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The Game

The Game.

‘Am I awake, or am I sl**ping. I can’t move…. And, where am I?’

I became suddenly aware that I was finally awake, but what happened?

I find myself naked, gagged and blindfolded. I am strapped facing a device of some sort, in the form of a large ‘X’ leaning slightly forward; my hands spread and strapped above my head, and my legs spread and strapped. There are small clamps with weights attached to my nipples. My cock is erect and throbbing and sticking through the bottom of the ‘X’, and it feels like someone is stroking my balls with a feather.

‘This is oddly familiar… I ‘had’ this dream… but who would know? Who did I tell?’

Now, I remember…

She may be middle aged, but she has a hot little body a thirty year old would die for. Her breasts are firm and perky, and she constantly teases me by going bra-less. Sometime, when it is just her and I, we tell each other our dreams and fantasies. Sometimes, it feels like we cross some invisible line, but who cares?

“Are you awake Slut?” a female voice whispered in my ear. “Nod if you understand me”. I nodded. “Good. Now, you will be punished by me for sharing your fantasies with me. You are such a dirty boy… I am going to make you my own little Slut.”

A shiver went through my body as she stopped using the feather on me. I knew what I was in for, and couldn’t do anything about it.

“You will only feel a pinch, and then you will feel my paddle on you” she whispered. With that comment I felt her moving closer to me, her hand on my leg, moving slowly up to my thigh...closer to my crotch...she touched the underside of my balls...slid her finger up higher...but wait...not my ass...ahhhhAHHH

She shoved one of her unlubed fingers into my ass.

"Does my little slut like having his ass invaded by my unlubed finger? Does it hurt? I bet it does. But I also bet that's why you like it!" Damn her. She knew me too did hurt but I liked it.

She began to rub her fingers over my asshole, I anticipated one or more of them to enter my ass, but they never came.

"Oh I think this is going to hurt you, but oh well, you want it that way," she simply stated.

I could feel one of her hands on my right ass cheek, spreading it, and I felt the butt plug press up against my ass.

"Push your fucking ass back against the plug. Do it now or I will shove my entire fist dry right up your ass." Realizing she was serious, I reluctantly began to move my ass back against her plug. I felt it pressing right against my hole. Her right hand now went on my lower back, making sure I was pressing back to her, and she held me firmly.

She stopped and started to slide a large plug in my hole. “Relax”, she said. “If you obey it won’t hurt as much.” I relaxed, and she teased my ass, sliding the plug half way in, then out, then a little deeper, and out. This was driving my prostate wild with excitement, and I could feel my precum dripping from my rock hard cock. Then, with one swift stroke, she inserted it all the way in. It felt so full and good. My hole relaxed, as I played with the plug with my ass muscles. “You are a little Slut, aren’t you?”. I nodded….

Tap Tap Tap. She started softly hitting my cheeks with her paddle. It felt hard, like wood. “I want to get your ass-cheeks nice and red Slut… and you better stay hard for me.” WHACK! She hit me again, this time much harder than before. “Do you understand me?” she asked, as she hit me again. WHACK! WHACK! “Nod if you understand me Slut, and don’t make me ask you again”. I nodded quickly. “Good boy”, she said. WHACK!

“Mmmmm look at that tasty precum” she said. “Let me have a taste.” I could feel her hands on my throbbing ass cheeks as she bent down closer to my cock. She grabbed my cock from between my legs and pulled it back. She rubbed her hand down the length of my shaft, as if to empty what was inside. “mmm Slut, you are tasty” as the sound of her licking and sucking her fingers echoed in the room. “Here, you taste and lick your precum for me” she said, undoing the gag. “Lick”, as she shoved her cum soaked fingers into my mouth. I eagerly licked her fingers clean. “Good boy. Let’s see how you do with my dildo”.

