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I was about halfway to my first orgasm when I noticed my Dad, out of the corner of my eye, standing there watching me eat out my own pussy with a shocked look on his face. No, shocked isn’t the right word. The right word doesn’t exist… His expression was shock, awe, amazement, arousal, disbelief, all rolled into one. Being in a seriously sexual frame of mind, as I obviously was at the moment, I shamelessly checked my own Dad’s package and found his loose pajama’s outrageously tented. Wow, I thought for maybe the millionth time in my young life, Dad’s sure got a big one. I also felt a thrill of excitement run through me, causing me to shiver as my tongue lapped against my clit, at the knowledge that my Daddy’s cock was hard for me, something I secretly relished.

I considered stopping, but only for a fraction of an instant. The simple truth is I was just too far gone to stop by then, too far gone to even care. I was way too into the feeling of my tongue on my pussy, and in it, and the feeling of my pussy on my tongue, and the taste of myself, and the feeling of my soft ass in my hands, and my Daddy’s smoldering gaze on all of this, to stop. Besides, what was I going to do? Get all embarrassed? Cry? Try to pretend it never happened?

God, let me tell you, I love the taste of pussy, especially my own. I first tasted my own pussy flavor on my fingers when masturbating, and I just loved the taste and the aroma. I tried to lick myself a few times back then with no success, no matter how hard I tried. But then I learned on the internet that some dancers and yoga practitioners can do it, owing to their trained flexibility, and I asked my Mom & Dad to sign me up for dance classes, and Yoga classes, right away. Of course, they didn’t have any idea that I wanted to learn to do more than just dance, and exercise…

I actually got flexible enough to do it within the first year of classes, though I stuck with them because I’d learned to enjoy the activities in their own rights. I spent many a lonely teenage night lapping away, and shivering in contorted ecstasy, orgasming into my own face, nearly drowning in my own flood of cunt juice. Oh yes, being the licker and the lickee has it’s definite advantages. I know just where I want to be licked with every single lash of my tongue, just where, just how, just wow! I don’t even think about it, the want is met by the action before I can even realize it’s wanted, and the gratification is even better than instant. It leads to gushing, flooding, squirting orgasms of an intensity nothing else has ever given me, and I especially love to push myself (though after cumming I’m awfully sensitive) into three or four successive cums in a row. I just get so I cant get enough!

So, instead of stopping my outrageous act of self pleasure, I groaned into my own cunt, loving the feeling of the vibrations, and dug in hard. I closed my eyes because I just couldn’t keep them open. If I had kept watching Daddy he might have noticed and freaked, and I wanted him to think I didn’t know he was watching. It’d be less embarrassing later. But for right then I was thrilled he was watching, and a wild thought ran through my head, that I really hoped he’d jerk off while he watched, or at least that he’d do it later, after he watched, and think about me while he did. That thought was too much for me, and as I wildly attacked my clit with my tongue I quivered into shameless nirvana, cumming hard in my own face, my juices flash flooding as I joyously drank my own most intimate beverage.

I kept right on licking even though it reached the point where it felt so damn good it hurt! Unbeknownst to Dad, whose presence I could still feel watching me, I redirected my tongue strokes away from my most sensitive places, and slowed them a little, though even that was an agony of delight, suffering through my own bliss. Something about the first flood of pussy juice that always drives me wild, whether it’s my own or a girlfriend’s (yes, of course I didn’t stop at eating my own cunt out). I just love it, and so it’s no surprise that it spurs me on to renew my efforts on my, by then incredibly sensitive, little hard clitoris, and sensitive inner lips. Cumming after the first one takes almost no work at all, and sometimes I can come over and over and over, losing count, before I am winded, and exhausted with the effort, and shaking with the exertion of my sex, and my mouth.

I re-attacked my clit just as I sensed Daddy had moved closer. I squeezed my eyes shut tightly to guarantee he wouldn’t catch me looking at him, so he would stay and watch the show I was putting on for him, and not run away in shame or shock. God, it felt so fucking good to be licking myself with Daddy watching. I was giving myself pleasure, sure, but I was finally giving my sex to Daddy, pleasuring him, in the way all daughter’s secretly long to do for the one man in their lives who ever loves them unconditionally. Oh, if Daddy only knew, more than any other man in the world, even the handsomest, most romantic, richest, most powerful Prince or King, I was absolutely Daddy’s for the taking, any way, any time he wanted. And though I lived life deluding myself about that fact, (as I suspect all young women do) never had I been more aware of it, more a slave to it, than I was at that moment, as I felt my Father standing practically beside me, staring at my nude, contorted body, at my shiny, sopping wet, pink glistening sex, at my pretty face and my pink tongue shamelessly licking my most personal, secret place while he watched from an angle where he could see everything! God!

