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It was fairly late and I was driving back from Southampton through on the main road through the New Forest. Everyone was away at home so there was no hurry and the work had taken a long time. As I approached Picket Post the endless cups of tea had finally caught up with me and I was dying to go for a pee. I turned off onto the Burley road and drove a short way passing the first car park as it is exposed and turning into the more secluded one slightly down the road. I expected the car park to be empty but instead there were 3 cars parked in it. Not deterred I parked and got out. From the far end I heard an ecstatic female groan and as I peered I could see 3 bodies writhing in the moonlight inside the car. I could not see a lot as the windows were steamed up but it was obvious what they were doing, good luck to them I thought.

As I moved round the car towards the woods I took closer notice of the car I had to pass. Standing against the front passenger door was a tall elegant woman dressed in black leather boots with a heel, skin tight leather look trousers and a well cut black jacket. Her dark hair cascaded over her shoulder and you could not help but notice the vibrant red lips on a beautiful face. Her hips were at window height and I could not really see what was happening except that there was topless bloke in the car. As I got closer she pulled away a little and turned towards me. It was at this point I could see the strap on extending form between her legs and the open mouth of the man whose head was at the car window. A lead extended from his small collar to her hand.
With a wicked smile playing across her lips which I found slightly disturbing she asked “Is there anything we can help you with”

Surprised I stammered out that I was going into the bushes for a piss, my cheeks blushing with colour under her stare. She smiled back and looked at her slave. “It has been a while since my slut has had a shower, would you be so kind as to allow him to kneel under where you are going to pee, I think it is so good for his view on life”

Okay I thought no big deal, and with that her slave got out of the car and walked behind his Mistress to where I decided to urinate. I had never done anything like this before and wasn’t sure how it would affect my ability. AS I undid my zip the slave kneeled in front of me and opened his mouth so as he could catch as much as possible. It was obvious he knew what to do as the woman did not utter a word.

As I looked down on him and across to the lady I found myself stiffening at the situation that I found myself in, even though I was unsure what situation I was in. With a stiff cock I wound it very difficult to pee and only a few drops splodged out. The Mistress looked at me disappointedly, then stepped forward and whispered into my ear that she could see that I was aroused by the position. One hand reached around and gripped my should while the other reached down to my cock and gently gripped it. This only did one thing for my hardness and it wasn’t to make it abate. Now though she dug her long red nails into the rigid member almost drawing bl**d it seemed. With the sudden pain my cock abated for a moment and the hot yellow liquid shot forward all over the slave. As I shot my piss over his torso and face she leaned in close, I could feel her breath on my ears as she said “thank you, you deserve a little reward”.

When I had finished and was about to put my cock away and pull up my zip she moved close and pushed my hands around her waist. Her lips so full and bright were mere millimetres away from mine and she whispered in a low husky voice that it was time for me to have my reward. I gulped my throat suddenly dry. As I prepared for a kiss that I thought would be quite ecstatic I suddenly felt a coldness around my cock and balls and felt a steel ring closing around them. The Mistress then stepped back and I looked down to see her slave had fitted one end of pair of handcuffs to my around the stem of my cock and my balls. I looked at the pair of them quite disturbed as to what was happening here. I tried to pull the cuff off but it would not budge.

The Mistress looked at me and said “Well you can’t go home like that can you, what would people say”. And she had me on that one.
“I think I should take you back to my place and give you your real prize and after that I am quite sure you will forgive me anything”. I nodded dumbly. She turned to the slave and quietly gave him instructions that I could not hear. He scurried away to the car and was soon on his way.

She then put one perfectly manicured finger through he end of the cuff not attached to me and led me back towards my car – “I’m Mistress Willow” she said “and you will be slave G, if you prove worthy”


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