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At the beach just the other day…

At the beach just the other day…
of course its a true story (wink)

I was enjoying the sun and sand, watching some girls and swimming in the waves. A normal day at the beach, lots of eye candy but not really trying to get a nibble. Most of the cute girls there were young teens, often with their parents near by. The 20somthing crowd seems to go to the beach in the evening not the afternoon. Of course there is something to be said for youngish single mothers who can still wear a bikini with pride.

Anyhow, I took up sand castle building; it is actually kind of fun and makes a good conversation opener. Often a cute girl will show an interest in helping me play in the sand and this is an opportunity to sneak some very good peeks at her. More often a flock of k**s will try to help the castle building and end up making a mess of it. That is about the time I usually go for a swim.

The other day at the beach I ended up with a lovely young assistant named Bethanny. She was quite the little flirt. After she noticed me looking down her top she started making exaggerated posses and trying to get me to look more and more. Eventually we went for a little swim. When we got out into the water a bit away from the crowd, she pulled open her yellow bikini top and flashed me. Her nipples were surprisingly large for a girl her age. She giggled and we began to splash around. She tried to pull my shorts down, and grope me, so of course I tried to do like wise.

Eventually she asked me to come back to her trailer. I said; sure if you want more to happen. She whispered in my ear; I want you to fuck me. A lot of questions were in my mind, but I thought it best to smile and not say a thing. So we walked off the beach and into the trailer park. I just drive up for the day but lots of people set up camp for the season.

When we got to the trailer I was a bit disappointed to see a woman, Bethanny’s mom I guessed, putting away her beach stuff. So much for being alone, but I guess its better not to start than to be interrupted. “Hi mom, I brought home a friend.” She said cheerfully. As the woman turned to look me in the eye I was amazed at how much she looked like her daughter, a few more curves of course, but it was the mischievous sexy smile that really made me worried and excited.

When we got inside Bethanny’s mom said “I saw that you and my daughter were getting along very well. That’s fine, but if you want to do anything more with her, you have to include me too.” I looked at her, then looked over at my sexy lil beach bunny. “You may think Im a big pervert, but seeing my babygirl get fucked always makes me cum super hard, and then I will do anything to get your cock out of her and into me.” She explained, then flashed her tits just like her daughter had done early that day. “Mmmm yea you’re a pervert, but being normal is never as much fun as being naughty. So Id be happy to fuck your daughter and then you.” I answered.

Her mom did a little strip show for us before she went off to the shower, her nipples were even bigger than her daughters, and I was happy to see her pussy was clean shaven. Bethanny and I started fondling each other as soon at her mom was out of the small room. We kissed as I slid my hand under her bikini bottoms to rub her smooth little pussy and her hand wiggled up the leg of my short to grasp my throbbing cock. By the time her mom had come back, I had pulled Bethanny’s top off and I was sucking on her young breasts.

“Off you go” her mom said and the beach bunny hopped to the shower, pulling down her bikini bottoms and wiggling her naked white bum at us, before closing the door. We both smiled, then she got between my legs, offering me her big breasts as her hands caressed my cock. She was much more gentle and in less of a hurry than her daughter. By the time Bethanny came back, her mom had my cock in her mouth and was bobbing up and down.

Mommy slut sucked hard on my cock and wiggled her naked ass. Her daughter knew just what to do. She thrust two fingers up her mom’s wet cunt, and then slowly worked her thumb into her mom’s bum. I had been trying to hold back, but watching this was too much. I took a firm hold of her dirty blond hair and fucked her face hard and fast, until I was gushing cum into her throat.

“Time for my shower.” I said reluctantly. I walked to the tiny bathroom and stood in the door for a moment, watching daughter slut kiss mommy slut’s cum dripping mouth. I showered quickly then returned to find Bethanny on the table, her legs spread wide, her mom’s face pressed to her hairless young pussy. “Slurp, slurp LICK. Make her read for your dick.” Mommy slut said after noticing I was standing there watching.

By now my cock was getting hard again, but I have a rule; never fuck a girl until I have licked her first. So I got between Bethanny’s legs and started munching her little muffin. It was not long before I had the girl cumming, my toung dancing over her cit and between her young pussy lips. Although Bethanny gasped and moaned loudly, I could still hear the squishy sounds of her mom finger fucking her self right beside me as she watched me eat her daughter.

Then it was time, I stood up and aimed my hard cock at her wet open cunt. I took hold of her slender hips and pulled her to me. Bethanny bit her lower lip and squeezed both her own tits, as I f***ed my big cock into her slippery hole. She was nice and tight, but clearly no virgin. Bethanny let out a long gasp as I drive the last few inches of my cock into her. “Mommy, mommy” she whimpered “Its in me, his cock, its so big and its in my lil cunnie. Please mommy help.” It’s a good think I had already cum because her words were so hot and dirty they would have sent me over the edge if I had been fresh.

Mommy slut gave a grunt and shivered with her own small orgasm. She then leaned over and offered her daughter a breast to suck on. Bethanny hugged her mom’s naked body and sucked hard at the big nipple, at the same time her movements make her hips wiggle. I kept hold of her and fucked her for a few more minutes in this position, then moved one leg over so that I was thrusting into her lil cunt from a different angle.

I let daughter suck on her mom’s tits until mommy-slut came again, then I said “Stop being a baby, I know you are a big girl, a real slut who wants to take my cock hard and deep, so off this table and on all four, Im going to fuck you like you’re my lil bitch.” Both mother and daughter groaned in excitement at my words. Quickly Bethanny got on the floor and into the proper pose.

I pushed into her slippery little cunt from behind, although she was dripping wet she seemed even more tight than ever. Bethanny moaned and rocked her head from side to side “Its too big, your cocks too much for my lil pussy” I gave a few hard thrusts and got a real yelp of pain. If I pushed real hard I saw that my cock was more than she could take.

The trailer was full of gasping and slippery sounds for a few moments before mommy slut said “go ahead use my daughter as hard as you like, fuck her like she was your own babygirl, your own daughter slut.” Her words were so nasty and I was so horny, I just lost control. I grabbed Bethanny’s round lil tits and squeezed as I fucked her hard and fast. She gave several sharp yelps and tried to move away but I kep on hammering at her hot tight hole until I was squirting cum into her sexy young body.

“That was fantastic.” Mommy slut said between the shivers of her orgasm, “you really must think about fucking your own daughter a lot.” She purred. In answer I grabbed her and lay her down on the floor. “My dear woman you talk too much,” I laughed, then I helped Bethanny, who’s legs were still trembling, to sit on her mom’s face. My cock was still half hard, so I wanted to waist no time. I pulled mommy slut’s legs up and pushed them forward so I could drive right down into her wide open pink pussy.

My cock slid in easy, and soon I was humping away. Bethanny held her mom’s legs for a while, watching my cock grow stiffer and I fucked her mother. Eventually she reached down to pinch her mom’s big nipples. It was only then that I noticed her nipples were leaking milk. “You are a wonderful total naughty pervert.” I said as I humped mommy slut. Her answer was muffled by her daughters pussy still pressed to her lips.

I did not leave the beach until the next morning, very tired by very happy.

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