As I licked away, desperately now, I began to fantasize that he would touch me. Maybe he’d just be overcome, and reach out and touch me. Maybe he’d touch my thighs, or my ass, or run his hands through my hair… Maybe, and oh God I shivered at the thought, he’d be bold enough to just slide a finger into me! Then I felt the air moving close to me, almost by my nose, and though my sense of smell was overwhelmed by my own heady aroma, I thought I detected the unmistakable smell of male musk, or “dick sweat” as my girlfriends gigglingly called it. Jesus! My Dad was jerking off while he watched me! And not only that, I realized, it was inches from my face, and owing to my unusual position, inches from my pussy as well!

That was too much, and I launched into another orgasm, groaning “Oh Daddy” into my pussy, though it was too muffled by my sex to be understood (thank heaven). Now I was really, really sensitive, and if he had not been there, I’d have stopped. I had to f***e myself to go on, though the muscles in my back ached and the tendon’s in my neck screamed for relief, and my poor tongue was stretched to it’s limit, and my little clit was on fire, I had to f***e myself to go on, for Daddy was still there, I sensed, pumping his cock just over my face and ass. And there was nothing I wanted more than for him to keep right on doing so.

I thought about suddenly opening my eyes, and leaning forward, and capturing Daddy’s cock in my mouth. If I did it quickly enough, how could he retreat? But truth be told I just didn’t have the nerve, no matter how strong the desire. Also, I was reaching a point where I almost never got, where the orgasms come like machine gun fire, and the adrenaline rush makes me giddy, and gives me the strength to make myself cum dozens and dozens of times before I have to collapse, and lay gasping, my heart pounding, my sex throbbing in time. The memory of it was enough to drive me on, and Daddy’s presence only added fuel to the fire, so I licked ruthlessly, feeling my body wind up like a puppet twisting on it’s strings, and knew that soon I’d be whirling, twirling helplessly out of control.

Oh, but how I wanted to see his cock, my own Daddy’s cock. Oh, I’d seen it before, peeking from the crack of a bath towel wrapped about him. But at those times his dewy, hairy, firm chest and abs, and that line of hair that went down… his powerful legs, all distractions from his limp worm. And I’d seen it flashed briefly as he turned away when I’d walked in on him in the bath. And of course I’d seen it outlined in his pants, and knew it was big. But now, now it was a rampant dragon, a serpent of ancient mythology, the staff of power, the inspiration for every phallic symbol ever devised, and I hungered to see it.

And I hungered to see his hand on it, if the truth be know. With all my conquests, and experiences, I’d never seen a man stroke himself in earnest. Oh, I’d seen lovers give theirs a half hearted handshake before putting it to me, but never had I seen a man gripping and stroking to replace a woman, and I longed to, because I knew it was happening literally before my eyes, though they were closed.

So, I slitted my eyes very carefully, peering out from between my lashes, hoping to God that they still looked all the way closed. And there it was, sweet Heaven! Before my eyes was a majestic monster of a cock. Not the biggest I’d seen, or had, which had been too big anyway, as it turned out, but bigger than I needed, and on seeing it I bubbled more juice onto my tongue.

My Dad was standing there over me, his pajama top open, his pajama pants pushed down below his heavy, hairy balls, hanging low, and his cock jutted out over my ass almost against my forehead. From my perspective, he looked like a stricken warrior, muscles tense, face squinched up in agony or ecstasy, trying to pull the shaft of a fatal arrow from his belly, and I almost laughed. But it was also the sexiest goddamn thing I’d ever seen in my life, so I came, hard, instead, my eyes squeezing shut as I did.

The tommy gun effect was on me, and I started going off like strafe bombs, with scant moments of lucidity between the madness of sexual release, the uniquely feminine experience of multiple orgasms. My thoughts were like this, “Oh God, here it comes…” gasp, quiver, shake, mind empty, “can’t… stop… cumming,” blank, spasming, tensing, “Oh God, what if,” sweet heaven, YES, oohh, ohhh… “what if Daddy,” MMMMM, OH GOD, huh, huh, huh, shaking, shaking, “Daddy cums” vibrating, tense like stone, flooding, moaning, “DADDY CUMS” Hmmmm, HUH, OH, OH, “ON ME!”

