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Another hot day

It was another one of those days when I knew my desires would take me over the top, it started when I met up with a nice young fella for some mutual fun, but to my suprise things were gonna be so hot I would almost lose my mind.
I met with him wearing a pair of my sweet pink panties with lace on the front but I had a suprise for him, I bought him a pair of burgandy thongs to put on and put a show on for me.
As he pranced around for me I felt my dick growning in my own panties and he noticed it, "sir, you like me in your panties" he asked me. "yea, you look like a hot bitch" I told him I noticed he smiled when I called him that and he started shaking is ass for me even more, I was going crazy, i grabbed him on his next pass and pulled him down and he gave a quick "yelp' but it was too late I was aroused, his body was so hot under me, and dick was throbbing in my panties, today i wasn't trying to waste anytime, I wanted him, I wanted to be deep inside of his manpussy,, but he had a suprise for me, there was a doorbell ring and my little slut jumped up and answered and in walked a dark chocolate already taking his clothes off and showing off what looked like a 9iner, my little slut had a nice day planned for me, he immediatly sit back on the floor and I strattled his face shoving my hard dick down his face while his friend leaned over and starting biting me on my ass cheeks.
But that was just the beginning and here I thought I was gonna be pounding some nice ass pussy, his friend pushed me over on the bed grabbed a condom, slappped some lube in my ass with two fingers and pushed that dick in me so rough I lost it, I started fucking his friends mouth meeting the strokes of the dick that was in me, exctasy.
Remember I said my desires were hot for that day so I didn't want to come so I started throwing this ass on his dick and squeezing ass muscles and I heard him started breathing harder and moaning i knew he was getting closer, so a few more pushes of the best ass he ever had and I pulled him out of me and pulled the condom off and pulled his friends mouth to it and watched as cum poured out of that hot willing mouth,......I pulled up my pants and left them there and got into my car there was more hotter plans for the day, and it got HOT....

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