my body started to shake and quiver and I was overtaken by an almost impossible tingle, “oOo shit come get this nut” I said grabbing my dick and pulling out, Dominick quickly turned around and wrapped his mouth around my dick, “unmhnhn!” Dominick moaned his eyes almost rolling back as he swallowed every last drop of my baby batter.

I pulled my dick out of Dominick’s mouth and went to sit on one of the chairs, I wasn’t spent but I needed a break before going back at Dominick again. “Number four is down and… I…” David said walking in the room and went silent when he saw what we were doing, “what’s the matter?” Pierce questioned David, I myself wondered if there was something seriously wrong with David almost as if he didn’t expect this, I mean he knew that this is what Dominick was here for, but it turns out David was just lost in his own head and was only paying attention to Dominick which became clear when I spied his dick poking through his shorts. David was looking at Dominick like a hungry wolf looks at a piece of meat before stripping down and joining in…………………………………………

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