The realization that Daddy could hardly witness the show I was putting on for him without losing control himself crashed in on me like a suicide truck slamming into a bridge abutment, and I knew instantly that it would not only happen, but that there would be no way either of us could pretend it had not. How could I pretend I hadn’t noticed Daddy’s sperm splashing onto me? How could I pretend not to taste it mingling with my pussy juices, searing my flesh as it splashed hotly on my quim, on my ass, on my face? How could he expect me to?

Then, when the fear of the inevitable had dawned on me, I felt it swept aside by my earth shattering desire for it to happen, and to happen NOW! The idea of my Dad’s cum splashing down at me, raining down on me, the idea of it touching my sex, touching my pussy, the idea of it on my face, and on my lips, and tongue… oh GOD, the idea of tasting Daddy’s cum! The idea that some might somehow get deep inside me and make me a b*****r or s****r…

And then, like an answered prayer, it happened, and I flinched feeling the first ropes of thick, white, fatherly seed splash against my cheek, and then down on my ass as Daddy u*********sly redirected it, and finally f***eful blast after blast of it strike me full in the cunt. Of course I was still licking, though I would have to stop shortly, and so my tongue sought out the sweet nectar of paternal manhood, and savored it’s precious, rare flavor with every tastebud. Mixed in with my own feminine flood, it was the most delicious flavor I’d ever known!

I licked up every drop my desperately searching tongue could find, and for long moments Daddy replenished the supply with fresh spurts of his semen onto my soft, delicate flesh. And when the flow ebbed, and depleted, I searched for just a moment for more, groaned in frustration matched only by exhaustion, and collapsed back onto my bed, unfolding like a bad bit of origami.

My heart pounded like a kettle drum in my chest, and my lungs filled spasmodically, my head throbbing, muscles aching, my vagina throbbing like a man was squeezing it. The world spun, and I felt d***k, beaten, and very, very satisfied. When my breathing returned to normal, and I felt as though I would live, I at last opened my eyes, but Daddy was gone.

Had I imagined him there? I looked about for clues, but saw none. Then I felt something drying on the skin on my face, below my eye. I raised my hand, trembling, to my face, and wiped away some of what was there. I looked at it. It looked like cum. Tentatively, I tasted it. It was cum. I realized it was Daddy’s cum, and so ravenously I licked it off my fingers. I stood, naked, in the center of my room and realized the door was open. Dad had fled in a hurry, I thought as I closed the door.

The only question was, what do I do now?

Pulling into the driveway at my parents' house I noticed with disappointment that Mom's car was gone, but Daddy's was there. At least I'd have someone to talk to while I did my laundry. College was going good, and I had lots of stuff to tell Mom & Dad about.

I used my key to let myself in and carried the first load of laundry into the laundry room off the kitchen. The house was pretty quiet and so I took a minute to drink some milk (from the jug, sorry Mom) before I went and threw the first load in the machine. That done, I decided to head up to my old room and grab a few things before I went looking for Dad (who was probably in the back yard, weeding and feeding as usual).

As I climbed the stairs I heard a faint noise that surprised me, not because it was there, but because of what it was: the sound of female pleasure. For only an instant I wondered if Dad had a woman in there, but I knew he was too faithful to Mom for that to happen. Besides, I had by then picked up the cheesy background music of your garden variety porn flick. Giggling to myself, I realized Dad must be watching a porno.

Then, like a head rush coming on it occurred to me: Dad's watching a porno! And that meant he was probably jerking off! I'd seen that, once, and I knew right away that if possible, I had to see it again! So very quietly I crept down the hall towards my parents room. From the sliver of light on the hallway wall I knew the door was cracked open, a fact which filled me with anticipation at what I was sure I was about to see. Vaguely I noticed a little slipperiness between my legs as I reached the doorframe, and peeked around it.

Wow! Well, Dad was watching a porno – or at least, there was one playing; a lesbian sex scene between two blond girls who were really into their 69 action, and were moaning and slurping away to prove it. But Dad wasn't jerking off – although he was pleasuring himself to be sure. To my amazement, he was doubled up on the floor, propped up on Mom's throw pillows piled up against the foot of their bed, sucking his own cock!

