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A Rough Sex Session...

It was a very early Sunday morning, Saturday night I had went out to a very discreet bar. It was locate in the warehouse district, and you had to know some one and the pass word in order to get past the front office. Yes I said front office. You see the premiss of the business is that it is a functioning warehouse, until you get into the very secure back area.

It was a part of this cavernous building, that was sat apart from the functioning warehouse and only operated on Saturday night till early Sunday morning.

Let me continue, I had met this strikingly handsome guy named Steve. He turned me on to this after hours club, matter of fact he asked me to meet him in the parking lot. We had a few drinks and left there for a motel room, after a few more drinks we undressed and climbed into bed.

For close to four hours Steve and I sexed each other, alternating between oral and anal. We would sixty-nine each other than I would submit to his anal assault. Needless to say I was worn out, my butt hole was sore and dripping numerous deposits of Steve's sperm. My mouth was aching from sucking on his cock and keeping him aroused.

Anyway, I had made my way back to the dorm and undressed. I figured that no one would be in the communal shower and that I could go there shower and empty out most of Steve's sex juices.

I was in the shower enjoying the warmest of the water cascading down my aching body. Steve is an extremely passionately physical lover. He twisted and turned me every and any way he wanted me to be. I was squatting under the flowing water expelling the copious amounts of Steve's seed from my anal receptacle.

Suddenly I became aware that I was not alone, there stood a squat stocky fellow student. His name was Reggie, he was about 5'7" and nearly 200 pounds, his thighs and legs were huge, Reggie is very muscular, well cut and defined.

Reggie dropped his towel, that was wrapped around his waist, his cock sprung up like it was spring loaded. His cock was cut with a massively huge head , the shaft it self was not much smaller, and his head reminded me of a fire mans helmet. It looked three inches long with a very protrusive penile ridge, from his ridge the penis tapered down to a blunted nose.

His testicles were huge and hung like two brownish sacks, as I looked up our eyes locked. In shock of being caught squatting, my mouth was hung open as Reggie slowly walked towards me. Without a word, Reggie walked up to me and placed his hands on each side of my head and gently pulled me to his throbbing cock.

With my eyes still locked with his, I stretched my lips as wide as possible and accepted his enormous male member into my oral cavity. Reggie pulled me up on his cock sinking two, three, four inches into my mouth.

Reggie moaned and rotated his hips slowly allowing his huge member to worm around in my mouth. I had placed my hands on his thighs, just above his knees, they were taught and trembled slightly as he worked his cock around in my mouth.
Reggie held my head steady and slowly pushed more of his rock hard member into my face.

Reggie did not stop till he had pushed all 9" till his penile glans had engaged the entrance to my throat. As I gagged and bulked my eyes, Reggie grind his crotch against my face, his wiry pubic hairs tickling my nose.

I tried to pull back only to here Reggie grunt 'uh huh', and grind more powerfully into my receptive mouth. Reggie didn't take long with a guttural groan, Reggie's cock twitched and exploded. Sending torrents of his seed into my mouth and down my throat. I had not expected that to happen, and even if I did I would not have tried to swallow his load.

I gagged and coughed as Reggie held my face tight against his crotch. As he emptied the last of his seed into my mouth, Reggie slowly pulled back demanding in a quite voice 'suck and swallow it all.' My mouth was filled with his sperm as he held me 3" from his trunk, with no choice I swallowed and sucked as his huge fat cock throbbed and squirted the reminisce of his baby making fluid into my mouth.

Reggie pulled his cock from my lips, causing a wet smacking sound that r4everberated even with the water running. Reggie stepped back and said 'dry off we're finish this in my room.' I started to protest 'I sucked you off, ain't that enough.' Reggie stopped, turned, and came back to me, he lifted me up by my chin. I stood some what taller than he, but he continued saying 'I'm not through, we are going to my room now or I'll fuck you right here so every body will hear and see you get fucked.'

I turned off the water and followed Reggie as he went to pick up his towel and wipe off. I retrieved my towel and dried off as Reggie checked the hall. Reggie looked back at me and said 'be quick, I don't want no body stopping us.'

We exited the shower and went in the other direction from my room, Once we were in, Reggie turned on his stereo that was right by the door. Reggie looked at me and said 'I don't have to turn it up any higher than this, it will mask most of the sounds we make. So I suggest that you take this fucking like a man and don't cry out or yell.'

Reluctantly I moved to the bed and sat on the edge, Reggie tossed his towel on to the chair. His cock was rock hard again and bobbing with each step he took. Reggie stopped in front of me and spread his feet apart saying 'this time, I'm gonna let you handle my dick. Suck it just like you want to just get me ready to shoot again.'

I eased down to my knees and took hold of his powerful throbbing cock and kissed/sucked the tip of it. There was a huge amount of pre-cum that drained from his cock as I sucked it and twisted my head around, rotating his huge cock head in my mouth.

Reggie stood with his hands on his hips and moaned softly as he barely rotated his hips in response. I kept at it for maybe 2 or 3 minutes before Reggie pulled back. He reached under his pillow and produced a tube of lube and told me to 'get on the bed face down, spread your legs apart.'

My butt was still tender as I climbed up on the bed, Reggie spread my buttocks and squirted a huge amount of lube into my butt crack. He than took 2 of his fingers and spread it around my anus, sticking 2 of his fingers knuckles deep.

I groaned more from the discomfort and pain, but Reggie mistook it for passion and wormed his fingers around in my anus rather roughly. I glanced back and cautioned him 'damn man, be gentle.' Reggie pulled his fingers from my anus and slapped my violently across the butt saying 'don't tell me how to fuck a bitch like you.'

'I watched you squirting all them guys cum from your ass, so just shut the fuck up.' Reggie tossed the tube to the floor and climbed between my legs, spreading my knees wider with his knees. My butt was poised up in the air as Reggie slid his huge cock up and down my butt crack.

Once he found my pucker anal opening, Reggie deliberately pushed his huge cock head into my butt hole. He was bigger than I thought, my bung hole was straining to keep him from entering. But Reggie was determine to get his cock into my butt, with a growling grunt, Reggie lunged and his enormously huge cock head plopped through into my tender anal cavity.

Reggie didn't give me time to adjust, he started to grind and sink more and more of his man hood into my butt till he had most of his 9" in to my rectum. For the next hour Reggie rammed, slammed and roughly grind his cock in and out of my butt with a vengeance.

I don't know why know one didn't hear us or the bed, Reggie was grunting and groaning loudly and I could not help but cry out in pain as Reggie roughly sexed me up.

Finally, Reggie slowed his pace, his cock grew harder and with a few powerful strokes Reggie rammed deep into my butt till he unloaded an enormous huge load of man spunk. So much so that as he grind I could hear and feel his fluid being pushed from my rectum. Reggie laid down on my back breathing violently and whispered 'yeah, that's a good fucking piece of ass you got. It's good and tight, I like that, we gonna rest and than fuck some more.'

Trapped under the mountain of a man I could only surrender myself to the fact he wasn't getting up any time soon.

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