She turned my head to the side and pulled my jaw down. “Suck on my cock Slut before I use it on your ass” she said as she slid the tip of the dildo on my lips and into my mouth. I sucked and teased the dildo with my tongue as she pumped it in and out of my mouth. “Good, now’s it’s nice and wet. Let me attach it to my harness” she said, as she pulled the plug out of my ass. I moaned as she manoeuvred the head of the dildo up and down my crack and hole. “Are you ready Slut?” she asked. “Are you ready for me to fuck you? Is this what you want?”

“Yes…” I whimpered. “Yes Mistress”.

And with that she slid the head of the dildo into my hole and stopped half way. “oh my, your ass looks good with my cock in it” she said. “Further now, slowly…” as she slid the 8” long and thick dildo fully into my ass. She let it sit there as she reached around my chest and pulled on the nipple weights. “I almost forgot about these” she giggled. My nipples felt huge as she pulled on them.

She pulled out the dildo half way, and back in again, quicker than before. She moved her hips from side to side, which moved the dildo side to side in my ass. She put her hands back on my hips as she pulled the dildo almost all the way out, with just the head in my ass. “Now push your hips and ass back to show me you want it, and not just straight back. Go slow, and move your hips in a figure 8”.

I pushed back against her hands and I could feel the dildo inching forward. I moved and circled my hips and as I did, and the bigger the movements, the deeper she pushed the dildo into me. Then she pulled it out and started again, faster, as if she was timed to the movement of my hips. Deeper and harder she went, as I gasped and moaned without control. My dripping and throbbing cock felt huge and laboured, and I felt like I could explode at any moment.

She sensed this and stopped. “I don’t want you to release Slut, not yet.” She pulled the dildo out of my ass, and I could hear here unstrapping herself from it. I could hear some rattle of chains and buckles as I await for my next lesson.

She put a leather collar around my neck “so you don’t get any ideas of running away” she whispered, and with that, she hit my ass hard with a paddle. I moaned as she unclasped my ankles and wrists. She tuned me around and pulled me by my cock to what felt like a low table as wide as my hips. My head and neck rested on a much narrower part of the table. She chained my collar down on both sides and chained my wrists down so that my arms lay at my sides. She spread my outstretched legs and clamped my ankles to either end of a spreader bar. As I lay naked, and hard, she roughly took my nipples clamps off, and swatted me with her paddle on my cock. “Attention please!” she commanded.

She started to play with my cock with her gloved hands, stroking the length of it slowly working the precum in. She straddled my face, and I could feel and smell her wetness f***ed onto me as she continued to stroke. “I want your cock inside me, but do not cum, do not my any means until I say so, do you understand me?” she asked. I nodded.

She moved down to my cock and positioned my cock between her lips, and she rubbed my tip on her clit. Then, as she did with the dildo in my ass, she slid her pussy, slowly down on my cock, entering her, and I could feel her surround my head and shaft. Slowly she lowered herself, until I was completely inside her.

Then slowly she rode the full length of my cock, with her hips moving back and forth and side to side…. Faster and harder she went. Oh how I wanted to cum, but resisted. “Are you ready to cum deep inside me Slut at my command?” “Yes!” I answered. “Are you ready now?” “Yes!”.

“Explode in me NOW!” she screamed as she pounded my cock with intensity. I moaned loudly as I emptied inside of her, as she relentlessly pumped my throbbing cock. “Now you must feed on my pussy” she whispered.

She moved back to straddling my face and head as she lowered her swollen and cum soaked pussy onto my chin, lips, mouth and tongue. My nose teased her ass as she pushed down harder, smothering me. “Lick, and lick hard Slut, and maybe I will let you breathe”.

I licked and sucked and swallowed the juices that flowed from her lips, and licked and nibbled and sucked her clit. “That’s it Slut, don’t stop. Don’t you dare stop….” Her voice drifted off as she slid wildly on my face. “Now…” she said, as more juices flowed from her swollen pussy. I could feel every contraction of her orgasm, as I licked and sucked her slowly, cleaning her of her juices.

She unmounted me slowly, uncuffed my wrists and ankles, and took the collar off and pulled me up into a seated position, and offered me one of her pert nipples in my mouth as I eagerly suckled it. She slid my blindfold off and turned my head up to hers, and she kissed me.

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