It'd been almost a year since Daddy caught me eating myself out that day, when he jerked himself off as he watched me, when he came on my pussy and ass and face and thighs. It'd been almost a year since that glorious time I got to taste my Daddy's cum mixed with my own nectar, and got the unique experience of lapping his salty man juice off my sweaty, squishy female parts. But all of a sudden the memory of it came crashing back in on me, and I was instantly drenched between the legs rather than just moist, tight in my stomach, breasts full and hard with desire, head swooning, nipples feeling as though they would explode, legs feeling as though they would fail me. Never before in my life, not even that day, had I ever been so turned on.

Weakened by my arousal, like Supergirl before Kryptonite, I slumped against the doorframe for support. Slowly, I slid to my knees and watched, silently shocked for a minute or so as Dad's head bobbed steadily on his manhood, his eyes clenched tightly shut. Had he been so inspired by seeing me give oral to myself those months ago that he'd learned to do it to himself? Or had Daddy actually been going down on himself for a long time, even before I ever thought of it? In my mind I pictured a teenaged Daddy straining in vain to touch his erection tip to his own lips... To my horror a soft moan escaped my lips as I lost myself in the mental image, fortunately it merely blended in with the sounds coming from the TV.

I shook the vision out of my mind, though; it didn't matter when Dad had learned to do it, it only mattered that he was doing it now, and that I was in the room with him as he did! I remembered from the day Dad caught me going down on my own sweet cunt how I'd considered snapping my head up and taking Daddy in my mouth by surprise. I wondered, could I try something like that there?

I have to admit, I'd been disappointed when Daddy didn't make a move of any kind after what he saw, what we both did. For a while it made me feel unattractive, undesirable, insecure. But after a while I realized that, with the moment gone, being my Dad was too big a barrier for him to overcome – something I understood, and came to accept. But there I was, the situation reversed, and I knew I damn sure wasn't going to show as much restraint as Dad had before!

Shivering with excitement, I watched raptly for another minute as Dad ravenously devoured his pole, his spit running down it in rivers. Suddenly his head popped off with a sound like a cork coming out of a bottle, and I about jumped out of my skin and bolted out of the room like a scared rabbit, when Dad gasped deeply and desperately before plunging his mouth with abandon back onto his slimy staff. I knew what that was like, to want the cock more than the air, to need the air but to need the cock back in even more. It was like that for me every time I really got into giving a guy head. And then it occurred to me – that was going to happen again in just about thirty seconds (if Dad was like me) – and when it did I'd have an opportunity, if I acted fast.

I stripped off my clothes like they were burning me, actually tearing my bra a little in my rush, and in record time (maybe 8 seconds) was naked in my Mom & Dad's bedroom, my Dad distracted only a few feet away! It was a crazy thing to do, but at the moment I was certifiable. I stepped away from the little pile of bra, panties, tank top, mini-skirt, and flip flops, and tiptoed the few steps to stand next to Daddy. Carefully, I straddled him so his head was bobbing so close to my crotch that his hair lightly touched my pussy, not that he noticed. My God, was I ever excited and terrified!

Balanced carefully like that I waited for Dad to either open his eyes and notice the dripping wet vagina in front of his face, or (I hoped) for him to once again pull off himself to gasp for air – and fall into my trap. Long seconds passed, my legs already straining at the exertion of standing crouched and spread as I was. Then, like a deep sea diver breaking the surface, Dad's head snapped back off his cock as he deeply drew in air in one long gulp!

Things seemed to move in slow motion, though they happened very fast. Unfettered by the confines of Dad's mouth, his manhood snapped back and slapped wetly against my carefully trimmed womanhood. Surprised by the contact Dad's eyes flew open, but before they could focus I had his cock in my hand, and was raising my hips up. I'll try to imagine the experience from his point of view for you... The first coherent image he must have seen was likely a female hand guiding his cock head to nestle against a pretty young pussy. Then he would have looked up, his eyes tracing along a curvaceous form to full, firm breasts riding high with eraser tip nipples at their peak (hey, I work hard on this body, and deserve to be proud of it). And at last his gaze would have come to rest... on his own daughter's face. I wondered if my expression told him of the triumph I felt inside? And then he dropped his gaze in panic, and I knew what he was looking at, the place where he was about to enter me – but it was too late for him to stop that...

