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Hooker's Diary (My First Time)

I was a working student, working at the bar in the evening. As time goes by my short income cannot support my needs anymore. I used to be a shy girl but have a lot of wild fantasies when it comes to bed. I was 10 years old when i started reading porno magazines and watching porno movies when my parents are away. All my wild fantasies are clear in my mind.
I had my first boyfriend at age of 18. He is 21 years old tall and athletic guy from the university. We are in the classroom when all my friends left us to eat some snacks. We stayed in the classroom together, he started kissing me and when his tongue started kissing me wildly i feel the hot wave inside me. When he touched my breast it feels so good and it burning me inside. He keeps on touching me, he hold my hand and guided it to hold his cock. I was shock that was my first time holding a big cock. I used to see a big cock in porn movies but I cannot believe i'm holding it right now. He guided my hand to play his cock and feels so good. My hand finally learn how to play it and i continue moving my hand up and down. He push my head to suck his cock at first i slowly tasting it.Licking the tip of his cock playing my tongue but he pushed my head and he instructed me" Oh shit suck my dick... suck it sweety...yeah suck it like that... Good girl.. " I'm beginning to learn how to suck it and honestly i'm enjoying it, and so I suck it deeper and deeper and keep on sucking it faster. he keeps on moaning and calling my name and it encourages me to suck it all. when i finally suck it all i felt the head of his cock in my throat. Ahhh it feels so good. I know he will come in my mouth in my instinct i decided to suck it deeply and he comes inside my mouth. I tasted his cum i feel like vomiting so he kissed me and tasted his cum in my mouth. He kisses me and started touching my pussy i tried to control his hand but i cannot control the excitement i felt inside. He guided me to sit on the teachers table. He raised my skirt and he started kissing my underwear. When he removed my underwear I felt shy my face became red but he smiled at me and he said you have a beautiful pussy sweety don't be shy.He begun licking my pussy, Oh My.. i can't believe it happening to me, I keep on moaning begging him to lick more, when he played my clitoris and inserted his one finger inside my pussy i cannot control my moan Oh shit i really like it, i'm shivering and i feel like i'm coming. He continue licking my pussy while fingering and playing it. When he inserted his tongue inside my pussy i almost lost my control i held his head tightly i don't want him to stop what is he doing I'm pushing his head I like the feeling of it while his tongue is playing in and out in my pussy. I can't control myself anymore then i let my juice comes to his mouth and when he sip my juice OH my it feels so good he remove his tongue to insert his finger, He keeps on fingering my pussy until the water comes out in my pussy. The classroom becomes wet. I like to feel his cock inside me but we heard that somebody is coming so decided to dress up and sit like a saint.
While i was sl**ping he called me to inform that on Saturday his parents will be gone for the seminar and he invited me to stay in his place for the whole night I felt so excited for that night.....

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