"Huh" I exhaled sharply as I slammed my ass down onto Daddy's ass, driving his huge cock deep into the clutching sleeve of my pussy, deep into the very core of myself, and even as his glans stabbed against my cervix deep within me, the knowledge of just which cock this was that so wonderfully filled me stirred deep into the dark recesses of my very soul. "Daddy!!" I screamed, "OH, GOD!"

Daddy's eyes glassed over and he said my name, quietly, in a hushed, reverent, tone. In reply I squeezed him with all my intimate strength, drawing a gasp from him as I took his head in my hands, my long manicured fingers trailing through his thick, graying hair.

"Lick me," I said in a thick, husky tone, before I pulled his face to my pussy, mashing his nose to my clit. "Lick yourself going in and out of me..." I gasped, and he began to.

What a wonderful position this was! Experimentally I wiggled my ass cheeks against his, feeling my Father's cock stir within me as I did. Daddy responded to my wiggling by grinding his face in delightful circles onto my pussy, as his tongue lapped feverishly at my clit, and the pussy lips stretched around him, and on his own cock. Slowly at first, then with a building rhythm I began to bounce up and down on him, his cock sawing in and out of my tight hole deliciously. Daddy must've used one hand on his own ass to hold his position, but the other one took ahold of one of my soft ass globes and with it he guided me up and down on him at a speed that didn't give him whiplash. Groaning in delight, I rolled my hips as he ground his face into my snatch.

God, what a magical feeling to have his cock filling me, the friction of it sliding in and out of me enhanced by his nose flattening my clit against his cock, as I also felt his tongue snaking out to tease the poor oversensitive bud. Coupled with the excitement of feeling his tongue wander off of me, and knowing what it had wandered onto when it did, I found myself feeling as though I was plugged into a live wire.

Teasingly, I drew myself up until only the head of his fat, throbbing boner was still trapped between my pussy lips, and watched as he groaned, abandoning himself to his desires, and licked and sucked frantically on the exposed cock shaft that spanned the distance between us, his own, and clearly savoring the delicate flavor of my intimate female musk that coated it.

I just had to see him suck my juices off himself, so I popped him free. I was going to ask him to suck it for me, but that wasn't necessary, as he immediately trapped his cock between his lips, and sucked it down to the root. "Wow, Daddy," I said in a quiet, girlish tone, deliberately a little teasing, a little bit the naughty 'little girl' voice, but also a tone filled with genuine awe, "Yeah, Baby... suck your little girl's juices off your big, hard cock!"

Dad went nuts on himself in reaction, and I had to pull on his head to get him off himself, or I think he'd have finished himself off, and ruined my fun. So I took his head in both hands and gave a hard pull, and went face to face with him. Frantically I kissed him, his whole chin awash with his slobber not even concerning me, before I backed off and looked him in the eyes. "Dad," I said, my voice now fully a woman's voice, filled with lust, and need, "I need you to fuck me... I need to be, to be... fucked!" I wanted to say I needed to be taken, to be ravaged, to be overpowered by a big strong man, in fact to have THE strongest, most trustworthy, most masculine man in my life, a man I'd loved since I was little, the man who'd formed my ideas of what a man should be, my role model for manhood, assault me with all the f***e he could muster... but I couldn't find the words. You see, as she grows up a little girl builds a mythology about her Daddy in her mind, and he's a superman to her, if he lives up to it as my Dad had. And that mythology lives on deep inside even when the little girl grows up. No man is sexier than Daddy, if we admit it to ourselves. And now I'd had him inside me, and needed more! I needed to be ravaged by my hero, my Daddy!

But as I said, in the heat of the moment, how could I find the words for this? So I scrambled onto Mom and Dad's bed, lay flat on my back, and said, "FUCK ME, DADDY! Fuck me hard!" And I spread my legs as wide as I could for him, hoping like hell he'd get the idea.

Daddy unwound himself there on the floor, and lay for a moment gasping for air, his chest rising and falling as his shining, wet, rock hard cock waved like a tree in the breeze. Then he rolled over and stretched himself, like a lion getting up from it's afternoon nap, and preparing to run, to hunt. His firm ass up in the air, his lightly hairy legs flexing their considerable muscles, and I felt a fresh gush of wetness as I watched. My hands were drawn to my sex like metal filings to a magnet, and desperately I rubbed and probed myself, my need rising as I waited! Daddy then stood, his back turned to me, and stretched his hands to the ceiling, his powerful arms bulging, his shoulders rolling, his ass clenching, as he worked out the kinks from having been so contorted. Then he turned and faced me, a look on his face I'd never seen. A hungry look. The look a predator gives his prey... Slowly he raised one arm at a time, bending the elbow, taking it in the other hand, and stretching and flexing his biceps, then he did the other, all the while taking a few short, deliberate steps towards me, and with each one I became more frantic, more desperate, as I furiously rubbed and jabbed my fingers against, and into my dripping, sloppy cunt. Lastly, he rolled his head, his thick neck flexing, and I actually heard his spine pop.

Then he pounced on me, gripping my knees as he slid between my thighs, then taking my breasts in his hands, hard, while his mouth sought mine, and our lips sealed together, our tongues dueling. Urgently I pressed my chest to him, rolling against him like tall grass in the wind, my legs wrapping around his strong thighs, my ankles hooking behind his knees, my waist swiveling, as I eagerly tried to maneuver him into me. Daddy's face went into my neck, and he rained kisses along my jugular, and across my shoulder, and onto my clavicle, causing my lust to erupt from within me with explosive f***e! And just when I could stand it no longer, crying out in unintelligible, growling wails, Daddy found my opening, and slammed home with one savage thrust!

Daddy knew what I needed, all right! I tried to match his rhythm, but it was too staccato, too wild and fierce! So I rolled my hips into his with abandon, as he slammed into me over and over, each collision sending tremors of delight through me, and I screamed and screamed, though I'm not really a screamer. His hands were everywhere, and when they moved on I felt the memory of them where they'd been, as the bl**d flowed back into the parts of me where his f***eful grip had driven it out. And then he drew my legs up high, and changed his stroke, his whole body crashing down on me, flattening my breasts to his chest over and over, drawing a grunt from me each time he knocked some of my wind out, as he levered himself over me, my legs stretched almost to the tearing point.

Then, just when pain had almost overtaken pleasure, he flipped me over onto my knees, and I found myself focused on the vacancy deep inside myself more than I was on the relief in my leg muscles. Then he filled me again, bottoming out before I was even aware he'd begun to enter me! His left hand grasped my fleshy hip and his right twisted through my long hair. He rode me like a wild horse, pulling my head back as I gasped and whimpered, his hand on my flank keeping me in line even as he steered me, tugging on my flying mane! But now I could match him, and from an initial trot I raced into a full gallop, throwing my hips back at him at a rhythm so frenzied even a heavy metal drummer couldn't have kept up! But miraculously, Daddy did, riding me like a master saddle man, sliding deeper into me than I'd ever had the living flesh of a man!

Now, I'd always had a really hard time cumming from being fucked, which is why I like licking myself so much, among other reasons. It gets me off in ways not even a big dildo can. But Dad had worked diligently at my poor little pussy, and at last it had taken all the abuse it could stand. My vision narrowed, my head swam, my lungs tightened, my toes curled, I began to breath in short gasps, and then it hit me like a giant wave! Electricity raced through every cell of my body, making me feel like my very skin was vibrating, and a whimpered and cried out, practically squeaking as I came frantically on Daddy's cock. Involuntarily, I squeezed and rolled my inner muscles along Daddy's trapped invader, in a way I can only do when orgasming, and Daddy froze, tensing up behind me.

Bless his heart, Daddy had managed to hold out until I came, and I'd given him a hell of a workout to get me there. Considering how far along he must've been before he even got into me, I was thrilled that he could manage! But then, just as I was lulling into rolling aftershocks, long, repeating little orgasms, Daddy grunted in a deep, a****l sound.

"Ohhhhhhh.... STACY!" he half groaned, half yelled as he emptied his balls into me.

"Oooooooohhhhhh," I cooed as I felt my father's sperm spraying into my womanhood, flooding me with warmth.

Then we collapsed, and twisted out upper bodies so he could caress my breasts even as I caressed his face, our mouths meeting in a sweet, lingering kiss, our lower bodies still joined together, him still leaking into me. Then, after long moments passed after I felt his last drop slip into me, I opened my eyes and so did he. For a little while I searched his face, and deep into his eyes, trying to see into my Daddy's soul, to know what he was feeling in such a magical moment.

"Daddy," I whispered, giving him a little kiss, "I love you... so much..."

He just closed his eyes.

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